Ewalt Graveyard

Located on the east side of Cynthiana Rd. at the intersection of Cynthiana Rd. and Peacock Rd.  This cemetery was difficult to maneuver in as a large portion of it was massive stalks of weeds.  There were only 3 marked tombstones and 7 fieldstone graves.  Of the fieldstone graves, one was larger than normal being approximately 1' x 1' 8" and was located in the center of the cemetery.  (see 1st fieldstone photo)

Ension Henry Ewalt
Bedford Co. PA, VA Mil., Rev. War

America Ewalt
Died July 10, 1846

Unmarked Fieldstone

Unmarked Fieldstone

Unmarked Fieldstone


Elizabeth Frye Keller Ewalt
1756 - 1837

Unmarked Fieldstone

Unmarked Fieldstone

Unmarked Fieldstone
Highland Cemetery
Submitted by Dwaine Hiland
by permission of the 2003-2010 Bourbon Co. Genealogical Society

The cemetery is located 400 ft. up hill on the east side of Convict Road  about  one half mile north of the Sharpsburg Road.   Convict Road joins the Sharpsburg Road about 3 miles North East of Plum, KY. 

(for GPS fans    Lat. 38deg, 11.828min North;    Lat 83deg, 59.811 West.)
The marble marker reads,
NOV. 12, 1814   
AUG. 25, 1872

J. W. Long 11/2/1838 12/28/1912
W. M. Lond 11/10/1798 9/24/1875
John Wilson 1786 1862
Several other Longs & Wilsons
Lamira Wilson 1839 1869
T. J. Endicott 4/20/1842 2/23/1873
Rev. Charles Webb 4/1/1853 at 83 years
Elizabeth w/o Rev. Charles Webb 8/31/1781 10/13/1850
Catherine McFarland 3/19/1804 5/10/1850
John Cheatham 8/12/1808 1/15/1888 70 yrs, 5 mo, 3 days
James H. Bishop
N. M Satterfield 1/27/1831 5/20/1907
Elizabeth A. Satterfield w/o 11/3/1834 6/13/1871
Mattie S. Brooks 1862 1941
Henry Talbert 1745 1819. Revolutionary Soldier
E. B. Whaley 2/17/1813 1/6/1896
Susan O. d/o E. B. & Evaline Wahley 1/25/1844 7/2/1869
J N o. S. Whaley 1821 1880
Laura V. w/o John S. Whaley 2/21/1853 at 21 years 2 days
Nancy B. d/o J.S. & LV Whaley 5/18/1849 ? age 8 mo. 2 days
Daniel Talbert 9/29/1782 9/17/1861
Ann w/o Daniel Talbert 7/1/1833 in her 35th year
George Talbert 9/13/1785 1/3/1852
Unity w.o. George Talbert 8/31/1738 7/22/1864
Elizabeth M. Talbert d/o of George and Unit 9/20/1827 1/17/1845
George Hosea s.o. R. & E.A. Talbert 8/26/1852 1 yr, 5 days
Ambrose D. VanHook 2/14/1811 10/5/1861
Lucindia w/o  A. D. VanHook 6/10/1816 12/13/1802
Jemima K. d/o Ambrose and Lucindia VanHook 3/5/1859 8/7/1876
Daniel McShane 5/1781 10/1/1886 75 yrs, 61 days
Nancy w/o Daniel McShane 12/11/1793 8/5/1835 41 years old
Elizabeth McShane
Eliza Jane Martin 1/31/1835 8/22/1850
Edmund Martin 7/19/1857 in Feb. at 67 years of his age
Zerilda w/o JNO M. Wilson m/o Anne, Martha & Mary A. Wilson 2/28/1878 at 56 years
Anne Wilson d 9/16/1863
Martha J.    d 1/22/1863
Mary A. Wilson  b 9/16/1849 d 8/7/1857
James Wilson 10/15/1781 10/15/1851 at 70 yrs
John M. Wilson 9/24/1816 7/7/1850
John Waits
Pioneer Magistrate Surveyor Sheriff born Fayette Co. Penn.  May/5/ 1778 married Mary McShane Sept. 27, 1798.  Died Harrison Co. KY May 13, 1855
Mary Waits 9/6/1850 at 72 years
Hugh Wilson Ension Va. Mil Rev. War 9/1/1819
Martha W. Williams d.o. W. N. & M.A. Williams 4/25/1859 aged 3 yrs, 1 mo. 7 days
Peter Turney 1/23/1836 4/27/1857
Samuel W. E. Harrison s.o. W. V. & S. W. Harrison 8/11/1831 3/10/1855
Moses Endecott pvt N.C. Militia Rev. War 10/31/1759 5/87/1834
Mary w/o William Endecott 7/24/1853 age 71 yrs. 9 mos.  3 days
JoAnn d/o W. H. & M.S. Endecott 10/8/1855 12/25/1859
Isaac Monson 9/1/1765 1/11/1852
Emily w/o Joseph Smith 5/9/1805 2/26/1872
W. H. Smith 9/29/1840 10/25/1904
John Nichols 8/29/1814 2/3/1862
Eleanor w/o John Nichols 10/30/1819 4/14/1832
John K. s/o John & Eleanor Nichols 2/29/1852  3 yrs 3 mos 12 days
Abraham Bowman 7/14/1808- 10/14/1874
Mary w.o. Abraham Bowman 4/17/1824 3/12/1861
Infant son of Abraham and Mary Bowman
William Webb 4/26/1848   65 years
Willie Belle Peddicord w/o George 5/29/1890 8/12/1929
Edward McShane born Hinterdon City N.J 1751, died Harrison County, KY 1796  Pvt in NJ Militia Rev. War

