Craig and Boatman Family
Submitted by John W. Cox 12/12/15

My search starts with James Wilson Craig, B 27 Mar 1783 in Washington Co, PA and Died 5 Aug 1850 in Scott County IN.  He is buried in the Craig family Cemetery in Scottsburg.  No parentage has been established for him.   He had several children, starting with Thomas Craig, B 1805 in (ostensibly) Bourbon Co Ky., died 22 Apr 1843 in Scottsburg Indiana; Henry Boatman Craig B 10 Jul 1807 Bourbon Ky Died 18 May 1857 in Scott County Indiana; Silas Elias Craig, B 1809 Bourbon Ky, D Unk,; James W. Craig Jr  B 1810 Kentucky D 3/29/1865 Scottsburg Indiana.  There was a girl in between who was rumored to have been born in Scottsburg, but it is hard to believe that they had some kids in Bourbon Co Ky, then one in Scottsburg IN, and then back to Kentucky.  There are several more after they come to Scottsburg however. 

James Wilson Craig marries Hannah Boatman, daughter of Henry Boatman 5 May 1804, in Bourbon Ky.  Hannah is shown to have been born 27 Jul 1872 in Bourbon Co Ky and dies in Scottsburg IN 11 Oct 1852.  She is buried next to James Wilson Craig in the Craig Cemetery.  Henry Boatman, is shown to have been born in Fauquier VA in 1760, and dies 22 Jun 1825 In Scottsburg IN. 

The third part of the puzzle is that James W. Craig Jr, marries a girl by the name of Nancy Wright, B 1814 Ky.  There has not been any success in identifying her parents nor place of origin.  DNA however has tied myself to a couple of DNA circles where the same folks seem to be showing up.  All  of them have several folks with the surname of Wright and birthplace of Kentucky, and a James Wright seems to be of the age and have children of the same age as Nancy would have been if her birth year is any where near correct. There is also a Burditt Wright who may be an earlier generation, but I do not have a location on him. 

On your web site, there is a very old map, and on section 4 of the map is a Legend.  One of the notes of the Legend indicates that a court order of Oct 1783 in Fayette County orders Daniel Boone and others including a John Craig to view and mark out a road or something. 

Could this Nancy Wright have been the child of these Wrights?  Could they have been in Bourbon County along with the Craigs?  Are there any records of the Craig children being born in Bourbon Co?  Is there a record of James Wilson Craig and Hannah Boatman's marriage there in Bourbon Co?

Thomas Carter Family
Submitted by Arline

I have questions regarding my relatives below, if not could you please let me know who I might email with my questions or where I can look for myself, I am happy to do the research myself but I am not sure where to go from here.  I am looking for:

1.     Thomas Carterís (my gggg/grandfather) birth and death dates and place of birth. 

2.     Thomas Carterís wifeís first name, maiden name, place of birth and death dates.

3.     Thomas Carterís parentsí names, dates/place of birth/death. 

4.     Thomas Carterís wifeís parents with vital information.

Below is the information I have:

Thomas Carter, Sr., was a native of Ireland, and came to America in Colonial days, participating in the War for Independence. Afterwards he settled in Kentucky [Bourbon Co], where he owned a valuable plantation. His seven children were named as follows: Jesse (1800-1856), William (my ggg/grandfather) (1809-1873), Merrill (1804-1887), Thomas (1802-1877), Sallie, Margaret, and Catherine (1808-1888), Emily (1812-1844).

The ancestry of the family in America is traced back to Thomas Carter, who settled in Virginia when this country was still numbered among the colonial possessions of Great Britain. He served in the Continental army, 1777-1780 10th regiment, VA, taking active part in the Revolutionary war, and later he removed to Kentucky, becoming well known as a planter in Bourbon county.

Bourbon County Tax List, 1799

Carter, Thomas   1810 Census Stoner, Bourbon, Kentucky lists a Thomas Carter with 4 males under age 10, 2 males aged 10-15, 1 male age 26-44, 1 female age under 10, and 1 female age 26-44.

More Distillers in County [Bourbon] Court Records

A 75 gallon still with cap and worm, appraised at $50, brought $75 at the sale of Samuel Call near North Middletown in 1818. The successful bidder was John Stewart. His 125 gallon still brought $71.25. Tom Parrish and Thomas Carter bought his mash tubs and Samuel Rash bought the "boyler."

Chain Family

Submitted by Joan 06/26/08

Five children of John and Isabelle Chain were born in Kentucky from about 1794 to 1802 one of which was in Bourbon.  This family was from Tyrone Township, Fayette, Pa.

Note from Crystal:  January 1795 sale of goods from John Chain to Alexander Brown (Deed Bk C, p. 310-311)

Anselm Clarkson Family

Submitted by Crystal Dingler 11/24/07

Notes from Various Sources:

Anselm CLARKSON was born in Virginia ca 1836, married Ann "Nancy" Unknown (possibly MERIWETHER) in Virginia. He may have been the son of Anselm CLARKSON and Elizabeth BUTTS. Anselm Sr. mentioned his "sons" in his will but left worldly goods to his daughters and youngest son, Julius, presumably having given the other sons their share already.

Popular Clarkson names: Anselm, Julius, Manoah, David, Elizabeth, John, Mourning.
*** MHC 10 Jun 2000

Anselm Clarkson was a soldier in Capt. Samuel Overton's Co. of Rangers in 1755 till legally discharged; served twice as a Sergeant in said company in 1756 till property discharged. Louisa Co, Court, 11 Oct. 1779

Peter Clarkson: soldier in campaign of 1755 in Capt. Saml. Overton's Co. of Rangers, Albemarle Co., VA, court Mar. 1780.

Bartellot Goodman was a soldier in Capt. Sam Overton's Co. of Rangers in 1756 (Fr & Indian War). Both of these men were of Louisa Co., VA. Anselm Clarkson is incuded in the list of other members of this Company, per claims for bounty lands filed in the 1780s. This being the case, this Anselm Clarkson would have been born ca 1736 or possibly earlier. This appears to be an earlier Anselm than any I have seen in other posts, and may be the one you found the will for in Pendleton Co., KY. This may also may explain a different wife's name in the will, and that his children were all adults, some with deceased spouses, or themselves deceased. 
*** RG  April 2005

"History of Albemarle"  p. 289 & 391
Residents emigrated to KY
William Clarkson, Bourbon Co.
Kenza & Sarah (Watts) Stone, Bourbon Co.
James Stone, Bourbon Co.
Nathan and Mildred (Clarkson) Goodman (no place given, but they moved to Bourbon Co. - Mildred was the daughter of Manoah Clarkson of Albemarle and did not move to KY until after 1810)
Anselm Clarkson (no place given, but he  and his family moved to Bourbon Co. as well)

Anselm Clarkson is the son of Anselm Clarkson Sr. and Elizabeth Butts.
1780 - Deed Book - Louisa Co., Virginia  - Anselm Clarkson served in the military circa 1780 during the Reveolutionary War in Virginia.  He sold land Jun 7, 1788 in Louisa Co., Virginia (so noted in the VA Deed Book, Deed Book F, pg 84-90).
*** MVM

If Anselm was the son of Anselm and Elizabeth Butts Clarkson, although not mentioned in the elder Anselm's Will, then he would have been the brother of Julius, Mourning and Elizabeth Clarkson, who also settled in Bourbon Co., KY, in the late 1770's.

