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The Leer Family of Bourbon County

Submitted by John Bircher

Extract of one of series of articles published in The Kentuckian—Citizen, Paris, Kentucky on Early Bourbon Families. 

The articles are sponsored by the Jemima Johnson Chapter, D.A.R.

Committee Members:  Miss Blanche Lilleston, Mrs. Thomas Henry Clay, Mrs. William B. Ardery, Mrs. Thomas G. Prewitt, Mrs. Charles Martin.

The article on the “Leer Family of Bourbon County” by Corday Leer Buckley was published in two parts:  the first on Tuesday, August 31, 1943, and continued on Tuesday, September 7, 1943

Leer Family of Bourbon County
Corday Leer Buckley

The name Leer is a variant of Lear and this name has traced back to De Leyre, a Celtic word meaning “of the sea.”  In Gaelic, it is spelled Lear and in Welch, Liyr.  The name is variously spelled Lear, Lehr, Lire, Lohr, Loehr, Lare, Leehr, and Lahar.  The first record of the family that we have is from the Hundred Rolls of Leicester County, dated 1273, which concerns William De Leyre.  William De Leure, son of William De Leyre, who was buried in the parish church of Great Brumleye, Tuesday after the Feast of the Holy Trinity, 13 June 1367.  40 Edward III.

The Columbia Encyclopedia gives the earliest information concerning this family which is as follows:

“Lear, English legendary king, supposed descendant, through Locrine and Brut, of Aenaes of Troy.  Probably originating in early Celtic mythology, the story of Lear and his three daughters was accepted as authentic history from the 12th to the 17th century.  Geoffrey of Monmouth claimed to have translated the story from old British records, and succeeding historians and authors perpetuated it.  It is best known as the subject of one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies, King Lear, produced in 1606.”

The Leers came in the very early days from England and many of them were Quakers.  Like many co-religionists, certain objections to their religion caused them to emigrate to various countries where they could exercise freedom of thought and speech and so the different members of the family landed in America, some in Virginia, others in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New England.

The Leer family furnished many men who held high positions in the Colonies.  Lieutenant Colonel John Lear was a member of the Governor’s Council of Virginia.  John, Thomas, and Major David Leare were burgesses of Nansemond County, Virginia.  Tobias Lear served as Washington’s secretary.  George Lear was Attorney General of Pennsylvania.  One of the first emigrants to Virginia was Thomas Leer, age 18 years, who came aboard the Constance, October 24, 1635.  Hotten gives the following information, “in a list of owners and possessors of land, hired servants and apprentices, bought servants and negroes in ye parish of St. Michaels – Thomas Leer 234 acres of land, two hired servants; eighteen bought servants, and one hundred and sixty negroes.”

The arms of the Lear family, as given by Burke and others, is Azure, a fease raguly between unicorn’s heads erased.  Crest: two hands issuing from clouds, grasping trunk of an oak tree.

The first of the Leer family to come to Kentucky was Henry Leer, who was of the Southern branch of the family.  He sold land in Frederick County, Maryland after the Revolutionary War.  He served his country in this great struggle as a member of the Continental Troops of Congress’ own Regiment, which was lead by Colonel Moses Hager.

Henry Leer did not dispose of all his property in Maryland before coming to Kentucky because in 1797 he gave his son, Jacob Leer, the following power of attorney with the authority “to transact all my business of every kind whatsoever in the State of Maryland, but more particularly to sell a house and lot in the town of Liberty, in the County of Frederick, in the state aforesaid.  I do by these presents authorize my said attorney to sell the house and lot and make and execute deed or deeds for the same in my name and to receive all debts due or which may become due in the state aforesaid; to commence suits in my name and give acquittals for all moneys which he may receive.”  This Letter of Attorney was signed Henry Leer, Sr. and witnessed by David Leer and Aaron Smedley and recorded in the books of the Bourbon County Court House.

The above Jacob Leer taught school in Fayette County we learn from this advertisement in the Kentucky Gazette of January 8, 1791.  “Tis mere necessity that makes it requisite to request that all those indebted to me for schooling, books, etc. to pay it on or before the 20th day of this month.  Those complying will much oblige their humble servant, Jacob E. Lehre.”  This Jacob, together with his brother David and brother-in-law Aaron Smedley contributed to the Kentucky Academy and those names are on the files now preserved in Transylvania College.  The Leers have always been interested in education and in the very early days of our nation John Leere Esq. was granted a charter for a college.

The Leers were probably in Bourbon County when it was a part of Fayette because in Perrin’s history it is stated that they assisted in building the first Court House of Bourbon County.  It was a frame building 32 x 20 and was replaced after twenty years by a more commodious one.

“The first church edifice in Bourbon County is believed to have been old Mt. Gilead Methodist Church known as Matheny’s Meeting House.  The members were strict and believed not in gaudy geegaws or fashionable toggery with which we ornament our church pews at present.  The male members of the church wore their coats without collars and buttoned up to their necks like a little boy’s jacket.  Their sisters dressed correspondingly plain.    An incident is still remembered which illustrates the strict propriety in dress maintained in this church.  A Miss Leer wore a bombazine bonnet to church one Sunday which was beautifully quilted and elegantly fixed up – in a word was a perfect love of a bonnet.  But the minister did not think so.  He watched for an opportunity, snatched it from her head and casting it upon administered a scathing rebuke upon the ungodly extravagance of dress.”  Perrin’s History, page 88.  Daniel Leer was the first class leader and acted in that capacity for years at Matheny’s Meeting House.  So, one wonders if the Miss Leer, mentioned above, was his kinswoman.

As an inventory of the estate of this Daniel Leer was taken on March 14, 1800 in Bourbon County, he must have died in that county, although his lands were in Augusta County, Virginia.  Jacob Leer seems to have been the family attorney because again he together with his mother Ann, was granted letters of administration on this estate.

In the Western Citizen of August 7, 1815 occurs the following:

Gentlemen Sportsmen

Races to be run over the turf of Thomas M. Leer, living on the Limestone Road four miles from Paris towards Lexington, to commence on Thursday 12 day of October and continue three days.  The first day’s race for any horse , mare or gelding three miles and repeat.  The second day’s race free for any horse, mare or gelding, that has never won a purse.  The third day’s race free for untried horse, mare or gelding, one mile and repeat. 

