For more information on the yearly meetings, below are links to Masonic Digital Archives proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky. I have selected representative years in each decade from the first State-wide meeting in 1800's to 1910's to list the deligates and members as provided in the reports from each lodge in Bourbon County. In 1863, during the Civil War, there were no reports.

Masons have a long history in Kentucky.  Dimitted or Demitted is an acceptance that someone wishes to leave. There are 33 degrees of Masonry.
Entered Apprentice is the beginning or first degree, Fellow Craft is a mid-level or second degree, and Master Mason is the third degree. Senior Deacon, Junior Deacon, Senior Steward, Junior Steward, and Tiler are appointed positions by the Master, while the other Officers are elected.

Grand Lodge Meetings:
1800: Held in September 1800 in Lexington, KY
1810: Held on August 29. 1810 in Lexington, KY.
1815: Held on August 30. 1815 in Lexington, KY.
1825: Held on August 29. 1825 in Lexington, KY.
1835: Held on August 31, 1835 in Louisville, KY.
1845: Held on August 25, 1845, in Lexington.
1856: Held on October 13, 1856, in Lexington.
1863: Held on October 19, 1863, in Louisville.
1875: Held on October 19, 1875, in Louisville.
1888: Held on October 16-18,1888, in Lousiville.
1897: Held on October 19-21,1897, in Louisville.
1910: Held on October 18-30,1910, in Louisville.

1800 PARIS LODGE No. 35 (No. 2) - First Year

Paris Lodge No. 35 was one of the Kentucky lodges formed before Kentucky statehood and was part of the Virginia Grand Lodge. 1800 marked the organizational meeting at the first Grand Lodge meeting for Kentucky. It was held in Lexington. Among the resolutions adopted was one to have a committee, of which Hughes was a part, to draft a letter to the Grand Lodge of Virginia "giving reasons that have induced these lodges to separate from its jurisdiction". The organizational meeting was from Monday, 8 Sept. 1800 to Friday, 12 Sept. 1800. Then the Grand Committee met on the 17th and made further resolutions, including chartering the Paris Lodge as new Lodge #2 in KY. The Paris Lodge was so numbered because it was the second masonic lodge formed in Kentucky, behind Lexington.

Resolved, That Brothers Simon Adams, William Sutton and Isaac E. Gano, be a select committee to draft a circular letter to the different Grand Lodges in the United States, detailing" the motives which have induced the Lodges in Kentucky to withdraw from the jurisdiction of their parent Grand Lodge of Virginia. ' . Resolved, That the Ahiman Rezon, published by Brother John K. Reid, the Deputy Grand Master of Virginia, under the sanction of the Grand Officers of the Gi-and Lodge of that State, dated the 1st day of .• • A. L. 5792, A. D. 1792, ought to be adopted as the rule of government, for the Grand Lodge of Kentucky and its subordinate lodges, except so far as subsequent regulations of the said Grand Lodge of Virginia contravene the same; which said subsequent regulations shall be in force until the Grand Lodge of Kentucky shall adopt and publish an Ahiman Rezon for its own government and that of its dependant lodges.

Representatives from Paris Lodge No. 35.—Nathaniel Williams, Tho. Phillips, Joseph Duncan.

"Resolved (as our opinion), That the following ought to be the order of the numbers of the subordinate lodges under the jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge, until by it legally changed, viz: Lexington Lodge No. 1. Paris Lodge No. 2. Georgetown Lodge No. 3. Hiram Lodge No. 4. 1 Solomon's (late Abraham's) Lodge No. 5.

On the first day the following were listed as from Paris Lodge:  Thomas Hughes, Adam Calderwood, and Joseph Duncan. On subsequent days, Thomas Hughes was State Junior Warden; and, Nathaniel Williams, Tho. Phillips, Joseph Duncan were present for the Paris Lodge; and produced their charter, with Thomas Hughes as Paris Master and Nathaniel Williams as Junior Warden, and as Representatives from the Lodge. The Representatives then elected among others from other lodges, Thomas Hughes as Sen'r Grand Deacon and Nathaniel Williams as Junior Grand Deacon. No Representatives from the Paris Lodge were listed on Friday but Hughes and Williams were listed in their State Grand Lodge positions.

1801 PARIS LODGE No. 2

Representative at Grand Lodge—Nath. Williams, J. W.

1802 PARIS LODGE No. 2

It appearing that irregularities have been committed by the Paris Lodge No. 2, and there being no representation at this time from that lodge, and that it was not represented at the last Grand Annual Communication, Ordered, That the said lodge, by its representatives, do appear here at the next Grand Annual-Communication, and show cause why their charter should not be returned.

1803 - 1807 PARIS LODGE
No returns.


At a Grand Convocation of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, convened in case of emergency (by order of the R. W. D. G. M.), at the Masons' Hall in the town of Lexington, on the fourth Monday of March, being the twenty-seventh day of the month, A. L. 5809, A. D. 1809.

Representatives from seven lodges, to-wit: Lexington Lodge No. i.—Jabez Vigus, William Cooke, Samuel Vanpelt. Hiram Lodge No. 4.—John Allen, George Greer. Solomon's Lodge No. 5.—James Moore. St. John's Lodge No. ii.—Charles C. Duncan. Mount Vernon Lodge No. 14.—William Warren, Cary L. Clarke, Samuel Shepherd. Union Lodge (held under dispensation at Paris).—Thomas Hughes, Maurice Langhorne. Russellville Lodge (held under dispensation at Russellville).—John'Y. Yiter. The Grand Lodge was opened in ample form, when the R. W. D. G. M. resigned the chair to the M. W. John Jordan, Jun., and all the members except P. G. Masters retired. The M. W. John Allen, G. M., was installed according to ancient form, and received the salutations and congratulations of the brethren. After which, [161]


Representatives of Union Lodge (held under dispensation at Paris).—Maurice Langhorne, Robert Trimble.

The W. Maurice Langhorne, Master of Paris Union Lodge No. 16, was then installed and invested according to ancient form.

Union Lodge, at Paris, Ky. That the dispensation for holding said lodges having expired, and the brethren having petitioned for charters, your Committee recommend, A lodge to be held at Paris, Bourbon County, Ky.,by the name of Paris Union Lodge No. 16, and that the W. Maurice Langhorne be the Master, Robert Trimble, S. W., and John T. Langhorne, J. W.

Ordered, That charters issue for lodges to be held at Vincennes,-1. T., at Paris and Russellville, Ky., agreeably to the. recommendation of the Grand Committee.


Paris Union Lodge chartered in 1809 attended the State Grand Lodge, which was held at Mason's Hall in Lexington. There were no individual reports from each lodge shown.

Wednesday, Aug 29: Representatives: Maurice Langhorn, Grand Lodge J.G. W.; Zachariah Eastin; John Jordan, Jr., Grand Lodge J.G. Steward and Tyler; and, James Bradshaw, P.M.
Thursday, Aug. 30: Representatives: Maurice Langhorn, Grand Lodge J.G. W.; Zachariah Eastin; John Jordan, Jr., Grand Lodge J.G. Steward and Tyler; and, James Bradshaw, P.M., Elijah Barton; and, Visitors: Henry Timberlake, Aaron Griffin, Grand Lodge J.G.D.P.T.
Friday, Aug 31: Representatives: Maurice Langhorn, Grand Lodge J.G. W., and Zachariah Eastin, and Visitor: John McCalla.

RETURN OF PARIS UNION LODGE No. 16, Paris—August 28, 1810.

Maurice Langhorne, Master.
David M. Hickman, Treasurer.
Zechariah Eastin, S. Warden.
Nicholas Warfield, S. Deacon.
Elijah Barton, J. Warden.
William S. Allen, J. Deacon.
Willis Young, Secretary.
Aaron Griffing, Steward.
William C. Haydon, Tyler.

Past Masters.Thomas Hughes, Maurice Langhorne, Robert Trimble.

Master Masons. John T. Langhorne, James Coleman, Thomas Shelton, Henry Timberlake, Stirling Allen, . Thomas Arnold, Jaraes Clarke, John M'Calla, Shelton Allen.

Fellow Craft. Asa K. Lewis.

Entered Apprentices. William F. Thornton, Samuel Hanson, Aris Throckmorton, Willis H. Arnold, John B. Raine, Llewellinn Hickman.

Initiated. William F. Thornton, Oct. 14, 5809; Samuel Hanson. Oct. 21; William C. Haydon, Nov. 11; Shelton Allen. Nov. 15; David M. Hickman, Feb. 10, 5810; Aaron Griffing, April 14; John B. Raine, Llewellin Hickman, May 12; Asa K. Lewis, May 19; John M'Calla, June 9; Willis H. Arnold, Aug. 11.

Passed. Elijah Barton, Nov. 4, 5809; Samuel M. Taylor, Nov. 13; David M. Hickman, William C. Haydon, March 3, 5810; Shelton Allen, March 5; Aaron Griffing, May 19; Asa K. Lewis, John M'Calla, June 20.
Raised. Elijah Barton, Samuel M. Taylor, Nov. 13, 5809; Shelton Allen, William C. Haydon, David M. Hickman, March 15, 5810; Aaron Griffing, John M'Calla, July 30. Demitted. William R. Wilmott, Feb. 10, 5810.

Death. George Cleveland, May —-., 5810.

Rejected. Frederick Louring, March 10, 5810.


Brother Grand Secretary informed the Grand Lodge that an appeal had been taken by Benjamin Warfield, of Paris Union Lodge No. 16, and. laid before the Grand Lodge; the proceedings of said lodge, with the papers filed, with' him. Ordered, That the same be referred to the committee to hear and examine grievances, who are invested with authority to call for such information as may to them appear neccessary to do complete and ample justice to "the parties—and that they make report to this Grand Lodge.

VISITING BRETHREN (to the Grand Lodge). Henry Timberlake, Thomas Shelton, John B. Raine,.Benjamin Warfield and Samuel. L.Williams, of Paris Union Lodge No. 16,...

Sterling Allen, Master.
John M'Callie, S. Wardens
Nicholas Warfield, J., Warden.
Thomas Arnold, Secretary.
David M. Hickman, Treasurer.
John B. Raine, S. Deacon.
Aaron Griffing, J. Deacon.
Elijah Barton, Steward.
Willis H. Arnold, Tyler.

Past Masters. Maurice Langhorne, Robert Trimble, Thomas Hughes, Zachariah Eastin.

Master Masons. James Coleman, William S. Allen, John T. Langhorne, Benjamin Warfield, Paul Derrit. William F. Thornton, John Pilcher, Thomas Shelton, Henry Timberlake,, Willis Young, James Clarke, William C. Hayden, Chilton Allen, Tandy Allen, John B. Raine, Willis H. Arnold, Asa K. Lewis, John Mills, Samuel L. Williams,

Fellow Crafts. Samuel Hanson, William Henderson.

Entered Apprentices. Aress Thockmorton, Zedekiah Moore, Willis Field, John C. Talbott.

Initiated. Tandy Allen, October 13, 5810; William Henderson, November 10; Benjamin Warfield, February 2, 5811; Zedekiah Moore, John Mills, Samuel L. Williams, March 9; Willis Field, April 13; Paul Derrit, May 11; John Pilcher, July 13; John C. Talbot, August 10.

Passed. John B. Raine, Willis H. Arnold, September 14, 5810; Tandy Allen, October 22; Benjamin Warfield,'February 9, 5811; John Mills, March 11; Samuel L. Williams, May 10; Samuel Hanson, William Henderson, May 34; Paul Derritt, June 7.

Raised. John B. Raine, Willis H. Arnold, September 21, 5S10; Tandy Allen, November 27; Benjamin Warfield, February 13, 5811; Asa K. Lewis, March u; John Mills, May 10; Samuel Williams, June 8; Paul Derritt, July 14.

Rejected. Benjamin Adams, November 10, 5810.


Representatives to Grand Lodge:  Nicholas Warfield, Henry Timberlake.

A petition having been presented from sundry brethren residing in the county of Montgomery, in the state of Kentucky, praying for a new Lodge to be held in Mountsterling, in said county, accompanied by a recommendation from Paris Union Lodge, No. 16— Resolved, That the prayer of the petition be granted, and a dispensation is-. sued for a Lodge to be known by the name of Montgomery Lodge—That Nathaniel Patton be the Master, William C. Haydon, Senior Warden, arid John Mills, Junior Warden. A petition having been presented from sundry brethren residing, in the county of Madison, in this state, praying for a new Lodge, recommended by Winchester Lodge, under dispensation:— Resolved, That a dispensation issue for a Lodge, to be held in the town of Richmond, in the county of Madison, to be known" by the name of Richmond Lodge; and that Anlhony W. Rollins be the Master, Thomas C. Howard Senior Warden, and David C. Irvine,'Junior Warden.

Nicholas Warfield, Master.
Henry Timberlake, S. Warden.
David M. Hickman, J. Warden.
William S. Allen, Secretary.
Sterling Allen, Treasurer.
Aaron Griffing, S. Deacon.
John C. Talbott,J. Deacon.
Elijah Barton, Steward & Tyler.

Past Masters. Maurice Langhorne, Robert Trimble, Sterling Allen, Elijah Barton. Master Masons. Thomas Shelton, John M'Calla, James Coleman, John Mills, John C. Talbott. Willis Young, Samuel L. Williams, John T. Langhorne, William C. Hayden, Tandy Allen, Paul Derrit, Thomas Arnold, Asa K. Lewis.

Fellow Craft. William Henderson.

Entered Apprentices. Ayress Thockmorton, Willis Field, Edmund Basye, Zedekiah Moore, George Ware. Zachariah Eastin, Benjamin Warfield, John Pilcher, Willis H. Arnold, John B. Raine, John Mason,

Initiated. John Mason, October 12, 5811; Edmund Bayse, January 12, 1812; George Ware, February 5.

assed. John C. Talbot, October 16, 5811; John Pilcher, December 4.