1791  "At a Church meeting held at the meeting house at Bryans Third Saturday in April 1791. [Bryan Station Baptist Church is east of Lexington and 8 miles from Clintonville, the area where Julius and Anselm Clarkson lived in 1791.]
After prayer to Almighty God for his divine Blessing. Recd. Ansalem CLARKSON & Ann his Wife. Sarah Rogers and a Negro by the Name of Jerrery Belonging to Mr. Clifton Thomson. Likewise a Negro man named Ned & Negro woman by the Name of Phillis, as the property of Levi Todd, by Letter & Examination..."  Anselm's youngest brother Julius and his wife Elizabeth, and unmarried sisters Mary and Mourning Clarkson, had all joined Bryans Station Baptist Church in June 1789.  Anselm subsequently moved to the Stoner area of Bourbon Co. and was not on the Fayette Co. tax lists. He was excluded from Bryans Church in 1797 for failing to secure a letter of dismission before moving, but returned to Bryans in October 1800, gave satisfaction and was restored to the Church, then received his letter of dismission  (Ann received her letter in Dec. 1799).

Anselm Clarkson appears for the first time on the Bourbon Co, KY, Tax
List in 1792 with no property but
1 m>21; - males 16-21; 5 total blacks; 4 bl >16; 4 horses; 7 cattle
John Clarkson  1 - 5 2 4 6
Willis Clarkson  1 - 3 2 6 10
James Johnson  1 - - - - -
[Son-in-law James Johnson was listed on the 1788 Bourbon Co KY Tax list.]

1800 2nd Census of KY shows Anselm Clarkson

1800, Nov 15: Anselm and Ann Clarkson joined Silas Run Baptist Church by Letter from Bryans Station Baptist Church. Also joining were Anselm's possible son,  John Clarkson and his 2nd wife, Angnes LaForce Mahan Clarkson; Anselm's son Charles Clarkson; Anselm's son-in-law Benjamin Jackson; and Anselm's son David  and his wife Phebe Clarkson. All received letters of dismission in 1810 when the Church split after a few years of difficulties. The old Silas Run stayed with the Elkhorn Association, and the dissenters received their letters and went to or formed a church with the Licking Association. The case was similar with the Bryans Station Baptist Church and others.

Oct. 16, 1807, William Merriweather and Sarah, his wife, of Jefferson County to Anselm Clarkson of Bourbon, for 1,000 pounds, 1000 acres, part of a survey in the name of William Merriweather of Rock Lick Creek, containing 2436 acres. Recorded: Oct 16, 1807 In Breckinridge Co., KY.

July 16, 1809: Anselm Clarkson and Nancy his wife of Bourbon Co, KY, to Charles Clarkson for $150, 350 acres on Rock Lick Creek. Recorded Boubon Co, KY, Dec. term 1809 and in Breckenridge Co., Sept. 5, 1811.

1810 Stoner, Bourbon Co., KY Census
Anselm Clarkson M 00001 F00001  7 slaves
nearest neighbors hard to tell as listing is alphabetical, but listed next to Anselm is David Clarkson, son of our Anselm, with his young family
M30001 F 1131
The other Anselm Clarkson has young children living with them, listed as
M 20101(over 45) F 000121(over 45) 12 slaves. When our Anselm died in 1817, he had 13 slaves, whereas the younger Anselm had 6 slaves in the 1820 census, so my guess is that mine is the 2nd Anselm listed here.

July 16, 1810, Anselm Clarkson and Nancy his wife of Bourbon Co, KY, to Colby Jackson of the same, for $1.00, a 200 acre tract of land in Brecklnridge Co. on the waters of Rock Lick Creek, Recorded July 30, 1810 in Bourbon Co and January 20, 1812, in Breckenridge, Co., KY.

Anselm and Ann Clarkson received a Letter of Dismission dated Aug 13, 1810, from Silas Run Baptist Church [In Aug 1810 members of many Elkhorn Assn. churches broke away to form Licking Baptist Assn. The Clarksons may have been among these, or just disaffected by ongoing difficulties.]  According to Spencer, "At the next meeting of the Association, at South Elkhorn, in 1809, there were no messengers from the churches at Bryants, Boones Creek, East Hickman, Elk Lick, Ravens Creek, Mountain Island, Silas, Rock Bridge, Mill Creek and Flat Creek. This showed that a large and influential minority of the Association was grievously, offended.... The ministers who promoted them [the plans for a new Assn.} were John Price, Ambrose Dudley, Joseph Redding, Lewis Corbin, Absalom Bainbridge, and some others whose influence was not so great."
11 Dec 1809, Anselm Clarkson and Nancy, his wife, of Borubon Co to David Clarkson of Borubon Co: For $1, 200 acres on Rock Lick Creek, part of 3000 acres which was a part of William Merriweather's 5436 acre survey. Recorded in Bourbon Co, Dec 11, 1809, and in Breckinridge County, December 25, 2009.

Anselm Clarkson- d.1817 was a brother to Julius Clarkson d. 1831  Bourbon Co.  KY. I am descended from Julius' dau. Elizabeth. Anselm and Julius'  father  was Anslem Clarkson  his will was dated 26 Feb 1762 in Louisa County, VA. His mother was Elizabeth Butts Clarkson, who died in Albemarle Co. VA. I have very little information on this family. MC.

Notes from Bryans Station Baptist Church found at the Baptist History Home Page

Estate of Anselm CLARKSON:

Kentucky County Court Records, Volume III
Deed Book C, Page 249
"aged about 80 years"

  Wife, Nancy - a Negro man named Essex; a Negro woman named Delpha; and a Negro man named Stephen. 

  Daughter, Elizabeth Johnson - a Negro woman named Lucinda, and all her increase; plus a boy named Alexander.  After the death of my daughter Elizabeth, these 2 Negroes are to be given to the heirs of James Johnson, dec'd, late of Pendleton County.  [NOTE: the heirs include Nelson Johnson, nor Elizabeth's child, so highly thought of.]

  Son, David Clarkson - a Negro man named Essex, after the death of my wife; a boy named Joseph; and the man Stephen. 

  To the heirs of Nathaniel Parrish, which he had by my daughter, Patsy Parrish. 

  Daughter, Nancy Smith - the Negro woman, Delpha; a Negro child Burrel; a Negro girl Matilda; plus 150 acres out of a 1000 acre tract which I hold by deed from Wm Merewether - lying in Breckenridge County, to adjoin my son Charles and Patsy Parrish's heirs, and the heirs of Polly (Polly is then crossed out) Jackson.  After the death of Nancy Smith, this property is to go to Nancy's children by Benjamin Smith.

  To the heirs of Nathaniel Parish, that he had by my daughter Patsy Parrish - 150 acres from the 1000 acre tract, to adjoin my sons David and Charles.

  Daughter, Rhoda Jackson - a Negro woman named Winney and two children, Lucinda and Mary. 

  Son Charles - a Negro girl named Ester, and a Negro boy named Daniel. 

Executors: David Clarkson, John McDonald. 
Witnesses: Benjamin Hamilton, James (X) Hamilton.  Anslem signs with an (X).

Written November 26, 1816 in Bourbon Co., KY; Probated June 21, 1817 in Pendleton Co., KY, where David Clarkson lived

Children of Anselm and Ann Nancy CLARKSON:

1  Name:   Elizabeth CLARKSON     
F  bir:        1761 VA
    mar:      28 Jan 1778 St. James Northam Parish, Louisa Co, VA
    to:         James JOHNSON  ~1755-1808 (he was widower w/ child Nelson Johnson b 1770)     
    death:    Before Sep 1832 probate of her estate, Pendleton Co, KY
children:    William 1781-1818, Jeanie More BURNLEY 1783-185?, Patty SMITH1788-after 1832, Nancy 1789-182?, James 1793-1837+, Elizabeth CLARKSON 1800-1850+, Ansel 1801-1877. Many of the descendants lived in NE MO ca 1835-1910.

