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Deeds of Manumission

Notes on the Transcription of the Bourbon County Deeds of Manumission

Deeds of manumission were filed with the Bourbon County Clerk's Office so that freed African-Americans could have a document that verified their free status.  In a slave state, where the vast majority of African-Americans were enslaved, this document was essential to a free black person to maintain their ability to travel or otherwise be "at large" in a society that viewed any black person in unsupervised circumstances with suspicion.  Also, included in the book but not in this transcription are oaths that were taken by white persons moving into Kentucky with slaves in their possession, in which they promised that the slaves were not being brought into the state for the purpose of selling them.  This did not prevent them from selling their slaves if they decided to in the future but was supposed to adhere to Kentucky law that prevented slave importation for the express purpose of sale.

The deeds are filed in the book roughly by date of filing with the clerk.  The date of filing was not always the same as the date the emancipation was considered to be effective.  I have arranged the listing by the owner(s) name(s) since the slave being freed was not always listed with a surname.  Emancipation of slaves by the owner in his or her will was common; some of the deeds indicate motives of "benevolence and humanity".  Deeds of emancipation were also filed by husbands for their wives after they had purchased them from their masters, or parents for their children.  Physical descriptions were often given so that, if a free person was challenged, identifying characteristics such skin color, perceptible scars or marks, and height and/or weight could be checked to make sure that the person in question was the same one as indicated on the deed.

Slave emancipation was made much more difficult in Kentucky after 1850 when the new constitution instituted more stringent conditions for manumission.  The most difficult one was the requirement that freed slaves leave the state.  Owners freeing their slaves also were required to see that the freed slave did not become a charge on the county, a requirement that predated 1850.  Some owners took out a security bond to meet this condition; others required a surviving relative to see that the freed person was taken care of.  Still others required that the freed person move to Liberia, or, to a free state.

The transcriptions were made by Nancy O'Malley, Dept. Of Anthropology, University of Kentucky.  She can be reached for questions or corrections at 859-257-8208, Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 4:30.  She also has transcribed all of the free black persons listed in the federal census records for Bourbon County for the census years prior to the Civil War.