Raised. John C. Talbot, October 19, 1811; John Picher, August 22, 1812.

Demitted. Samuel Hanson, September 14, 1811; James Clark, Thomas Hughes, October 12; Samuel M. Taylor, February 8, 1812.


Representatives at Grand Lodge:  Paris Union Lodge, No. 16—Elijah Barton, John B. Rain.

Aaron Griffing, Master.
Elijah Barton, Treasurer.
John B. Raine, S. Warden.
Thomas Arnold, J. Deacon.
Zachariah Eastin, J. Warden.
Henry Timberlake, Steward.
Nicholas Warfield, Secretary.
Robert Trimble, Tyler.

Past Masters. Zachariah Eastin, Maurice Langhorne, Robert Trimble, Elijah Barton, Nicholas Warfield, Aaron Griffing.

Master Masons. John B. Raine, Tandy Allen, Asa K. Lewis, James Coleman, William S. Allen, Willis Young, James Clarke, William C. Hayden, Chilton Allen, David M. Hickman, Benjamin Warfield, Samuel L. Williams, John C. Talbott, Joseph Duncan, Isaac Miller.

Entered Apprentices. Ayriss Thockmorton, William F. Thornton, George Ware. Zedekiah Moore, Willis Field, Boon Ingles.

Initiated. Joseph Duncan, March 13, 1813; Boon Ingles, June 12.

Passed. Joseph Duncan, April 10, 1813.

Raised. • Isaac Miller, Joseph Duncan, June 12, 5813.

Admitted. - ¦r Isaac Miller, March 13, 1813.

Demitted. William Henderson, John Mills, John M'Callie, Thomas Shelton, John T. Langhorne, Paul Derrit, Willis H. Arnold, Lcwellyn Hickman, Sterling Allen.

Deceased. John Pilcher, July 13, 1813,


Representative at Grand Lodge—David M. Hickman
   and present: Past Master Stirling Allen, late of Paris Union Lodge.
Brothers Joseph Duncan and Henry Timberlake appeared as representative' of Paris Union Lodge, No. 16.
Stirling Allen P. M. late of Paris Union Lodge, No. 16, entered the Lodge as a visitor

A memorial was presented by Brother G. Secretary preferring certain charges against Brother G. J. Warden James Overton, and Brother Geo. Trotter, Jr. of Daviess Lodge, No. 22, and read:
Resolved, By this Grand Lodge, that the said memorial and charges be referred to a committee of the five following brethren, viz: Cary L. Clark, P. M. of Mount Vernon Lodge, No. 14, Willis A. Lee, P. M. of Hiram Lodge, No. 4, Joseph Taylor, P. M. of St. Andrew's Lodge, No. 18, Morris Langhorne, P. M. of Paris Union Lodge, No. 16, and John Mills, P. M. of Winchester Lodge, No. 20, who shall report thereon to the Grand Lodge, at such time as the M. W. G. Master shall appoint for the convening thereof.

Resolved, unanimously, by this Grand Lodge, that a committee be appointed, who shall continue to correspond with the several subordinate lodges, for\ the purpose of raising funds for the building of a Grand Masonic Hall in the town of Lexington, and that they make report at the next'meeting of the Grand Lodge, and that Brothers Gabriel Tandy of Daviess Lodge, No. 22, Saml. A. Bowen of Jerusalem Lodge, No. 9, B. F. Dupuy of Solomon's Lodge, No. 5, Wm. R. Ashby of Richmond Lodge, No. 24, John Brown of Maysville Lodge, No. 26, David M. Hickman of Paris Union Lodge, No. 16, Benj. War- field of .St. Andrew's Lodge, No. 18, John Mills of Winchester Lodge, No. 20, be appointed a committee to carry the foregoing resolution into effect.

Henry Timberlake, Master.
Elijah Barton, Treasurer.
David M. Hickman, S. Warden.
Joseph Duncan, S. Deacon.
Wm. S. Allen, J. Warden.
Willis Young, J. Deacon.
Robert Trimble, Secretary.
Aaron Griffing, Steward & Tyler.

Past Masters. Zachariah Eastin, Robert Trimble, Nicholas Warfield, Maurice Langhorne, Elijah Barton, Aaron Griffing.

Master Masons. John B. Raine, Joseph Duncan, Elijah Barton, Boon Engles, William Hickman, James Coleman, Robert Trimble, Maurice Langhorne, Isaac Miller. Henry Timberlake, John C. Grosgian, Edmund Baysee,

Fellow Craft. Richard T. Timberlake.

Entered Apprentices. Francis Jones Allen, Henry P. Thornton, Peter Clarkson, William F. Thornton, James M. Grayham, Ayriss Thockmorton, Geo. F. Wace,  John V. Martin, John M'Connell.

Initiated. Peter Clarkson, October 9, 1813; Henry P. Thornton, Nov. 13; Rich. T. Timberlake, Dec. 17, 1814; William Hickman; John C. Grosgian, Feb.12, 1814; John L. Martin, March 12; Francis Allen; James M. Grayham, John M'Connell, August 13.

Passed. Boon Engles, January 15, 1814; Rich. Timberlake, January 15; Wm. Hickman, February 25; Edmund Baysee, John C. Grosgian, June 7.

Raised. John C. Grosgian, Edmund Baysee, Wm. Hickman, June 24, 1814.

Demitted. Thomas Arnold, Willis Field, September 11, 5813; Asa K. Lewis, November 13; Benjamin Warfield, Saml. Williams, November 13; Chilton Allen, February 12, 1814.

Suspended. Zedekiah Moore, January 8, 1814.

Report for August 1814 - August 1815

Elijah Barton, Master.
John McConnell, S. Warden.
John C. Grosjean, J. Warden.
David M. Hickman, Secretary.
William Hickman, Treasurer.
Henry P. Thornton, S. Deacon.
John H. Saunders, J. Deacon.
John Cummings, Steward.
Zachariah Easten, Tyler.

PAST MASTERS. Thomas Hughes, Elijah Barton, Zachariah Easten, Henry Timberlake, Robert Trimble, Aaron Griffing, Nicholas Warfield, David M. Hickman.

MASTER MASONS. John B. Rainie, Willis Young, Joseph Duncan, William S. Allen, Edmund S. Basye, Tandy Allen, James B. Grayham, James Coleman„ James Hughes,

FELLOW CRAFTS.  Richard T. Timberlake, Solomon Fisher, Boon Ingles.

ENTERED APPRENTICES. Francis J. Allen, Peter Clarkson, William F. Thornton, Samuel K. Caldwell, John Martin, Daniel Thatcher, Aris Throgmorton, Jonathan Massie, George Weir.

INITIATED. James M. Grayham and John M'Connell on 13th August, 5814.
John H. Saunders and James Hughes on 10 September 1814.
Samuel K. Caldwell on I0 November 1814.

2nd Saturday of the Month at Paris.

JOHN B. GRAY, Master.
HENRY C. GlST, Treas'r.

PAST MASTERS. ¦ Robert Trimble, Henry Bedford; Zechariah Eastin, Henry Timberlake.

MASTER MASONS.. Dalniel Thatcher, James M. Clarkson, Whorton, Jones, William Moreland, William Roseberry;/ B. T. Thornton, William M. Baylor. Jacob Allentharp, Peter Clarkson, Walker K. Baylor, Armstrong M. Adams, James Hughes, John Pickerson.

FELLOW CRAFTS: Andrew Hamilton, William Call, Samuel I. Caldwell.

ENTERED APPRENTICES. James R. Givens, William Shields.

INITIATED. William Shields, June 10, 1820

Admitted: Jacob Allentharp, m.m.,December 27, 1819. 
Henry Thompson, m. m. Jan. 8, 1820.
William Moreland, m. m. March 11. 
Whorton Jones,, m.-.m. v July 8.

DIMITTED. John Gayle, v. m. October 9, 1819.

REJECTED.  Joseph Kendrick, Sept. 11, 1819.  John G. Johnson, Dec. 27, 1819.


Nimrod Eldridge was Grand Lodge Junior Grand Deacon.
Representatives at Grand Lodge:  Nimrod Eldridge and William Shields.
Additional Representatives this day (Grand Lodge): Pierson M. Bryan.

Nimrod Eldridge, Master.
Pierson M. Bryan, S. Warden.
Will. L.Shields, J. Warden.
Ezekiel Thurston, Secretary.
Aaron Griffing, Treasurer.
Mathew Bridges, S. Deacon.
Abner Cunningham, J. Deacon.
Thomas Talbot, Steward and Tyler.

Past Masters—Robert Trimble, Zechariah Eastin, John H. Coleman, Aaron Griffing, Robert Taliaferro,  Nimrod Eldridge, Ezekiel Thurston.

41members. 5 initiations

Grand Lodge Visitors from 16:  John Cummens, late member, Benjarnin Scott, Benjamin F. Bedford, William D. Griffing, late member, H. Timberlake P. M. do, Ezekiel Thornton.

1825 Rejections in Bourbon County, including other lodges:

16- Rejected—Richard Brent, aged about 40 years,  Hatter residence, Paris; September 11,18'24.

Suspended—WiiliamiRoseberry. M. M. non-payment of dues - - August 13,1825.

Richard Biddie, about 22 years of age, 6 feet high, fair complexion, Bourbon county; April 23, 1825.

Asa Williams; December 4, second time; about 30 years of age, fair complexion, eyes and hair, 5 feet 9 or 10 inches high, an impediment in his speech; a farmer, Bourbon county.

John Keith, January 4,1825; 5 feet 9 inches high, 28 years old, dark hair, blue eyes, fair complexion; a farmer, Bourbon county.

Abram Talbott, February 5; 5 feet 10 inches high, dark hair eyes and complexion, about 32 or 33 years of age; a farmer of Bourbon county.

79. Rejected Joseph Sheriff; age 34 years, 5 feet 9 inches high, thin visage, auburn hair, a saddler, Bourbon county. April 2,1825.

William Thomas - age 30 years, 5 feet ,10 inches high, stout made, thick lips, dark complexion and hair,  a farmer, Bourbon county, a farmer, February 26, 1825.

George Eels - Age 27 years, about 5 feet 8 inches high, thickly made, fair hair, blue eyes, rather down Iook, a farmer, Bourbon county, August 7, 1825.

Grand Lodge held 26 August 1833 in Louisville, KY (No Reports 1834-1836)

Representative at Grand Lodge:  Otho Hughes

Rejected:  Richard Hamet, aged 25 years, light hair and eyes, spare made, rather inclined to stoop, very large mouth, of Irish descent, about six feet high; by occupation, a trader in stock, Residence:  Bourbon Co., KY  Sept 8, 1832.

VISITORS to Communication:  George Redmon, E.Thruston (late)

Deaths:  William Chamblin.

Meetings are second Saturday in each month in Paris.

W. O. Smith, M.
Asa B. Eades, S. W.
John C. Leeds, J. W.
John B. Harned, Sec.
Francis W. Major, Tr.
Thomas W. Varnon, S, D.
Joseph H. Allen, J. D.
Jesse P. Kerns, S. & T.

PAST MASTERS.—Ezekiel Thurston, Garret Davis; Otho Hughes, John B. Harned, Wm. O. Smith, Francis W. Major, Jesse P. Kerns, John C. Howard.

MASTER MASONS.—Robert Matson, Joseph Porter, Horatio D. Shepherd, Charles Talbott, Thomas S. Barkley, John McCarney, Wm. S.Martin, Thomas J. Hall, Geo. W. Snyder, David Breckinridge, James D. France, Volney E. Wheat, John T. Rundell.

FELLOW CRAFT.—James W. Delard.

ENTERED APPRENTICES.—Samuel Smith, Peter Haley, Willis Wills.


Meetings on the 1st and 2nd Saturday of Each Month, Paris, Bourbon Co.

Thomas Sadler, M.
Jesse H. Talbutt, S.W.
John.McCarney, J.W.
C. A. Nolcini, Sec.
C. Talbutt, Tr.
Joseph Neely, S.D.
B. F. Pullen, J.D.
W. W. Fothergill, S. & T.

PASTMASTERS—J. C. Brand, A.'B. Eades, C.A. Nolcini, Thomas Sadler, Jesse H. Talbutt.

MASTER MASONS—James Allen, W. H. Fisher, L. Price, I. Proctor, B. E. Varnon, J. Burdin, J. B. Endecott, J. Hill, C. B. Talbutt, V. G. Wheat, L. Frank, P. Nunamaker, J. Pryor, Thos. Terry, J. H.Williams.

ENTERED APPRENTICES—Saml. Rule, Jr., Thomas Kelly, Jr., P. M. Six, R. M. Buckner, Wm. McLane, Joseph Hall, Wm. Austin, L. Meglone, David Hall.

1860 PARIS LODGE No. 16

JOHN FOX, Senior Warden.
JAS. J. FROST, Junior Warden.
J. V. LOVELY, Secretary.
CHAS. TALBUTT, Treasurer.
B. F. SPRAGUE, Senior Deacon.
WM. McLANE, Junior Deacon.
A. B. EADES, Steward and Tyler.

PAST MASTERS—Thomas Sadler, A. B. Eades, J. H. Talbutt, John C. Brand.

MASTER MASONS—V. G. Wheat, Ben. E. Varnon, W. W. Anderson, Joseph Nealey, J. B. Endecott, L. Frank, V. Boas, E. Muth, J. J. McCardy, S. M. Hibler, John McCarney, John W. Pryor, B. F. Pullen, John H. Williams, J. C. Hoyte, Gray Smith, P. H. Six, Wm. Austin, H. F. Logan, John C. Brand.

FELLOW CRAFTS—R. M. Buckner, J. B. Northeutt.

DEAD—Robert Ranson, E, A., on the 26th May, 1860.

SUSPENDED—John Burden M. M., for non-payment of dues, on the 21st September, 1860.