2  Name:   David CLARKSON     
M bir:        1762  VA
   mar:       13 Jul 1790, Bourbon Co, KY
    to:         Phebe SMITH   Children: Isaac, Patsy, James J., David Jr., Anselm III     
    resd:     1815 moved from Bourbon Co, KY, to  Pendleton Co, KY
    dea:      1833
children:    Isaac S, Patsey, James J., David S., Nancy, Anselm,
David was the executor of Anselm's estate, which was probated in Pendleton Co, because David had moved there. DAR file says David Clarkson served several enlistments 1778-79, under different commands, Virginia troops.  In 1833 he applied for a pension. He died in Falmouth, Ky.  Phebe received his pension until her death in 1848. Their daughter Patsey Clarkson m. Michael GLAVES 8 Dec. 1817 in Pendleton Co, KY, and eventually moved to Lewis Co, MO with her sons Daniel, William and James and their families. They appear there in the 1860 census. Many of the Johnsons were there as well.  Some other researchers believe this was another David Clarkson, but since they lived their final years in Falmouth, Pendleton Co, KY, and named a child James J. (Johnson?) Clarkson, it is most likely our David. David's Revolutionary War service detailed here.

3  Name:   Martha "Patsey" CLARKSON     
F  bir:        1768 VA
    mar:       29 Sep 1786 Goochland Co, VA
    to:         Nathaniel PARRISH (1758-1810) MARRIAGE BONDS IN GOOCHLAND COUNTY, William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine,  Vol. 8,     No. 2. (Oct., 1899). Bond is signed by Nathaniel Parrish and Anselem Clarkson. 
probate;    Probate of Nathaniel  Parrish's Will; Bourbon Co. Ky.
Will Bk. D p. 136, 137
December Court 1810
Two sons Joel and Zachariah
Dau. Betsy Dykes
Son Nathaniel Parish
Dau. Polly Parish
5 children above named
Whatever is or may be coming to me from my father Joel Parish of Louisa Co. Va.
Whatever may be coming to me from Polly Thomason of N.C. Grandmother to my
children above named.
Item: to each of my other children:viz: Thomas, Calloway, Ansel, Ezekiel,
Sophia, Nancy, Permelia, Ketty, and Eliza Parish - one good bed and furniture,
good horse and bridle as they come of age and marry.
Wife Martha Parish.
Executors wife Martha Parish, John Metcalfe, Beal Marsh
Witnesses: John Payne , Rebecca Payne (her mark), Augustine Eastin
Bourbon Co. court December 1810
    death:    before 1816 probate of her father's will
children:    Thomas, Calloway, Anselm C., William Ezekiel, Sophia, Nancy Moore, Permelia, Catherine, and Louisa Ann "Eliza?" PARRISH.

GUARDIANSHIP: John HUGHES is appointed guardian to Ezek'l, Sophia, Nancy, Panelia, Kitty, and Eliza PARRISH, orphans of Nathaniel PARISH dec'd.
Sureties: Thomas HUGHES, Daniel AYRES. 1 February 1813.

4  Name:    Charles CLARKSON     
M  bir:        1770 VA
    mar:       19 Sep 1799 Bourbon Co, KY
    died:     1824
    Married:  ca
    to:            Probably, Elizabeth MAHAN, daughter of Agnes and John MAHAN. Elizabeth was born in captivity near Montreal after her parents, grandparents and older siblings were captured at Martin's Settlement and taken captive.  Charles Clarkson was living in Breckenridge County, KY in 1810, then again in Bourbon Co., KY. Children of Charles and Elizabeth Mahan Clarkson were Anselm E., John M, David Jefferson, Agnes M., Ann H., Eliza, Adeline, Abonade, and Zamira Typhenia Clarkson. It appears that the entire family moved to Indiana by 1831 when marriages begin appearing in La Porte, Scott Co., IN. Elizabeth Mahan Clarkson died after 1870, probably in La Porte, IN.

5  Name:   Nancy CLARKSON     
F  bir:        1772 VA
    mar:       25 Mar 1791 Bourbon Co, KY (bond 15 March 1791)
    to:         Benjamin SMITH - The SMITHs were one of the families that the CLARKSONs frequently married. [This may be the Bourbon Co., KY, marriage listed as Clarkson, Nancy/Smith, Berry March 25, 1791. ]

6  Name:   Polly (Rhoda) CLARKSON     
F  bir:        about 1774  VA
    mar:      31 July 1800, Bourbon Co., by George Eve         
    to:         Colby JACKSON - Anselm Clarkson deeded to Colby Jackson for $1.00, a tract of land Breckenridge Co. on the waters of Rock Lick Creek, Recorded July 30,1810 in Bourbon Co. By January 20, 1812, Colby Jackson living in Breckenridge, Co.
Children:   Likely Anselm Anthony Jackson, who may have lived in Georgia by 1820.

7  Name:   John CLARKSON (very likey a son. strongly associated with Charles CLARKSON]
M bir:        about 1762 VA
    mar1:     July 19, 1791 Bourbon Co., KY
    to:         Catherine Hoyle, daughter of Elizabeth Hoyle
Children:    Samuel H.B.  b. 1792; Elizabeth b. 1795; Caty b. 1797
    mar:       July 24, 1799 Bourbon Co., KY
    to:         Agnes (La Force) Mahan (b. Nov 10, 1760, d. after 1810) widow of John Mahan, mother of Elizabeth Mahan who married Charles CLARKSON. Agnes, with her husband John Mahan and several children, were survivors of the attack on Martin's Station and forced march to Canada.
    death:   John Clarkson's estate was probated in Bourbon county in 1804, listing him as 42 yrs old, with wife Agness, to John Mahan when of age; children Samuel, Elizabeth and Katy. Care of children until of age, Agness Clarkson; witnesses, Chas Clarkson, William Mahan and Jno. Wells. Source: Bourbon Co., Will Bk B, p. 254.
Support of theory that John Clarkson was a son of Anselm and Ann Nancy Clarkson: 1) strong association with Charles Clarkson; 2) John, Charles and David Clarkson were all baptized into the Silas Run Baptist Church in 1800, and apparently all listed together, 3) John and Charles Clarkson married mother and daughter, Agnes and Elizabeth Mahan; 4) DEED ABSTRACTS, COURT ORDERS, SUITS, BOURBON COUNTY, RECORDS FROM ORDER BOOKS, p. 99, October Court, 1798 (99?), Rainy [Rene] and Elizabeth Mahan, orphans of John Mahan, chose John Clarkson as their guardian, and Anselm Clarkson was surity; same date, John Clarkson ordered that Agnes Mahan, now wife of John Clarkson, former widow of John Mahan, receive her dower from John Mahan's estate with Charles Smith, John Smith and David Clarkson, any two of whom, to divide the estate.
Against the theory that John Clarkson was a son of Anselm and Ann Nancy Clarkson: John Clarkson's estate lists 3 children, Samuel, Elizabeth and Katy. If these were John Clarkson's children, they would presumably have been in Anselm Clarkson's Will unless all three had died, which seems unlikely. If they were Agnes Mahan's children, there is no record of John Clarkson becoming their guardian, as with the other Mahan children, and the Mahan last name is not listed in John Clarkson's estate settlement. More research needed. Does anyone have another theory or proofs?