Indian Creek:
On other side of street (newer) several of the following

Indian Creek Baptist Church Historical Marker

Endecott Meeting House

Daniel Talbert 9/29/1782 9/17/1861

George Talbert 9/13/1785 1/3/1852

Henry Talbert 1745 1819. Revoluntionary Soldier

Unity w.o. George Talbert 8/31/1738 7/22/1864

by J. H. Spencer vol. 1,pgs 205-206


Located in Harrison county, was probably gathered by Augustine Eastin. It was constituted of eight members, in 1790, and united with Elkhorn Association in August of the same year. It remained a member of this fraternity till 1813, when it entered into the constitution of Union Association, to which it still belongs. Augustine Eastin was its first pastor, so far as known. Under his ministry it attained a membership of ninety-five, in 1802. But the next year it divided, in consequence of Mr. Eastin's having introduced the Arian doctrine among its members. About thirty members adhered to the recreant pastor, and formed themselves into what would now be called a Unitarian Church. This faction, after the death of its leader, united with the Campbellites.

About the time of this rupture David Biggs settled in the neighborhood and became a member, and probably the pastor of Indian Creek Church. From this time till 1833, the church enjoyed peace and a good degree of prosperity. At that date it numbered 111 members. But the next year it divided again, about fifty of its members entering into the fellowship of Licking Association. From this time it continued to decline, till 1856, when it numbered only thirteen members. After that it increased slowly, till 1880, when it numbered forty-two members.

ISAAC MUNSON was a preacher in this church about sixty years. He died in 1852. Among its pastors since the death of Mr. MUNSON may be named Henry BELL, John HOLLIDAY, James SPILLMAN, A. W. MULLINS and George VARDEN.

vol. 2, pgs. 267-268

ISAAC MUNSON was the first preacher in Union Association. He was probably in the constitution of Indian Creek Church, which he first represented in Elkhorn Association, in 1792, and of which he appears to have been pastor till his death, which occurred in 1852. Of this church he was a member at least 62 years.

Indian Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

Also Known as Endicott Meeting House

Located in Harrison Co, KY just over the Bourbon Co. line.  Burials include some Bourbon Co. residents. 

Submitted and recorded  by Alan Dorschung
Kennedy Cemetery

Located on Highway 627 (Winchester Road), this cemetery sits on the edge of the road, just a few yards east of the Winchester Farm.  Beyond the trees are the remains of the Kennedy home which burnt down several years ago.

James Bowin Kennedy
4/5/1826 - 10/15/1836, son of Jesse & Polly Kennedy

Jesse Washington Kennedy
9/17/1847 - 4/2/1862, son of J. B. & M. M. Kennedy

Rachel Kennedy
12/7/1750 - 6/17/1826, wife of Thomas Kennedy, born in North Carolina, migrated to Ky

Thomas Kennedy
Va. Mil. Rev. War

R. K.

Unreadable Tombstone

Unreadable Tombstone

Unreadable Tombstone
Jesse Kennedy
8/11/1787 - 4/3/1863, He was born, resided and died on this farm, valued life and lamented in death. He was the founder and first member of Concord Church and firm believer in the cheering and beautiful faith that God will have all men to be saved.