1863 PARIS LODGE No. 16
Abbreviated Reports that year:  22 members.

1866 PARIS LODGE No. 16
Grand Lodge in 15 October 1866; Abbreviated Reports

Representative:  Ben F. Pullen, Master

20 Initiations
2 death
8 suspensions
50 members

1871 PARIS UNION LODGE No. 16 (Now Paris Lodge No. 2)
Held at Paris,, Bourbon, county.
Stated Meetings, on the First and Third Fridays in each month.

Bro. Peckover presented the petition of Paris Union Lodge, No. 16, praying that the name and number of said Lodge may be changed to Paris Lodge, No. 2, which was referred to the Committee on Lodges U. D.

The petition of Paris Union Lodge, No. 16, seeks a restoration to its ancient name and number. This Lodge worked under the style and number of Paris Lodged No. 2, from the year 1792, until 1816, when its Charter was destroyed by fire. We recommend the adoption of the following resolution in its behalf: Resolved, That Paris Union Lodge, No. 16, at Paris, in Bourbon county, be hereafter styled and known as Paris Lodge, No. 2, at Paris, in said county.

Elliott Kelley, Master.
Charles Klein, Senior Waden.
George W. Reid, Junior Warden.
B. F. Pullen, Treasurer.
Walter F. Blaisdell, Secretary.
Humphrey S. Logan, Senior Deacon.
Isaac R. Neale, Junior Deacon.
Richard Peckover, Steward and Tyler.

PAST MASTERS. John M. Daniels, Richard Peckover, Jesse H. Talbott, James K. Ford, Benj. F.Pullen, Elliott Kelley, Humphrey H. Logan, Abraham Shire, Henry Hugh.

MASTER MASONS. John M. Daniels, Richard Peckover, Jesse H. Talbott, R. M. Adair, M. G. Barlow, John T. Croxton, Charles M. Drake, Wash. Fithian, O. A. Gillman, C. H. Hanson, E. R. Kennedy, John V. Lovely, Mayer Nathan, John B. Pinkerton, B..W. Rose, " M. Steinfield, Oliver Stark, Newton Stone, S. E. Tipton, Wm. Oustin, Ed, K. Davis, W. B. Kenney, J. T. Crosthwait, Venus Boos, Walker Buckner, W. E. Clark, D. P, Ernst, August Gutzeit, Richard H. Hanson, G. C. Kniffin,, S. Lilliston, Jno. B. Northeutt, Frank Olsden, Thos. Polock, James Rourk, Sol. Shiffman, W. J. Shrites, , H. C. Stone, Noah S. Todd, Sam'l McKenney,^ E. Kronenberger, James A. Stuart, Richard Brazner,. W. P. Chambers, R. L. Dejarnett, Louis Frank. A. B. Gibson, W. A. Hill, R. M. Kelley, B. S. Letton, A. Newhoff, L. Price, H. M. Rucker, Gray Smith, S. H. Shakspear, Jos. G. Scott, Rev. W. F. Taylor, Rev. Geo. A; Weeks, Nick. Talbott, David Winternitz, James L. Garrard, G. W. Solworthy, James Bills, W. H. Polk, John Rymel,

FELLOW CRAFTS. Charles Townsend, Wm. Winternitz.

ENTERED APPRENTICES. E. O. Fretwell, H. R. Miller, Noah Spears, Dan. Turney, J. S. Smith, A. L. Williams.

REINSTATED. J. H. Warford, m. m., March 3d, 1871; H. B. Literal, m. m., August 4th, 1871.

DEAD. George Chancelor, e.a.

DIMITTED. J. H. Warford, March 3d, 1871; H. B. Literal, August 4th, 1871.

1875 PARIS LODGE No. 2
Meetings, on the First and Third Fridays in each month in Paris.
Grand Lodge on 19 Oct 1875 in Louisville, KY

Representative:  James A. Harris, Master

James A. Stewart, M.                                    
William Winternitz. S. W.
John V. Lovely, J. W.
B. F. Pullen, Treas.
R. Peckover, Sec.
George W. Allison, S.D.
William Eisner, J. D. ¦A...B. Gibson, S. and T.

John M. Daniels, A. Shire, G. W. Reed, H. F. Logan, E. Kelley, R. Peckover, B. F. Pullen, James K. Ford, Hugh Henry, D. C. Vanmeter, O.A. Gilman.

Louis Frank, H. M. Rucker, A. Newhoff, Charles Stephens, J. D. Crosthwaite. R. M. Kelley, B. F. Letton, L. Hirsh, Walter Blaisdell, R. W. Adair, Grey Smith, R. Brazner, Thomas Pollock, G. W. Stolworthy, W. A. Hill, D. Adler, L. Price, Oliver Stark, Rev. George W. Weeks, Rev. W. F. Taylor, George Dohrer, Morris Kaplan, Samuel Brough, W. A. Cunningham, Henry Rucker, William Wasson, E. K. Davis.

1888 PARIS LODGE No. 2.
Grand Lodge, October 16, 17, & 18 in Louisville, KY
Held at Paris, Bourbon County, on the first and third Friday in each month.

Representative:  J. H. Ewalt
Past Master:  Dr. J. E. Ray
Appointed Agent:  Dr. J. Ed. Ray

J. E. Ray, Master.
J. V. Lovely, Senior Warden.
O. H. Buck, Junior Warden.
C. Stephens, Treasurer.
J. H. Ewalt, Secretary.
G. W. Allison, Senior Deacon.
E. Kronenberg, Junior Deacon.
F. H. Oldson, Steward and Tyler.

PAST MASTERS: Allison G. W., Gilman O. A., Lovely, J. V., Ray, J.E., Shire, A., Stewart, J. A.

MASTER MASONS:  Allison, G. W., Buck O. H., Butler H. A., Carrington S., Chambers W. P., Clay S. S., Dodson R. W., Ewalt J. H., Frank L., Lovely, J. V., Ray J. E., Shire A. Gilman O. A., Glenn A. M., Gutzeit A. M., Hill W. A., Hornback A. J., Hornback J. T., Hutchcraft J. P., Hutchcraft R. W., Kronenberg, E., Lockhart, G. C., Lovely, J. V., Mann R., Mason J. B., Munday L. L., Oldson F. H., Parks R., Price L., Ray J. E., Stewart, J. A., Rice J. T., Shire A., Stark O.T., Stephens C., Stewart J. A., Taylor, Rev. W. F., Tipton S, E., Webb, F. P., Weeks, Rev. G. A.

ADMITTED MASTER MASONS:  S. Carrington Zerobbabel Number 100, January 6, 1888;  J. H. Ewalt Hiram Number 18 Ohio, November 4, 1887; J. B. Hutchcraft Socorro No. 9 New Mexico, February 3, 1888; L. L. Munday  Amity No. 40, July 20, 1888; R. Parks Lebanon No. 191 New York, April 6, 1888.

DEMITTED PAST MASTER—H. R. Blaisdell, July 20, 1888. Master Mason—J. D. Crosthwaite, Oct. 21, 1887.

1897 PARIS LODGE No. 2.
Held at Paris, Bourbon County, on the first and third Friday in each month.

C. E. Nippert, Master.
M. H. Dailey, Senior Warden.
W. VV. Mitchell, Junior Warden.
W. H. Webb, Secretary.
C. F. Didlake, Treasurer.
F. L. Lapsley, Senior Deacon.
J. M. Lemon, Junior Deacon.
L. Frank, Steward.
S. D. Carrington, Tyler.

Master Masons
Adair Albert C., Bowen John, Bower John A., Butler Henry A., Carrington S. D., Clay Samuel S., Clay Sidney D., Cram Charles D., Curry David M., Daily Marion H., Dickson Emmett M.*, Didlake Clifton F., Ewalt Jos. H.*, Feeny John D., Jr., Fithian Washington, Frank Louis, Grass Frank, Gutziet Andrew M., Hancock Harry H., Hedges Edward B., Hill Wm. A., Hite John W., Hornback A. J., Ireland John T., Kiser Wm. J., Kronenberg Emanuel, Lapsley Frank L., Lemon James M., Little Albert E., Little George F., Mann Russell*, Martin Clarence L.*, McClure Holbert J., Mitchell Wallace W., Montgomery Hugh, Nippert Chas. E.*, Ray James E.*, Russell James M., Sanders Benj. B., Shea John G., Sheppard Win. A., Shire Abraham*, Smith John S., Stephens Charles, Stewart James A.*, Talbot Thos. H., Taylor James Wm., Taylor Wm. F. Rev., Tipton Samuel E. ƒ, Watts Jefferson, Weaver Edward W., Webb, Frank P., Webb, Wm. H.

Fellow Craft
Joseph Halleck Woodford.

Admitted Master Masons
E. W. Weaver, Henry Barnes No. 607, January 1, 1897; E. B. Hedges, Hope No. 246, February 5, 1897; J. D. Feeny, Jr., Richmond No. 25, April 16, 1897; J. G. Shea, Paris No. 2, October 16, 1896.

Reinstated—Past Master
J. P. Hutchcraft, September 18, 1896. Master Masons - W. J. Wash, February 5, 1897; A.J. Hornback, January 1, 1897.

O. H. Buck, P. M., January 18, 1897.

Suspended—Master Masons
George W. Allison, O. L. Davis, C. A. Martin, W. E. Simms, Jr., J. W. Hill. Fellow Craft: John R. Adair. Entered Apprentice: C. Alexander, Jr., August 20, 1897, for non-payment of dues. 

Demitted—Past Master
J. P. Hutchcraft, September 18, 1896. Master Masons: J. M. Hutzell, August 20, 1897; A.M. Glenn, October 16, 1S96; J. W. Wheeler, January 15, 1S97; W. J. Wash, February 5, 1897.

ƒ Fifty years. Made a Mason in 1845.

1910 PARIS LODGE No. 2.
Held at Paris, Bourbon County, on the first and third Friday in each month!
Grand Lodge 1910 held in Louisville, KY

PAST MASTERS PRESENT (at Grand Lodge): C. A. McMillan; Jas. Acheson Stewart; Miles H. H. Davis

165 Members.

August F. Frendberg, Senior Deacon.
Frank P. Walker, Master.
Charles W. Fithian, Senior Warden.
Joseph L. Earlywine, Junior Warden.
Miles H. H. Davis, Secretary.
Marion H. Dailey, Treasurer.
                           Junior Deacon (Dead)
N. H. Rion, Steward.
E. S. Sweeney, f  Steward.
George W Taylor, Tyler.

MASTER MASONS. Abney, Joshua U; Adair, Albert C; Allen, Thomas, W; Arkle, Thomas McK; Arnold, Henry B; Ashcraft, Luther C; Barns, Clinton J; Bedford, Matthew H; Bell, Elmer D;  Bell, John H; Bell, William C; Blankenship, R J; Board, Willian E*; Boston, William; Bower, John A; Brady, Louis D; Bramblett, Lafayette; Brennan, John M*; Brown, Richard J; Bryan, Frank H; Chambers, William O; Champ, William S; Clarke, Charles J; Clay, Talbott; Clendenin, Roy F; Cloutih, James R; Collins, Harry T; Cottingham, A Wm; Cram, Charles D; Dailey, Marion H*;  Daugherty, James; Davidson, James J; Davis, George R; Davis, John F; Davis, Miles H H*; Dawson, William L; Denton, Jeff Lee; Dickerson, Edw R R; Dickson, Emmett M*; Didlake, Clifton F; Dow, Rion; Dow, Robert P Jr; Dudley, Wm K; Duncan, Chas A; Earlywine, James W; Earlywine, Joseph L; Fithian, Chas W; Fithian, Frank*; Fisher, Neville C; Ford, Wm T;  Frank, Bismark A;  Frank; Louis; Frendberg, August F; Funk, Thomas M; Gray, James E; Grigsby, Wm E; Grinnan, Brutus; Grinnell, James R; Grinnell, James W; Hancock, Harry H; Harney, James M; Harris, Lafayette D; Harris, Wm H*; Herrick, Julius; Hibler, Speed G; Highland, James B; Highland, Millard H; Hornback, Abraham J; Humbert, C L; Hutchcraft, James P; Hutchcraft, R B Jr; Isgrig, Daniel; James, Clyde T; James, Joseph S; Johnson, Price J; Keith, Frank J; Kenney, John C; Kenney William Kiser Thomas J Lapsley Frank L* Leeds George Leer Courtland E Leggett Daniel L Lepp Martin W Lemon James M Link Robert Litsinger R'S Rev Little Albert E • Parker Benjamin S Peed Daniel W* Pogue Jesse B Porter Robert S Ray James E Riddell Daniel R Rion Newton H Russell J ames M Sanders Benjamin B Shipp Edwin T - Stewart James A* Swain Isaac C Stolworthy' Geo W Sweeney E S Sweeney W E Rev Talbot Thos H Taylor'Douglas G Taylor Duncan Taylor George W Taylor James W Taylor W F Rev Terrill Henry L Thomas Clarence K Thompson David R Towler Hilary S Ussery Wm 0* Varden George S Varden Joseph S Varden W F Vaughn Roger 0 Wagoner Ora T Walker Frank P Ward Jay Q Webb Frank P7 . Webb Wm H .. Wilmoth Thomas Wilson James S Wood Harry A Lusk Reese E Mann Lee W • Manri Russell* Marsh A Henry Martin John S . Mastin John E McCord Perry J ' McMillan Chas A* Mitchell Wallace W Montgomery Hugh; Montgomery, Thos W; Shire, William; Neely, Samuel T; Shive, B. M Rev; Nippert, George W; Shy, Perry M; Nortlicott, John B; Stephens, Charles.

FELLOW CRAFTS-J T Alexander, James C J Stephens, C F Wright.•; F Daugherty, W A Eubanks, R Galliher, H O James, C.J. Stephens; C. F. Wright.

