Adkison, George Marvin, b. Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Adkison, Allen, Ward

Allison, Lee Edward, b. Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Allison, Montgomery

Anderson, Charlotte C., b. Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Anderson, Conway

Ashbrook, James Henry, b. Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Ashbrook, Ross, Scarborough, Wilkerson

Atherton, Berlie A., b. Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Atherton, Williams, Isodor,

Austin, Nolan Emory, b. Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Austin, Buchanon, Cook, Morris

Bagwell, Joe Thomas, b. Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Bagwell, Harp, Lowery, Bonenberger

Bailey, Lena Ester, b. Ballard (now Carlisle Co.)
Surnames: Bailey, Berry, Horn

Baker, Moses Sidney, b. Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Baker, Rambo, Howerton

Baker, William Blanton, b. Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Baker, Bryant, Bell

Ballard, Emma Blanche, b. Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Ballard, Hayden, Willis

Barlow, Martha Ellen, b. Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Barlow, Ballard

Barnhill, Adron, b. Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Barnhill

Barriger, Cora Lee, b. Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Barriger, Hogan

Blake, Walter W., of Graves Co.
Surnames: Blane, Ford, Conner, Brandon, Turnbowe, Lewis

Bugg, Richard J., Judge, of Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Bugg, Chappell, Jackson, Coffee, Coil

Burrow, Charles H. of Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Burrow, Elphen, Womble, Atherton, Staton, Acre, Shepherd, Dillard, Hayes, Middleton, Bearden, Evins, Traughber, Ezell, Cram, West, Holleman, Russell

Carrico, Alphonsus Kammer, of Graves Co.
Surnames: Carrico, Willett, Carico, Marshall

Congleton, Lizzie, of Carlisle Co. 
Surnames: Congleton, Taylor

Cummins, Marcus L. of Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Cummins, Lent, Pile, Stayton

Hobbs, Arnold T., Judge, of Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Hobbs, Stephens, Willingham, Rowland, Green, Seibert, Slayden, Weldon, James, Haywood, Peery, Wright, Bean, Ashbrook, Senter, Hocker, Peck

Hogancamp, Abram of Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Hogancamp, Boone, Reeves, Hoagland, Moyres

Huey, Benjamin Thomas, Circuit Clerk, of Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Huey, Bennett, Brandon, Hobbs, Terry

King, General Howard, born Carlisle Co., obit & fam info
Surnames: King Tucker, Bobo

Klapp, Daniel L., of Hickman Co.
Surnames: Klapp, Fraser

Masters, Alvertia, born Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Masters, Hobbs, Hays, Humphrey, Kwiatkowski

Mosby, William L., M.D., of Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Mosby, Ashworth, Elsey, Berry, Stanley, Owen, Petrie, Henderson

Nichols, John Mahlon, Esq., of Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Nichols, Wadlington, Harkless, Bugg, Foree, Washburn, Law, Weis

Owen, John R., M.D., of Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Owen, Humphreys, Willingham, Reese, Beeler, Wray, Horn, Pettit

Pettit, Tom C., of Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Pettit, Belisle, Owen

Shelbourne, Moreau T., Esq., of Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Shelbourne, Rodman, James, Jones, Gholson, Burrow, Hendricks, Dennis, Waggener, Smith

Swindler, Benjamin Franklin, of Daviess Co.
Surnames: Swindler, Dawson, McLain, Bennett

Tharp, Judge James Howard of Ballard Co.

Turk, John W., of Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Turk, Christler, Anderson, Bodkin

White, Willis Joshua, Esq., of Carlisle Co.
Surnames: White, Coil

Willingham, Jay, Sheriff, of Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Willingham, Reese, Sullenger, Ellis, Patterson, Glenn, Fisher, Thompson

Willingham, Robert O., Jr., Deputy Clerk, of Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Willingham, Sanford, Reese, White, Bugg, Young

Woods, Norman Willard, born Carlisle Co.
Surnames: Woods, Allen McDaniel

Carlisle County, Kentucky
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