John Kennedy
6/27/1785 - 12/2/1838, son of Thos & Rachel Kennedy

Rachel Kennedy
Born 12/20/1791, dau of Thos & Rachel Kennedy, she died young

Thomas Kennedy
Born in Maryland Jan 22, 1744 resided 7 years in Virginia, visited Ky in 1776, migrated with his family in 1779, resided at Strodes Station until 1785, then located on this place and died Aug 14, 1827 Without a struggle or a groan. His last words were " I never felt better in my life."

Francis Thorton
Native of Ireland,Died Oct 26, 1857, Aged about 60 years

Kenney Cemetery

Photos taken by Teresa Martin Klaiber
Submitted by Carol Lovitt rdlwcl@twc.com

The Kenney Cemetery is located on Stonerside Farm on North Middletown Road

Abigail H. Barnes
4/6/1840 - 2/5/1865, wife of Geo. F. Barnes, daughter of I. & M. Johnson

James Houston
3/8/1801 - 5/1/1819

Helena Johnson
1/2/1804 - 8/2/1849, daughter of James & Margaret Kenney

James H. Johnson
6/5/1826 - 8/2/1849, son of John & Helena Johnson

Victor M. Johnson

Caroline Kenne
9/14/1813 - 12/6/1836

Mary Kenney
5/14/1747 - 9/22/1796

Tilford Kenney
born 11/9/1873, son of J. B. & Q. Kenney

Victor Mareau Kenney Sr.
2/20/1812 - 9/30/1877

James Kenney
In Memory of James Kenney he departed this life the 13th of March in 1814. Aged 62 years.
Abigail B. Houston
10/31/1801 - 7/17/1856

Dewitt C. Johnson
4/1/1828 - 7/31/1849, son of John & Helena Johnson

Isaac N. Johnson
3/29/1840 - 8/2/1849, son of John & Helena Johnson

Laura Johnson
5/21/1834 - 9/5/1835, daughter of John & Helena Johnson

Catherine Kenney

Margaret Kenney

Tabitha Kenney
11/1/1813 - 10/17/1879, wife of V. M. Kenney
Victor M. Kenney Jr.
9/11/1840 - 12/10/1861

Marcarit Leer
5/21/1831 - 2/2/1833, daughter of D & C. Leer
Bourbon County, KY
   Cemetery Transcriptions

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1 mile from North Middletown

To the memory of Charles Lander, who departed this life August the 14th 1833 aged 79 years and  7 mo and 16 days
Memory of Catherine Lander, consort of Charles, died June 19, 1835 aged 67
Memory of Elizabeth Lander died Aug. 10, 1835, aged 59 yrs, 5 mos, 11 days
Catherine Spencer c1816-1839, wife of Joseph Allen Lander 1812-1862, died Bourbon Co., KY
(Kitty Ann Spencer Lander: SACRED To the memory of Kitty Ann Lander Consort of Joseph A. Lander Who departed this life May 19th 1839 Aged 23 Years 1 mo & 18 days - The Lord giveth of the Lord Taketh away blessed be the Name of the Lord. Kitty Ann Lander must have been a very special person, considering that she is buried in the only above ground vault in the cemetery, which is located directly behind Charles and Catherine Lander. She evidently was very religious, as indicated by the verse on the top of her vault. Narrative and Photo courtesy Alice F. Hills. Catherine Ann SPENCER and Meredith Ethel & her brother, David Luther LANDER are 1st cousins 5 times removed. Their common ancestors are Patriarch Charles LANDER and Katharine FOREMAN. Joseph Allen LANDER is the 3rd great grandfather of Meredith Ethel & her brother, David Luther LANDER.)
William D. Taylor died of cholera Aug. 9, 1849, aged 37
John H. Taylor died of cholera Aug. 9, 1849, aged 49
Rebecca Taylor, consort of Simon Taylor, died of cholera Aug. 2, 1849 aged 61 yrs, 2 mos. and 1 day.
Simon Taylor, born Jan 17, 1781, died March 27, 1834