William Collins Family

Submitted by Susan Eades 04/27/2014

Bourbon County, KY
Family Records & Histories
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Allen Family

Submitted by Kellie Scott
Printed by permission of the Bourbon County Genealogical Society 2003-2010

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Crosthwaite Family

Courtesy of the Bourbon County Genealogical Society 2003-2010
Submitted by Kellie Scott

Family Information

D. A. R. Ancestral Chart


Submitted by:  Jacquie Schattner
Cheryl Dahl
& Don Ubben

Hiram R. Dunbar is buried at Oakwood Cemetery; Geneseo Township; Henry Co., IL.  For years, descendants have tried to find out who his parents were.  An enigmatic graving, "Born Feb'y. 5, 1804 Paris, Ky" on his gravestone offered a clue.   However; professional genealogists who were hired to search the records in Bourbon Co., KY came up with very little encouraging information.

They did uncover information that there was a William Dunbar & wife Mary who had lived on a 100 acre tract on the Hinkston;s Fork of the Licking River during the 1794 - 1804 time period.  The information regarding various land transactions reads as follows:

1.)  Deed Book B [part 2]: 437-8
      21 January 1794
      William Dunbar from Solomon Royce
      both of Bourbon County, KY
      For 120E
      100 acres on the waters of, sic, Hinkson's fork of the Licking
      Part of a 200 acre survey granted to Solomon Royce by patent from Registrar's Office,
                    part of survey.
      Adjacent: Hiram, sic, Royce's survey
      Witnesses: Thomas Rule, Joseph Williams, John Beaty

2.)  Deed Book C [part 2]: 749
      19 July 1796
      William Dunbar and Mary his wife to, sic, Conrad Siednor, both parties of Bourbon  
      Co., KY
      for 150E land on the waters of, sic, Hinkston's fork of the Licking
      100 acres
      Adjacent: sic, Royse's survey
      Same land conveyed to William Dunbar from Solomon, sic, Royse on 21 January 1794
      Witnessed: Duncan, Andrew Burns, John Hinds Jr.
      [Willian signed; Mary made her mark]; Dower rights relinquished October Court, 1796.

3.)  Deed Book E [part 2}: 651
      15 February 1802
      Conrad Sidenor and Jane his wife of Bourbon Co., KY to William Dunbar of Adams Co.
                    and territory, NW of the Ohio River for 5 shillings
      Tract of land on waters of. sic, Hinksin's Fork of the Licking
      Adjacent: Hiram, sic, Roys's survey
      100 acres: same tract that William Dunbar and Mary his wife conveyed to, sic, Conrod
      Sidenor on 19 July

4.)  Recorded 15 February 1802
      Deed Book 8 [part 1]: 89
      24 September 1803
      William Dunbar to Rees Morgan, both of Bourbon Co., KY
      For $1; 100 acres on the, sic, Hinkston's Fork of the Licking
      Rees Morgan is free to have recourse on Solomon, sic, Royse 
                   same parcel of land of record
      Witnesses: Thomas Arnold, Daniel Durbin
      [Both Rees Morgan and William Dunbar signed this deed]

5.)  Deed Book 8 [part 1]: 144
      William Dunbar and Polly his wife have sold 100 acres to Rees Morgan.  Polly cannot
      conveniently travel
      to Bourbon County Circuit Court to acknowledge the conveyance, she gave up her
                    dower rights in the presence of the justices.
      Witnessed: 16 April 1804
      Polly was examined by the 2 justices on the peace in the house of Thomas Hughes in
      the town of Paris
      Recorded 16 April 1804

Unfortunately with no further information to go on, the land transactions lay in a file cabinet for almost three years.  It was not until recently that an obscure clipping from the Scioto Gazette, a Chilicothe, Ohio newspaper was passed on to one of the researchers   The article was dated Aug. 21, 1822.

"It appearing in the satisfaction of the court that  Elizabeth Massie, Nathaniel Massie, Richard Kidder Massie, Nancy Massie and Henry Massie, infant heirs of Nathl. Massie, deceased; William Faulkner, Samuel Davis, Edward Baxter , Jonathan Heath and Nancy his wife, late Nancy Dunbar, Hamilton Dunbar, John Dunbar, Jeremiah Dunbar, Rice Dunbar, Hiram Dunbar and Elijah Breedlove, late husband of Elizabeth Dunbar, deceased, who was formerly Elizabeth Dunbar, the surviving heirs of William Dunbar, deceased, are non residents - On motion of the
complainants by their counsel, it is ordered that the said defendants do appear and answer the complainant's bill on or before the first day of the next term of this court, otherwise the same will be as to them taken as confessed and the matters thereof decreed accordingly., etc."

The above article, not only listed siblings of Hiram Dunbar, but gave the name of his father and established that Hiram and Rice were brothers.  The latter was long suspected, but never proven. Rice Dunbar was one of the wagon train Captains in the great 1846 emigration to Oregon.

Researchers were able to reconcile the principals in the land transactions with the heirs in the 1822 probate notice. For example; the mysterious "Mary", wife of William Dunbar, turned out to be Mary Royse, sister of the Hiram Royse who did the surveying.  Solomon Royse appears to be Solomon Westerfield Royse, and also a brother of  Mary and Hiram. 

There were various spellings of Royse/Royce, Hickston's/HInkston's, Hyram/HIram etc.  It is believed that Royse may be an alternative spelling for Rice.  It was noted that "Polly" was used as a nickname for Mary.  And; the "Rees" in Rees Morgan may be another spelling for Rice, and hence indicate another possible relative.  

It was also noted, In:  5.)  Deed Book 8 [part 1]: 144 it was stated, that, " Polly cannot conveniently travel."  Hiram was born just 10 weeks prior.  Scarce wonder Polly could not conveniently travel.

Hildreth Family

Submitted by Wayne Keith Sankey

Seek information exchange with descendants of Aquilla Hildreth family especial Mary Jane HILDRETH
Father: Aquilla Hildreth b. 27 Feb 1792 in Pike County, Illinois
Mother: Elizabeth S. Bartlett b. 1805 in Nicholas County, Kentucky
Birth: 19 Dec 1835 in Hancock County, Illinois 1
Death: 16 Nov 1920 in Rema, Montana 1 
Burial: Pineslope Cemetery 1920 Belle Fourche, Butte Co, South Dakota
1)...John W. Ward (Husband) b. 14 Dec 1838 in Pike, Illinois 
Marriage: 02 JUL 1857 in McDonough County, Illinois lic# 00000887
Matthew Ward b. 17 May 1861 in Illinois
William C. Ward b. 1858 in Illinois
Jonnie Ward b. 06 Feb 1866
Annie B. Ward b. 22 Sep 1874
Arabella Ward b. 02 Nov 1860 in Hancock County, Illinois
Alice May Ward b. 03 Nov 1867 in Belle Fourche, Butte, South Dakota

2)... Andrew D. Boomer (Husband) b. About 1823 in New York 
Marriage: 14 JUN 1875 in Avoca, Pottawattamie Co. IA
Aminda Boomer b. 19 Aug 1876 in Farley, Dubuque County, Iowa 

Bourbon Co Connections:

John HILDRETH-1 . He was born Abt. 1747 in New Windsor, Orange Co. NY [1]. His death 1814 in Bourbon County, Kentucky (He made his will in April 1814 and died the same month. In his will he frees his mulatto slave Nancy, who then had three children, Dennis, Eliza Ann and Peter. One of the witnesses to the will was Jeffery Hildreth, his brother.) [2]

John and Dorcas Hildreth are named in a 1795 deed. On 18 October 1796 John Hildreth of Bourbon County, Kentucky bought from William Anderson part of a 10,000 acre survey in Clark County, Kentucky..