The horses carrying each day their proper weight agreeably to this statement.

            7 years old 120
            6 years old 108
            5 years old 96
            4 years old 84
            3 years old 72
            2 years old a ketch

            Each day’s race the winning horse is entitled to the Money.
            The first day’s race entrance money $10 each horse.
            The second day’s race entrance money $5 each horse.
            The third day’s race entrance money $15 each horse.

The horses to be entered the day before the day of the race or double on the day of the race.  The track will be in complete order in a few days for practicing (Sunday excepted.)

From an original paper, power-of-attorney, now in the possession of the family, we learn that Henry Leer, Sr. died intestate.  On the 25th day of August 1802, Jacob Lear was again appointed to sell the Maryland property by the widow, Ann Leer and her children Abraham, David, Mary, John and Rebecca with the latter’s husband Aaron Smedley.  This paper was witnessed by Benjamin Williams, a Justice of the Peace, and certified by Thomas Arnold and Thomas Hughes.  Henry Leer was too feeble to return to Maryland in 1795 so he gave his son Jacob power-of-attorney to settle his affairs there.  Henry lived seven years after that until 1802 when he died and was buried in the old Dutch Graveyard in Paris Kentucky.  In book 8, page 349 of Frederick County Deeds recorded in Land Office at Annapolis, Maryland a deed dated June 2, 1807 shows the transfer of property in that county to Ellis Hart by Ann Lear, David Lear, Jacob Lear, Aaron Smedley, and Rebecca his wife, Abraham Lear and Nancy, his wife, John Lear and Catherine, his wife, and Thomas Humphrey and Mary, his wife, heirs-at-law and representatives of Henry Lear deceased, all of Bourbon County, Commonwealth of Kentucky.  This deed gives the complete list of the heirs and children of Henry Lear (I). 

(2)    Rebecca, the eldest child, was born in Maryland on December 15, 1765.  She died in Kentucky July 16, 1828.  She married Aaron Smedley who was born in Pennsylvania, April 4, 1764 and died in Bourbon County June 31, 1836.  Aaron Smedley build the first house with a shingle roof in Paris.  (3) His son Aaron was born in Paris July 25, 1794 and died September 7, 1863 and married Catherine Hughs, daughter of Jesse and Priscilla (Parker) Hughs.  They had a son (4) John G. Smedley, born February 20, 1836.  (4) William, who was twice married, first to a Miss Howell of New York City, and afterwards to a Miss Burns of Leavenworth, Kansas.  He lived in Salt Lake City and was engaged in mining and insurance business.  (4) Joseph married a Miss Jameson of Paris and left two daughters (4) Broadus; (4) Elizabeth, who died in infancy; (4) Aaron Jr. engaged in mercantile business in St. Louis; (4) Catherine married Henry Forester, merchant of Chicago; (4) John G. Smedley married Miss Martha Boulden on October 28, 1862.  After her death, he married Mrs. Lizzie Rains on March 14, 1877 and they had two children.  The children were (5) Mary born December 21, 1877; (5) Graham born November 10, 1879.

(2)    Abraham Leer married Nancy Morris on December 9, 1806.  After serving in the War of 1812 he settled in Illinois and the history of this family is unknown to the Kentucky branches.

(2)    John Leer, son of Henry and Ann Leer, married Catherine Cassell September 14, 1805.  In 1830 they moved to Palmyra, Missouri.  It is known that they had two children and perhaps had others.  They had a son (3) Henry and a daughter (3) Mary Ann who married Benjamin Pyatt.  The children of Benjamin Pyatt and Mary Ann Leer are (4) John Cassell Pyatt; (4) Katherine; (4) Elie; (4) Dr. Charles Lynn Pyatt; (4) James Cheaney; (4) Bess; (4) John Cassell Pyatt was born Jan. 10, 1843 in Missouri and his first wife was a Miss Hagar.  Their Children were (5) Eugene; (5) Richard; (5) Grace; and, (5) Isabelle.  (4) John Cassell Pyatt married the second time Mary Belle Cheaney.  Their children were (5) Katherine, who married J. Wesley Robertson; Elie unmarried; Dr. Charles Lynn Pyatt, who married Grace Strawn; James Cheaney; and Bess, who married Walton Boxell.  No issue.

Dr. Charles Lynn Pyatt is now Dean of the College of Bible located in Lexington.  He was educated at Transylvania College, where he received his A.B. degree.  Then he attended Yale University where he was awarded his Bachelor of Divinity Degree.  Later he attended Harvard University and there received a Doctor of Theology degree.

We learn from a Bible owned by his descendants that (2) Jacob Leer, son of Henry and Ann Leer, was born June 15, 1773.  He married Nancy, who was born August 4, 1776.  Their marriage date was September 20, 1796.  Their children were (3) John M. Leer, born March 23, 1797; (3) Rebecca Leer, born October 16, 1798; (3) Nancy Massie Leer, born September 12, 1800.  She married Dr. John Charles Alberti, who died June 27, 1851.  She died July 19, 1883.  John M. Leer died Jan 12, 1826.  Rebecca Leer Bryan died Jan 30, 1846.  The above records were copied from the Bible of (4) Elizabeth Leer, daughter of (3) David and Corday Kenney Leer, and her husband John Leer Bledsoe Alberti.  He was born Dec 12, 1822 and died Oct 18, 1901.  They were married May 26, 1853.  Two children were born to this union, (5) Charles Monroe Alberti born August 22, 1856.  He died unmarried on November 18, 1897.  He was educated at Transylvania which was then known as Kentucky University.  He became an educator and at one time was Superintendent of School in Lexington.  His sister (5) Nancy Kate Alberti born April 23, 1858.  She married on February 7, 1875.  Ambrose Haley, who was born November 1, 1846.  He lived just across the Winchester Pike from the home of John Leer Alberti, which was in Fayette county.  Their children are (6) Katherine Ler; Samuel Martin; Ambrose; Charles Alberti; Eugene Warton and Christmas Carol.

(6) Katherine Leer Haley, who was born July 27, 1877 married Dr. Charles G. Stephenson April 26, 1900.  He was a physician of Clark County.  They have three children (7) Nancy Waters Stephenson, born February 11, 1903; (7) Ambrose Haley Stephenson born June 1, 1906; and (7) Charles G. Stephenson II, who was born October 4, 1915.

