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Will of David Bowles

20th February 1800, Bourbon County, KY

Contributed by Jerry Taylor 1/2006

Will Book C, Page 195

I David Bowles of the County of Bourbon & State of Kentucky being in sound mind and memory Considering the uncertainty of life and the certainty of Death do make my will and first surrender my soul to god who gave it and into the arms of Jesus Christ; trusting thro' his merrits the pardon of my sins. by whoes righteousness I hope for salvation; and hope to stand justify'd before god at the last day; my body I leave to be buried in the earth in a decent manner by my surviving friends at the discretion of my executor whom I shall hereafter appoint in hopes of a joyfull resurrection

Page 196

rection thro' my lord and savior Jesus Christ and as for my temporal estate or worldly good, wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me.  I give devise and bequeath in manner and form following. dmprimis; First I desire that all my just debts should be paid. Item. I lent to my beloved wife Winney Bowles during her natural life the houses and plantation whereon I now live with two hundred and twenty seven and three quarter acres of land being part of a tract of land & purchased of Chapman Auston as his deed to me will more fully show.  Beginning on a buckeye, ash, and elm, my beginning corner standing in Auston's pattant line on his west  boundary thense ______ _____ eight and a half to a ______ ______ and forty seven poles to a corner thence north along a line of marked trees to a corner in Abraham Cofman's line two hundred and forty eight & a half pole to     thence west one hundred and forty-seven poles to the Beginning Except so much as I may hereafter allot to her mother Molley Rice. Item: I lend, to widow  Molley Rice one negroe boy named James

Page 196A

assigns forever. Item: I give and bequeath to my grand daughter Elizabeth Thomas a negroe girl named Milley (daughter of Janes) to her her heirs and assigns, forever. And that she take possession of her immediately.  Item I give and bequeath to my great grand son David Thomas negroe girl named Sarah (Daughter of Hagers) to him his heirs and assigns forever and that his father take possession of her for him immediately after my decease Item. it is my will that if my wife should fly to her thirds and choose the place where my son Jess Bowles now lives which I have made over to him by Deed of gift in such case that my son Jess Bowles should possess the place I lent to her  where I now live during her life and longer.  It is my will & desire that the rest of my estate that I have not ____ be kept together under the care & direction of my executor & that he sell that part of my horses sheep & c that is not immediately necessary for cultivation and the necessitys of my family for the support of my lawsuits family and education of my children till October eighteen hundred and nine at which time I give to my wife Winney Bowles one negroe woman named Lucy

Page 197

during her natural life or widdowhood; also so much cleared land in the plantation I now live on as will be sufficient for James to work; and timber sufficient for repairing the fences, firewood, building and other uses.  But not to waste, also I give to her, her heirs and assigns forever one cow & calf, two ewes and lambs, one sow & piggs and provision for herself.  James and the stock given; till she can raise a crop.  Item I give bequeath & devise to my son Nelson Bowles one hundred and sixty-two acres of land joining the east Boundary of my land & between the north and south Boundary to adjoin William Hall's and Jesse Bowleses in parallel lines together with one negroe boy named Joe, one feather bed one cow and calf two ewes & lambs and my oldest sorrel filley (which I have already given him) to him his heirs and assigns forever.  Item. I give bequeath, and devise unto my son Thomas Bowles & Daughter Elizabeth Bowles at the decease of my wife Winney Bowles the two hundred and twenty-seven and three quarter acres I lent her during life likewise the ninety-seven acres lying between said land and my son Nelson Bowles land; to be equally divided between them, likewise to my son Thomas Bowles I give a negroe girl named Mima and one feather bed, also to my daughter Elizabeth Bowles I give one negroe girl named Judd and one feather bed to them their heirs and