Dorcas Shaw (abt 1754-1814). She married John Hildreth (c1747-1814), a farmer and slave owner in Bourbon County, Kentucky

Aquilla HILDRETH [4, 12]. He was born on 27 Feb 1792 in Bourbon, Kentucky [13]. They were married on 14 Mar 1822. Removed  Bet. 1833Ė1835 in Kentucky (to Illinois

William HILDRETH-2 (John HILDRETH-1) [5, 6]. His birth 1775 (Lawrence County, Pennsylvania). He died on 03 Aug 1816 in Bourbon, Kentucky, United States

3. Mary (Polly) Kenney (1779-after 1850); married William Hildreth (c1776-1816), of Bourbon Co., Kentucky. She told her children that she remembered riding in front of her father on horseback when the family moved from Virginia to Kentucky.

William HILDRETH and Mary Polly Polly KENNEY. They were married on 21 May 1801. They had 6 children.

i. William Henry HILDRETH [5, 16]. He was born 1809 in Paris, Bourbon, Kentucky, United States [5]. He married Mary Elmira HORN. They were married on 26 Sep 1869 in Edgar, Edgar, Illinois, USA. He died 1889 in Vermilion, Edgar County, Illinois, United States [5].

ii. Mary Frances HILDRETH [5, 17]. She was born on 13 Oct 1814 in Paris, Bourbon, Kentucky, United States [5, 17]. She married Archibald MCDOWELL. They were married on 21 Sep 1837 in Danville, Vermilion, Illinois, United States [17]. She died on 01 Dec 1854 [5, 17]

iii. Dorcas Tabitha HILDRETH [5]. She was born 1812 [5].

iv. Angeline HILDRETH [5]. She was born on 26 Aug 1806 in Bourbon, Kentucky, United States [5]. She married George W HOWE. They were married on 26 Dec 1826 in Paris,Bourbon,Kentucky,USA. Residence 1856 in Dallas [5]. She died on 06 Apr 1860 in Tuscola, Douglas, Illinois, United States [5]. Page 3 of 92 Saturday, December 10, 2011 6:06:47 PM

v. John S HILDRETH [5]. He was born on 09 Jan 1805 in Paris, Bourbon, Kentucky, United States [5]. Residence 1860 in Carroll, Vermillion, Illinois [5]. He died on 04 Mar 1876 [5].

vi. Alvin Kenney HILDRETH [5]. He was born on 17 Dec 1802 in Bourbon, Kentucky, United States [5]. Residence 1870 in Carroll, Vermilion, Illinois [5]. He died on 19 Jul 1874 in Vermilion, Illinois, United States [5].

L - R
Mattie Collins Rowland, holding daughter Tommie Rowland
Her Mother Mrs. Tommie Collins Miller
William L. Collins
Taken before 1914
William L. Collins
Christian Crose Family

Submitted by Henry A. Hamann,, 6/29/2007

Christian Crose was the father of Michael Crose (1765-1819) who settled in Bourbon County, Kentucky and had a farm on Hinckston Creek at Long Branch.  He died 21 June 1819 and was a Revolutionary War Patriot and is buried in the Crose-Utterback Cemetery.  He was also the father of Henry Crose (1752-1845) who settled in Clintonville, Bourbon County, Kentucky.  Henry Crose died 1 August 1845 and is buried in the Curtwright Cemetery.  Christian Crose was the father of Philip Crose (1757-1838) who settled in Fayette County, Kentucky later moved to Pickaway County, Ohio.
There has been questions as to whether these three Croses were brothers.  They were the sons of Christian Crose.
Henry Crose (1752-1845) left Hardy County, Virginia (Now West Virginia) about 1785. 

First Marriage: Unknown

1.  Absolem born abt 1780 in Hampshire County, Virginia. 

2.  Abraham born abt 1783 in Hampshire Coutny, Virginia. 

2nd Marriage:

HORNBACK, Jane on 24 Jul 1787 in Mercer County, Kentucky by J. Hall. 

By his marriage to Jane Hornback they had 6 children.  One of which as referred to in the book "History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison, and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky," by Robert Peter M.D., Edited by William Henry Perrin, printed by C.L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882, pages 137 to 140 Major Levi Crose.  Levi Crose (son of Henry Crose (1752-1845) married MATHEWS, Elizabeth (Betsy) on 14 Apr 1808 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.  Levi and Elizbeth had five children one of which was Absolem born abt 1820.  Alsolem never married but in deed records is reffered to Absolem, Jr. to separate him from his uncle Absolem born abt 1780.

1.  Elizabeth born abt 1788 

2.  Levi born abt 1789 

3.  Nancy born abt 1790 

4. Henry born abt 1792 married Sallie Curtwright

5.  James born abt 1794

6.  Sarah born abt 1796 she married DAWSON, Gabriel on 1 Feb 1816 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.  They were married by William Morris.  They had eleven children. 

Will of Christian Crose

Notes: In the Will itself Christian Crose names children:  Mary, Elizabeth, Adam, and Michael.  In Deed Records Henry, Solomon, and Philip came in for their one seventh share.  Some Crose researchers claim there were eight children.  The eighth child being George Crose but according to court records there were only seven children.  George Crose was the infant child of Jonathan and Susan (Utterback) Crose and it is buried in the Crose-Utterback Cemetery at Hinckston Creek at Long Branch in Bourbon County, Kentucky. 

Christian Crose left a Will and Last Testament dated September 9, 1803, wtnessed by James Machin, George Harness, Jr., and Adam Harness.  It is recorded in Will Book 2, pages 63 to 70, Hardy County Court House, Moorsfield, West Virginia.


I Christian Croose of Hardy County and State of Virginia being in a low state of health at present but in my perfect senses and memory and state of health at present but in my perfect senses and memory and considering the uncertainty of human life and that necessary for all persons so to despose of their affairs in their lifetime as may prevent and disents amongst relations after their death to perfect the same as much as may be in my own family.  I think proper to give dismiss aand dispose of my estate in the following manner and form.

TO WIT;  First of all I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Barbara Croose one horse and sadle one cow one bed and furniture of her own choosing as her own property.

Secondly the residue of my moveable effeccts to be sold by my Executors and my just debts together with my funeral expenses be paid.

Thirdly I will to my daughter Elisabeth twenty dollars also to my daughter Mary ten dollars as their part or full shares of my whole estate.  Also my Will is that my son Michael Croose shall have no part in his possession but that his children shall have his part of share which is to equal the share of each of the ---residue of my children and further I also will that Adam Croose shall have my lands and maintain my wife Barbara Croose so long as she liveth and at her death I will my lands to be sold and the money to be divided equally between the residue of my children...Giving Michael Crooses children his part....

Also, I do hereby constitute and appoint Jacob Tevebough and Adam Croose my Executors to this my Last Will and do hereby revoke and disallow all other former testaments wills or bequests declareing this and no other to be my last will and testament--and in witness hereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal.

Ammo Domini--one thousand eight hundred and in the 3rd year of the commonwealth 9th September.

Signed SEaled and Acknowledged in the                                                                                                 /s/ Christian Gross   SEAL

presents of

/s/ James Machin
/s/ Geo Harness Junr
/s/ Adam Harness

At a court held for Hardy County the 8th day of February 1814.  This Last Will and Testament of Christian Crose deced. was presented in Court by Jacob Tevebough and Adam Crose the Executors therein named and proved by the oaths of James Machin and Adam Harness two of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.  And on the motion of the said Executors certificate is granted them for obtaining and probate thereof in this form they having taken the oath of executors and together with James Miles their security entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of three thousand dollars conditioned as the law directs.