ENTERED APPRENTICES—W R Blakemore, B Current, O G Daugherty, T Galliher,  J Graves, R A Horton, V Leer, R R McMillan, P Patou, J A Rice, J W Spears, E Stamler, W H D Wheat, J S Wiggins.

ADMITTED—Master Masons—J S Martin, Orient No. 500, October 1, 1909; J B Northcott. J W Earlywine, Paris No. 2. November 5, 1909; R Link. DeWitt Clinton No. 80, December 17,1909; J M Harney, Orient No. 500, February 4,1910; O T Wagoner, Craycraft No. 652. March 4. 1910; J, H Bell. Craycraft No. 652, August 19. 1910.

REINSTATED—Master Masons—G W Stolworthy. December 17, 1909; U S Hills, March 4,1910; J B Pogue, August 5,1910.

DEAD—Master Masons—A. H Sanford, March 21, 1910; E. L. Harris, August 9,1910; C. W. Turner August 11, 1910; E. A. Hornbrook, August 15, 1910.

DEMITTED—Master Masons—U S Hills, March 4,1910; J M Sons, April 15. 1910; O L Davis, July 1, 1910.



A petition was "presented and read, from a number of brethren residing in or near Millersburgh, county of Bourbon and state of Kentucky, praying that a dispensation, or a warrant of constitution may be granted, authorizing them to work together as a regular Lodge— wheupon it was Ordered, That a dispensation issue, authorizing a Lodge to be held in the town of Millersburgh, county of Bourbon and state of Kentucky, to be known by the name of Amity Lodge; and that Martin Baker be the master, John A. Saunders the senior warden, and John Bakep the junior warden of said Lodge.

1817 AMITY LODGE No. 40
August 25, 1817

Representing Lodge at Grand Lodge:
Attendant brethren from, Lodges under dispensation. Amity Lodge, Win. Bowles, and George Talbott-—...

That brother John H. Sanders be the first master of the Lodge to be called and known by the name and designation of Amity Lodge? No. 40, at Millersburg, Kentucky; that William Bowles be the first senior warden, and Allen Trigg the first junior warden. ...

Amity Lodge, Millersburg, Bourbon county,. Kentucky. The dispensation returned—return of tlie Lodge- i regular; the proceedings have been received: a charter, prayed for and deemed reasonable.

All but the Past Masters having again retired, the Master Mason's Lodge was closed and a Past Master's Lodge opened, for the purpose of installing the. W. Masters elect of the attending Lodges under dispensation that have been chartered by this Grand Lodge. Brother John H. Sanders, master elect of Amity Lodge, No. 40; ...

1818 AMITY LODGE No. 40
Meetings on the 3rd Saturday of Each Month, Millersburg, Bourbon Co.

Representatives at Grand Lodge:  William Bowles, Hugh Talbot, Allen Trigg; and Visitor, David Price.

John H. Sanders, Master.
William Bowles, Senior Warden.
Allen Trigg, Junior Warden.
Joel B. Sanders, Sec'y.
Benjamin Vernon, Treas.
Hugh Talbutt, Senior Deacon.
Anthony Sheriff, Junior Deacon.
Henry Batterton, Steward & Tyler.

PAST MASTERS. John H. Sanders, Martin Baker, Senr., John B. Gray, Christian Perfator.

MASTER MASONS. David Price, James Barnett, Moses Batterton, William B, Graves, Benjamin Warmsley, Moses Jones, Martin Baker, Jun., Matthew Taylor, Charles Talbutt, James Batterton, John Trimble, George Talbutt, Thomas Griffith, John Baker.

1819 Amity Lodge No. 40

Representative at Grand lodge: Henry Batterton.

Allen C. Trigg, Master.
Hugh Talbott, S. Warden.
Joel B. Sanders, J. Warden.
John A. Holladay, Secretary.
Charles Talbott, Treasurer.
David Price. Deacon.
Martin Baker, J. Deacon.
Henry Batterton. Steward.
Thomas Griffing. Tyler.

PAST MASTERS. John H. Sanders, Christian Profator, William Bowles, Thomas Griffith.

MASTER MASONS. Andrew S. Hughs, Charles Talbott, David Price, John Trimble, Moses Batterton, Joseph Trigg, Benj. Worrinsley, Thomas Sheppard, Martin Baker, jr. Nathaniel Rain, James Barnet, John Baker, William B. Graves, Tarleton W. Roland, Matthew Taylor, Thomas Chapple, James Batterton, John A. Holladay, George Talbott, Anthony Sherriff, William M. Baker, Benj Varnon.

FELLOW CRAFT. John Currents.


ADMITTED. Thomas Chapple.

DEMITTED. William Anderson, Joshua Irvine. Peter Batterton, John B. Grr.

1820 AMITY LODGE No. 40
Meetings on the 3rd Saturday of Each Month, Millersburg, Bourbon Co.

Henry Batterton, Master.
James Barnett, Senior Warden.
William B. Graves, Junior Warden.
John A. Hollady, Sec'yj.
Matthew Taylor, Treas'r.
William M. Baker, Senior Deacon.
Tarlton W. Rowland, Junior Deacon. 
George Northcut, Steward.
Hugh Talbott, Tyler.

PAST MASTERS. William Bowles, Thomas Griffith, Hugh Talbott, Allen C. Trigg.

MASTER MASONS. Christian Profator, Andrew S. Hughes, Moses Batterton, Martin Baker Jr., Matthew, Taylor, George. Talbott, Joseph Trigg, Nathaniel Rain, Tarlton W. Rowland, John- A. Holladay, Ishmael Daisey, Benjamin Wormsley, James Barnett, William B. Graves, Janies Batterton, William M, Baker, John Trimble, Thomas W. Shephard, John Baker, Sr, Anthony Sheriff, George Northcut, John Current, John Baker, Jr., George Barnett, William Baker Jr., James Baker.


INITIATED. Ishmael Daisey  September 18, 1819. John Baker, Jr. December 18.  William Baker, Jr. February 19,1820, George Barnett June 17.  Samuel Henderson August 19.

PASSED. George Northcutt, October 16, 1819; Ishmael Daisey, October 16, 1819; John Baker, Jr., March 4, 1820.


ADMITTED. Lewis Haller, m. m. late of Lexington Lodge No. I;  Randolph Railey, late of this Lodge.

DiMITTED. Porter Clay, J. C. Long, William S. Hunter.

1821 AMITY LODGE No. 40
Held in Millersburg 3rd Saturday.

Representatives at Grand Lodge:  George Talbott, Matthew Taylor, Moses Batterton, Thomas Eastin.

JOHN H. SANDERS, master.
Matthew taylor, S. warden.
JOHN BAKER, S. Deacon.
BENJ. RIGGS, J. Deacon.

PAST MASTERS. William Bowles, Allen C. Trigg/ Hugh Talbott, James Barnett, . Henry Batterton.

MASTERMASONS. Christian Profator, Moses Batterton, Martin Baker, Jr. George Talbott, Joseph Trigg, Nathaniel Bain, Tarlton W. Rowland, William B. Graves, William M. Baker, John Trimble, Thos. W. Sheppard, John Baker, Senr., Anthony Sheriff, John Current, John Baker; Jr., George Barnett, John Dawson, William Baker, Jr., James Baker, John Graves, Tho. Eastin, Samuel Griffith, Benj. Jones, Samuel Henderson.

ENTERED APPRENTICES. Noah Bedsworth, John Hall.

INITIATED. Benjamin Jones, Thomas Eastin, and William Lindsey, Sept. 1'6, 1820. Samuel Griffith, Oct 21. John Dawson, Jan. 20, John W. Baker, Jan. 20, Benj. M. Riggs,  April 21, Noah Bedsworth and John Hall, July 20. 1821.

PASSED.  Sariiuel Henderson, Thos. Eastin, William Lindsey, Benj. Jones, John Dawson, '' / John W. Baker, Benj. M Riggs, Sarnie j Griffith,. 

RAISED. Samuel Henderson, Thomas Eastin, William Lindsey, John Dawson, John W. Baker, Benj. Jones, Benj. TVLRiggs, Samuel Griffith.

ADMITTED.  John Graves, John H. Sanders.

REINSTATED. Anthony Sheriff.

DEMITTED. Ishmael Dazey, William Lindsey, John Holladay, Thomas Griffith, Andrew S. Hughes,

1822 AMITY LODGE No. 40
Meetings on 3rd Saturdays.  10 Initiations, 38 Members.

Representatives at Grand Lodge:  George Talbott, Joseph Russell

George Talbott, Master.
John W. Baker, S. Warden.
Tarlton W. Roland, J. Warden
Joseph Russell, Sec'y.
George Northcut, Treas'r.
George Barnett, S. B.
William Baker, J. B.

PAST MASTERS. Williarri Bowies, Heriry.Batterton, Allen C. Trigg, John Sanders, Hugh, Talbott, Matthew Taylor/ James Barnett.

1825 AMITY LODGE No. 40
Meetings on 3rd Saturdays.

Representatives at Grand Lodge:  Stephen L. Garrard, Benjamin M. Riggs.

Grand Lodge Visitor from 40: Willis Hodges, late member.

Matthew Taylor, S. Warden.
JOHN BAKER, S. Deacon.
BENJ. RIGGS, J. Deacon.

PAST MASTERS. William Bowles, Allen C. Trigg, Hugh Talbott, James Barnett, Henry Batterton.

MASTER MASONS. Christian Profator, Moses Batterton, Martin Baker, Jr. George Talbott, Joseph Trigg, Nathaniel Bain, Tarlton W. Rowland, William B. Grayes, William M. Baker, John Trimble, Thos. W. Sheppard, John Baker, Senr. Anthony Sheriff, John Current, John Baker; Jr., George Barnett, John Dawson, William Baker, Jr., James Baker, John Graves, Tho. Eastin, Samuel Griffith, Benj. Jones, Samuel Henderson.

ENTERED APPRENTICES. Noah Bedsworth, John Hall.

INITIATED. Benjamin Jones, Thomas Eastin, William Lindsey, Sept. 16, 1820. Samuel Griffith, Oct.. 21, John Dawson, Januarjr. 20, 1821. John W. Baker, Januarjr. 20, 1821, Benj. M. Riggs, April 21, Noah Bedsworth and John Hall, July 20, 1821.

PASSED.  Samuel Henderson, August 26, 1820; Thos. Eastin, Sept. 23, 1821; William Lindsey, Sept. 23, 1821; Benj. Jones, October 21. 1820; John Dawson, January 23, 1821; John W. Baker, January 23, 1821; Benj. M. Riggs, May 19; Samuel Griffith, July 20.

RAISED.  Samuel Henderson, Thomas Eastin, William Lindsey, John Dawson, John W. Baker, Benj. Jones, Benj. M. Riggs, Samuel Griffith.

ADMITTED. John Graves, John H. Sanders,

REINSTATED.  Anthony Sheriff.

DEMITTED. Ishmael Dazey, William Lindsey, John Holladay, Thomas Griffith, Andrew S. Hughes.

1835 AMITY LODGE No. 40
No Report.

1845 AMITY LODGE No. 40
Meetings on the 3rd Saturday of Each Month, Millersburg, Bourbon Co.

John C. Brand, Master.
Wm. J. White, S.W.
Wm. Holladay, J. W.
Samuel C. Trotter, Sec.
James Kennear, Tr.
Clement Mullins, S. D.
Abram Amos, J. D.
Thomas Chaple, S. & T.

PAST MASTERS.—John C. Brand, James Kennear, Abram Amos, A. C. Trigg, John D. Barnett, Samuel C. Trotter, Thomas Chappie, Samuel McKee.


1857 AMITY LODGE No. 40
Meetings on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of Each Month, Millersburg, Bourbon Co.

James M. McGuffin, M.
H. Todd Batterton, S. W.
R. W. Taliaferro, J. W.
H. R. Conway, Sec.
M. Mcbrlde, Tr.
A. W. Wallace, S. D.
Caleb Walton, Jr.* J. D.
Daniel Smith, S. & T.

PAST MASTERS—James McGuffin, Wm. Nunn, H.R. Conway, Daniel Smith, A.C. Trigg, A. W. Wallace.

MASTER-MASONS—W. F. Baker, M. A.Cray, John R. Cray, W. W. Fisher, M. C. Hutsell, Rev. John James, Laban Johnson, William Kenny, Jas. J. Moore, Samuel F. Martin, E. Monson, Thomas Ratcliffe, Alf. G. Stitt, William Tarr, James Tarr, Nathan Young, Fred. Fox.


ENTERED APPRENTICES—W. W. Carpenter, A. M. Bias.

DEAD—Clabourne Kenneday.

SUSPENDED—George Collier, for non-payment of dues, on 1st November,1856.

1860 AMITY LODGE No. 40

On motion, the appeal of A.,W. Wallace from the decision of Amity Lodge, No. 40, in the case of said Lodge against H. T. Batterton and Fred. Fox, was referred to the committee on Grievances.
Bro. Cofer, from the committee on Grievances, made the following report, which was concurred in, and the resolution accompanying it adopted, viz: The committee on Grievances, have considered the appeal of Bro. A. W. Wallace from Amity Lodge, No. 40. Charges were preferred in the Lodge against Bros. F. Fox and H. T. Battertpn for.unmasonic conduct. Proof, has been taken, and on final action the;Lodge passed two resolutions in regard to Bro. Fox, which are here referred to as part of' this report, and read as follows: Resolved, That it is the sense of this Lodge that Bro. P. Fox has acted unmasonically, and that he be required to make acknowledgments to the Lodge, and that he pledge himself to the Lodge that he will conduct himself properly hereafter, and that in the event he refuse, that then, and in that case, be be expelled from the Lodge. 2d. In case he comply with resolution first, he he reprimanded before the Lodge by the Grand Master.  The record does not show any action of the Lodge subsequent to the.passage of this resolution. The resolutions do not, in the opinion of your committee, have the effect to expell Bro. Fox. It will require other action on 'ihe part of the Lodge, and until the Lodge shall finally bave determined the matter this Grand Lodge has no jurisdiction of the case. We therefore offer the following resolution: Resolved, That the.charges against Bro. F. Fox, in Amity Lodge are now depending and undetermined, and that said Lodge ought to proceed with the trial, or dismiss the charges, as may seem best to it. All of which is respectfully submitted. On motion, Resolved, That said case be transferred from Amity Lodge, No. 40, to Paris Union Lodge, No. 16, who is directed to .proceed with it, without unnecessary delay, and the Secretary of Amity Lodge, No. 40, is hereby directed to transmit to.Paris Union Lodge, No. 16, a. complete transcript of all the proceeding therein had in said Lodge.