(7) Nancy Haley Stephenson married Clyde Combs Elkin on June 4, 1936 and they have three children (8) James Stephenson Elkin, who was born April 16, 1937; (8) Katherine Haley Stephenson Elkin, born January 14, 1940; (8) Frances Hughes Elkin born July 16, 1942.

(6) Samuel Martin Haley who was born November 29, 1878 married Rose Mary Goodman on April 12, 1911.  She died January 28, 1936 in Fayette County.  She left one daughter (7) Fannie Summer Haley born April 13, 1912 and she married on April 16, 1940 Dr. Ira Chenault Evans, who is a First Lieutenant, Medical Corps of the U.S. Army.  He is the son of Senator James O. Evans and Mary Best (Tarr) Evans of Bourbon County.  Dr. and Mrs. Evans have a daughter (8) Rose Elizabeth Evans, who was born February 20, 1943.

(6)Ambrose Haley born Jan 26, 1880, is unmarried.

(6) Eugene Wharton Haley born December 14, 1888, married Mayzella Kerns and they have one son, (7) Eugene Wharton Haley, born April 1, 1940.

(6) Christmas Carol Haley born December 25, 1891 married Bettie Louise Coons on February 9, 1910.  They have one daughter (7) Bettie Darnaby Haley.

(2) David Leer, son of Henry and Ann Maria Leer, was born in Frederick County, Maryland on June 11, 1769 and was baptized in St. Benjamin or Kreider’s Reformed Church in that county on June 10, 1770 as David Lier, son of Henrich Lier and wife Anna Maria.  Jacob Cassell was sponsor.  David Leer came to Kentucky with his parents and on December 2, 1794 he married Elizabeth Wright born in Virginia, daughter of William and Martha Wright.  Their marriage bond was issued on the 28th day of November, 1794 by Thomas Reeder, clerk of Bourbon County and was signed by David Leer and John Wright who was her brother.  They were married December 2, according to their Bible record.  In 1808, David Lear and Elizabeth, his wife, deeded to “John McCann a certain part of a lot of ground lying in the town of Paris and County of Bourbon situated on Mulberry Street, lying between Main Street and Pleasant Streets lying on the Southeast side of the aforesaid street and known and distinguished on the general plan of said town by number (14) fourteen to be laid off on the South end of the said lot and fronting Mulberry Street sixty-two feet and three inches.”  This deed is attested by William Garrard, Jr. C.B.C.

On the twelfth day of January 1808, David Leer and Elizabeth, his wife, Jacob Lear and Nancy, his wife, convey to Abraham Latimore the other part of Lot Fourteen, which faced Pleasant Street.  On January 12, 1808 David Leer and Elizabeth, his wife, and Jacob Leer and Nancy, his wife, of the County of Bourbon convey to Thomas Otway Allen a certain half lot lying and being in the town of Paris and on Main Street of said town and know in the plan of said town by number fourteen measuring on said Main Street sisty-six feet and measuring back a hundred seven and a quarter feet.

There are numerous other transfers of land about these dates, on of which is especially interesting because in a memorandum at the end of the deed it says “The land described in this deed made to said David Lear, the twenty-fifth day of June 1800, and ordered to be recorded but by some mistake or defect in said deed it was found necessary to make a new deed for the same land.”  This was land bought from John Allen and Jane, his wife, lying on the waters of Stoner.

David Leer and his wife Elizabeth died and were buried on their farm about two and one half miles from Paris on the Maysville Pike.  Their tombstones remained there many years until the farm passed into the possession of others and then these markers were moved elsewhere for safe keeping.  The inscriptions on these tombstones read:

            Elizabeth, wife of David Leer

born Dec. 11, 1770

            Died March 27, 1844
            David Leer
            Born June 11, 1769
            Died August 6, 1852

The following Bible record of David Leer, Sr. gives the names and birth dates of his children.

(3) Patsy Leer born Sept 8, 1795 and married Thomas Wright September 22, 1821.  She died Jan 27, 1823.

(3) Henry Leer born March 2, 1797 married Sarah Howard on April 21, 1822; died 1860.

(3) William Leer born July 22, 1799; married Patsy Champ on August 3, 1821.

(3)  Daniel Leer Born March 17, 1801.

(3)  David Leer born January 15, 1803; married Corday Kenney.

(3)  John Parker Leer born January 16, 1805.

(3)  Samuel Sellers Leer born August 19, 1806; died Sept. 23,1827.

The will of David Leer made August 18, 1849 was probated in the September term of Court 1852 with Thomas W. Shepherd and Henry Leer as witnesses.

(3)  William Leer, son of the above David and Elizabeth, moved to Fayette County, Indiana about 1825.  He and his family lived for many years in the Northwestern part of the County, about a mile and a half from the Rush County Line.  Later they moved a mile West into ?Rush County near a small place called Falmouth.  They had Susan and David Michael born in Kentucky; in Indiana were born Elizabeth, Samuel, John, Daniel and William.  Martha Champ Leer died in Rush County, Indiana and was buried in the family grave yard.  William Leer married again, his second wife was Mary Brown and he was her third husband.  William Leer died November 27, 1877 aged seventy-eight years, four months and five days.  Mary Brown Leer was born March 18, 1803 and died August 28, 1885.  They were buried in Knox Chapel Cemetery which is near Pt. Isabel, Indiana.  The descendants of William and Martha Champ Leer are (4) Susan, who married Jesse Manlove, but lived only a year after her marriage.

(4)  David Michael Leer was born August 20, 1824.  On his tombstone in Knox Chapel is this inscription, “David M. Leer 1824-1902.  He married Amanda R. Fox, born April 11, 1824.  Died March 4, 1899 at Elwood, Indiana.  They were married November 8, 1843.”  Their children were:

(5)  James Merritt Leer born October 6, 1844; died 1916 and buried in Knox Chapel.  He married (1) Sarah Ann Pinkerman.  Titus born 1847; died May 25, 1887.  He married  (2) Amanda Thrasher McConnell born 1824.  He married as his third wife, Sarah (McGraw) Butler.  His fourth wife was Martha Baldwin, a widow.  (5) Margaret Angeline Leer, daughter of David and Amanda Fox Leer, was born May 13, 1846.  She married on October 19, 1862, James Kilgore.  He was born December 11, 1836; died December 17, 1904.  Their children were: (6) Emma, Ida, Mary, Amanda, Alonzo, Julia K. Rome Sylvester, Maude, Lela, and Marion, who were twins.  (6) Emma Ida Kilgore, born April 19, 1863, married Emmett Williams and their children were: (7) Irma, Kenneth, and Edna.