/s/ Ed Williams ce

"Christian Crose (1725-1814) And His Descendents"

This History of the CROSE FAMILY has been in the process for eighty three years.  It was first started in 1911 when Fred Everett Dyer wrote his nephew, Barton Washington Crose, asking him what he knew about his family.  Barton Washington Crose was the grandson of Michael and Mary (Ross) Crose.  The second one to start the history was Mr. Jean Joy Crose in 1918.  Mr. Jean Joy Crose's research papers were on the Philip Crose (1757-1839) line.  The third member to start the history was Dr. Samuel Crose.  Dr. Crose's research papers have not been found.  However, the Michael II and Zilla (McCoy) Crose Bible was updated and kept current by Dr. Crose.  The fourth member to start, but again not finish was Robert H. Crose.  He was mentioned in a letter from W. L. Crose, Sidney, Iowa as having gathered information on the Crose Family for a book.  Nothing has ben found of his research.  The fifth member to start, Mrs. Loute Squires Thompson, and according to relatives in California, printed a phamphlet which they have a copy.  Mrs. Thompson's papers are in storage in Lexington, Kentucky, with her niece, but there are problems involved to view them.  The sixth member to start, and again not finish was Mrs. Abby Dyer Griffin.  Mrs. Griffin's research papers were by far the most intensive and complete and again were not aqvailable. 

It is not the starting of the CROSE FAMILY HISTORY, but what happened to all of the research material?  The many, many hours of work that was not culminated into a book.  It was necessary to come in the back door to gain some of the research work of Mrs. Griffin and her brother Mr. Fred Everett Dyer.  Mrs. Dorothy (Mann) Knoff worked with Mrs. Griffin and as a result had some copies of her papers.  The research papers of Mr. Jean Joy Crose were made available by his daughter Mrs. George Day (Helen Crose Day).  Mrs. Day helped on the Philip Crose (1757-1839) line not only with her fathers papers but the many hours she spent researching the United States Federal Census.  Upon the demise of Edith Crose Gardner on May 14, 1977, Mrs. Virginia Schwarz donated the Edith Crose Gardner papers.   These papers were the labors of Fred Everett Dyer started in 1916, taken over by Mrs. Abby Dyer Griffin, and added to by Edith Crose Gardner.  These papers were the lineage of the nine children of Jonathan and Susan (Utterback) Crose up to 1950 in some cases.  Also included was the lineage of Jonathan Crose's brother Andrew Jackson and Nancy (Rogers) Crose, in all 131 pages and a lot of research.

There are some branches of the Crose Family left out of this publication because members wanted their lineage in book form.  In these cases the lineage have been omitted but their publications are listed:

Bessie Burris Hunt    "Ancestors and Descendants of Jonathan Burris and Mary Jemima Boardman" with Allied Families of Baxter, Bryant, Crose, Gillispie, Hudson, Johnson, Rice.  Printed by Sun Printing, Naperville, Illinois, 1982.   This book contains the lineage of Mary (Crose) Boardman (1806-1878) daughter of Michael and Mary (Ross) Crose.

William I. Utterback, Dr.  "The Utterback Family 1620-1938"  William I. Utterback A.M. Marshall College, West Virginia.  Gentry Bros. Printing Company, Huntington, West Virginia  1937.   This book (lst and 2nd Editions) contain the lineage of Susan Utterback (1787-1834) who married Jonathan Crose, son of Michael and Mary (Ross) Crose.  Covington Utterback (1791-1864) married Sarah Crose, daughter of Michael and Mary (Ross) Crose.  Benjamin B. Utterback (1781-1859) married Elizabeth Crose daughter of Michael and Mary (Ross) Crose.

Walter Salts      "The Salts Genealogy"  1978 Edition 1,165 pages written and printed by:  Walter Salts, 304 East Third Street, West Lebanon, Indiana  47991.  This book contains the lineage of Rebecca Ross (1779-1858) who married Edward Salts, Sr.  Rebecca Ross was the daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth (Crose) Ross.

Dorothy C. Knofff   "George Adam Mann 1734-1821"  A family on Four Frontiers,  Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio.  Printed by:  Polyanthos, New Orleans, 1977.  This book contains the lineage of George Washington Crose Wilsons" daughter Elizabeth Catherine who married David Lewis Mann on 18 June 1868.  George Washington Crose Wilson was the grandson of Michael and Mary (Ross) Crose.

The CROSE FAMILY is a large family.  The Patriarch Christian Crose lived in what is now Grant County, West Virginia.  He had seven children.  Only two of his children stayed at the home place, Mary and Adam.  Elizabeth, his eldest daugher, went to Ohio around 1800.  Her children were content to stay in Ohio except for her son John Ross who died in Putnam County, Indiana.  Henry Crose went to Kentucky around 1785.  He died in Kentucky in 1845 outliving his children.  His children stayed in Kentucky.  Philip Crose, after the Revolutionary War, went first to Monongalia County, Virginia (now West Virginia) for about two years, then went to Fayette County, Kentucky for 17 years, then to Pickaway County, Ohio for a few years.  He then journeyed to Illinois, finally to Tippecanoe County, Indiana where it is believed he passed away in 1839.  Michael Crose married his niece Mary Ross in 1786.  He left the home place around 1788 and went to Bourbon County, Kentucky.  He died in 1819 and is buried in Bourbon County, Kentucky.  Solomon Crose left the home place around 1816 went to Ohio for a few years.  He then went to Bourbon County, Kentucky for the sale of his brother Michael's Estate in 1819.  He then went to Morgan County, Kentucky for approximately 20 years. Around 1840 he went to Martin County, Indiana and died after 1860 in Daviess County, Indiana.

The grandchildren of Christian Crose migrated to Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois and Virginia (West Virginia now).  His great grandchildren were pioneeers in Iowa, Kansas, Arizona, Califoria, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, in fact in most states west of the Mississippi.  His, Christian Crose, descendants today are in all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska.

It would be a difficult task to write in detail the migration of Christian Croses descedants.  There were new frontiers to conquer and settle.  "Go West Young Man", was the motto and his (Christian Crose) descendants adhered to it.

This list is from the files of the late Mrs. Abby Dyer Griffin, Indianapolis, Indiana:  C or G Crose, died 1801 could have been son of father of Michael  I believe it is the son of Jonathan and Susan (Utterback) Crose.

Abby Dyer Griffin and Loute Squires Thompson are the only two who I have records of taking inventory of the Crose-Utterback Cemetery.  Neither of them indicated a birth date only a death date.  Now you come up with a birth date of 1753.  No one has ever come up with a factual first wife for

Henry Crose (1752-1845); Philip Crose (1757-1838) or Solomon Crose (1773-after 1860). 

The Tevebaugh or Stump family researcher do not have a Barbara marrying Christian Crose.  There is not proof Christian Crose was born in Germany.

This is the inventory of the Crose-Utterback Cemeteryk:

The burials in the old Crose Cemeterky across from the old Michael Crose farm, which was on Hinkston Creek and Long Branch.  His house stood on the county line of
Bourbon and Nicholas Counties.  This list is from the files of the late Mrs. Abby Dyer Griffin, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Michael Crose, born 1765 - Died June 21, 1819

Mary (Ross) Crose, Born 1769 - Died September 13, 1852

Harmon Utterback, born 1755 - Died 1854
Elizabeth his wife, born October 20, 1757 - Died Maky 10, 1829

Harmon Utterback, Jr., born July 12, 1799 - Died July 1, 1827

Benjamin B. Utterback, Born February 12, 1781 - Died June 8, 1859
Elizabeth (Crose) his wife, born October 7, 1789 - Died September 7, 1860

Malinda Utterback, Born September 10, 1809 - Died August 18, 1827

Only child of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Crose) Utterback

C or G Crose, Died 1801
Could have been son or father of Michael
I Believe it is the son of Jonathan and Susan (Utterback) Crose

Coving Utterback, Born 1791 - Died July 25, 1864
Sarah (Crose) his wife, Born May 22, 1798 - Died July 17, 1878

Some burial with no stone and some stones unreadable

                    Abby D. Griffin

Fron the files of Abby Defres, niece of Abby Dyer Griffin, Worthington, Indiana I received photograph of the Crose-Utterback Cemetery and the Two story log cabin of Michael Crose.  These photos were taken in the 1930's.  AT that time the homemade tomstone of Michael Crose was 1/3 consumed by a tree. So in the year 2007 it probably does not exist anymore.


