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Courthouse Celebrations

Newspaper article: The Bourbon County Citizen. Bourbon County Courthouse Centennial, lists local businesses, etc., and when they were begun. Certificates were passed out for masons, lodges, bussinesses, churches, library , farms, Duncan Tavern, funeral homes for being in the county for 100 years.

April 2005 Courthouse celebration also provided an opportunity for politicians to speak at the Courthouse steps, folks to take photos, and to celebrate the past with a display of old-time transportation on the Courthouse lawn. Cake was served in the Courthouse. The buggies are ca. 1900-1905.
Old Truck from Reed's Apple Orchard.
Current Bourbon County Judge speaking.
Massie Memorial Hospital

The Kentuckian-Citizen, exact date unknown. The author was Mildred Curtis Mastin, a 1939 graduate of Massie Memorial Hospital nursing program.
Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Massie Memorial Hospital Alumnae. There was a Nurses Home, which is still standing.

Shown in Class of 1939 photo:
Annabell Fletcher Pumphrey
Della Warford
Ann Grinnell
Rena Bradley Hornbeck
Christine Sumpter
Nell Franklin
Lucille Cinnamond Owens
Mrs. Nancy Quinlan
Norma Wilson
Mildred Curtis Mastin
Ann Buchanan
Frances Rowland
Murtle Carel
Dora McIntyre
Lilly Burns Boswell
Mrs. Clyde Nave
Loretta Parker
Georgia Wallingford
Betty Neal

Massie Mem. Hosp. Article (p. 1)
Mrs. Carl Mastin
Mrs. W. W. Massie
William Massie
Mrs. George G. White
Mr. & Mrs. Phil Clementis, jr.
Miss Minnie Boehme
Frank Fithian
John Lennox
Miss Ethel Hanna
Elbridge Snapp
Joe Davis
N. Ford Brent
D.C. Parrish
Mike J. Lavia
Dr. John Williams
Bernard Santen
Mrs. W. E. Simms
Mrs. E. F. Clay
Miss Mattie Harley
Harley Kiser
Miss Minnie Robinson
Miss Annette Gray
Dr. David Barrows
Georgia (Wallingford) Shaffer
Merler Shumake
Ila Ward Bridges
Minnie Robinson
Annette Gray
Aileen F. (Ingles) Neal
Nancy (Quinlan) Bryant
Louetta Alice Parker
Eunice A. (Smyth) Norris
Estella May Heller
Laurie Orbin Norris
Vernie Lee Edwards
Elizabeth (Rhodes) Brock
Betty Swinford Bundy
Nora (Ivey) Frederick
Jane Hendrix (Scott) Gilvin
Jewell (Harrison) Maxey


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Crystal Dingler - County Coordinator
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Massie Memorial Hospital Nurses Alumnae Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
Alma Theresa (Nave) Carl
Lily F. (Boswell) Burns
Mary Frances (Crump) Bishop
Christine (Leach) Craven
Della Warford
Elizabeth (Insko) McKinley
Dora (McIntyre) Hance
Lydia B. (Skaggs) Maher
Rugh L. (Haas) Harney
Dorothy (McNash) Johnson
Zelma C. (Pearson) Wagers
Sophia (Knox) Frazier
Mary Lou Grainger
Elizabeth R. (Nea) Hance
Juanita Lassater
Alice Bellwood (Crump) Sleadd
Lillian C. (Patterson) Vaughan
Minnie A. (Kennedy) Hinton
Naomi (Johnson) Cavanaugh
Christine (Sumpter) Fronk
Ruth Ann (Sisk) Scott
Dortha Lee Garey
Murtle Belle Carl
Anna M. )Bratton) Rogers
W. Nell (Johnson) Franklin
Billie Pace
Anna )Wagoner_ Grinnell
Addie Mae (Wilson) Sandifer
Imogene (Jones) Taulbee
Norma (Preston) Wilson

Miss Lillian Purcell
Mrs. Lily Burns Boswell
Miss Louetta Parker
Sarah Frances Swinford
Mildred Mastin
Mrs. Alice Crump
F. A. Wallis
Mary Frances Crump
Miss Christian
Miss Coates
Mrs. Florence Wilson
Mrs. Lottie Jefferson
Mrs. Wm. Smith
Charles Scroggins
Frye Herring
Mrs. Ida Bridges

