I am interested in any information on the Keenon Family of Paris, KY.  John Keenon married Elizabeth Shakleford on 21 May 1796.  The marriage bond was issued on 17 May 1796 with William Shaklefored as the bondsman.  Elizabeth, but not John show up in the 1810 census.  I find nothing on John after the marriage.

John and Elizabeth had two sons, Adam Calderwood Keenon and John Shakleford Keenon.  Adam moved to Frankfort.  John seems to have stayed in Paris and published a newspaper. 

Any information will be  greatly appreciated.

Sam W.  Keenon

  Bourbon Co., Clark, ____ to Patterson, Elizabeth, abt 1833/37
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  Jacob Groshong (may be Grojean)  is on the 1794 tax lists in Bourbon Co. KY. He had moved from Lancaster Co., PA. If you have anything listing him, his son Samuel Groshong or his brother-in-law Daniel Kistler, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you very much. Marilyn Humphrey


  We purchased a farm several years ago in Bourbon county.  I am trying to determine the exact age and history of the house.  During renovations, I had to remove some of the original flooring, on the bottom of the flooring there is writing "Mansfield Jefferson Lumber yard Paris, Ky".

I have not been able to find any information about this business.  If I could determine the dates it was in business I could better pinpoint the age of our house.  Talking to many older locals, they have no memory of such business.  If you have any Info I would really appreciate it.  

Some clues I have so far is drywall dates in the upstairs portion have a build date of  9-05-28, but I have reason to believe the upstairs was added later.  Also, handwriting in the Attic portion " Reed Prather 1935"  But, the lumber in the house is not consistent all the way through.  All the house has same original bottom layer of flooring with the writing on the back.

Thanks for any info. Jon

Bourbon County, KY

Help Needed