H. T. BATTERTON, Master.
Rev. GEO. S. SAVAGE; Senior Warden.
H. R. CONWAY, Junior Warden.
WILLIAM NUNN, Treasurer.
R. W. TALIAFERRO, Secretary.
A. W. WALLACE, Senior Deacon.
A. G. STITT, Junior Deacon.

PAST MASTERS—H. T. Batterton, H. R. Conway, William Nunn, Daniel Smith, Allen C. Trigg, A. W. Wallace.

MASTER MASONS—M. A: Cray, John R. Cray, Wm. W. Fisher, M. C. Hutsell, John M. Hart, Labe Johnson, Lemuel P. Letton, James J. Moore, Samuel F. Martin, John McKee, Elisoph Monson, Tho. J. Ratcliffe, Rev. W. J. Snively, Rev. Harvy Stewart, William Tarr.

FELLOW CRAFT—Wm. T. Boulden.

ENTERED APPRENTICES—Wm. W. Carpenter, Jno. W. Mountjoy, John G. Young.

DEAD—Rev. Jno. James, M. M., January 14th, 1860.

EXPELLED—Frederick Fox, M. M., May 6th, 1860, for unmasonic conduct.

1863 MILLERSBURG (Amity) LODGE No. 40
No Report.

1875 AMITY LODGE No. 40
Meetings on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of Each Month, Millersburg, Bourbon Co.

Represented at Grand Lodge:  J. M. Collier, Master.

Stated Meeting, on the Monday night on or before Full Moon in each month.

Jas. M. Collier, M.
W. T. Boulden, Sec.
John W. Boulden, S. W.
Jas. H. AVarford. S. D.
Gran. S. Allen, J. W.
Wm. McMiller, jr., J. D.
S. W. Hurst, Treas.
M. Barnet, S. and T.

PAST MASTERS. J. G. Smedley, Mordecai Barnett, Jas. M. Walker.

MASTER MASONS. J. G. Allen. S. R. Bailey, James Bucraft, M. A. Cray, J. W. Conway, John Darby, John English, B. Lytton, Jo Will Miller, Sam'l F. Martin, Rev. J. T. Mclntire, Elisop Munson, Alex. McClintock, Henry Hunter, Jacob Sandusky, Rev. Geo. C. Overstreet, A. T. Evans, Garrett Mason, Daniel Smith, Rev. J. T. Gould.


ADMITTED. Henry Hunter, late of Lower Blue Licks Lodge No. 495, Kentucky, on the 19th day of September, 1874; Jacob Sandusky, late of LaGrange Lodge No. 108, Arkansas, on the 20th day of November, 1874; Rev. J. T. Gould, late of Danville Lodge No. 28, Kentucky, on the 20th day of November, 1874; all M. M.'s.

DIMITTED. J. A. Brown, M. M., on the 17th day of May, 1875.

1888 AMITY LODGE No. 40
Meetings on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of Each Month, Millersburg, Bourbon Co.

Representative at Grand Lodge:  George W. Bryan.

J. M. Collier, Master.
G. W. Bryan, Senior Warden.
J. B. Cray, Junior Warden.
A. C. Ball, Treasurer.
R. B. Boulden, Secretary.
W. M. Miller, Senior Deacon.
G. W. Judy, Junior Deacon.
J. W. Boulden, Steward and Tyler.

PAST MASTERS.  Allen S. C, Boulden J. W. Collier J. M., Dodson S. D., Mann G., Smedley J. G., Smith, D., Warford J. H.

MASTER MASONS. Allen J. G., Allen S. C, Ball A. C, Bedford J. W. Bedford J. M., Boulden C. M. Boulden J. W. Boulden, R. B., Bryan G. W., Cray M. A., Cray J. B., Clark E. P., Collier J. M., Collier N., Chansler I. F., Dodson S. D., Doubman J. D., Gibson W. L., HutselL J. W., .Hutsell J. M., Hutseli T., Hurst S. W., Jones W. T., Letten J. H., Letten B., Mann G., Medlen T. W. Mock J. W.,*. Smith D., Warford J. H. Miller W. M., Rankin O. R., Sharp H. C, Smedley, J. G., Smith D., Smith J. B., Smith J. H., Thomason E. P. Warford J. H.

FELLOW CRAFTS. Patterson H., Walden G. T.

ENTERED APPRENTICES. Boulden, G. K., Speith, W.

ADMITTED. W. L. Gibson, M. M., Hope No. 246, June 15, 1888.

REINSTATED. J. T. English, M. M., April 20, 1888.

DIMITTED. Master Masons—G. S. Allen, M. Richie, January 20, 1888; J. T. English, April 20, 1888.

1897 AMITY LODGE No. 40
Meetings on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of Each Month, Millersburg, Bourbon Co.
3 Initiated, 1 Admitted 2 Dimitted, 1 Free Member, 31 Total Members
Report Not Received in Time to Print.

1910 AMITY LODGE No. 40
Held at Millersburg, Bourbon County, on the first and third Tuesday in each month.
2 Dimitted, 2 Free Members, 35 Total Members

Representative at Grand Lodge:  J. W. Mock, Master

Joe W MocK, Master.
W V Shaw, Senior Warden.
H  M Campbell,. Junior Warden
J H Burroughs, Secretary.
S M Allen, Treasurer.
W A Butler, Senior Deacon.
W L Barton, Junior Deacon.
T T Bently, Steward.
M P Collier, Tyler.

MASTER MASONS. Allen J G, Allen G Sm Allen S C, Allen S R*, Allen S M, Boulden R B, Best C M, Bowling Henry, Ball A C*, Boots J W, Bedford J M, Butler Richard, Best A S, Butler W A*, Burrough J H*, Bowling Wm,  Barton V L, Bently X T, Bascom S C, Collier R J F, Cray J B*, Clark E P, Collier N F, Collier Peal, Campbell J I, Campbell H M, Caldwell R M, Darlington U V W Rev, Dailey G W, Dimmitt P L, Hurst F F*, Hedges C W'How W'How Howard Leonard Hutsell J M, Hall J B, Jones D P, Jones W T, Judy G W*, Jones C T, Linville J H, Linville R C, Miller W M*, Block J W, Murry Tarr, Mason D B, Metcalfe W R, Neal B A*, Pervis J E,, Perrin J D Rankin J W, Rankin O R* , Richards J H, Smedley J G*, Smith C B*, Stewart J H, Shaw W V*, Taylor J R, Thomason E P, Wilson T R*, Woodruff H C, Wilson R L,  Wheeler Leslie, Warford J H, Watts T W.

DEMITTED Master Masons— C. W. Howard, May 16, 1910; Tice Hutsell, July 19, 1910.



1825 WASHINGTON LODGE No. 79 (1st year)

Visitor to Grand Lodge from 79:  J. Ashby, John C. W. McKenney, Thomas Swann.

Nimrod L. Lindsay, Master.
Lewis G. Ray, S. Warden,
William Wirt Eldridge, J. Warden
Charles E. Williams, Secretary.
James M. Cogswell. Treasurer.
Henry Thomas, S, Deacon.
Hudson Massie, J. Deacon.
Thomas-Sman, Steward and Tyler,

Past Masters. Nimrod L. Lindsay.

No Report.


J. L. ODEN, J. D.

PAST MASTERS.  Algernon S. Smith, R. C. Harris, Paul C. Bedford.

Master Masons.—W. S. Fuqua, B. F. Harris, F. B. Taylor, C. L. Stewart, C .Harris, W. Mone, W. M. Adams, L, B. Clarkson, M. S. Scott, P. J. Lindsay,G N. Hall, W. W. Massie, W. T. Woodford.

Fellow Craft.—Parker Benthall.

Entered Apprentices.—W. Benthall, Bertrand Richard.

Dead.—W. B. Skillman, p. m., on the 27th Dec. 1844.

Reinstated.—John D. Treadway, m. m., on the 17th of May, 1845.

Meetings on the Saturday Preceeding Full Moon Each Month in N. Middleton, Bourbon Co.

Paul C. Bedford, M.
J. T. Patterson, S.W.
Wm. Rash, J.W.
J. B. Stivers, Sec.
J. C. Hall, Tr.
M. Judy, S. C.
J. Maston, J.D.
R. C. Harris, S. & T.

PAST MASTERS—Paul C. Bedford, R. C. Harris, Horace Benton, J. F. McCormack.

MASTER MASONS—Harvey Jeffries, N. L. Lindsay, Jas. L. Hutchcraft, Levi Friend, N. B. Barrow, C. L. Stewart, N. G. Darnall, H. O. Thomas, O. B. Thomas, Wm. Gateskill, J. M. Bibb, J. C. Brown, J. D. Hutsell, S. A. Owen, Bartley Reid, Wm. M. Adams.

DEAD—John T. Forman, M.M., on the 18th day of February, 1857.


MARTIN JUDY, Senior Warden.
JOHN C. HALL, Junior Warden.
JAMES B. CREASON, Treasurer.
JOHN B. STIVERS, Secretary.
ERASMUS T. POWELL, Senior Deacon.
RICHARD C. HARRIS, Junior Deacon.
JOHN MASTIN, Steward and Tyler.

PAST MASTERS—John F. McCormack, Paul C. Bedford, Richard C. Harris, John C. Hall, John T. Patterson.

MASTER MASONS—Levi Friend, Hartley Bead, Nathan G. Darnell, Owen B. Thomas, James M. Bibb, Samuel A. Owens, Elijah Lloyd.


EXPELLED—John D. Hutsell, October 8th, 1859, for false swearing.

Meeting on the Second Saturday in each month at North Middletown.

Representative at Grand Lodge:  C. H. Low, Sr. Warden.

J. T. Patterson, M.
C. H. Low, S. W.
C. A, Peters, J. W.
J. W. Oden. Treas.
J. B. Stivers, Sec.
A. Dellweller, S. D.
S. J. Kittrell, J. D.
W. R. Davis, S. and T.

Past Masters. J.  Patterson, J. W. Stivers, E. K. Thomas.

Master Masons. J. M. Bibb, L. W. Bayles, J. Ed. Ray, Wm. Collins, John Costello, P. Lawson, G. W. Thomas, S. J. Kittrell, W. R. Davis, S. and T. J. Montague, S. Q. Longmire, R. VV. Owen, H. O. Thomas, Bart Reed, C. H. Howerton, J. B. Grimes, J. F. Stewart, Wm. Cunningham, J. P. Laughlin.

Fellow Craft. S. T. Dobyns.

Entered Apprentices. P. Lawson, G. W. Thomas, Josh Newhall, C. H. Webster.

Dimitted. H. C. Metcalf, M M., on the 13th day of Mareh, 1875.

1885 WASHINGTON LODGE No. 79 (No Report 1888)
Held at North Middletown, Bourbon County, on the Saturday on or before the full moon in each month.
Admitted: 1; Members: 9

E. K. Thomas, Master.
A. Dettwiller, Senior Warden.
J. P. Laughlin, Junior Warden.
J. W. Oden, Treasurer.
J. B. Stivers, Secretary.
C H. Low, Senior Deacon.
O. H. Peters, Junior Deacon.
D. W. Bayles, Steward and Tyler.

Past Masters. Stivers J. B., Thomas E. K., Low C. H., Dettwiller Alphonso.

Master Masons: Bibb James M., Bayles Daniel W., Laughlin Isaac P., Low Charlton H., Oden James W., Peters Oliver H., Price Dillard S., Dettwiller A., Stivers John B., Thomas Edwin K.

Admitted. D. S. Price, M. M., Four Mile No. 444, December, 1884.

1894 WASHINGTON LODGE No. 79 (No Report 1896-1897)
Meeting on the Tuesday on or before full moon in each month at North Middletown.

Warren M. Rogers, Master.
John J. Redmon, Senior Warden.
Edward Rice, Junior Warden.
Alphonse Dettwiller, Secretary.
John I. Fisher, Treasurer.
Edward P. Bean, Senior Deacon.
Henry C. Smith, Junior Deacon.
Edward K. Thomas, Steward.
Thomas P. Kincaid, Tyler.

Master Masons— Bayless Daniel W., Fithian Frank, Bean Edward P., Gilkey Johm A., Cline David, Kincaid Thos. P., Dettwiller Alphonse, Montgomery Hugh, Curran Thos. C, Prescot Joseph W., Fisher John I., Rogers Louis R., Rogers Warren M, Redmon John J., Redmon Geo. L., Smith Henry Clay, Snowden John A., Thomas Edward K., Thomas Claud M., Weaver Robert D., Rice Edward.

Admitted—Master Masons—Edward Rice, Daugherty No. 65, December 19, 1893; John A. Snowden, Right Angle No. 233, March 22, 1894. .-

Suspended—Master Masons—Charlton H. Low, Geo. W. McKinney, August 14, 1894, for non-payment of dues.

Demitted—Walter E. Pennell, Al. M., November 20, 1893.

1897 WASHINGTON LODGE No. 79 (23 members) No Report.
Meeting on the Second Saturday in each month at North Middletown.

Meeting on Tuesday before full moon in each month at North Middletown.
Initiated: 14, Admitted 5, Demitted 1, Free Members 1, Members 46.