H. B. Anderson
D.B. Anderson
Ersin Asriel
J.T. Brown
Marmaduke Brown
Eugene Blake
Wm. A. Barrow
H.M. Boxley

Reva (Hornbeck) Bradley
Mildred (Mastin) Curtis
Marie (McGlone) Davidson
Annabelle (Pumphrey) Fletcher
Sunshine (Parrish) Hufford
Ann Lee Buchanan
Lucille (Owens) Cinnamond
Frances (Williams) Rowland
Alice (Rowland) King
Mary Glynn (Kincer) Combs
Marjoey (Beard) Hinton
Ruth (Bergsiener) Barr
Ellen Benge
Mary (Untercker) Hamilton
Lyda (Glover) Hause
Stella L. (Laughlin) Platt
Marietta (Smith) Grinstead
Bertie (Center) Lockhart
Dovie (Daniel) Lunsford
Mary (Truitt) Mathis
Mildred (Robinson) Wilson
Anna (Pecharich) Glover
Harriett Cavanaugh
Pauline (Williams) Fryman
Sarah Frances Swinford
Lula Mae (Richard) Wilson
Johanna (Carter) Smits
Lucille (Day) Wilkerson
Ava (Simpson) Fryman
Jennie Levine
The last class:
Martha (Burden) Napier
Virginia (Silvers) Wilson

Miss Mary E. Foreman
Miss Lelah Gibson
Harriett Cavanaugh
Pauline (Williams) Fryman
Sarah Frances Swinford
Lula Mae (Richard) Wilson
Johanna (Carter) Smits
Lucille (Day) Wilkerson
Ava (Simpson) Fryman
Jennie Levine
The last class:
Martha (Burden) Napier
Virginia (Silvers) Wilson

Miss Mary E. Foreman
Miss Lelah Gibson
Mr. William Talbott
Miss Lillian Purcell
Mrs. Lily Burns Boswell
Miss Louetta Parker
Sarah Frances Swinford
Mildred Mastin
Mrs. Alice Crump
F. A. Wallis
Mary Frances Crump
Miss Christian
Miss Coates
Mr. William Talbott
G.A. Cook
J.D. Calhoun
Chas. G. Daugherty
Wm. K. Dudley
W.E. Davis
Wm. Dye
W.G. Dailey
Silas Evans
Frank Fithian
F.M. Farler
J.A. Gilkey
L.R. Henry
J.C. Hart
Richard Huffman
W.B. Hopkins
Eugene Hyden
William Huden
A.H. Keller
Wm. Kenney
Avonia Kiser
B. French Knox
F.L. Lapsley
H.A. Miller
Wm. S. Morgan
V.C. Moseley

Phil L. McClure
B. F. McClure
W.K. Massey
James A. Orr
B.N. Piiienger
george Rankin
S.M. Richman
J.A. Stoechinger
C.B. Smith
Milton J. Stern
W.C. Ussery
J.T. Van Sant
Claude Vaughn
John M. Williams
John W. Williams
J.C. Wallingford
W.C. Wilkerson
Frank Brown
Samuel D. Ramus
James H. Sebree
R.C. Bate
J.H. Comer
M.H. Dailey
E.H. Foster
Herman Grubbs
George Gringles
Harry E. Mathers
Raymond McMillan
J.P. Shipp

Martha Petree

Irene Marrow
C.W. Meers
C.B. Sellers

1910 Newspaper Clippings
The Bourbon News, February 4, 1910
--- Miss Georgia Moore Rion died Tuesday night at the home of her father, Mr. Wm. N. Rion, on Fifteenth street, this city, of tuberculosis. She was 22 years of age. She was a member of the Christian church and much beloved be a large circle of friends for her beautiful Christian character.
   She is survived by her father William N. Rion, and six sisters, Mrs. Quisenberry, of Winchester, Mrs. H. L. Terrell, Mrs. Harvey Rose, Mrs. R. L. Whaley, Miss Sena Rion and Miss Aradella Rion, and one brother, William N. Rion, Jr. The funeral services were held yesterday at the residence at 3 o'clock p.m.   Services by Elder Carey E. Morgan.  The interment was in the Paris Cemetery.  The pall bearers were Wallace Clarke, Jack Casey, Taylor Chandler, Richard Butler, Harry Linville and Chas. Fithian.

For Rent
   Residence with five rooms on Henderson street.   Apply to
                         at Court House.