Deed Book D (1811-13) Hardy County, West Virginia,  page 278 This indenture made this 29th day of July 1814 between Solomon Crose and Cathrine his Wife of the County of Hardy and State of Virginia of the one part and Adam Crose of the Same place of the other part.  Witnesseth that for the sum One hundred and thirty Eight Dollars paid by the said Adam Unto the Solomon the said Solomon hath sold and by these doth bargain sell and convey unto the said Adam and his heirs for ever all his undivided Seventh part of a tract of land in said County on Patterson Creek being thke same that was left to him by the Will of his Father Christian Crose decd with all the appurtenances unto the same in any wise belonging and the said Solomon doth covenant promise and agree to and with the said Adam that at the time of sealing these presents he was seized of a good title in Fee simple and that the primiser now are and ever shall remain free and clear of all incumbrances of him the said Solomon and Catherine his wife and all persons claiming under them.  In witness where of the said Solomon and Catherine his wife hath hereunto set their hands and Seal this day and date first above written

                                                    /S/  Solomon Crose

Signed seal and delivered
in the presents of

/s/ James Gray
/s/ James Snodgrass
/s/ William Heath

At a Superior Court of Law held for Hardy County the 7th day of October 1814.  This Deed was proved by the oaths of James Gray, James Snodgrass, William Heath three of the Witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.


                                        /s/ Chas Lobb    ES

Deed Book 7, Page 319, Hardy County, Moorsfield, West Virginia.  This Indenture made the 17th day of July in the year One Thousand Eight hundred and Fifteen between Philip Crose of the state of Ohio of the one part and Adam Crose of Hardy County & state of Virginia on the other part witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred dollars in hand paid by said Adam Crose unto the said Philip Crose.  The receipt hereof he doth hereby acknowledge the said Philip Crose hath hereby conveyed unto the said Adam Crose the one seventh part of two certain tracts of land situated in the said County of Hardy containing one tract of two hundred and fiftk acres and the other tract of forty five being land that my father Christian Crose possessed in his lifetime and which by the last Will and Testament of the said Christian Crose the one seventh part of said tracts of land was willed to the said Philip Crose and  the said Philip Crose do hereby convey any other right and title I have or may have to the said tract or parcels of land unto the said Adam Crose.  His heirs or assigns forever and the said Philip Crose doth further for himself his heirs. Exois or Admi to hereby warrant and deferred the said seventh part of said tracts or parcels of land unto the said Adam Crose his heirs or assigns against the claims titles or demands of any person or persons whatsoever.  In testimony whereof--I the said Philip CRose have here unto set my hand and seal the dayk and ykear first above written.
Signed Sealed and Delivered in the                                                                                            his
presence of                                                                                                                    Philip         X        Crose
/s/ James Rykan Jun
/s/ Solomon Crose
     Joshua Hanks                X
At a Court held for Hardk County the 12th day of September 1815.  This deed was proved by the oaths of the three Witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.
    Examined                                                                                /s/  Ed Williams  ce

Deed Book 11 (1828-31) Hardy County, West Virginia, page 13 is a transaction dated January 27, 1816 between Stephen Ross of the State of Ohio of the first part and Adam Crose of the State of Vlirginia of the second part assigns forever all the rights title that fell to him by Will to lands owned by Christian Crose, deceased, laying on Patterson Creek.  The sum of two hundred collars as accepted as Elizabeth Croses share of her father estate.  The transaction was signed by Stephen Ross, Jr., and his wife Barbary Ross.

Deed Book 11 (1828-31) Hardy County, Wesr Virginia, page 14 This Indenture made the 7th day of June in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty five between Henry Crose and Jane his wife of the state of Kentucky and County of Bourbon of the one part and Adam Crose of the state of Virginia and County of Hardy of the other part Witnesseth that the said Henry Crose and Jane his wife for and in consideration of the sum of fifty dollars current money of the United States to them in hand paid by the said Adam Crose before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath bargained sold aleined and confirmed and by these presents doth grant bargain sell alien and confirm unto the said Adam Crose his heirs and assigns all their right title and interest into two tracts or parcels of land lying and being in the County of Hardy and State of Virginia on the waters of Patterson Creek being same lands of which the late Christian Crose deceased did possessed and the same lands on which the said Adam Crose now lives and bounded as follows to wit,  Beginning at John Ryans line on the North side of the creek thence No. 19 degrees East two hundred and seventeen poles to two white oaks on the south side of a hilll thence So. 52 degrees East one hundred and Eighty two poles to two white oaks on the foot of the mountain thence So 15 Degrees West one hundred and Eighty two poles to two white oaks at the foot of the mountain and thence with Rians line North 71 degrees West 182 poles to the Beginning containing 250 acres more or less.  And one other tract Boundes as follows to wit:  Beginning at a black oak corner to the fore-going Tract and Vincent Williams, now Jos Williams, thence running with the same No 75 degrees West 40 poles to three pines North 102 poles to a black oak and White Oak on the south side of a hill thence South 89 degrees East 59 poles to a White oak Hickory sapling on the point of a hill.  North 34 poles to a white oak and black oak sapling thence North 51 degrees East 44 poles to two white oaks corner to said Crose thence with his line South 17 degrees West 183 poles to the Beginning together with all and singular the buildings improvements woods ways Waters Water causes priviledges hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining and the revisions and remainders Rents issues and profits thereof and all the Estate right title and interrest whatsoever of him and said Henry Crose and Jane his wife both at law and in equityk of into and out of the said Tracts or parcels of land hereby bargained and sold to have and to hold the said tractts or pacels of land so as afore described together with all the buyildings and all apppurtenances said to him the said Adam Crose his heirs and assigns forever and the said Henry Crose and Jane his wife for themselves their heirs.  Executors and administrators doth hereby covenant with the said Adam Crose and his heirs the said tracts or parcels of land hereby granted and hold or so much thereof as they may have title by the last Will and Testament of Christian Crose deceased to him the said Adam Crose his heirs and assigns against him the said Henry Crose and Jane his wife their heirs an assigns and against all and every person or persons claiming under them will forever Warrant and defend by these presents.  In witness whereof the said Henry Crose and Jane his wife have hereunto set their haned and affixed their seals the day and year first above written  
                                                            /s/ Hwney Crose   SEAL
                                                                    Jane  X  Crose