(6) Mary Amanda Kilgore was born June 7, 1865.  Married Charles Helmer and left no descendants. 

(6) Alonzo Kilgore born August 7, 1867.  Died young.

(6) Julia Kilgore was born September 1871; married Frank Saxon and had no children.

(6)  Rome Sylvester Kilgore was born August 7, 1874.  Unmarried.

(6)  Leila Kilgore was born June 9, 1878; died April 7, 1906; married Thomas Martin and left one child (7) Helen.

(6) Marion Kilgore born June 9, 1878; married Ida Thomas (Scrivens), a widow.  They have one daughter (7) Wilma.

(6)  Henriette Leer Kilgore was born April 7, 1855; died October 26, 1918 and is buried at Knox Chapel Cemetery.  She married first, Mr. Strothers.  They had one child who died in infancy.  She married second a Mr. Leonard.

(5)  Charles Monroe Leer, son of David Michael and Amanda Fox Leer, lived and died at Elwood, Indiana.

(5)  His brother, Leonardus Leer, was born July 31, 1850.  He married Elizabeth Cummings.  Their children were Norman, Frank, Clifford, Elmer and Isa.  Some of this family emigrated to Nebraska and others went to Canada.

(5)  William M. Leer born June 7, 1859 and married first, Rhoda Wright, whose children were:

(6)  Joseph, Raymond, Ida and George.  The name of the second wife of William M. Leer is not known by the family.  He died at Champagne, Illinois about 1925.

(4)  Elizabeth Leer, commonly called Betsey, was engaged to be married to Daniel Shortridge but died of fever just a few days before the time set for her wedding.  She was buried by the side of her mother in the graveyard on their farm.

(4)  Samuel Leer, son of William Leer, was born in Fayette County, Indiana May 30, 1827; died near Pt. Isabel November 2, 1876.  He married Mary Williams, who was born near Connersville, Indiana January 27, 1827 and married October 28, 1837.  Her parents were Charles Williams (soldier in the War of 1812) and Lydia Jones Williams.  Their children were Josiah, Mary Jane, William, Malinda, Samuel, Charles, Martha, John, Lydia Ann, Cordia and Cauzadia.

(5)  Josiah Leer, son of Samuel and Mary Williams Leer, was born August 18, 1843 and died November 22, 1851. 

(5)  Mary Jane Leer was born September 14, 1849 near Connersville, Indiana.  She married on October 1867 John Jackson, son of John Jackson and his wife, who was a Miss Hood.  Both of these were living in 1927.  Their children were (6) Austin Jackson, Maude, Luther, and Ethel Jackson.

(6) Austin Jackson married Eva Oldham and they have one daughter, (7) Edith who married Mr. Todd.

(6) Maude Jackson died quite young.

(6)  Luther Jackson married Lily Hungerford.  They have one son (7) Carl.

(6)  Ethel Jackson married Ora Florea and their children are: (7) John Florea, Paul, Ruth, Maxine, and Delen.

(6)  Lydia Ann Leer, daughter of Samuel and Mary Williams Leer, was born on December 8, 1851 near Connersville, Indiana.  She died near Pt. Isabel, Grant County, Indiana on October 30, 1926.  She married Luther Truman Hale on October 25, 1874.  He was born near Sulphur Springs, Henry County, Indiana in September 1849; died at Pt. Isabel, Indiana August 10, 1921.  His parents were Virgil Hale (a descendant of Sir Nathan Hale) and Sarah Jane (Benbow) Hale, who was a descendant of Admiral Benbow of England.  The children of Luther T. Hale and Lydia Ann Leer were: (7) Mary Cecil Hale and Thomas Virgil Hale (twins).  (7) Mary Cecile Hale was born July 17, 1866, was married September 23, 1914 to Frank A. MacDonald, son of Robert and Leonora (Pierce) MacDonald.  They have no family.

(7)  Thomas Virgil Hale born July 17, 1886; died August 22, 1913 at the old homestead where he was born.  He married Ida G. Hamilton and they had two sons (8) Edward Everett Hale and Robert Hale.

(6)  Cordia Leer, daughter of Samuel Leer, was born March 3, 1853 and died February 9, 1856.

(6) Cauzadia Leer, daughter of Samuel Leer, born December 11, 1854; died February 4, 1857.

(5)  Leonardus Leer, son of David Michael, was born July 31, 1850; married Elizabeth Cunnings.  Their children were (6) Norman, Frank, Clifford, Elmer, and Isa.  Some of this family went to Nebraska and others to Canada.

(5)  William Leer, son of Samuel and Mary Williams Leer was born January 10, 1853.  On June 1, 1879 he married Mary Jane McKinley, daughter of Wm. McKinley and Nancy Lightfoot McKinley.  They had eight children as follows: (6) Bessie and Jessie (twins), Glendon, Maude, Cleo, Estelle, Gladys and Hillary.

(6)  Bessie Leer married Ed Wardwell and had one son (7) Harold.  Harold married Gertrude Bagley, daughter of Howard Bagley, and has three children.

(6)  Jessie Leer married Clarence Hannah, son of Joseph Hannah and they have two daughters, (7) Imogene and Jeanette, residents of Grant County, Indiana.

(6)  Glendon Leer, son of William and Amanda Fox Leer, married Avis Bayless and they have three children: (7) Milton, Robert, and Margaret.

(6)  Maude is unmarried and living at home.

(6)  Cleo is unmarried.

(6)  Estelle married Lawrence Spitmesser and they have two sons.

(6)  Gladys married M. Johnson and they have four children, (7) Gwendolyn, Ila, Harry, and Charles.  They live at Hammond, Indiana.

(6)  Hillary Leer, born October 1902, married Rosella K. Hahn on June 19, 1927.  She is the daughter of Edmund and Rolena (Crawford) Hahn of Carthage, Indiana.

(5)  Malinda Leer, daughter of Samuel and Mary Williams Leer, was born August 10, 1859.  She married Alfred Kemmer and has two daughters (6) Leona and Mae.

(6)  Leona Kemmer married Frank Shugart and they have one daughter (7) Charline.