   --Mr. Samuel L. Weathers, a pros -perous young farmer of Clintonville, this county, and Miss Mattie Lea Stipp, and attractive young woman of same neighborhood, stole a march on their friends, went to Lexington and were quietly married in the parlor of the Phoenix Hotel Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. Rev. Mark Collis, pastor of the North Broadway Christian church officiating.
   The wedding was witnessed by Messrs. Thomas Weathers and Oscar Davis and Miss Lena Davis, who accompanied the bridal couple on their trip.  The party arrived in Lexington on the 5 o'clock interurban car, went immediately to the office of the county clerk and procured the marriage license.
   The happy couple returned to Clintonville yesterday where they will make their future home.
The Bourbon News, Paris, Kentucky, Tuesday, Feburary 1, 1910, Front Page

---Miss Pearl Ely and Mr. Joseph James will be united in the holy state of matrimony at the home of the sister f the bride, Mrs. M.H. Highland on Vine street, this evening at 8 o'clock.  The Rev. Geo. W. Clarke will perform the ceremony. The to-be-bride is a popular clerk at Mr. C.S. Goldstein's dry goods store and a most excellent young lady.  Mr. James is a genial and agreeable salesman with Mr. C.B. Mitchell, who has a host of friends who wish him a happy and successful future.
---The wedding of Miss Lula Rice and Mr. Jesse McCord, both of Ruddles Mills, which took place in Cynthiana on Friday, Nov 1, was kept a profound secret until
announced by the happy couple on Wednesday last. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rice, and the groom a son of Mr. and Mrs. John McCord.  They have gone to housekeeping at the home of the groom on the Ruddles Mills and Millersburg pike.
---Miss Mattie Moore and Mr. John Curd of Harrodsburg, were united in marriage Wednesday at 2:30 o'clock p.m., at the residence of the officiating minister, Rev. J. H. Williams, at Little Rock, this county.  The bride, who is pretty and attractive, had for several days been the guest of the Rev. and Mrs. Williams and after the ceremony the happy couple drove to Paris, where they were tendered a reception at the home of the bridegroom's sister, Mrs. Chas. Funk.
The Bourbon News, Paris, Kentucky, Tuesday, Feburary 1, 1910, Front Page
---Mr. James Delaney, aged 71 years, died Thursday night at his home on the Clintonville pike of general debility.
  Mr. Delany was a native of Ireland and came to America when a lad thirteen years old.  He lived the most of his life at Lower Blue Lick Springs moving to Bourbon eighteen years ago.  he was married to Miss Mary Elizabeth Conyers an besides his wife is survived by nine grown children, five sons and four daughters, all being at his bedside when he passed away.
   The funeral services were considered at the Catholic church Saturday morning at nine o'clock by the Rev. Father Eugene DeBruyr.  The interment in the Paris Catholic cemetery.  The pall bearers were T.F. Brannon, John Toohey, John T. Doyle, John Connell, Eli Goughlin and James Burke.

---The funeral services of the late John A. Trimble were held at the Christian Church in North Middletown Friday at 2 o'clock p.m.  Elder J.W. Ligno paying just tribute to his memory.

  Mr. Trimble was a son of Fargus and Eliza Trimble, both of whom came to Kentucky from Virginia in the early history of the county and settled on the Plum Pick pike, where they reared a large family of children, four of whom survive---Mrs. Sallie Collins, of North Middleton, W.G. Trimble, who is now convalescent in a Lexington hospital, R.L. Trimble, of Sayre, Oklahome, and Mrs. Perlina Allen.  Mr. Trimble's mother was a second cousin of George Washington and often told of incidents in the life of the Father of his Country.
  Mr. Trimble married Miss Laura Harmon, whose parents resided in a neighboring farm.  She died in 1903. Mr. Trimble was prominent as a farmer and business man and died at the advanced age of 75 years. He is survived by two sons, Albert S. Trimble of North Middletown, and Kirby Trimble, of Oklahome, and four daughters, Mrs. Lula Bunnell and Mrs. Ella Trayler of Scott county, Mrs. E. L. Harris of Paris, and Mrs. Roger Burris of Little Rock, this county.
   Mr. Trimble was laid to rest in the family burial lot in the North Middletown cemetery.  The pall bearers were L. D. Young, W. S. Jones, R. D. Weaver, G. L. Rice, J. W. Young, J. W. Prescott, Ed Rice and T. J. Judy.