At Grand Lodge, John I. Fisher, Past Master
Representative at Grand Lodge:  Owen T. Gibson, R.

Robt M Gilkey, Master.
Henry S Caywood,
Treasurer. Walter Thomas, Senior Warden.
Clay Thomas. Senior Deacon.
J W Ligon, Junior Warden.
Lawrence D BIitchell, Junior Deacon.
John A Gilkey, Secretary.
Mason G Talbott, Steward.
Wm A Veach, Tyler.

MASTER MASONS. Bayless D W, Bratton J W, Bishop Robert, Caywood Henry S, Deittmiller Alphonse, Doane John W, Fisher John I, Giikey John A, Gilkey Robert M, Gilkey C Ashton, Gibson Owen, Hinkson Silas, Hadden C C, Henrv L R, Jones B D, Jones Chas M, Kincaid T P, Ligon J W Rev, Mitchell John W, Mitchell L D, Moore K P, Morgan Jesse T,  Pence David, Rogers L R, Rogers Warren M, Redmon Jolin J, Rice Ed, Redmon H S, See Tilden H, Simth H C, Thomas E K, Thomas Claude M, Thomas Walter Thomas, Clay Trahern 0 L, Talbott Mason G, Talbott Clarence, Thomason W A, Todd J King, Veach W A.

FELLOW CRAFTS—Bennett B Bean, Willie Kincaid, W. Roy McCray.

ENTERED APPRENTICES—Arthur L Anderson, David Cline, Tom Coons.

ADMITTED—Master Blasons—John W Doone, Zerubbabel No. 199, April 19, 1910; L R Henry, J D Hamilton No. 578, Julv 19, 1910; C C Hadden, Rugby; No. 518 (Tennessee), December 21, 1909; J King Todd, Zerubbabel No. 199, December 21, 1909; W A Thomason, Hope No. 246, December 21, 1909.

DEMITTED—Master Mason—L .O. Redmon, April 19, 1910.


1828 DeWITT CLINTON LODGE No. 86 (first mtg after acceptance)
Clintonville, Bourbon Co.

Representing at Grand Lodge:  William Pierce

William Pierce, Master.
Julius C. Bristow, S W.
John-C. W. McKenny, J W.
Abner Cunningham, Secretary.
Thomas Barker, Treasurer
Henry Cartwright, S Deacon
James Home, Junior Deacon
Benjamin Parvin, S. & Tyler.

Past Master—Abner Cunningham.

20 members—-1 initiations

1835 DeWITT CLINTON LODGE No. 86 - No report
Meetings, Second Saturday In Each Month in Clintonville, Bourbon Co.

Clintonville, Bourbon Co.

Representing at Grand Lodge:  Henry P. Butler

Henry P. Butler, M.
Jonathan Tevebaugh, S. W.
James T. Scott, J. W.
J Charles F. Scruggs, Sec.
Robert, Cunningham, Tr.
Isaac A. N. Dean, S. D.
James Horn, J. D.
Jesse Tevebaugh, S. & T.

Past Masters—Henry P. Butler, Abner Cunningham, James Horn, Charles F. Scruggs, Jesse Tevebaugh.

Master Masons.—Henry Ament, Daniel A. Grimes.

Entered Apprentice.—Oliver Barkly.


Clintonville, Bourbon Co.
Meetings on the Second Saturday of Each Month.

Absalom Dawson, M.
L. B. Dawson, S. W.
Sol. Tevebough, J. W.
Wm. J. White, Sec.
Jesse Tevebough, Tr.
W. B. Whaley, S. D.
James Shrader, J. D.
Isaac Smith, Jr., S. & T.

PAST MASTERS—Robt Cunningham, R. W. Hutchcraft, C. F. Scrugs, Jesse Tevebough, Jona. Tevebough, W. J. White, Absalom Dawson.

MASTER MASONS—Thos. C. Parrish, William R. Gorham, Thos. L. Cunningham, Jas. M. Logan. William Srites, Isaac Cunningham, Jr.

FELLOW CRAFTS—C. F. Butler, Robt. S. Grimes, H. C. Gardner.


DEAD—Thomas C Smith, M. M., on the 26th January, 1857.

1860 DeWITT CLINTON LODGE No. 86 (No Report)
Clintonville, Bourbon Co.

ABSALOM DAWSON, Senior Warden. '
WM. McDONALD, Junior Warden.
WM. B. WHALEY, Treasurer.
W. J. WHITE, Secretary.
ISAAC SMITH, Jr., Senior Deacon.
T. L. CUNNINGHAM, Junior Deacon.
L. B. DAWSON, Steward and Tyler.

PAST MASTERS—Robt. Cunningham, Absalom Dawson, Isaac Smith, Jr., C. F. Scruggs, Jesse Tevebough, Wm.J. White, Jonathan Tevebough, L. B. Dawson.

MASTER MASONS—Jas. M. Logan, H. C. Gardner, C. F. Butler, Solomon Tevebough Robt S. Grimes.


ENTERED APPRENTICES—Wm. A, Smith, John Terrel.

1863 DeWITT CLINTON LODGE No. 86 (No Report)
Clintonville, Bourbon Co.
Meetings on the Second Saturday of Each Month.

Clintonville, Bourbon Co.
Meetings on the Second Saturday of Each Month.

Representative to Grand Lodge:  Jesse Tevebaugh, Deligate.

Isaac Smith, M.
Jas. A. Scott, S. W.
George Battle, J. W.
H. W. Alexander, Treas.
Isaac Cunningham, Sec.
Jesse Tevebaugh, S. D.
Robert Hostetter, J.D.
J. B. Donaldson, S. and T.

PAST MASTERS. Isaac Cunningham, Wm. Dejarnett, Isaac Smith, John Marders, J. B. Donaldson, Jesse Tevebough, L. B. Dawson, A. K. Martin. Sol. Tevebough.

MASTER MASONS.  Sam. Beall, W. W. Epperson, Green C. Farney, F.T. Martin, G. M. Battle, John F. Leathers, James Shrader, Robert Hostteter, James Epperson, W. B. Whaley, Jas. A. Scott, H. W. Alexander.


DEAD. E, D, Parrish, on the 12th day of July, 1875.

SUSPENDED. G F, Scruggs, jr.

1888 DeWITT CLINTON LODGE No. 86 (No Report)
Clintonville, Bourbon Co.
Meetings on the Second Saturday of Each Month.

Representative to Grand Lodge:  Jesse Tevebaugh, Master.

Officers. Jesse Tevebaugh, Master.
Allen P. Lary, Senior Warden.
James V. Muir, Junior Warden.
James W. Epperson, Treasurer.
George W. Morrow, Secretary.
Larkin B. Dawson, Senior Deacon.
William Harris, Junior Deacon.
John B. Donaldson, Steward and Tyler.

Past Masters. Cunningham Isaac, Dawson Larkin B., Donaldson John B., Epperson James W., Smith Isaac, Tevebaugh Jesse.

Master Masons. Alexander Hiram W., Battaille George N., Bodkins William, Cunningham Isaac, Dawson Larkin B., Donaldson John B., Epperson James W., Gosney Geo. T., Harris William, Lary Allen P., Lowe James R., Muir James V., Morrow George W., Peed Daniel W., Porter John W., Renick Morris W., Smith Isaac, Shrader James T., Tevebaugh Jesse.

Admitted. John W. Porter, M. M., Pleasant Hill No. 585, June 11, 1887.

Held at Clintonville, Bourbon County, on the second Saturday in each month.

John P. Howell, Master.
Robert S. Thompson, Senior Warden.
Edward Rose, Junior Warden.
George W. Morrow, Secretary.
Larkin B. Dawson, Treasurer.
George N. Battaille, Senior Deacon.
Daniel W. Peed, Junior Deacon.
James W. Epperson, Steward and Tyler.

Master Masons
Battaille George N., Bryan Frank H., Dawson Larkin B.*, Epperson James W.*, Howell John P.*, Link Robert, Morrow George W.*, Muir, James W., Muir J. V., Peed Daniel W.*, Porter John W., Rose Edward, Trevebaugh Jesse ƒ, Thompson Robert S.

J. Volney Muir, M. M., Paris No. 2, April 10, 1897.

Suspended—Master Masons
James R. Baber
Dock Baber
Joshua,Blanton, August 14
Rose Edward
Tevebaugh Jesse*
Thompson Robert S.

ƒ Fifty years. Made in DeWitt Clinton No. 86, at Clintonville, Ky., February 2, 1839.

1910 DeWITT CLINTON LODGE No. 86. No Report.
Held at Clintonville, Bourbon County, on the second Saturday in each month.

No Rep at Grand Lodge.


1852 BEDFORD LODGE No. 243. (First meeting w/Grand Lodge)
Meetings on the First and Third Saturdays of Each Month in Paris, Bourbon Co.

Representative at Grand Lodge.  H. R. Orr.

WM. BURR, S. & T.

PAST MASTERS—Henry R. Orr, Thomas L. Arnold, Wm. M. Samuel, Jas. C. Gribbon.

MASTER MASONS—Wm. R. H. Scott, E. W. Jones, John C. Snyder, Saml. Brooks, Joseph Porter, John B. Donaldson, John Massie, Thomas Talbott, R. H. Samuel, R. M. Barnes, Wm. Henderson, Wm. Hughes.

FELLOW CRAFT—Thomas S. Martin.

ENTERED APPRENTICES.—James S. Matson, Thomas A. Taylor, F. B. Timmins, Pat. Connor, Hugh Dinwiddie.

1857 BEDFORD LODGE No. 243.
Meetings on the First and Third Saturdays of Each Month in Paris, Bourbon Co.

Henry R. Orr, M.
Richard H. Samuel, S. W.
John C. Snyder, J. W.
Rev. J. Aug. Merrick, Sec.
Samuel Brooks, Tr.
Wm. M. Samuel, S. D.
N. A. Dimitt, J. D.
Tho. M. Webb, S. & T.

Past Masters.  Wm. M. Samuel, H. R. Orr, Richard Peckover.

MASTER MASONS-Thos, L. Arnold, James H. Bell, W. W. Branham, G, Deickman, Harry Bedford, John Brown, Robert Clark, Geo. Doehrer, Lewis Fry, W. W. Massie, Patrick O'Brien, Joseph Porter, Henry Rowe, Geo. W. Snyder, F. B. Timmins, Joseph H. Ewalt, John W. Hite, James Paton, Greenberry Reed, F. B. Tucker, J. R. Moi-eland.

FELLOW CRAFT-Anthony R. Thornton.

ENTERED APPRENTICES--E. Clark, Jr., W. R. Colcord.

DEAD-Wm. H. Snyder, M, M., on 30th of November, 1856.

1858 BEDFORD LODGE No. 243.
Meetings on the first and third Saturdays of each month.

1858 Representative to Grand Lodge:  W. M. Samuel

PAST MASTERS—W. M.Samuel, H. R. Orr, R. Peckover, M. W. Mize.

W. M. Samuel, M.
T. M. Webb, S. W.
A.. R.. Thornton, J. W.
H. R. Orr, Sec.
S. Brooks, Tr.
J. C. Snyder, S. D.
J..R. Moreland, J. D.
G. Reed, S. & T.

MASTER MASONS—T U. Arnold, W. W. Massie, G. W.Snyder, J. Porter, J. C. Gribbon, R. H. Samuel, F. B. Timmins. G. Deickman, F. B. Tucker, P. O'Brien, H. Bedford, J; W. Hite, G Doehrer, W. W. Branham, Rev. J. A. Merrick. Robert Clark, J. H. Ewalt, J. Brown, J. Paton, J. H. Bell, L. Fry, S. E. Tipton.

ENTERED APPRENTICES—Henry Rowe, E. Clark, Jr., W. R. Colcord, S. Lilleston,S. Ewalt, E. J. Peckover, J. W. Brooks.

1859 BEDFORD LODGE No. 243.

Representative to Grand Lodge:  W. M. Samuel

Some few of the Lodges, and particularly Washington No. 79, Zerubbabel No. 199, Bedford No. 243, Carroll No. 245, Pogue No. 335, and perhaps others have their partition walls or floors in such a condition that it is difficult to prevent eve-dropping, which should always be especially guarded against. In one Lodge there is no record book kept, but the minutes are recorded on loose pieces of paper, which are frequently lost. . From the loose-manner in which the work is done in some few of the Lodges; and from the broils and contentions amongst their members, your committee would deem that the interests'of Masonry would be subserved by arresting their charters.

1860 BEDFORD LODGE No. 243.
Meetings on the First and Third Saturdays in each Month at Paris.

Representative to Grand Lodge:  H. R. Orr.

Henry H Orr Master:
Wm. M. Samuel, Senior Warden.
Benjamin J. Thruston, Junior Warden.
Samuel Brooks, Treasurer.
Anthony R. Thornton, Secretary.
John C. Snyder, Senior Deacon.
Eichabod H. Samuel, Junior Deacon.
George W. Snyder, Steward and Tyler

PAST MASTEES—Henry B. Orr, Wm. M. Samuel,.James C. Gribbon.

MASTEB MASONS—Joseph Ewalt, Lewis Fry, Greenberry Beed, S. E. Tipton, Franklin R. Tucker. Thomas L. Arnold, Gustavus Diekman, Patrick O'Brien, George Doehrer, Thoms M. Webb, Bobert Clark, John R. Moreland, John Brown, James Patton, Harry Bedford, Rev. J. Austin Merrick, Joseph G. Scott, John WyHite, Heriry Spears, Thos. H. Pollock.

ENTERED APPRENTICES—Samuer Lillest'on, Samuel Ewalt, Jr.j Wm. R. Colcord, Henry Rowe, Elijah Clark, James G.1 Bedford, William J. Talbott, Stephen Bedford, James W. Brooks, William B. Flanagan, John T. Croxton.

