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John Collins Family Bible
by permission of the 2003-2010 Bourbon County Genealogical Society
Published by
C. Morgan & Co.
Owned by Mrs. Jo_____ Moore, Paris, Ky.
Copied by Mrs. Ora W. Clough, D.A.R

Father was born March 1st, 17_0
John H. Collins was born April 20, 1816
William _. Collins was born Jan. 14, 181_
James D. Collins was born Nov. 7, 1819
Agnes A. Collins was born Sept 7, 1821
Eliz. K. Collins was born July 20th, 1825
Mother was born Nov. 9, 1782
Albert G. Hodges was born Oct. _th, 1830
William V. Hodges was born Jan. 18, 1805
Ann _. And Amanda M. Hodges was born Nov. 3, 1806
Calvin  _. Hodges was born March 26, 1809
Mary _. Hardesty born August 15, 1826


The children of James D. Collins
Mary A. Collins born September 27, 1843
William A. Collins born September 6th, 1845
Sarah James Collins born April 5th, 18__
Joseph Miller was born Nov. 2, 1829

Stephen C. Houston born September 1_, 1855
Mary Angelina Collins his wife was born November 12, 1863
_tta Odella Houston born October 7, 1890
Sarah Elizabeth Houston born February 4, 1896

John Collins Bible

Albert Le_ Houston born March 13, 1893
Goobel D. Houston born June 9, 1900
Carrie Lenora Houston born January 21, 1890
Ruby Jane Houston born November 28, 1902
Baby born Jan 12, 1900


William Collins and Mary Hedges ____ in 1815
John H. Collins and Lucinda Simpson married the 29th June 1899
James _. Collins and Elizabeth Moore married July 28, ____
Elizabeth M. Colins died Febraury the _th, 1831
William E. Collins died November 30, 1835
Agnes A. Collins died December 2, 1835
Francis M. Hardesty died December 28th, 1835
James B. Collins died August 14, 1847
(Mama) Mary Collins died January 12th, 1852
William Collins (Father) to the above children departed this
     Life March the 11th, 1854, aged 79 years and ten days
Stephen C. Houston departed this life Febraury 25th, 1912
   6:30 P.M. at 7 o'clock

Hall Family Bible
by permission of the 2003-2010 Bourbon County Genealogical Society
Submitted by Joni L. Pontius, 3/21/2007

The Parallel Bible, The Holy Bible, N.D. Thompson Publishing Co., New York and St. Louis, Mo.
In the possession of Joni L. Dixon Pontius, Seneca Falls, New York, 2007.

Mr. Curtis Hall of Hallsville, Illinois and Miss Mahulda Jenkins of Hallsville, Illinois were united
At the home of the bride on the Ninth day of March 1887
In Presence of Mr. Thos. D. Hall, Mr. Jas. Jenkins, Mrs. T. D. Hall, Mrs. J. Jenkins, Miss L. Hall,
Mr. & Mrs. W. Jenkins. Signed Rev. W. A. Hunter, Clinton, Illinois.

Marriages~ Thomas D. Hall and Lucy A. Thornley were married December 8th, 1853.
James Jenkins and Lucina Pollock were married September 12th 1852.
Aquilla P. Hall and Mary Buchanan were married Jan. 2nd 1823.

Births~ Curtis Hall, Born Sep. 24th 1862.
Mahuldah Hall Born Nov. 9th 1866.
Thomas D. Hall Born Jan. 6th 1833.
Lucy A. Hall Born Nov. 14th 1834.
Aquiller P. Hall Born Mar. 30th 1801.
Mary Hall Born Nov. 2nd 1804.
Reuben Thornley Born Aug. 24th 1798.
Annie Thornley Born June 21st 1802.
James Jenkins Born May 12th 1825.
Lucina Jenkins Born Jan. 28th 1835.
Thomas Jenkins Born
James Pollock
Sophrona Pollock
Wilbur R. Hall Born Apr 3rd 1892.
Orvel L. Hall Born Dec. 27th 1893.

