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Last Will and Testament of David Kinkaid

Will Book A, Page 233 & 235
Bourbon County, KY

Submitted by J. Taylor

I David Kinkaid being in sound health of mind but in great weakness of body do by this last will and testamen bestow my worldly goods and estate in the following manner.  To my oldest daughter Mary eight pounds, to my son Thomas five pounds, To my daughter Nancy five & thirty pounds bed and furniture likewise all my puter. - to my daughter Elizabeth eighteen pounds to my sun David Fifty pounds and a black horse to my sun Joseph eighteen pounds to my youngest sun Samuel thirty pounds
Now if there is anything of my estate left after my debts have been paid my desire is that each one
shear an equal part of what is left - and I also desire that my daughter Nancy and John Davison my sun and law be executors as witnesses my hand
Michael Fisher                                                     his
Joseph Petty                                               David X Kinkaid

Bourbon County                  December Court 1795
This will was proved by Michael Fisher and Joseph Petty witnessess thereto and ordered to be recorded.  Nancy Kinkaid one of the executors therein named came into court and refused to take upon herself the Executors ???  - and on the motion of John Davis the other Executor ??? made oath and togehter with Michael ???? security entered into and acknowledged ???? the penalty of 500 conditioned as the law ???? certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form. ~
                                                        Test: Tho Arnold CBC


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