Bourbon County, KY
Revolutionary War Soldiers Tablet
Revolutionary War Tablet

Located at the Bourbon Co., KY Courthouse
Submitted by Alan Dorschung
(updated 4/14/08

Names are written exactly as they appear on the tablet.  There were a few names that were spelled different on the list from the John Fox Memorial Library.  Those names appear in parenthesis

In memory of the Patriots Soldiers of the American Revolution Who Died Citizens of Bourbon County Erected 1927 by Jemima Johnson Chapter D.A.R. 

Marker Topped by Semi-Circle bearing Emblem American Eagle and Inscription, "In Memory of The Patriots."
Across Top of Marker Title Line--"Soldiers of the American Revolution Who Died Citizens of Bourbon County."
Figure at Left in Relief--Typical Revolutionary Soldier.
Figure at Right in Relief--Typical Kentucky Pioneer.
Three Center Columns Contain Names of Patriots of Whom Official Record Has Been Completed.
Inscription Across Bottom--"Erected By Jemima Johnson Chapter, D. A. R., and the
National Insignia."
Marker Measures 6 Feet 4 Inches by 6 Feet. Weight 750 Pounds and Made of Bronze. Cost $1,650.
Unveiled on Bourbon County Court House, With Appropriate Dedicatory Ceremonies, Paris, Saturday, June 4, 1927.


Additional soldiers not included on the RW tablet at the Bourbon County Courthouse 

submitted by Mary Craig

Ralph Hughes  b 1726 Powhattan, VA d 1804 Bourbon Co. KY  Pvt. VA

his son
Thomas Hughes b. 1752 Culpeper, VA d 18 May 1826 Bourbon Co. KY   2nd Lt and Paymaster in 7th VA regiment


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Row 1

David Allen
John Allen
Philip Ament
Nicholas D. Amos
John Ardery
Nicholas Arnold
John Baird
Henry Banta (Bonta)
Elijah Barbey
Alexander Barnett
Elizemond Basye (Bayse)
Samuel Batterton
Walker Baylor
Archibald Beal
David Bowles
William B. Branham
John Brandon
John Breast
Alex. Breckenridge
Alexander Brown
James Brown
James Busby
Hugh Campbell
William Campbell
William Caldwell
John Champe
Robert Clark
John Clay
Samuel Clay
Isaac Clinkenbeard
Andrew Cochran
Thomas Conn
John Constant
William Coon (Cook)
Lewis Corbin
Henry Crose
Samuel Curtright (Courtwright)
James Davis
William Dawson
John Debruler
Daniel Delaney
Clementus Dowden
George Edwards
John Edwards
Moses Endicott
Henry Ewalt
Reubin Field
William Fisher

Row 2

Hugh Forgey
Peter Forgueran (Ferguson)
James Garrard
Nathaniel Gist
Jacob Ham
Nathaniel Harris
William Harris
Thomas Hayes
Joseph Hedges
Benjamin Hennis
David Hickman
Robert Hill
John Hinkson
Ezekiel Hopkins
Thomas Hutchcraft
Joseph Jackson
David Jameson
John Jameson
James Jones
Thomas Jones
William Jones
Isaac Keller
Thomas Kelly
Benjamin Kendrick
Benoni Kendrick
Thomas Kennedy
James Kenney
Charles Lander
Henry Leer
Samuel Lockwood
George Loyl
Robert Luckie
Edmund Lyne
David Marshall
Thomas McClanahan
William McClelland
Daniel McClintock
John McCloud
Rev. Andrew McClure
James McClure
William McConnell
Daniel McDowell
John Miller of PA.
John Miller of S.C.
William Miller
Benjamin Mills
Joseph Mitchell
Edward Nelson
Jeremiah Nesbit

Row 3

William Nesbit
Joseph Palmer
Acquilla Parker
Thomas Parker
John Parks
William Patton
Joseph Penn
Robert Porter
James Pritchett
Joseph Pugh
James Purviance
Nathaniel Raine
George Reading
Thomas Rodgers
Nathaniel Rogers
Archibald Ruddell
Isaac Ruddell
James Sandousky
Benjamin Schooler
John Shaw
Abner Shropshire
Thomas Smith
Weathers Smith
Hesekiah Speakes
Christian Spears
Jacob Spears
James Stark
William Steele
Joseph L. Stephens
John Stipp
Henry Talbert (Talbott) Note : These are my ancestor's and it is not unusual to see
John Talbot (Talbott) these variation in the spelling.
John Terrill
Moses Thomas
William Thomas
Anthony Thornton
Thomas Thornton
George Trimble
John Varnon
Edward Waller
John Whittington
Henry Wiggington (Wiggins)
Hubbard Williams
Robert Wilmott
Henry Wilson
James Wright
Thomas Wright
William Wright
Names added since the tablet was unveiled. On a small tablet to the left of the main tablet.

Samuel Brice
Isaac Darnell
James Duncan
James Hughs
James Hutchinson
John Luckie
Alexander Mitchell
John Moore
Robert Purdy
William Turner
Benjamin Whaley
John Whitledge

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