Deaths~ Aquiller P. Hall departed this life Oct. 7th 1836.
Mary Hall departed this life May 31st, 1858.
Reuben Thornley departed this life Sep. 1848.
Annie Thornley departed this life Oct. 31st 1883.
Wilbur R. Hall departed this life Jan. 2nd 1893.
Curtis Hall departd this life Oct. 15- 1923.
Mahuldah Hall departed this life July 4 1936.

Notes~ Hallsville, Illinois is in DeWitt County.
Thomas D. Hall's middle name was "Dixon". He was born in Bourbon Co., Ky., married and died in DeWitt Co.
Lucy Annie Thornley Hall was born in Ohio, died in DeWitt Co., Ill.
Aquilla (not "Aquiller") Parker Hall was born, lived and died in Bourbon Co.
His parents were Mahlon Hall and Cassander Parker.
Mary "Polly" Buchanan was born in Ky., died in DeWitt Co., Ill.
Her parents were William Buchanan and Lidia A. Champ.
Reuben Thornley, son of Epiphraditus, Thornley, was born in Ky., married in Ohio, died in DeWitt Co.
Anna Walraven Thornley was born in Ohio, died in DeWitt Co.
Her parents were Samuel Walraven and Sally Sargent.
Curtis, Mahuldah, Wilbur and Orvel Hall died in DeWitt Co.

Old Kenney Bible
(copied by Mrs. Corday Leer Buckley)
by permission of the 2003-2010 Bourbon County Genealogical Society
Submitted by Carol Lovitt:

Born in the year of Our Lord 1752, Nov. 29, James Kenney Sr.
Born May 14, 1747, Mary Kenney, wife of James Kenney
David Kenney was born in the year of Our Lord, Jan. 26, 1772
Elizabeth Kenney was born Oct. 10, 1773
John Kenney was born July 8, 1775
Polly Kenney was born July 4, 1779
James Kenney Jr. was born July 24, 1782
Moses Kenney was born Apr. 4, 1784
Sallie Kenney was born July 24, 1786
Nancy Kenney was born Aug. 4, 1788
Peggy Kenney, 2nd. wife of James Kenney was born the 11th day of Jan. 1770
Marie Kenney was born Mch. 18, 1800
Abby Kenney was born Oct. 8, 1801
Helena Kenney was born Jan. 7, 1804
Joseph B. Kenney was born Jan. 19, 1806
Napoleon Kenney was born Feb. 12,1808
Charlotte Corday Kenney was born Dec. 12, 1809
Victor Mareau Kenney was born Dec. 14, 1812
Peggy Kenney was born Dec. 14, 1813
Marie Kenney married May Joy Robnett July 11, 1816
Abigail Kenney married James H. Houston Jan. 8. 1824
Helena Kenney married David Johnson Sept. 15, 1822
Peggy Kenney married John Johnson Mch. 5, 1836
Charlotte Corday Kenney married David Leer June 10, 1830
Joseph B. Kenney married Margaret Landeer of Flemingsburg, Mch. 8, 1827
Mary Ann Kenney and Diamal Barnett were married Apr. 18, 1830
Margaret Kenney departed this life May 16, 1829
Napoleon Kenney departed this life Oct. 16, 1836
James H. Houston departed this life May1, 1849
Helena Johnson departed this life Aug. 3, 1849
Marie Robnett departed this life Apr. 26, 1850
Abigail Houston departed this life July 15, 1856
Jas. Kenney Jr. died Jan. 30, 1813 at Fr. Defiance.
Mary Kenney, wife of James Kenney, died Sept. 22,1796
Peggy, 2nd. wife of James Kenney, died May, 30, 1829
James Kenney Sr.died Mch. 13, 1814
Joseph B. Kenney died Jan. 1, 1887
David Leer was born Jan. 16, 1808 died May 14, 1885
Peggy Johnson died Feb. 14, 1900
Charlotte Corday Leer died Jan. 14, 1897 aged 87 yrs.
James Monroe Leer was born May 11, 1841 died Dec. 22, 1894
Charles M. Alberti died Nov. 18, 1897 at Lexington
Charles Carroll Leer was born Feb. 11, 1835 died June 10, 1922 age 87