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Allen, James and William Parker Thomas 9/6/1841 6/7/1841 Mullato; 5'10"; 45 years
Allen, John Estate Peggy and Nancy Margaret 4/7/1851 4/7/1851 Peggy was to serve John's wife until she reached 30 years then be free; reached 30, 11 years ago; and had a child Nancy Margaret after reaching age 30; Peggy: 41 years, 5' 4"; Nancy M.: 7 years; brown skin, "common size for a child that age"
Allentharpe, Jacob Matilda 6/4/1827 6/4/1827 30 years old; mulatto; 5' 3"; scar on left breast from burn
Allington, David Harrison, Matilda and child William 5/2/1836 5/2/1836 45 years; yellow complexion; 5' 3"; William; 5 or 6 months old; yellow complexion
Allison, John B. (Monroe Co., Ind.) Dick 10/4/1824 10/4/1824 35 years old
Amos, Nicholas James 6/7/1847 6/7/1847 None
Arnold, James M. David 5/1/1837 5/1/1837 48 years; 5' 6"; scar under right eye and several small ones about frame
Arnold, James M. John 9/6/1847 9/6/1847 16 years
Arnold, Susan P. (of Paris) Harlow (woman) 10/5/1840 10/5/1840 40 or 45 years; 5'2"; light black or olive color
Arnold, Thomas Brown, Richard and wife Lydia 3/7/1836 3/7/1836 Richard; 5'7"; 60 years; thick and heavy set; a little gray; Lydia: 57 years; inclined to be fleshy; a little gray
Barker, Thomas Manuel 7/4/1825 7/4/1825 none
Batterton, Henry (Estate by Joshua Irvine, admr. Batterton, Willis 4/21/1834 4/21/1834 black complexion; "down look slow of speech"; scar on forehead; 5'7 or 8"; 22 years in Oct. last; out of Wm. B. Graves, Sr. estate
Beall, Milly and children (12 names) Alfred 2/12/1850 2/12/1850 Alfred belonged to Milly (widow of Archibald Beall) with children as residual devisees; mullatto; 39 years; 5'11 1/2"; crooked middle finger on left hand. Some of the heirs were in Indiana.
Becraft, Aquilla (Morgan Co. , ILL; by atty, James E. Litton) Samuel 12/2/1839 1/1/1850 son of Eliza Warton; owned by William and Levi Wosson? until date of freedom
Becraft, Aquilla (Morgan Co., ILL; by atty, James E. Litton Taylor, Henry 12/2/1839 10/1/1860 son of Eliza Warton
Becraft, Aquilla (Morgan Co., ILL; by atty, James E. Litton) Baker, Aaron 12/2/1839 9/2/1859 to be freed when he is 21; son of Eliza Warnton
Becraft, Aquilla (Morgan Co., ILL; by atty, James E. Litton) Taylor, Lewis Franklin 12/2/1839 1/1/1856 son of Eliza Warton; owned by William and Levi Wosson? until date of freedom
Becraft, Aquilla (Morgan Co., ILL; by atty, James E. Litton) Warnton, Eliza and Matilda 12/2/1839 12/2/1839 no description; Eliza had children which were freed at different dates
Becraft, John Stevenson, Notley 1/3/1834 1/3/1834 5'9"; light copper complexion; tolerably light body and inclined to be rather lean; has scrophelus skin on back of his left hand caused by a burn.
Becraft, Mary (of Montgomery County, Maryland) Charlotte, Leonard, and Willa 7/16/1860 2/23/1816 $1.00 paid; Charlotte: 20 years; Leonard: 19 years; mulatto; Willa: 13 years; to be free at age of 30 years; any children born prior to age of freedom to serve Becrafts until age 28
Bedford, Benjamin (of Bourbon Co.) and Henry C. Bradford (of Scott Co.) Thomas 3/7/1842 3/7/1842 36 years; 5'8"; stoutly made; forefinger of right hand both short and small having lost part of the bone from disease
Black, Samuel Heirs Tom 9/26/1828 9/26/1828 45 years old; 5'11 3/4"; tall rawboned man; very black; considerable scar on left side of upper lip; 1" scar on left side of forehead
Blackburn, Jane and David Maria Lilly 2/1/1851 1/1/1851 Maria Lilly was sister to Jane and David
Blackburn, Thomas (free man of color) Lydia and child Kitty Ann 5/2/1836 5/2/1836 Wife Lydia purchased from Benjamin Lockwood; dark complexion; 5' 13/16"; 43 years; no visible flesh marks; Kitty Ann: 3 years; dark complexion; born since Lydia's purchase
Blen, Isabella (Estate; by Ephraim Harry 12/3/1838 12/3/1828 30 years; 5' 9"; black; no scars
Bowen, Ben F. Love, Thorton 3/7/1859 3/7/1859 no description
Bowles, Robert Richrdson, Harry 12/13/1832 12/13/1832 None
Bradley, John (Estate; by exors.) Thomas 3/1/1841 3/1/1841 35 years; 7'7"; yellow complexion; high forehead; quite heavy built; 158 lbs.
Bramblitt, Gladys Daniel 10/5/1850 10/5/1850 Held life estate in Daniel from will of husband Henry; 50 years old
Brand Jeremiah (Heirs) Ann 4/3/1837 4/3/1837 34 years; dark complexion;5'1 1/2"
Brent, Thomas Y. Taylor, Bartlette 1/5/1846 1/5/1846 butcher by trade; 32 years; 5'8 1/2"; high cheek bones; 175 lbs.
Brown, James Bob 6/4/1827 6/4/1827 Freed b will; 58 years old; black; 5'5 1/2"; scar from scald on right buttock