(6)  Mae Kemmer was born in 1900, unmarried and resident of Grant County, Indiana.

(5)  Samuel Leer, son of Samuel and Mary Williams Leer, was born August 22, 1862.  He married first Laura B. Covalt.  They had three children (6) Fred, Annie Laurie, and Edith Monelle.

(6)  Fred Leer married Etta Templeton and they have two children (7) Kathleen and Samuel.

(6)  Annie Laurie Leer married Fred Albert and they have three children (7) Maxine and Pauline (twins) and Charles.

(6)  Edith Monelle Leer died very young.

(5) Laura, first wife of Samuel Leer died about 1891.  Samuel Leer’s second wife was Jane Covett, daughter of Jack Covett and Margaret Messmore Covett and they had one son, (6) Wayne Leer.

(6) Wayne Leer was born August 15, 1864.  He married Lydia Pinkerman, daughter of William Pinkerman and Rebecca (Titus) Pinkerman on October 30, 1885.  They have three children (7) Ernest, Grace Agnes and Alma Leer.

(7)  Ernest Leer married Agnes Booz, no family.

(7)  Grace Agnes Leer married Earl E. Mason.  They have two sons (7) Richard Leer Mason, and Earl Mason, Junior.  All residents of Grant County, Indiana.

(6)  Alma Leer, daughter of Charles and Mary Williams Leer, was born September 4, 1867.  She married Mr. Hartley.  He died May 17, 1927 at Hanfield, Indiana and was buried in Know Chapel Cemetery.  Their children were (7) Lena, Hartley, Inez, Mary Edna, Alta, Clifford, and Elizabeth.

(7)  Lena Hartley married Earl Dimmick and they have two daughters (8) Delight and Dorothy.  Residents of Grant County, Indiana.

(7)  Inez married Doc. Elliott.  Inez died in 1903 in less than a year after her marriage and left one daughter (8) Mildred Elliott.

(7)  Mary Edna Hartley married Horatio Wiley and they have two daughters, (8) Josephine and Mary.

(7)  Alta Hartley born 1893 married Oscar Green.  They have two sons.

(7) Clifford Hartley died when about seven years old.

(7)  Elizabeth Hartley married Paul Mulligan in October 1926.

(5)  John Leer, son of William and Martha Champ Leer, married Elizabeth Pentecost.  Their children were (6) Martha, Esther, Lily, and Watt.

(5)  Daniel Leer, son of William and Martha Champ Leer, married Miss Bannister.  They are buried in Knox Chapel Cemetery.  Their children were (6) John, Elmer, James, Miranda, Francina, Elizabeth, Isabelle, Harmon, Ludwig, and Willard.  Of these John and Elmer died young.  James married Samantha Goodykoontz; Miranda married Bert Gossom.  Francina Leer married Henry Johnson, son of Eleaner Johnson.  They had children (7) Priscilla, Isabella, and Allare, deceased.

(6)  Elizabeth died in youth.

(6)  Harmon Leer married Gertrude Wells and had three children: (7) ???, Harry, and Hubert.  This family lived in Indianapolis, Indiana.

(6)  Ludwig Leer married Caroline Wells.  No family.  Live in Grant County, Indiana.

(6)  Willard Leer married Goldie Drawhorn, who died February 20, 1927, aged thirty-six years.  They had several children, (7) Dolores, Kenneth, Ludwig, and another.  They lived in Grant County, Indiana.

(5)  William Leer, son of William and Martha Champ Leer, married Lucinda Jones.  They had one daughter (6) Julia, who married Beauregarde Collins.  He died November 1926.  Left no family.

(3)  John Leer, son of David and Elizabeth Wright Leer, was born January 16, 1805.  On August 20, 1833, he married Sallie Turner who ws born August 20, 1813.  The children of this couple were:

(4) Nancy Jane Leer born November 22, 1835 and died May 15, 1854.

(4) William Henry Leer born April 4, 1839, died May 10, 1857.

(4)  John Allen Gano Leer born August 25, 1841; married on October 28, 1868 Belle Amos who died December 16, 1875.

(4) Bettie M. Leer was born September 1, 1844 and married Arch Stout on February 12, 1862.

(4)  Taylor Leer was born April 14, 1847; died August 23, 1848.  On November 30, 1854 John Leer married as his second wife, Elizabeth Green who was born January 2, 1835.  The children of this marriage were Charles R. Leer who was born September 24, 1855 and married on September 25, 1877 to Florence Watson.

(4)  Richard F. Leer was born December 1, 1859; died September 17, 1860.

(4)  Mary Frank Leer was born January 11, 1862; married Morris K. Garland on September 25, 1877.  She died July 17, 1913.  Left one son, Hamlet Garland, who died August 27, 1909.

(4)  William Green Leer, son of John and Elizabeth Green Leer, was born January 9, 1864.  Her married Nannie Clark on October 17, 1888. 

(4) Ashby Leer, born March 3, 1870 married Bessie Prather, daughter of George and Josephine Evans Prather of Mason County.  They were married on August 25, 1903.  They had one daughter (5) Josephine Evans Leer, born November 12, 1906.  She married William Robert Turner, son of William F. and Bettie (Jones) Turner on August 21, 1920.  They had one son, (6) Robert Leer Turner.  Josephine Leer married as her second husband, Ermyne Marian Slider on March 3, 1930.  They reside in Atlanta, Georgia.  No children.  (6) Robert Leer Turner was born April 15, 1922 in Millersburg, Kentucky.  He married Josephine Godridge Harborne, daughter of Thomas Harborne of Lexington on December 26, 1942.  He is a lieutenant in the U.S. Army Air Corps and is now residing in Walla Walla, Washington, where he is temporarily stationed.

(4)  Bettie Leer, daughter of John Leer and his first wife, Sallie Howard Leer, married Arch Stout on February 12, 1862.  They had three children (5) Harry born January 31, 1868; Maud born May 25, 1870 and Leer born April 23, 1874.  Neither Harry nor Leer left descendants.  Maud married Oliver Carter and had two daughters.

(3)  Capt. Henry Leer, son of David and Elizabeth Wright Leer, was born March 2, 1797 and married Sarah Howard on April 21, 1822.  She was born in 1802 and died February 2, 1882.  They had (4) Elizabeth Smith Leer who married John Robnett Rogers. (4) Andrew, Jackson, John, Lucy, Mary, Henry, David and James Howard Leer.