Isaac Kenney's Bible
Records, Births and Deaths
by permission of the 2003-2010 Bourbon County Genealogical Society
Submitted by Carol Lovitt

Isaac Kenney born Sept. 5th, 1807
Same died, June 16, 1896
Nancy (Parish) Kenney, born 1807
Same died Nov. 24th, 1840
Childreh born to Isaac and Nancy Kenney
Mary J. Kenney, born Jan. 11th,1829
Willis Kenney, born, Jan. 6th, 1831
Marthy Kenney, born March 6th, 1833
Zarilda Kenney, born, Sept. 12th, 1836
John Kenney, born, Dec. 24, 1834
Same died, Aug. 5, 1835
Isaac Kenney Jr. born, Oct. 26th, 1838
Nathan Kenney, born, Nov. 26th, 1840

Birth of Isaac Kenney's second with and her children
Malinda Margaret (Hamilton) Kenney, born, July 4th, 1826
  Same died, Dec. 11, 1897
Nancy K. Kenney, born, Jan. 13th, 1848
  Same died, June 1st. 1873
Hellena Kenney, born, April 28th, 1850
  Same died, May 7th, 1850
Victor M. Kenney, born, July 1st. 1851
  Same died April 2, 1925   (Added by someone later after Issac died)
Margaret Kenney, born, Feb. 17th, 1854
  Same died April 5th, 1873
Joseph Kenney, born, June 12th, 1857
  Same died, Aug. 5th, 1858
Evalina Kenney, born, June 8th, 1859
   Same died May 19th, 1933  (Added by someone later after Isaac died)
William R. Kenney, born, June 13th, 1861
   Same died, Jan. 29th, 1943  (Added by someone later after Isaac died)
Joseph E. Kenney, born, July 8th, 1864
   Same died, May 3rd, 1873
James G. Kenney, born, Jan, 13th, 1869
   Same died July, 12th, 1911   (Added by someone later after Isaac died)

Lary Bible
Printed and Sold by Collins and Co of NY 1814
Copied by Robert Brashear Lary and now owned by her husband JC Lary
by permission of the 2003-2010 Bourbon County Genealogical Society

Dennis Lary was born the year of our Lord MArch 18, 1773; died 1824
Sarah Lary his wife was born year of our Lord September 13, 1777 died in  1839
Their children:
Rachel Lary born Dec 1795
Thomas Lary born 1798
Elizabeth Lary born Feb 1799 died 1811
Dorothy Lary born Oct 1803 and died 1826
Samuel Lary born Jan 1805 died 1837
Buell Lary born Oct 1806
Henry Lary born Jan 1806
John Curtright Lary born July 1810 died 1815
Malinda Lary born Oct 1812 died 1815
Washington D.C lary Born July 1815 and died 1831
Cornelius Lary born Aug 19, 1816
Eliza Lary born Oct 16, 1817
Cyrus Lary born Sept 12, 1818 died 1825
Daniel Lary was married to Sarah P Thomson Jun 11 A.D. 1835  She died  Dec
12, 1900
John C Lary married Mary Allen Pendleton  Oct 8, 1850
John Curtis Lary married sone of John C lary and MAry Allen Pendleton Lary 
married Roberta Brashear  They married Sept 5, 1885 their sons:  Ben  Curtis
Lary, Cyrus Allen Lary and Virgil Pendleton  Lary

Spears Bible Record
- exactly as written
by permission of the 2003-2010 Bourbon County Genealogical Society
Abraham, Noah, Solomon, Jacob.  The daughter, Rebecca Spears, married  Thomas Matson.  Rachel married William Johnston, went to Mo in the early  20, settled in Columbia.  Sarah married Coleman.  He died and she  married Jones, went south, on a cotton farm, and died  there.

