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Will of Thomas Gist

Will Book E Page 226
Located at the Bourbon County, KY Courthouse

Submitted by Jerry Taylor

Notes in side margin: Thos Gist will, Est Prob E 397

In the name of God Amen I Thomas Gist of Bedford County in the province of Pennsylvania being at this time in perfect health of body and sound memory, but as I am bound for the Mississippi, which appears to be a long voyage and as all men are mortal and God only knows whether I may be permitted to return to settle my worldly business or not, I think proper to make this my Last will and testament. Niz I resign my soul into the hands of God from whom I received it when ever he shall be pleased to take it

Secondly I resign my body to the earth in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection to eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ who shall change our vile body that it may be like unto his glorious body according to the mighty working whereby he is able to subdue all things to himself Third, I will and require that my land on Mingo Creek and the waters of Shirtee may be sold in order to pay of my just debts and in case that should be found insufficient for the discharge whereof I will and require that my Executors shall also sell to the best advantage a tract or parcel of land joining the plantation on which I now live, it being the same tract or parcel of land which I bought of my brother Richard Gist; at the election of the said Executors if they should find it most convenient to rent any part of my land for the payment of my said just debts, and also for my said executors to settle all of my accounts and receive all debts due to me Fourth, I will unto my loving sister Ann Gist the one half part of my whole estate real and personal but as my negro man named Jason was given to me by my Father and I would not have him sold I do desire that he may be appraised and my

Page 227

My sister Anne take him in her half part at the appraisement, I make her a present of half a dozen silver spoons which was also my Fathers over and above her half part Fifthly, I do will unto my loving daughter Elizabeth Johnston the other half part of my whole estate real and personal, the said silver spoons excepted and in case my sister Ann Gist should die without heirs of body lawfully begotten, then and in such case I will her half part unto my daughter Elizabeth Johnston except the negro Jason and silver spoons which I give unto my brother Nathaniel Gist or his heirs lawfully begotten and in case he and his heirs should die before her, I give the said negro and spoons to my brother Richard Gist or his heirs lawfully begotten and in case he and his heirs should die before my said sister Ann then to my daughter Elizabeth Johnston and in case my said daughter should died before she comes of age or without heirs or of an heir lawfully begotten of her body in such case I will her whole half part unto my said sister Anne Gist and in case she dies without heirs or an heir lawfully begotten of her body, I will my whole estate to be divided between my two brothers, two thirds to my brother Nathaniel Gist or his heirs lawfully begotten and the other one third to my brother Richard Gist or his heirs lawfully begotten, and in case all of the persons before mentioned should die without leaving any heirs lawfully begotten, then I will my whole estate to be divided between my sister Violet Cromwells four children or their heirs lawfully begotten.  I do also will that my Daughter Elizabeth Johnson be brought up in the persuasion of the Church of England, genteel and with a reasonable education and my sister Ann have the profit or income of her half part of the estate for her care and trouble of her till she be at the age of fifteen years, and I do constitute and appoint Mordecai Gist of Baltimore, Mercht. and George Dawson of

Page 228

Bedford County in this province of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, Guardians of my daughter Elizabeth Johnston and also I do appoint the Mordecai Gist and George Dawson my Executors for this my Last Will and Testament - Given under my hand this  [blank] day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven and seventy two.

                                                                                                          Tho Gist

In the presents of 

Henry Houghland

Alexander McClean

George Dawson


Also on page 228

Dec 26th 1786 Nathaniel Gist enters a caveat against the probate of the foregoing writing purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of Thomas Gist deceased and prays that it may be received as such by the Register of wills in and for the county of Fayette until as well well the parties to the said will as the heirs at law are cited and have notice of the said writings and that he the said Nathaniel may be heard thereon a day _____ and appointed according to the law in such case made and provided.     Nathaniel Gist by

Alexander McClean Register of                                                              James Ross his Atty

Fayette County                                                                                     25th Dec 1786


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