1865 BEDFORD LODGE No. 243.

No information has been received of the condition of the following Lodges, no answers having been received to the letters sent, viz : Warren, No. 53, at Harrodsburg; Bath, No. 55, at Owingsville; Washington, No. 79, at North Middletown; Warren, No. 110, at Leesburg; Bullitt, No. 155, at Shepherdsville; Salt River, No. 150, at Mount Washington; Albany, No. 206, at Albany; Bedford, No. 243, at Paris; Trumbo, No. 261, at Wyoming; and Loving, No. 323, at Jamestown. No doubt some of the Lodges herein named have been reorganized, and many more of them will be soon at work again, it is hoped under brighter prospects for the future.

1866 BEDFORD LODGE No. 243.  (Charter Revoked)

Also., the following resolution, which was adopted, viz : Resolved, That the charters of Washington Lodge, No. 79; Antiquitv, No. 113; Mills Point, No.120; Liberty, No. 126; Spring Hill, No.139; Cumberland, No. 149; Bedford, No. 243; Randolph Robinson, No. 317; Woodsonville, No. 329, be and the same are hereby revoked. The Grand Senior Warden moved the, following resolution,


1852 HOPE LODGE No. 246. (1st year in Grand Lodge)
Meetings First Saturday in Each Month.
Date of Charter, Sept. 2, 1852.

Representative at Grand Lodge: J. P. Wilson.

Roger Allen Terrell, Master
Carlton Wasson, Senior Warden
Roger McCarty, Junior Warden
Ray S. Hamilton, Treasurer
R. B. Brierly, Secretary
Arthur Fite, Senior Deacon
Wm. B. Bramblett, Junior Deacon
Will Brierly, Senior Steward
Norwood Auxier, Junior Steward
Richard E. Hinkle, Tiler

MASTER MASONS Auxier Darrell D, Auxier Norwood, Bramblett W B * Brierly Orville Brierly R B, Brierly Wm A, Clinkenbeard R L, Fite Arthur, Fowler Wm H, Hamilton R S, Hedges N B, Hedges J O, Herrin H C, Herrin Paul R, Hinkle R E, Hopkins E D, Jeffries Henry D, Johnson R W, Kincart J T, Letton R E, McCarty Roger R, McClure Ollie W, Reid E O, Tackett W D, Terrell Roger Allen, Thomason Henry T, Thomason Joe B, Turner Joseph, Wasson Carlton, Yarber Lee, Yarber Oney.

1857 HOPE LODGE No. 246.
Meetings on the First Saturday of Each Month at Flat Rock, Bourbon Co.

James Dormall, M.
C. L. Brown, S. W.
H. A. Hall, J. W.
J. P. Wilson, Sec.
A. Roby, Tr.
B. S. Letton, S. D.
N. W. Fowle, J. D.
A. Evans, S. &.T.

PAST MASTERS-A. Roby, J. P. Wilson, "W. P. Bramblett; W. F. Horton.

MASTER MASONS—T. E. Brown, John Bowls, T. F. Fisher, W. D. Horton, W. F. Horton, J. L. Horton, James. Hedge, G. L. Harper, J. F. Piper, S. A. Piper, A. H. Roby, J. P. Squires, Robert Soper, Joseph Wilson, H. C. Wright, B. Letton, John J. Letton, Jos. Logan, R. E. Richart, A. D. Young, J. H. Skillman, W. P. Bramblett, Thos. Ashbrook, J. A. Horton, L. L. Robbins, L. P. Letton, Wm. Collins. J. W. Forman.

1860 HOPE LODGE No. 246.

CALEB L.. BROWN, Master.
JAMES DONNALL, Senior Warden.
AQUILLA ROBY, Junior Warden.
JOHN W. FORMANyTreasurer.
ALEX. EVANS, Secretary.
WM/ F. HORTON, Senior Deacon.
ALEX. S. .MOREOW, Junior Deacon.
N. W. FOWLE, Steward and Tyler.

PAST MASTEES—Aquilla Eoby, WL P. Bramlette, \James Donnall^C. D. Brown, William F. Horton.

MASTER MASONS—Thomas E. Brown, Wm. Collins, Wm. D. Horton, Joseph J. Horton, James Hedge, Hugh A. Hall, Laban L. Robbing, Richard E. Richart, James P. Squires, Joseph Wilson, Burton S. Letton, John J. Letton, Lemuel P. Letton, Brise S. Letton, Jackson A. Horton, Joseph Logan, Ambrose D. Young, John T. Degarnetty, Thomas Collins, John Mclntire, Richard Long, A. H. Roby.

FELLOW CRAFT—Thos. J, Bryan.


DEAD—A. S. Morrow, M. M., August 5th, 1860.

1863 HOPE LODGE No. 246.  No Report.
Meetings on the First Saturday of Each Month at Flat Rock, Bourbon Co.

Representative at Grand Lodge.  Jas. P. Squires.

1875 HOPE LODGE No. 246.
Meetings on the First Saturday of Each Month at Flat Rock, Bourbon Co.

Representative at Grand Lodge.  Hugh Horton, Junior Warden.

John D. Stone, M.
High Horton, S. W.
James N. Stone, J. W.
Thomas Ashbrook, Treas.
B. F. Wilson, Sec.
W. F. Horton, S. D.
B. E. Rice, J. D.
W. O. Evans, S. and T.

Past Masters.  Thomas Ashbrook, W. F. Horton, John D. Stone, C. L. Brown, B. E. Rice, J. P. Squires, A. Evans, A. Roby.

Master Masons. John W. Forman, W. F. Craig, B. W. Soper, John T. Craig, AV. S. Talbott, James Hopkins, John Soper, Jaines Bryan, John R. Cray, J. D. Terry, L. L. Robbins, W. P. Young. James Earlywine, Joe. Wilson, John Forman, M. Louderback, Jeff. N. Bryan, Richard Stone, F. P. Colcord, A.J. Horton, W. Daugherty, J. L. Horton, W Frazer, James Hedges, James C. Boaze, AW. G. Moore, J. J. Letton, B. B. Bramblett, James Rogers, Ed. Hedges, J. C. Soper, J. Sandusky, W. D. Horton.

Reinstated. AV. D. Horton, M. M., on the 3d day of April, 1875.

Dead. James Soper, E. A., on the 25th day of October, 1875.

1888 HOPE LODGE No. 246.
Meetings on the First Saturday of Each Month at 2 o'clock at Flat Rock, Bourbon Co.

J. R. Rodgers, Master.
B. F. Hopkins, Senior Warden.
R. P. Hopkins, Junior Warden.
C. L. Brown, Treasurer.
J. L. Ashbrook, Secretary.
W. F. Horton, Senior Deacon.
E. Thomason, Junior Deacon.
A. Evans, Steward and Tyler.

PAST MASTERS.  Ashbrook T., Ashbrook J. L., Brown C L., Evans A., Horton W. F., Rogers J. R., Rice E.

MASTER MASONS. Ashbrook T., Ashbrook J. L. Brown C. L., Bryan J. C, Bryan J., Bolson H. F., Craig J., Colcord F. P., Conner W., Crump J. W., Elliott E., Evans A., Evans W. O., Grimes G. W., Horton W. F., Horton A. J., Hopkins J. H., Hopkins B. F., Hopkins R. P., Humphries G. W., Hall G. W., Jewel P., Moore W. G., Mansfield J. F., Mansfield L. T., Parsons L. B., Rogers J. R., Robbins D. L., Ragland T., Rice E., Rust Rev. G. W., Richart G. A., Soper B., Soper E. B., Struve Rev. F. K. Stone R., Thomason E., Wilson B. F., Wilson J. S.

Fellow Crafts. Arnold Rev. W. E., Wilson J. H.

Entered Apprentices. Crouch W. B., Henry P., Gillispie C, See P.

Admitted. Master Masons—G. W. Hall, Hope No. 246; G. W. Humphries, Sliarpsburg No. 117, September 3, 18S7; J. S. Wilson, Zerubbabel No. 199, December 27, 1887.

Expelled. H. A. Skillman, M. M., January 9, 1888, for gross unmasonic conduct.

Suspended. B. F. Browning, F. C, September 3, 1887, for non-paymentof dues.

Dimitted. Master Masons—W. Craig, December 3, 1S87; W. C. Wilkerson, October 7, 18S7.

Fellow Craft—A. L. Montague, July 7, 1888.

Entered Apprentice—G. L. Edwards, September 3, 1887.

1895 HOPE LODGE No. 246. (No Report 1897)
Held at Little Rock, Bourbon County, on the first Saturday in each month.

H C Utterback, Master.
John McDaniel, Senior Warden.
George Chipley, Junior Warden.
J. R. Rogers, Secretary.
B. F. PIopkins, Treasurer.
J. H. Wilson, Senior Deacon.
Luther C. Ashcraft, Junior Deacon.
J. W. Crump, Steward and Tyler.

MASTER MASONS. Ashbrook John L.,* Darrell F. M., Ashcraft Luther C, Elliott Edward O., Bay Joseph K., Evans W. O., Brown Caleb L.,* Horton Andrew J., Bryan James C, Horton Wm. F.,* Chipley George, Hopkins Ben. F,* Colcord Francis P., Hopkins Richard P., Crump John W., Humphreys Geo. w., Jewell Perry, Kerns David, Mansfield John F., McDaniel John, Robbins D. T., Rogers J. R.,* Reed John W., Stone Richard M., Struve Rev. Felix K., Summary Leander, Thomasson Edwin, Utterback Hiram C.,* Wilson James H.

Admitted—W. O. Evans, M. M., Hope No. 246, July 6, 1895.

Suspended—Master Masons—W. B. Crouch, T. H. Ragland. Entered Apprentice—Calvin Gillispie, October 6, 1894, for non-payment of dues.

Demitted—J. M. Florence, M. M., July 6, 1893.

1910 HOPE LODGE No. 246.
Meetings on the First Saturday of Each Month at Little-Rock, Bourbon Co. (PO Paris)

R P Hopkins, Master.
James W Harrison, Senior Warden.
D P Henry, Junior Warden.
James R Rogers, Secretary.
B F Hopkins, Treasurer.
J Anson Squires, Senior Deacon.
J T Wilson, Junior Deacon.
R A Everman, Steward and Tyler.

MASTER MASONS. Banister Charles C, Boardman J Elmer*, Bramblett Ben F, Brooks Charles, Bryant Jas Crawford, Bryant Wm Talbott, Chiply George*, Clark Edw, Cravens Lee Roy, Crouch Roger Ray, Crump John Wm, Evans Wm Orbid, Lawson James T Rev, Squires James Anson, Everman Richard A*, Harrison James Wm, Hedges Oscar, Henry Daniel P*, Herron Clay, Hopkins Ben F*, Hopkins Emmet D, Hopkins Richard P, Hopkins Wm Robert, Huffsletter F Jr, Humphrey G W, Jewell Perry, McClure Philip L, McDaniel John C*, Myers Mordecaim, Ralls Clarence E, Reed Jos Daniel, Robbins D L, Rogers James R, Soper Ira, Collins Soper Richard M, Sparks Wm.Davis, Squires Charles N, Stockdale John T, Stuart Lindsay W, Summay Leander, Thomas Wm Porter, Thomasson Edwin, Utterback H C*, Wilson James Henry*, Wilson John Thomas, Workman Villey O, Wyatt George D Rev.

ENTERED APPRENTICES—Richard Kelly Beatty, Benjamin Workman.

REINSTATED—Master Mason--Houston Crouch, October, 1909.

SUSPENDED—Entered Apprentice—Albert Evans, May 7, 1910, non-payment of dues.

DEMITTED—Fellow Craft—Houston Crouch, December 4, 1909.


1854 BOURBON LODGE NO. 305 (First Grand Lodge)
Meetings on the First and Third Mondays of Each Month in North Middleton, Bourbon Co.

Resolved, That a granted to Bourbon Lodge No. 305, under that name and-style, to be held at North Middletown, Bourbon county, Kentucky; and that R. S. Magruder be the first Master, Joseph F. Taylor first Senior Warden, and B. F. Harris first Junior Warden thereof.

Representative at Grand Lodge, U.D.  R. S. Magruder.

Robert S. Magruder, M.
Joseph F. Taylor, S. W.
Benj. F. Harris, J. W.
Wm. B. Magruder, Sec.
Washington Fithian, Tr.
Wm. H. H. Frisbie, S.D.
Wm. S. Fuqua, J. D.
Richard C, Harris, S. & T.

PAST MASTERS—Robert S. Magruder, Benjamin F. Harris, W. M. Magruder, Washington Fithian, William S. Fuqua.

Meetings on the First and Third Mondays of Each Month in North Middleton, Bourbon Co.

Benj. F. Harris, M.
Washington Fithian, S. W.
R. S. Magruder, J. W.
Wm. B. Magruder, Sec.
Wm. S. Fuqua, Tr.
Wm. Stewart, S. D.
S. Oppenheimer, J. D.
R. C. Harris, S. & T.

PAST MASTERS—B. F. Harris, Washington Fithian, John H. Benton, Wm. B. Magruder, Wm. S. Fuqua.

MASTER MASON—W. H. H. Frisbie.

FELLOW CRAFT—Wm. Daugherty.

Meetings on the First and Third Mondays of Each Month in North Middleton, Bourbon Co.

Representative at Grand Lodge: B. F. Harris.


Ben. F. Harris, Master.
William H. H. Frisbiei, Senior Warden.
Robert S. Magruder, Junior Warden.
William B. Magruder, Secretary.
William. S. Fuqua, Treasurer.
Washington Fithian, Senior Deacon.
John H. Benton, Junior Deacon.
R C. Harris, Steward and Tyler.

PAST MASTERS—Ben. F. Harris, Wash. Fithian, Roberts. Magruder, W. B. Magruder, W. S. Fuqua, John H. Benton.