Page 197B

one negroe girl named Peggy and one negroe man named Peter.  One feather bed and its furniture the fourth part of myhousehold and kitchen furniture stock of horses, horned cattle hogs & sheep.  To her her heirs and assigns forever.  Item It is my will and desire that the rest of my estate not given to my wife Winney Bowles or lent to her during life be equally divided October eighteen hundred and nine between my three children, Nelson Bowles, Thomas Bowles and Elizabeth Bowles to them their heirs and assigns forever.  And likewise James a negroe man I lent to widdow Molley Rice during her life or widdowhood, at her decease or marriage to return into the estate.  If she dies or marries before october eighteen hundred & nine if after that time to be sold and equally divided at her death or marriage between my three children Nelson, Thomas & Elizabeth Bowles to them their heirs & assigns forever.  And now I constitute and appoint my dear friend Richard Thomas guardian to my children and executor of this my last will and testament and desire it may be received by all as such. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the 20th day of February 1800

signed and acknowledged in the presence of us( marked through)             his

                                                                                                  DavidXBowles (marked through)


Interlined before signed the

Page 198

words one negroe girl named Peggy _d_ son_                                          his

Signed & acknowledged in presence of us                                        David  X  Bowles {Seal}


Michael Hornback Jur
Abraham Cofman
John Parker

Bourbon County January Court 1807

This last Will & Testament of David Bowles Senr deceased was produced in Court and proved by the oaths of Michael Hornback Jr Abraham Coffman and John Parker witnesses thereto and ordered ordered to be recorded Whereupon Richard Thomas who was named as executor of said will made oath thereto & together with Ja___ ___helps his security entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of $6,000 conditioned as the law directs Certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form


                                                                                Will Garrard jr CBL


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John Desha Will  written 8 August 1831  proven  3 October 1831  Will Book J, page 6