(4)  Elizabeth Smith Leer and her husband moved to Indiana.  Their children were (5) Joseph Rogers, Maggie, Mollie, Lucinda Jane, Elgertha, Harden O., Anna Belle, and Sarah Frances.

(5) Joseph Rogers married Amanda Kimes and had (6) Myrtle; left no heirs.  (6) Maggie (Myrtle) married Otto Butcher.  (5) Mollie died in infancy.  (5) Lucinda Jane married William Nesbit and had one chile (6) Leo; he had two children (7) Doris Marie and Hazel Hiatt. 

(5)  Elgertha married Oliver Gossom and had the following children: (6)  James Otis who died in infancy.

(5)  Harden O. married Fannie Lawson and had two children, both of whom died in infancy.

(5)  Anna Belle married T.W. Sampson and their children were (6) Cecile and Buford.

(5)  Sarah Frances married Dr. Wilson T. Freeman of Grant County, Indiana and had a son (6) William Freeman, who had two children (7) Claude and Katherine.  (6) Mary Malinda Freeman, daughter of Sarah F. and Wilson Freeman, married Theodore Reeves and they live in Philadelphia.  Their children are (7) Roger born May 3, 1913 (7) John Leslie born January 15, 1892; (7) Homer F. born February 18, 1894; (7) Courtney H. born March 9, 1897; (7) Richard E. born November 10, 1899; (7) May Belle born May 11, 1902; (7) Theodora born May 11, 1907; and (7) Sarah Frances born June 17, 1915.

(4)  James Howard Leer, son of Capt. Henry Leer and Sallie Howard was born January 21, 1822 and died November 1, 1910.  He married Malinda Jane Rogers on January 15, 1842.  She was born March 12, 1826 and died October 28, 1879.  They had (5) James Dudley Leer who was born on July 16, 1852 and died on November 20, 1877, unmarried.

(5) Mary Elizabeth Leer, born March 28, 1874 and died February 1, 1904, unmarried.  James Howard Leer married as his second wife, Lula F. Kimes, born on December 31, 1861.  They had one son, James Howard Leer II, who was born on January 2, 1885.  He married Henry Etta Champe, born January 14, 1889.  They live in Scott County, Kentucky, on the old Leer place.  They have (6) Martha Lou Leer, who was born on November 13, 1913.  (6) James Howard Leer III, born November 18, 1915 and who on December 10, 1942 married Frances Cannon.  He is now serving in the Armored Forces of the U.S. Army.  The third child of James Howard and Henry Etta Champ Leer is a daughter, Rebecca Champe Leer, who was born on August 15, 1919 and who married Charles E. Cannon on November 19, 1941.  He is a brother of the wife of James Howard Leer III.

David Leer, son of Capt. Henry Leer left no heirs.  He fought in the War Between the States on the Northern side.  His brother (4) Henry Leer who was born September 18, 1838 fought in the War Between the States on the Southern side.  He died October 10, 1913 and is buried in the Paris Cemetery.  (4) Mary Leer married Charles Sedam of Cincinnati on November 25, 1856.  They left one son, (5) Harry Sedam who died without heirs.  On December 29, 1863 (4) Lucy Leer married Frank Manlove and had three children: (5) Henry, Bertha, and Myrtle.

(5) John Leer, son of Henry and Sallie Howard Leer bought a farm sixty miles from Kansas city, Kansas and was killed by an overturning wagon while loading apples.

(5)  Andrew Jackson Leer was born September 28, 1829 and died February 8, 1890.  He married Frances Ammerman on October 3, 1857.  They had (6) Bina Bett who married a Mr. Stitts;

(5) Martin who went to Kokomo, Indiana.

(5)  Howard went West and was killed by Indians in Oklahoma.

(3)  David Leer, Jr. who was born in Bourbon County on January 16, 1803 was the fourth son of David Leer and Elizabeth Wright Leer.  He was tall and slender with keen black eyes.  It is a family tradition that he killed a hawk on the wing after he had passed his eightieth birthday.  His entire life was passed on the farm and in the house where he went to housekeeping.  He married Corday Kenney on June 10, 1830.  She was the daughter of James Kenney and Margaret Johnston Kenney.  She was born December 12, 1809.  David Leer Jr. had silver spoons made from silver money with which to start housekeeping.  Their farm was located on the Jackstown Pike and the house was identical with three others said to have been built by David Leer Sr. for his four sons. 

(4)  Margaret, who was born on May 21, 1831, was the first child of David and Corday Leer.  She lived only a few years and died on February 2, 1833.  She was buried in the family grave yard of her grandfather, James Kenney, on Stoner Creek.  The second child of David and Corday Kenney Leer was (4) Elizabeth who was born on May 27, 1833; married her cousin, John Leer Alberti, grandson of Jacob Leer and their descendants are given under his line.  (4) Charles Carroll Leer was the third child of David and Corday Leer; he was born May 11, 1841.  He owned much of the old Leer land where he raised fine live stock.  In his youth he took mules South and sold them to the cotton raisers.  He lived all his life in Bourbon County and died at New Forest, his home, near Paris, Kentucky.  He married Ameilia Turner (daughter of Mary Jane Tribble of Madison County) on October 29, 1874.  She was a graduate of Madison Institute.  Her husband died December 22, 1894 when her youngest child was just nine months old.  She successfully reared her family of seven children.  She died in Bourbon County on March 1, 1915.