Also, the complete list from William B. Bryan, deceased - see notes below:
Blue, Child, b. unknown d. unknown
Blue, Isabella Herriott, b. Jun. 14, 1770 d. Apr. 20, 1825
Blue, Rev Jacob, b. 1770 d. Mar. 10, 1825
Call, Alsey, b. unknown d. Oct. 18, 1820
Call, Samuel, b. unknown d. Jun. 28, 1818
Campbell, Alex E, b. unknown d. unknown
Hall, Francis B., b. unknown d. Mar. 29, 1840
Hall, William T B., b. unknown d. Jun. 28, 1839
Hall, William T. B., b. unknown d. Mar. 29, 1840
Kimes, Sarah Wyckoff, b. unknown d. Aug. 10, 1815
Lander, Catherine Foreman, b. Sep. 16, 1758 d. Jun. 17, 1825
Lander, Elizabeth Jones, b. unknown d. Aug. 10, 1833
Lander, George, b. unknown d. Aug. 14, 1833
Lander, Katherine Ann Spencer, b. unknown d. Mar. 19, 1839
Mcdowell, Mary, b. Jun. 18, 1788 d. Oct. 31, 1822
Taylor, John, b. Oct. 14, 1809 d. Aug. 6, 1849
Taylor, Rebecca Lander, b. Jun. 1, 1788 d. Aug. 12, 1849
Taylor, Simon, b. Jan. 17, 1784 d. Mar. 27, 1854
Taylor, William D, b. Apr. 15, 1812 d. Aug. 9, 1849
Unknown, Child, b. Mar. 14, 1850 d. Aug. 10, 1860
Wyckoff, John, b. unknown d. Nov. 1, 1818
Wyckoff, Ursula Herriott, b. unknown d. Sep., 1818

Note: There appears to be numerous crude field stone type headstones that are possibly gravesites for servants who work for the respective families, but obviously there is no way as to be certain.

Throughout the years, I have received many visits from relatives of the existing gravesites in the cemetery which has enhanced my knowledge of the circumstances surrounding our lives. Not to mention, the visits from people who have traced their relatives is the cemetery, only to find no evidence to conclude their search, but that's not to say that these unidenified gravesites do not exist in the cemetery. Mrs. Alice Freeman Hills and I have discussed the possiblity of Henry Lander (Father of Charles and Henry, The Patriarch) who traveled to Bourbon County to live) being buried here, since there is a copy of Henry's Estate Sale on record in Bourbon County. Also, it is believed that Thomas Spencer and Margaret Lander (daughter of Charles and consort of Thomas) are buried here in the cemetery, as they were living in this area when they died, but time has the ability to erase the facts sometimes. Regardless, facts are facts, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the quest for the facts surround Landers Lane.

William B. Bryan (deceased)
Former owner of Charles Lander property including Pleasant Green Cemetery
From Find a Grave.


Ardery, Mary M.
Wife of John Ardery, Born May 16, 1825 - Died Dec. 15, 1874

Ardery, Elizabeth
To the memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Ardery consort of John Ardery who departed this life March 10, 1833; aged 48 years. She was amiable and benevolent in her disposition, her head knott no disguise, she was a dutiful and loving wife, a tender and affectionate mother, and loved by all who knew her.  She was a regular member of the presbyterian church, for many years, and lived in full communion with that church, and died in the triumph of gospel faith.  This happy soul has now resind, she called by the great I am, she left her troubles all behind and gone to ........

Ardery, John J. Jr.
Born Jan. 27, 1823 - Died May 22, 1850

Ardery, John Sr.
Born 1790 - Died Apr. 4, 1853?

Armstrong, John
Born Oct 3rd, 1830 - Died Apr. 2nd 1832

Armstrong, Caroline Eliza
Born Feb. ?, 18?0 - Died May 10, 18??

Armstrong, P. H.
Born April 11, 1816 - Died Jan. 15, 1858

C. E. ?

H. A.

M. A.

McConnell, William
Revolutionary Soldier, 1773 - 1783, Placed by Jemima Johnson Chapter, PA Militia

Morton, Thos
Co. 4, 24 U S INF
William McConnell Graveyard

Located directly across from 4366 Lexington Road.  Approximately 1/16 mile off the road and surrounded by a black plank fence.  This graveyard included several fieldstone marker.  The following is a complete list of marked graves.

The Marsh Cemetery is located in Paris at Legion Park, on the right side of the entrance leading into the Bourbon County Fairgrounds.  The cemetery sits on the edge of the road and is enclosed inside of eight rock pillars with chains between nearly each one.  This enclosure was apparently not original to the cemetery as they are not in the photo from the 1978 newspaper article below.  There also appears to be eight sections which are divided off with rolls of rocks along the top, sides and bottom.  The entire surface is covered in rocks, some of which may be fieldstone markers.  In the far left plot sets two graves belonging to Beal and Nicholas Marsh. The inscription of Beal Marsh is unreadable except for his name

Beal Marsh
Unreadable except for the name.  Per article below "Died in December 1833 at the age of 60 years."

Nicholas C. Marsh
Born Sept 1? 180?
Died Feb 7 184?