p. 6
       In the name of God Amen.  I John Desha of Bourbon County and State of Kentucky do make ordain and declare this instrument to be my last will and testament revoking all others heretofore made.  Done this eights day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundren and thirty one.
First to my dearly beloved wife Rebecca Desha at my death I give and bequeath so much of my land whereon I now live as will amount to her dower guantity.  So to be laid off as to include the houses and orchard also the following named negro Slaves (viz) Tom and his wife Nimba, Billy,  Little Tom (a called)  Samuel and old Violet likewise the following horses (viz) Draggon, Blaze,  Dave.  I  will Susan a roan mare and her calf and a young mare called Eliza.  Also her choice of  Seven milch cows and calves and two steers or dry cows for beef.  Also the one half of all the farming utensils and all the household and kitchen furniture which is not otherwise disposed of  by this my will.  To have and to hold all the foregoing land and property during her natural life at which time it is  to be disposed of as herein after directed and specified. 
To my daughter Elizabeth Graves I give and bequeath a negro woman Dinah with her two youngest children (viz) Sarah and  Warren also Sophia and her chilld during her natural life and at the death of my daughter Elizabeth Graves they are to descend to the heirs of her body to my grandson Desha Graves  I give and bequeath a negro boy Basil about fourteen years of age to my grandson David Graves.  I give and bequeath a negro boy Jesse about twelve years of age to my grandson Thomas Graves.  I give and bequeath a negro boy named Hiram about eight or nine years of age and to my granddaughter Polly Graves I give and bequeath a female child named Mary.  Basil, Jesse, Hiram and Mary are all children of Dinahs and Desha Graves.  David Graves, Thomas Graves and Polly Graves to whom they are left are all children of my daughter Elizabeth Graves and the above named legacies to those four children are to remain in the possession of my daughter Elizabeth until
p. 7
the legatees, her children may either marry or become of age at which time they are to be put in possession of said legacies.  I also give and bequeath to each of my grand children as named above one hundred and fifty dollars to be paid to them whenever they marry or become of age by either my wife or my son John out of any money or property which  may be on hand or undivided at that time.  To my daughter Rebecca at my death I give and bequeath the one half of all my land which lies on the south side of the Ironworks road which will be to her about seventy five acres.  I also give unto her a negro man named Abram a girl named Charlotte and a girl three years old by the name of Polly also a mare called Phill and her yearling colt, one bedstead, bed and furniture.  To have and to hold the same during her natural life and should she died without children the land is to descend to my daughter Phoebe Mariah and the other property in like manner to my son John.  To my daughter Phoebe Mariah I give and bequeath the one half of my land which lies on the south side of the Ironworks and which will be to her about seventy five acres that and including the Smith house.  I also give unto her the following negro slaves (viz) Samuel a man,  Jacob a boy,  Cynthia a girl, Leonard a small boy and a small girl Betsey a child of Nimbas also a mare called Darky and her colt also two bedsteads beds and furniture and I also bequeath unto her seventy five dollars in money to be paid to her  when she requires it to purchase articles of household furniture by either my wife or son John and should my daughter Rebecca die without children then I give to Phoebe Mariah that part of  my land which I have herein bequeathed to my said daughter Rebecca and  should my daughter Phoebe Mariah die without children then the property herein bequeathed to her and that which may descend to her by virtue of this will all to descend in that went to my son John.  To my son John Desha I give and bequeath all my land lying on the north side of the Ironworks road not included in the bequest to my wife which will be to John about eighty four acres and at the death of my wife I give and bequeath to my son John all that part of my land herein bequeathed to my wife during her natural life which will then be to John about two hundred acres including all the land I now  own on the north side of the Ironworks road.  I also give and bequeath to my said son John the following negro slaves (Viz) Charles a Man, Notley a boy, Perry a boy, Layfayette a boy, Winny a woman with her child or children also the following horses to wit old ball and her three colts also the one half of all the farming utensils it is however expressly understood that John is not to be put in possession of any of the foregoing property until he arrives to the age of twenty one except the horses or until his mothers death and it is my wish that he should live on the farm with his mother and manage and attend to it for her and the benefit of her and those of my children who may continue to live on the farm with her and should my son John die without children then the
p. 8
property which I have herein bequeathed to him to go to my daughter Phoebe Mariah and to the heirs of her body.  It is to be expressly understood that my daughter Phoebe Mariah is not to be put in possession of any of the property herein bequeathed to her until she marries or arrives to the age of twenty one years.  It is my wish and will that should my  daughter Elizabeth Graves out live her husband John Graves or in any wise become entirely separated from him then in either of those events happening I leave in my wifes hands four hundred dollars to be paid to her to be appropriated to her own use and that of the heirs of her body but should she continue as she now is with her husband John Graves until her death then the four hundred dollars is to be paid to the living heirs of my daughter Elizabeths body.  I further give and bequeath unto my son John a negro man Samuel at the death of my wife and the balance of my property which is not herein bequeathed.  I leave in my wifes possession out of which I request and direct the foregoing cash legacies to be paid as heretofore directed (viz) one thousand dollars to my daughter Elizabeth and the heirs of her body and seventy five dollars to Phoebe Mariah to be more special.  I would again recapitulate that out of the property and valuables of which I may are possessed and which is not otherwise and particularly disposed of by this my last will and to which I have left in the possession of my wife I wish and direct the sum of six hundred dollars To be raised to be paid as herein before specified to the four children of my daughter Elizabeth Graves also the  four hundred dollars which  I have bequeathed to my daughter Elizabeth Graves under certain circumstances which has already been detailed as to the living heirs of her body at her death and the cash legacy of seventy five dollars to my daughter Phoebe Mariah.  It is my wish that my wife should pay all my debts collect all that may be due me and to settle all my business of whatever nature it may be which I may leave unsettled and to take into her possession management and control all my property & of which I may die possessed and which is not disposed of particularly by this my last will and use the same as her judgment may direct to enable her to comply with this my last will and for her own benefit and that of the children who may continue to live with her and at her death all the property which may be on hand after complying with the bequests and paying or reserving sufficient to pay the cash legacies herein before directed as to be divided between my son John, Phoebe Mariah and Rebecca or such of them as may be living at the time or their  descendants.  It is my wish not to have any administrator or executor that my wife share in no wise be required to give security
p. 9
all I request of the court is to have this my last will recorded and at the death of my wife my son John is requested and directed to have the provisions of this my last will carried into full effect.  Signed, Sealed and acknowledged this day and year first above written.  The words "To be paid as heretofore directed" interline before.  Signed