(5)  Corday, the eldest child of James Monroe and Ameila Turner Leer, was born February 19, 1877.  She married Benjamin Franklin Buckley on January 22, 1896.  He was born in Bracken County on August 12, 1863, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Weimer Buckley.  He was educated at old Augusta College.  They went to housekeeping at Idylwild, their home in the Western part of Bourbon County, as Mr. Buckley was a farmer, stockman, and tobacco broker.  Here were worn their two sons (6) Benjamin Franklin Buckley II and (6) Monroe Leer Buckley.  Benjamin Franklin Buckley II was born May 12, 1901.  He was educated in the Public Schools of Lexington and the University of Wisconsin.  He is engaged in farming and is also is President of Buckley & Co. insurance brokers.  He married on October 15, 1923 Beula May Saunders, daughter of M. C. and Bessie Thompson Saunders.  She was born in Fleming County on March 28, 1900.  She was educated at Millersburg and Ward Belmont.  They have two children:  (7) Benjamin Franklin Buckley III, born in Fayette County on September 22, 1924.  He was a sophomore in the University of Kentucky when he was called to serve his county in the Navy.  (7)  Betty Saunders Buckley, second child of Benjamin and Beulah Buckley was born in Fayette County on December 28, 1931.  She attends school in Lexington.  (6) Monroe Leer Buckley, second child of Corday and B.F. Buckley was born in Bourbon County on February 2, 1905.  He was educated in the public schools of Lexington;  he received his A.B. degree from Transylvania College 1926, cum laude; and his LL B. from Yale University, 1929.  After his return to Lexington he was elected Representative from that city in 1932; he represented his district in the senate from 1936 to 1940.  He is now President of the Lexington Bar Association.  He served as President of the Kentucky Society Sons of the Revolution for four years.  He married in Miami Beach, Florida on April 20, 1933 Amelia Pickrell King, born in Nicholas County, the daughter of Harry Smith and Isabel Pickrell King.  She was born May 18, 1908.  She was educated in Hamilton College and was graduated from Goucher College in Maryland.  They live in Lexington. 

(5)  Vernon Leer, the eldest son of James and Amelia Turner Leer was born in Bourbon County on October 31, 1880.  He married on June 30, 1914 Bessie Tribble, daughter of Dudley and Fetney Weathers Tribble of Madison County.  He is now serving his fourth term as Judge of Madison County.  One child, (6) Bessie was born to this union on November 17, 1917.  She attended Stuart Hall and the University of Tennessee.  On May 10, 1939 she married Duncan Nave of Nicholasville.  He was born February 3, 1911.  He was graduated from Transylvania University.  They have one daughter, Ann Duncan Nave, born April 27, 1943.

(5) Davereau Leer, who now lives in St. Augustine, Florida, is the second son of James Monroe and Amelia Turner Leer.  He was born January 19, 1882.  He was educated at Transylvania University.  He married in Chicago on February 12, 1907 Katherine Fox, born December 25, 1885.  They have one son, (6) James Vernon Leer, born November 21, 1907.  He is now serving in the U.S. Navy.

(5)  Matilda, daughter of James Monroe and Amelia Turner Leer was born October 12, 1883 in Bourbon County.  She attended Georgetown College.  On April 29, 1907, she married John Will Denton, son of John Tyree and America Jane (Jones) Denton.  Mr. Denton was born November 25, 1884 and died May 22, 1943.  Their children are (6) Annie Thomas Denton, who was born August 9, 1909.  She received her A.B. degree from the University of Kentucky.  On October 10, 1934 she married Hubert Buckles, who was born in Virginia on August 7, 1907.  He was also graduated from the University of Kentucky.  They now live in Lexington and have two little daughters (7) Ann Carroll born October 14, 1937 and Betty Sue born March 19, 1942.

(6) John Tyree Denton, only son of Matilda Leer and John W. Denton, was born April 25, 1911.  He was graduated from Kentucky Military Institute and attended the University of Kentucky.  He married on August 7, 1937 Ann Elizabeth Fishback, daughter of the late Dr. R.E. Fishback and Bessie Scott Fishback.  She was born March 1917 and attended the University of Kentucky.  He is now serving in the U.S. Navy.

(6)  Corday Buckley Denton, second daughter of Matilda and John W. Denton, was born October 10, 1913.  She attended the University of Kentucky.  She married on April 6, 1934 Barton Kinkead Battaille who was born January 3, 1914.  He is a son of Frank and Elizabeth Kinkead Battaille.  They have two daughters (7) Matilda Fontaine Battaille who was born March 8, 1935, (7) Elizabeth Barton, who was born August 13, 1940.

(6)  Amelia Leer Denton, born May 9, 1915, attended the University of Kentucky.  She married Thomas Kay of West Virginia, graduate of Kentucky Military Institute.  He was born December 5, 1910.  They live on their farm in Woodford County which is about four miles from Versailles.  They have one son, (7) Thomas Denton Kay, born February 23, 1940.

(6)  Matilda, youngest child of Matilda and John W. Denton was born March 9, 1917.  She married on June 22, 1940 Gordon Hoover Sympson, A.B.  He was born in Bardstown on August 23, 1914.  Both attended the University of Kentucky.  After graduation he entered the military service and is now a Captain in the U.S. Army.  He was the firs Americal soldier ashore in Morocco when U.S. troops landed there November 8, 1942 in the invasion of North Africa.  Captain Sympson was awarded the Silver Star for “gallantry in action” in the encounter at Safi, Morocco.  He has also received the Order of the Purple Heart.  (7)  Gordon Hoover Sympson, Jr., their son, was born December 3, 1942.

(5)  Amelia Turner Leer, daughter of James M.  and Amelia Turner Leer was born January 8, 1889.  Attended Bourbon College and received her A.B. and M.A. degrees from the University of Kentucky.  She lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.  She married on August 28, 1913 Alfred Caruthers, born January 2, 1886.  They had one son, Alfred Leer Caruthers, born January 17, 1915; died April 18, 1938.

(5)  Laura Kittrell Leer, daughter of James Monroe and Amelia Turner Leer was born at New Forest on March 25, 1891.  She attended Bourbon College, Chicago Schools and Eastern State College.  She married on March 6, 1912 Roger Randolph Early, son of Roger Randolph Early and Ella Wheeler Early.  He was born June 8, 1898.  They have two sons and one daughter.  Roger Randolph Early III was born in Fayette County on October 15, 1916.  He was graduated from Ohio Wesleyan with an A.B. degree.  He married in October 1942 Mary Louise Sanford, who also graduated from Ohio Wesleyan.  He is now a Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Corps.  Roger and Loura Early moved from Fayette County to Milford, Ohio.  The second son of Loura Leer and Roger R. Early is David Nichols Early, who was born in Fayette County, Kentucky on December 1, 1923.  He was a sophomore at Ohio University when the Government sent him back to their dairy farm for the duration.  (6) Mary Elizabeth, only daughter of Roger and Loura Leer Early was born in Cincinnati on January 31, 1929.  She is attending high school in Milford.