Deed Book 11, Hardy County, West Virginia, page 495
State of Kentucky, Nicholas County Seat
Know all men by these presents that we Jonathan Crose, Benjamin Utterback who intermarried with Elizabeth Crose one of the heirs of Michael Crose Decd, Thomas Wilson who intermarried with Katharine Crose one of the heirs of the Said Michael Crose Decd, Coventon Utterback who intermarried with Sally Crose one of the heirs of the Said Michael Crose Decd, Lewis Younger who intermarried with Nancy Crose one of the heirs of the Said Michael Crose Decd, Abner Boardman who intermarried ith Polly Crose one of the heirs of the Said Michael Crose decd, Peter Overly who intermarried with Barbary Crose one of the heirs of said Michael Crose decd, Phillip Ross who intermarried with Rebecca Crose one of the heirs of the Said Michael Crose decd and Benjamin Crose one of the heirs of the said Michael Crose decd the said Jonathan Crose being also one of the heirs of the Said Michael Crose decd George W Crose, Andrew Crose and Adam Crose all heirs of Michael Crose Decd and Samual Crose late of the County of Bourbon and State of Kentucky know all men by these presents that we have made nominated and appointed and by these presents do make nominate and appoint our friend Michael Crose our true and lawful attorney for us and in our names and for our use and benefit to ask demand, sue for recover and receive of and from the executor or executors administrator or administrators or heirs devizes or legal representatives of Adam Crose decd of Hardy County in the State of Virginia all such sums of money or other things as may be coming to us by virtue of the Will or otherwise of our Grandfather Christian Crose decd of the County of Hardy in the State of Virginia did by his last Will and Testament Will that at the death of his wife certain lands which he held should be sold and certain portions of the money arising from said sale to belong to us which will more fully appeare by referance to said Will of which Said Will Adam Crose late of the County of Hardy and State of Virginia now decd has one of if not the sole executor as will more fully appeare by referance to said Will and whereas after the death of the wife of the said Christian Crose the said Adam Crose did sell Said land of which we had an interest and perhaps purchased the same himself and whereas the said Adam Crose in is now decd and his executor or executors and administrator or administrators, heirs devizes or and legal representatives are to us unknown.  Now Know all men by these presents that we do make ordain constitute and appoint our friend the Said Michael Crose of the County of Nicholas and State of Kentucky our true and Lawful attorney for  us and in oiur name and for our use and benefit to ask demand and receive of and from the executor or executors administrator or administrators heirs devizes or legal representatives of the Said Adam Crose decd the legacy given and bequeathed to us by the last Will and Testament of the said Christian Crose decd both real and personal and whom the receipt thereof or payment thereof to the said Michael Crose a general release their or discharge for the same to make execute and deliver--And we do further constitute authorise and apopoint the Said Michael Crose our lawful attorney to recd and convey by deed or otherwise all our interest in any land of which one have an interest by the Will of the said Christian Crose decd to any person or persons whatever and we do hereby ratify and confirm any and every act or acts which the said Michael Crose may do of and concerning the presises as though we were personally present and consented to the same given under our hands and seals the 21st day of Sept 1830.
    /s/ Jonathkan Crose   (SEAL)
    /s/ Benjamin Utterbaakc   (SEAL)
    /s/ Thomas Wilson   (SEAL)
    /s/ Coventon UKtterback   (SEAL)
    /s/ Lewis YKounger   (SEAL)
    /s/ Abner Boardman   (SEAL)
    /s/ Peter Overly   (SEAL)
    /s/ Philip Ross   (SEAL)
        Benjamin  X  Crose   (SEAL)
    /s/ Adam Crose   (SEAL)
    /s/ Andrew Crose   (SEAL)
    /s/ George W. Crose   (SEAL)
    /s/ Samuel Crose   (SEAL)

At a Court held for Hardy Coutny the 14th day of December 1830 This Letter of Attorney was presented in Court duly cetified to have been acknowledged by the foregoing heirs of Michael Crose decd, who have subscribed their names thereto, before two Justices of the peace of Nicholas County State of Kentucky and with the Certifiactes is ordered to be recorded.
    Ed Williams  CHC
State of Kentucky Nicholas County  -SS-
We John Alexander and John Carter Jr acting Justices of the peace in and for the afforsaid County do certify that the foregoing heirs of Michael Crose Decd who has subscribed their names to this power of attorney.  Acknowledge the same to be their act and deed for the purposes therein mentioned in our presents..Sept 21st--1830
    /s/ John Alexander   jpnc
    /s/ John Carter Jr   jpnc

State of Kentucky  )
Nicholas County JP)
I John G. Parks clerk of the county court for the county aforesaid, Do certify that John Alexander and John Carter jr. Esquires, before whom the foregoing Power of Attorney appers to have been Aknowledged as appears from their Official Certificate and Signatures above, are and were at the time for making said certificate acting Justices of the peace in and for Said County, duly commissioned and qualified into Office and that full faith and credit is due to all their Official acts as such, and that their attestation is in due form.  In Testimony Whereof I have here unto set my hand and affixed the seal of said county this 24th day of September 1830
   Nicholas County
   /s/ J. G. Parks  CNCC

Deed Book 11, Hardy County, West Vilrginia, page 497
This Indenture made this 18th day of December 1830 Between Michael Crose of the County of Bourbon in the State of Kentucky and attorney in fact for Jonathan Crose, Lewis Younger, Thomas Willson, Abner Boardman, Phillip Ross, Benjamin Crose, Adam Crose, Andrew Crose, George W. Crose, and Samuel Crose of the County of Nicholas and Benjamin Utterback of the County of Bath, Coventon Utterback of the County of Bourbon and Peter Overly of the County of Fleming and state aforesaid and said Michael Crose for himself of the one part and John Crose of the County of Hardy and State of Virginia of the other part Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of One Thousand Dollars current money of Virginia to the said Michael Crose for himself and as attorney as afore said in hand paid the recceipt whereof is hereby acknowledged by the said Michael Crose attorney as aforesaid and hath granted Bargained and sold and by these presents doth grant Bargain and sell unto the said John Crose his heirs and assigns forever all the interest of them the said  Jonathan Crose, Lewis Younger, Thomas Willson, Abner Boardman, Phillip Ross, Benjamin Crose, Adam Crose, Andrew Crose, George W. Crose, Samuel Crose, Benjamin Utterback, Coventon Utterback and Peter Overly and Michael Crose in the Lands devised to them by Christian Crose decd late of said County of Hardy together with all and singular the premises and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining to have land to hold the said lands hereby granted unto him the said John Crose his heirs and assigns and the said parties of the first part by their attorney and the said Michael Crose for himself hereby covenant promise and agree to and with the said John Crose his heirs and assigns that they will forever warrant and defend the promises hereby conveyed against themselves and their heirs and against all and every other person or persons whatsoever In testimony whereof the said Michael Crose for himself and as attorney in fact for the aforesaid Jonathan Crose, Lewis Younger, Thomas Willson, Abner Boardman, Phillip Ross, Benjamin Crose, Adam Crose,
Andrew Crose, George W. Crose, Samuel Crose, Benjamin Utterback, Coventon Utterback, and Peter Overly hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year first above written

    Michael Crose   (SEAL)
         for himself
    Jonathkan Crose   (SEAL)
    Benjamin Crose   (SEAL)
    Andrew Crose   (SEAL)
    Samuel Crose   (SEAL)
    George W. Crose   (SEAL)
    Adam Crose   (SEAL)
    Benjamin Utterback   (SEAL)
    Coventon Utterback   (SEAL)
    Thomas Wilson   (SEAL)
    Lewis Younger   (SEAL)
    Abner Boardman   (SEAL)
    Philip Ross   (SEAL)
    Peter Overley   (SEAL)
    by their said attorney in fact

In the Clerks office of Hardy County Court the 13th day of December 1830.  This deed was acknowledged by Michael Crose a party therein named for himself and as attorney in fact of Jonathan Crose, Benjamin Crose, Andrew Crose, Samuel Crose, George W. Crose,
Adam Crose, Benjamin Utterback, Coventon Utterback, Thomas Willson, Lewis Younger, Abner Boardman, Phillip Ross, and Peter Overly before the deputy clerk of this Court and admitted to record.

COLES Family

Submitted by Mary Hatton

                            Coles Family History  Pages One and Two.