Graves of Beal & Nicholas C. Marsh

Marsh Cemetery Marker Stone

KyGenWeb - Marsh Biography

Marsh Cemetery Newspaper Article and Photo - Paris Daily Enterprise Thursday August 17, 1978

Miscellaneous Graves

These two lone graves are located across from the Clintonville Cemetery on Highway 57.  Additional information: 1880 census Bourbon Co., Clintonville - Bone Baty, male, black, age 55, Lucy Baty, female, black, 50

Baty?, Bonapar
10/19/18?? - 1/20/189?
Baty, Lucy
Died 1/4/1881, wife of Bony Baty

by permission of the 2003-2010 Bourbon Co. Genealogical Society

Joseph Penn, buried on farm, Bethlehem Pike, now owned by C.V. Higgins, family lot, iron fence enclosure- descendant of immigrant, William Penn, parents Benjamin and Dianah Penn.  First wife, Jane Kennedy, second wife Charlotte Aker.  Fifteen children by first wife, four by second.

Steel Graveyard
Submitted by Kellie Scott
by permission of the 2003-2010 Bourbon Co. Genealogical Society

At Steele's Ford, near Millersburg, KY

Mary Gault-Spouse of William Steele died May 20,1812 aged 73 years and 8  months
William Steele, SR  Died June 20, 1848 in the 80th year of his  age
Joseph Steele sone of Wm and Mary Steele died Aug 27, 1793 age 22 years and  10 mo
Walter, son of Rev J and Jc Steele born in Xenia O., Feb 1, 1823 and died  June 7, 1844  aged 21 years and 4 months
John Steele, who departed this life on the 29th day of July 1831  aged  2 years 5 months and 27 days
Joanna Steele ( no date)


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Marsh Cemetery

Submitted by Mary Hatton
Kimes Graveyard

2 Miles East of North Middletown

Ayars, Samuel, died May 2, 1845 - age 55 years
Black, Samuel, died August 30, 1845 - age 53 years, 9 months & 5 days
Black, Sarah., wife of Samuel, died September 7, 1845 - age 46 years, 2 months, 19 days
Kimes, Stephen, born October 8, 1780 - died June 5, 1861
Kimes, Elizabeth, wife of Stephen, born January 17, 1794 - died April 7, 1855
Mason, Edward E., died October 19, 1824 - age 38 years
Stone, Susan Ann, wife of William p., died August 27, 1834 - age 19 years
Yingling, John T., died November 12, 1820 - age 7 years, 13 days

Lander Graveyard
also known as
Pleasant Green Cemetery

contributed by David Lander DvdLndr@aol.com

Rockbridge Graveyard

In memory of James H. Fach born Jan. 10, 1853, died Sept. 16, 1854
To the memory of Joshua -------------destroyed--------------------

Lower Bethel Graveyard

Prescott Pike, near North Middletown

In memory of Ellen Marshall, daughter of W. P. and P.N. Stone, who was born Oct. -------- died Oct. 24, 1848
In memory of Susan F. Stone, daughter of W. P. and Susan Ann Stone who died Sept. 21, 1837 aged 3 yrs.
Sacred to the memory of Edward E. Mason who died Oct. 19, 1824, aged 28
Sacred to the memory of Susan Stone, consort of William P. Stone who died Aug. 2, 1805, aged 19 yrs.
Samuel Black died Aug. 30, 1845 aged 53 yrs. 9 mos. and 5 days.
Sarah W. Black, wife of Samuel, died Sept. 7, 1845 aged 16 yrs, 2 mos 19 da.
George S. Shirley b. March 10, 1805, died Aug. 23, 1860
Sarah J., wife of George S. Shirley b. Nov 7, 1811, died Oct. 6, 1854

Aria Kennedy Talbot Graveyard
Graveyard on Clintonville Road, in rear of E.F. Prichard residence
Copied by L.V. Hagan, Jr.
by permission of the 2003-2010 Bourbon Co. Genealogical Society

3 graves marked by fieldstones

In Memory of Nicholas Talbot born November 10, 1776 died May 1, 1828
Helen L. Talbot born July 23, 1819 died December 26, 1832
Rev. J.W. Kenney born March 10, 1820 died June 6, 1852

History of Pleasant Green Church and Cemetery
and Some Family Histories

Submitted by Mary Hatton
Surnames mentioned in above history: Tucker, Hoggins, Dills, Day, Beale, Hodgson, Lewis, Kirby, Hutchinson, Rymal, Berry, Amos, Craddock, Givens, Wall, Ray, Carter, Edgar, Alexander, Batterton, Sherman, Patterson, Smith, Griffith, Moore, Harcourt, Allons, Roberts, Cannon, Kidwell, and Russell.