(5) n James Monroe Leer, youngest son and child of James Monroe and Amelia Turner Leer, was born at New Forest in Bourbon County on February 8, 1894.  He was educated in Chicago, but returned to Bourbon County to engage in farming as his ancestors for generations had done.  He married on February 12, 1918 George McDaniel from Millersburg.  She was born September 16, 1898.  They live in Millersburg, Bourbon County and have two sons.  (6) James Monroe Leer III was born May 11, 1922.  He attended the University of Kentucky and went into the service of his country in June 1943.  He is now at Ft. Benning.  (6)  George McDaniel Leer born May 9, 1934.

(4)  Catherine, younger daughter and youngest child of David Leer and Corday Kenney ws born in Bourbon County on July 17, 1840.  She married John Lewis Ringo of Fleming County on February 19, 1867.  He was born August 16, 1836, son of John Robert Ringo and Nancy Preston Lewis.  Catherine Ringo died April 19, 1897.  They had three children, the eldest of whom was (5) Nancy who was educated at the Cincinnati Conservatgory of Music and at the Boston Conservatory.  She married Albert Mitchell of Bourbon County.  They had one son, Albert Lewis Mitchell, born October 23, 1895.  He married on January 2, 1916 Nancy Napier.  They live in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky where he is engaged in business.  To this union was born a daughter (7) Josephine Alberta Mitchell, who was born February 18, 1917.  She married Thomas Pangburn Douglas on June 25, 1937.  They have two sons (8) Albert Lindsey Douglas born February 23, 1940; and (8) Thomas Pangburn Douglas Jr., who was born October 17, 1942.

(5)  David Leer Ringo was the second son of Catherine Leer and John Lewis Ringo.  He was born June 26, 1869.  He married in Frankfort, Kentucky, Mattie Scott on October 10, 1903.  She was the daughter of Col. John and Sally Chiles Scott and was born on October 21, 1881.  They had two sons:  (6)  Walter Scott ringo, who ws born in Covington, Kentucky on June 26, 1907, and has two sons (7) Robert Roland Ringo born August 16, 1928 in Covington, Ky. (7) Donald Scott Ringo born in Louisville on December 2, 1932.  (6)  David Leer Ringo II was born in Hamilton, Ohio on January 5, 1912; he married in Covington, Ruth Jean McDowell on July 8, 1939.  She is the daughter of Edwin and Caroline Joes McDowell.  They live on a farm near Covington but he is engaged in business in Covington.  They have two sons:  (7) David Leer Ringo born in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 4, 1940.  (7) Phillip Jansen Ringo born in Cincinnati on February 23, 1943.  David Leer Ringo I died May 17, 1940 and was buried in Flemingsburg.

May was the youngest child of Catherine and John Lewis Ringo.  She ws born February 18, 1971.  After her mother’s death she lived with her grandmother, Corday Kenney Leer.  She was educated in Paris and at the University of Kentucky.  She taught in the public schools of Lexington before her marriage to Bennett McIntyre.  After his death she became a Red Cross nurse.  She married as her second husband William H. Thompson of Lexington.  She was an interested and valuable member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and held many offices in that organization.  She was State Secretary for five years.  In 1912, she was elected State Regent and was re-elected to that office.  She was horored by being elected Vice President General of the National Society in 1915.  Her death on December 1st, 1940 closed a very active life.

Bible record of Margaret Kenney and Isaac Johnson:

Sarah Robnett was born August 3rd, 1877.
Isaac Johnson was born October 15th, 1815.
Margaret Kenney was born December 14th, 1813.
Abigail Huston Johnson was born April 6th, 1840.
Joseph Kenney Johnson was born November 25th, 1841.
Sarah Elizabeth Johnson was born October 25th, 1843.
Marie Helena Johnson was born November 15th, 1845.
Samuel Walker Johnson was born June 5th, 1858.
Margaret Corday Johnson ws born March 11th, 1850
Sarah Millard was born March 7th, 1852.
Laura Victor was born November 24th, 1857.
Mollie Estill was born January 1st, 1862; married Joseph Johnson.

Amanda Victor, born December 4th, 1875
Nellie Blanche, born February 10th, 1878
David Leer Johnson, born September 11th, 1884
Frank Lander born October 10th, 1887
Charles Millard, born July 17th, 1891
George Bain Johnson, born June 26th, 1894.


Margaret Kenney and Isaac Johnson, married July 19th, 1838
Abigail H. Johnson and George F. Barnes, married January 22nd, 1863
Lena M. Johnson and Fred B. Bain, married August 5th, 1868.
Margaret Corday and John J. Paul, married July 8th, 1875
Joseph Kenney Johnson and Mollie Eatill married February 11th, 1887
Sarah Millard Johnson and Hosea B. Johnson married August 12th, 1886.
Lena M. Bain and Thomas Hendren married September 11th, 1877, second marriage of Lena Johnson Bain.


Isaac Johnson died June 6th, 1870
Margaret Kenney Johnson died February 18th, 1905
Margaret Corday Johnson died June 24th, 1900
Lena Johnson Bain Hendren died April 29th, 1901
Mollie Estill Johnson died February 26th, 1929
Sallie M. Johnson died March, 1929
George F. Barnes died October 4th, 1873
Fred Bain died August 13th, 1876
Sarah Johnson died June 4th, 1845
Sarah Elizabeth Johnson died November 26th, 1846
Samuel Walker Johnson died September 30th, 1854
Laura Victor Johnson died January 28th, 1863
Abigail H. Barnes died February 5th, 1865

The mother of Isaac Johnson was the daughter of Samuel and Rachel Robnett.  They came down the Ohio River in Capt. Greathouse’s Company, which was attacked by the Indians and many in the first boat were killed.  She married Isaac Johnson, son of Capt. Andrew and Mary Greg Johnson and had a son, Isaac, who married his cousin, Margaret Kenney, daughter of James and Margaret Johnson Kenney.

Lena M. Johnson, daughter of Isaac and Margaret Kenney Johnson, born November 15th, 1845; died April 29th, 1902, married Fred B. Bain, August 5th, 1868.  He died August 13th, 1876.


Walter Wesley Bain, born November 29th, 1869; died May 27th, 1897
Lena Alberti Bain born November 29th, 1871; died November 26th, 1918
Lena M. Johnson Bain married Thomas Hendren, September 11th, 1877.  they have the following issue:  Charles (Carl) Alberti Hendren, born June 22nd, 1878; lives at Flagler Beach, Florida.


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