MASTER MASQN—S. D. Oppenheimer.

FELLOW CRAFT—Wm. Daugherty.

1860 BOURBON LODGE NO. 305 (Charter Surrendered)

The Charters of Bourbon Lodge, No. 305, at North Middleton, Bourbon county, and of Washington Lodge, No. 19, at Washington, Mason county, have been regularly surrendered to me by act of their members respectively, and are hereby returned to the Grand Lodge.


1854 FORSYTHE LODGE No. 307. (First year at Grand Lodge)
Meetings on the First and Third Saturdays of Each Month in Ruddle's Mills, Bourbon Co.

Resolved,. That a charter be granted to Solomon Lodge U. D., under the name and style of Forsyth'e Lodge No. 307, to be held at Ruddle's Mill, Bourbon county, Kentucky; and that Abraham Amos be the first Master, G. L. Lucas first Senior Warden, and L. C. Rankin first Junior Warden thereof. anc Henry - first Junior Warden thereof.

Abram Amoss, M.
George L. Lucas, S.W.
Leroy C. Rankin, J. W.
Rlyford Marston, Sec.
Wm. N. Stephenson, Tr.
Geo. W. Wyatt, S, D.
Chas. H. Whaley, J. D.
John Stoker; S. & T. -

PAST MASTER—Abram Amoss.

MASTER MASONS—F. R. Wyatt, William W. Talbott, James Howard, L. Fry, Jackson Thomas, Elijah Howard, Eli Howard, William H. Speaks, Charles Stentcel, James H. Talbott, Ambrose Mock.

FELLOW CRAFTS—John McNear, Robert H. Morrow.

ENTERED. APPRENTICES—George W. Bowen, Charles R. Shawhan, Wm. L, Mercer, Leeland W. Whaley.

EXPELLED—William McConnell, M. M., about 45 years old; 5 feet 9 inches high; blue eyes; offense, drunkenness, which can be seen on his face.

1857 FORSYTHE LODGE No. 307.
Meetings on the Second and Fourth Saturdays of Each Month in Ruddle's Mills, Bourbon Co.

Lyford Marston, M.
Eli Howard, S. W.
Chas. H. Whaley, J. W.
Leland W. Whaley, Sec.
John Stoker, Tr.
Jackson Thomas, S. D.
Leroy C. Rankin, J. D.
Will. N. Stevenson, S. & T.

PAST MASTERS—William McConnel, Jackson Thomas.

MASTER MASONS—Geo. R. Wyatt, Fleming R. Wyatt, Will. W: Talbott, James Howard, Elijah Howard, Will. H. Speaks, Charles Stentcel, James H. Talbott, Ambrose P. Mock, Robt. H. Morrow, Will. L. Mercer, Garrett D. Jones, James A. Smith, Will. P. Knight, Ephraim Talbott, David Alexander, John Cleaver.


ENTERED APPRENTICES—Chas. R. Shawhan, Geo. W. Bowen, James Jacobs, Moses H. Mcllviane.

REINSTATED—William McConnell, M. M., on the 14th day of Feb. 1857.

1860 FORSYTHE LODGE No. 307.

Representative at Grand Lodge:  Jackson Thomas

WM. P. KNIGHT, Senior Warden.
JOSHUA BARTIN, Junior Warden.
M. H. McILVAIN, Treasurer.
G. D. JONES, Secretary.
ELI HOWARD, Senior Deacon.
THO. J. CURRENT, Junior Deacon.
JAS. M. JACOBS, Steward and Tyler.

PAST MASTERS—Eli Howard, Jackson Thomas, Layford Marston. Wm. McConnell.

MASTER MASONS—Jas. Howard, Charles H. Whaley, L. Whaley, W. N. Stephenson, Ephraim Talbott, Jas. A. Smith, David Alexander' Elija. Howard, John G. Wells, Wm. Bassett, Ambros P. Mock, W. L. Mercer, John W. Mock, Geo. W. Bowen, Wm. H. Speakes, W. W. Talbott, A. B. Thomas, John A. McConnell, J. B. Maffett, D. D. Eadds, Porter Jett.

FELLOW CRAFTS—Isaac J. Dubler, James P. Keizer.

ENTERED APPRENTICES—H. H. Miller, Joseph R. Keller, Porter Cook, Charles R. Shawhan.

1863 FORSYTHE LODGE No. 307. (No Report)
Ruddle's Mills, Bourbon Co., 9 Members.

1875 FORSYTHE LODGE No. 307. (No Report)
Ruddle's Mills, Bourbon Co.

1888 FORSYTHE LODGE No. 307.
Held at Ruddle's Mills, Bourbon County, on the second and fourth Saturday in each month.

Officers. D. Cherry, Master.
G. R. Boalen, Senior Warden.
B. E. Jones, Junior Warden.
J. Bramlett, Treasurer.
J. G.Jones, Secretary.
Snodgrass, Senior Deacon.
W. Kiser. Junior Deacon.
G. D.Jones, Steward and Tyler.

Master Masons. Cherry D., Adair A. P.,  Current W. A., Howard E.,  Thomas J.

Past Masters. Adair A. P., Bramlett J., Boalen G. R., Bedford H, Cherry D.,  Crim L., Current W. A., Davis L., Howard E., Jones G. D., Jones J. G., Jones B. E., Kiser W. J. Smith VV., Thomas J. Snodgrass J. Talbott J. II. Thomas W., Thomas J.

Fellow Crafts. Cassidy J. E., Collins A.

Entered Apprentices. Howard J. Jr., Howard W. F., Irwin Rev. J. J.

Suspended.  Master Masons—T. Kenton, W. Lang, August 25, 18S8, for non-payment of dees.

On November 7, 1898, the Grand Secretary wrote me that in 1895 Forsyth Lodge No. 307 became defunct.

From: Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky 1899; p. 29.

On November 7, 1898, the Grand Secretary wrote me that in 1895 Forsyth Lodge No. 307 became defunct, and that he as the agent of the Grand Lodge had appointed Brother F. E. Baird, who was blaster of the lodge at the time it became defunct, as one of the committee to wind up the affairs of Forsyth Lodge, and that Brother Baird had received $98.00 by reason of the sale of the defunct 1odge's property, and had failed to pay it to the Grand Secretary. The attention of the Grand Lodge was called to the matter in 1897. During the close of his term our late esteemed and worthy brother, R. H. Thompson, as Grand Master, had ordered charges prepared against Brother F. E. Baird, but the Grand Secretary was prevented from doing so by reason of a press of other matters incident to the convening of the Grand Lodge.

With this state of affairs before me I ordered the charges preferred in the name of the Grand Lodge, Brother Baird being a Past Master, a non-affiliate upon records held by the Grand Lodge, and the funds misappropriated or unaccounted for belonging to the Grand Lodge. I appointed a commission of Past Masters, with Past Master J. Ed Ray, of Paris Lodge No. 2, as chairman to try the case, instructing Right Worshipful Brother Harry Bailey, Grand Junior Warden, to represent the Grand Lodge in the prosecution of the case.

Preparations for the trial were made, when Brother F. E. Baird offered his note with security for $98.00, payable in ninety days from date thereof, November 26, I898 The proposition appearing satisfactory to all concerned, I ordered further proceedings in the trial to be deferred, awaiting the maturity of the note. Brother Bailey in his capacity as an attorney at law, succeeded in collecting the note, for which service he was allowed $9.80 commission, and the balance $88.20 was paid to the Grand Secretary. Whereupon I ordered the charges withdrawn and further proceedings dismissed.


1899 Shawhan Lodge U.D. (1st meeting under Grand Lodge)
Held at Shawhan, Bourbon County, on the second and fourth Saturday in each month.

To Shawhan Lodge No. 716, located at Shawhan, Bourbon county, and that Joseph H. Ewalt be the first Master, Allen Percy Adair be the first Senior Warden, and William Franklin Howard be the first Junior Warden.

The Grand Secretary moved that the old books of the Forsythe Lodge No. 307 be given to Shawhan Lodge No. 716. Adopted.

Joseph H. Ewalt, Master.
James T. Snodgrass, Senior Deacon.
Allan P. Adair, Senior Warden.
Luther C. Ashcraft, Junior Deacon.
William F. Howard, Junior Warden.
James H. Talbott, Steward.
Thomas A. Montgomery, Treasurer.
John A. LaRue, Secretary.
Porter Jett, Steward.
William A. Barnes, Tyler.

Master Masons. Adair Allan P.,* Barnes Wm. A., Jett Porter, Smith Newton, Ashcraft Luther C, Ewalt Joseph H.,* LaRue John A.,* Snodgrass James T.,* Ballenger Wm. E., Howard Wm. F., Montgomery Thos. A., Talbott James H.

Fellow Crafts—Arthur T. Barnes, Daniel Wilson.

Entered Apprentice—John K. Houston.

1910 Shawhan Lodge No. 716
38 Members. Held at Shawhan, Bourbon County, on the first and third Tuesday in each month.

Representative at Grand Lodge:  Joe H. Ewalt.

2 Initiated, 2 Admitted, 1 Demitted, 38 Members.

T W Current, Master.
C D Wilson, Senior Warden.
L G Moreland, Junior Warden.
E L Rall, Secretary.
J H Ewalt, Treasurer.
H H Kriegel, Senior Deacon.
G L Rankin; Junior Deacon.
C A Harney, Steward.
J. D Wilson, Steward.
P Lail, Tyler.

MASTER MASONS.  Adair Allan P, Ballinger John P, Barnes Wm A, Cunningham J B, Current Thos W, Deglow A D, Duncan George, Ewalt Joseph H* , Farris Jos A, Fryman Wm D, Lail Paul, Fuller Geo. Hanson, Lanue John A*, Harney Currency A, Leggett James H, Harney Willoughby, Longbottom J. T, Montgomery T A, Moreland Ceo L, Moreland Lucius G, Padgett Thomas, Rainey Harry Lee, Rall Edw Lee, Rankin George L, Richey James E, Richey John Wm, Ritchie Jay, Smith Newton*, Williams J G, Wilson Charles D, Wilson, Daniel*, Hill Charles B, Hill Plenry L, Jett Porter, Kiser Wm J*, Kriegel Henry H*.



ADMITTED Master Masons—P Jett, Paris No. 1, November 16, 1909; H L Hill, Orient No. 500, December 7, 1909.

DEMITTED—Master Mason.  A J Hitch, January 4, 1910.

1920 Shawhan Lodge No. 716
30 Members. Held at Shawhan, Bourbon County, on the first and third Tuesday in each month.

Representative at Grand Lodge:  A. P. Adair, Master.

Allan P. Adair, Master.
G. L. Rankin, Senior Deacon.
Jay Ritchie, Junior Deacon.
J. H. Ewalt, Treasurer.
E. L. Rail, Secretary.
Arthur Hendricks, Senior Warden.
Robert Crombie, Junior Warden.
G. H. Duncan, Steward.
J. T. Ritchey, Steward.
Wm. H. David, Tyler.

MASTER MASONS.Adair Allan P,* Ewalt Jos H,* Kiser H C, Rail Edw Lee, Adair Robt M, Fryman Jos E, Kriegel Henry H,* Rankin Geo L,* Crombie Robert, Fryman Wm D, Moreland Geo L, Ritchey Jas T, Cunningham J B, Harney C A, Moreland Geo W, Ritchie Jay, Ritchie Jas. T., David Wm H, Harney W, Moreland L G,* Smith Newton,* Dotson Alfred F, Hendricks Arthur, Padgett Thos, Wilson Chas D,* Duncan Geo H, Jackson Wm A, Rainey Harry Lee* Wilson Daniel,* Ewalt John C, Kiser Avonia E.

DEAD—Master Mason—Porter Jett, April 9, 1920.

DEMITTED—Master Mason—John W. Richey, Dec. 27, 1919.

SUSPENDED—Master Mason—Geo. H. Fuller. Entered Apprentice—Arthur M. Harney, Aug. 17, 1920. For non-payment of dues.


Admitted to Harmony Lodge, No. 7, in Natchez KY: William Turner, M. M., Paris Lodge No. 35, K., December 26, 1806.

Admitted to Washington Lodge No. 19: Alexander K. Marshall, M. M. late of Paris Lodge, No. 2, May 6, 1812;

Admitted to Winchester Lodge, U.D.:  Samuel Hanson, F. C. late of Paris Union Lodge, 1812.

Robert Trimble, an Associate Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court from 1826 to 1828, was Master of his lodge, Paris Union #16.

Admitted to Lexington Lodge No. 1: James L. Garrard, of Paris Lodge No. 2, March 15, 1872 and Dead April 8, 1872.

Admitted to Paris No. 2—Master Masons—R Link. DeWitt Clinton No. 80, December 17. 1909

Amity Lodge No. 40:  ADMITTED—Master Masons—J. R. Letton, Winchester Lodge No. 20„ Jan. 20, 1920; John Richey, Shawhan Lodge No. 716, May 4, 1920; W. G. Sugg, Blue Lick Lodge No. 495, Feb. 3, 1920; I. T. Wagoner, Craycraft Lodge No. 652, Aug. 3, 1920.

Inmates at the Old Mason's Home - 1910
Carrington, S. D., (died at the home), Paris Lodge No. 2
Mann Garrett (never an inmate), Amity Lodge, No. 40

Jos. H. Ewalt (716), Paris, as Grand Senior Warden.

Bourbon County, KY
    Masonic History

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Bourbon County Masonic Lodges:
  2 (16, 35) Paris Lodge, Paris.
40 Amity Lodge, Millersburg.
79 Washington Lodge, North Middleton.
86 DeWitt or De Witt Lodge, Clintonville.
143 Bedford Lodge, Paris.
246 Hope Lodge, Flat Rock.
305 Bourbon Lodge, North Middleton.
307 Forsythe Lodge, Ruddle's Mills.
716 Shawhan Lodge, Shawhan.