Witnesses                                                                                     Jno Desha  (Seal)
Wm P Payne
Jos Wilson
John C Wilson
Jackey S Hitt

Commonwealth of Kentucky Bourbon County to wit:
I Thomas P Smith clerk of the County court for the County aforesaid
Do certify that his last will and testament of John Desha deceased was proved in open Court by the oath of William P Payne, Joseph Wilson and John C. Wilson  Subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.  Whereupon the same hath been duly admitted to record in my office.  Given under my hand this third day of October 1831.
                                                                                                     Tho: P. Smith
                                                                                                   By Robt E. Rankin DC

Transcribed by Sharon Goetz, Monkton, Maryland

John Desha married Rebecca Overfield on 1 July 1790 in Mason County, KY.
Elizabeth Desha d/o John & Rebecca Desha married John Graves 03 May 1819 in Bourbon County, KY.  Both John & Elizabeth Graves died in Lafayette Co., MO.
John Desha was the son of Robert Desha who died leaving a will in Sumner County, TN in 1816 and his wife, Eleanor Wheeler.

Will of John Desha

8 August 1831
Bourbon Co. Will Book J, Pg. 6

contributed by Sharon Goetz  3/2008

Will Bk J., Page 6
Will Bk J., Page 7
Will Bk J., Page 8
Will Bk J., Page 9
Kentucky County Court Records, Volume III
Deed Book C, Page 249
"aged about 80 years"

Wife, Nancy - a Negro man named Essex; a Negro woman named Delpha; and a Negro man named Stephen. 

Daughter, Elizabeth Johnson - a Negro woman named Lucinda, and all her increase; plus a boy named Alexander.  After the death of my daughter Elizabeth, these 2 Negroes are to be given to the heirs of James Johnson, dec'd, late of Pendleton County.  [NOTE: the heirs include Nelson Johnson, not Elizabeth's child.]

Son, David Clarkson - a Negro man named Essex, after the death of my wife; a boy named Joseph; and the man Stephen. 

To the heirs of Nathaniel Parrish, which he had by my daughter, Patsy Parrish. 

Daughter, Nancy Smith - the Negro woman, Delpha; a Negro child Burrel; a Negro girl Matilda; plus 150 acres out of a 1000 acre tract which I hold by deed from Wm Merewether - lying in Breckenridge County, to adjoin my son Charles and Patsy Parrish's heirs, and the heirs of Polly (Polly is then crossed out) Jackson.  After the death of Nancy Smith, this property is to go to Nancy's children by Benjamin Smith.

To the heirs of Nathaniel Parish, that he had by my daughter Patsy Parrish - 150 acres from the 1000 acre tract, to adjoin my sons David and Charles.

Daughter, Rhoda Jackson - a Negro woman named Winney and two children, Lucinda and Mary.  [Rhoda "Polly Jackson, wife of Colby Jackson]

Son Charles - a Negro girl named Ester, and a Negro boy named Daniel. 

Executors: David Clarkson, John McDonald. 
Witnesses: Benjamin Hamilton, James (X) Hamilton.  Anslem signs with an (X).

Written November 26, 1816;
Probated June 21, 1817 in Pendleton Co., KY, where son David lived

Will of Jesse Foster
submitted by Kathie
Wife: Patsy or Patsey
Children w/Patsy: Elizabeth & Wharton
Other Children:
George, Hubble, Jerry, Asa, Nancy, Philadelphia Penn & Nathaniel, deceased
Exec: Geo & Hubble Foster
Witnesses: Tho Foster & Wm Amenzies