Benjamin W. Talbot Bible
of Bourbon County
by permission of the 2003-2010 Bourbon County Genealogical Society

Benjamin Talbot was born Feb 24, 1809; died Nov 25, 1890; married Jan 5,  1832
Elizabeth Whaley, 1st wife died Aug 7, 1854
Sarah Whaley of Harrison County, sister of Elizabeth and 2nd wife of 
Benjamin Talbott was born Sept 27, 1820 and died June 11, 1856
Louisa McConnell of Bo. Co 3rd wife of Benjamin Talbott was married Dec 2,  1856
Ephrian W Talbott was born Jan 25, 1833 died May 3, 1911
Nannie Jane Talbott daughter of B,W, and Elizabeth Talbot was born Jan 15,  1835 married November 27, 1855 to Richard Cheatam.
James H. Talbott was born Sept 12, 1837

Hugh Talbert Bible

Submitted by Alan Dorschug

This bible formerly owned by Miss Jennie Talbot was found after her death in a second-hand shop in Paris and presented by Miss Elizabeth E. Grimes (D.A.R.) to attorney Neville Fisher, a descendant.  While in the custody of Mrs. Fisher, the record was copied by Virginia Smith Shropshire (Mrs. Walter Henderson Shropshire).  The original is now in possession of Mrs. Jesse Worthington of Chester Hill, Ohio. Route 1.

The 1810 Census of Bourbon Co. shows the ages of Hugh Talbot and wife as between 26 and 45 and having 1 male and 4 females under ten years of age, 3 females 10 to 16, and 1 male 16 to 26, who may have been a younger brother  (page 187 Morman copy).
Henry Talbot and wife, on same page are over 45 with one female 10 to 16, one male and one female 16 to 26.


Peggy Talbot, born 1795
Elizabeth Talbot born Dec. 13, 1797
Fannie Talbot born Jan. 7, 1793
Mary Ann Talbot born Jan. 1, 1801
Augustine C. Talbot born Mar. 26, 1803
Amelia Talbot born Mar. 31, 1805
Lucinda Talbot b. May 12, 1807
Amanda Talbot born May 1, 1809
Henry E. Talbot born Apr. 10, 1811
Mason Talbot born June 6, 1813
Malvina Talbot born May 29, 1817


Peggy Talbot m. Samuel Munson March 20, 1814 (reported by Rev. Isaac Monson, Bourbon Co. Marriages Book 2, page 50)
Betsey Talbot m Mar. 1, 1818 John _____________ (Rev. Michael Geohegan)
Mary Ann Talbot m. Alexander R. Kenney Jan 1, 1818 (reported by Rev. Jno Lyle Bk 2 p 60)
Fanny Talbot m Henry Hall Nov. 8, 1819 Rev. A. Eastin Bk 2 p 68 Rev. A. Eastin Bk 2 p 68
Augustine Talbot m. Druzilla Parker Aug. 20, 1822 (Rev. M. Geohegan, Bk 2 p 79)
Lucinda Talbot m. Sept. 4, 1827  Samuel S. Fisher (Rev. D. D. Dycks  Bk 2 p 141)
Amanda Talbot m. Milton Woolens Sept. 2, 1830  Rev. A. Eastin Bk 2, page 255
Mason Talbot m. Sally Stewart Mar. 17, 1839  (Rev. Jms. Holloday Bk 2 p 241)
Henry E. Talbot m. Elizabeth Hughes Oct. 22, 1833
Malvina Talbot m. Mary 29, 1845 Horace Trigg (Rev. John Holliday) Bk 2 p 241
Peggy Munson m. Nat Fox Sept. 27, 1838
Mason Talbot m. Mary Collins Mar. 9, 1861


Amelia Talbot died Nov. 3, 1828
Augustine Talbot died Sept. 8, 1831
Polly Kenney died Jan. 26, 1833
Amanda Woolens died Sept. 1836
Malvina Trigg died Sept. 7, 1856
Lucinda Fisher died Sept. 20, 1874
Alexander Robertson Kenny died June 26, 1888
Hugh Talbot died July 27, 1833
Susanna Carter Talbot died June 30, 1833

Loaned for copying by Mrs. W. H. Whitley, Paris, KY  March 1965

Presly Talbot Bible

Submitted by Alan Dorschug

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