Browning, William (Estate; by heirs) David 4/5/1842 4/5/1841 bought freedom for $600; 30 years; bright yellow complexion; 5'8 1/2"
Buckner, Walker John, Winney, and Betsey 4/2/1849 4/2/1849 John aged about 60 years; Winney aged about 50; Betsey aged about 18
Buckner, Walker Morgan, James 7/7/1828 7/7/1828 58 years old; inclined to be corpulent; 5'6"; his left foot very crooked due to a sprain
Burton, Jack (free man of color) Delsey, all her children 9/6/1824 9/6/1824 purchased from Robert E. Miller
Campbell, Hugh (Monroe Co., Ind.) Sam 9/4/1843 6/20/1843 freed for faithfulness and "other considerations"
Campbell, Mary Tibbs, Ben 2/7/1843 2/6/1843 27 years; black skin marked by small pox; 6'
Carron/Canon, Newton Josiah 1/6/1851 1/6/1851 40 years; 5'8"; dark complexion
Carter, George W. and R. S. Elijah 2/20/1834 3/3/1834 5'9"; light black complexion; 50 years; lower lip prominent.¬bottom width="27%" height=0>5'9"; light black complexion; 50 years; lower lip prominent.¬  Belonged to John Carter, decd.
Clay, Samuel Matilda 3/12/1861 3/12/1861 56 years; black skin; scar on left arm caused by a burn; tolerably large, about 180 lbs.
Close, Elizabeth Estate (of Lexington) Mary ¬  2/2/1822 Registering herself as a free woman of color; 20 years old; "light negro complexion"; round face; 4'9 1/2"; 3/4" scar on back of left hand
Cogswell, James M. Nelson 2/7/1832 2/7/1832 35 years old; light copper; well built; 5'10 3/4"; scar on right cheek and in edge of left palm below thumb; broad across cheeks
Conley, Nicholas (Natcher, Miss.) Patience 5/6/1833 5/6/1833 26 years
Corbin, Lewis (Estate; by John R. Corbin of Henry Co.) Emanuel 5/4/1840 5/4/1840 43 years?; black color; 5'7 1/2"; opens one eye rather imperfectly said to be a temporary affection; medium sized body.
Corbin, Lewis (Estate; by John R.Corbin of Henry Co.) William 5/4/1840 5/4/1840 26 years; 5'7"; rather small person, open countenance; black color
Couchman, Peter Tapp, Joseph 12/6/1830 12/6/1830 married to Rebecca; 67 years; slim; black; scar on forehead; 5'5 1/2"
Current, Thomas Monday, James 9/3/1827 9/3/1827 39 years old; black; 5'10"; strong features; high cheekbones; bought same day from William Rose Estate
Current, Thomas Sr. (Estate; by Elijah Current) Cassia (woman) 10/1/1838 9/30/1838 70 years; black skin; 5'3"; left ankle considerably enlarged from a fracture; spare made; morose countenance; mark under right eye
Curtis, Dennis (free man of color) Sarah (wife) and children, Sarah Ann and Elijah Washington 10/5/1840 10/5/1840 purchased wife from George Redmon in March, 1833; Sarah; 46 years; very bright mulatto; very straight black hair; inclined to be gray; 5'3" Sarah Ann: mulatto; 5 years; Elijah Washington: black; 4 years
Darnall, Thomas (Estate; by Levi Darnall) Willis 10/7/1844 10/7/1844 34 years; heavy set; 5'10"; very black complexion
Davis, Captain (free man of color) Darkey 1/7/1839 10/7/1839 purchased of Thomas Ardery; 54 years; dark skin; 5'3"
Davis, Garrett Coney, Betsy and child Mary Ellen 4/3/1837 4/3/1837 daughter of Samuel Coney, free man who died before purchasing wife and children; 23 years; rather dark; 5' 1 1/4"; Mary Ellen; 2 months; yellow skin
Davis, Garrett Coney, Harvey 4/3/1837 4/3/1837 son of Samuel Coney, free man who died before purchasing wife and children; 25 years; black skin; 6'1"
Davis, Farrett Coney, John 4/3/1837 4/3/1837 John was son of Samuel Coney, free man of color; died before purchasing freedom of wife Chariety and child; 29 years; 5'8"; dark skin; freed as condition of bill of sale from Coney's admr., James H. Cogswell, to Garrett Davis (DB 35, Vol. 2: p. 392
Dawson, J. (Estate; by James Coons) Winney 3/7/1836 3/7/1836 42 years; dark complexion; 5'5"
Dickson, william A. (Paris, KY.) Jeffrey 2/4/1827 3/7/1829 55 years old; dark' stout made; 5'9-10"
Demitt, Richard (Estate; by Joshua Demitt) Louisa 4/6/1835 4/6/1835 30 years; black complexion; 5'4 1/4"; no particular flesh marks
Dimmitt, Richard (Estate; by Joshua Dimitt) Harriett 4/5/1842 4/5/1842 31 or 32 years; 5'; copper complexion; small scars on back of hand; mouth pucked up
Dinwiddle, William (Estate; by William Miller) Bob 9/7/1865 9/7/1865 29 years; very dark complexion; 5'10"; scar on right near his nose and just below right eye; scar on back of left hand
Downing, Nelson (free man of color) Louisa (wife) and children Louis and Aaron 3/3/1838 3/3/1838 no description
Duncan, Henry T. Sarah 12/4/1837 12/4/1837 55 years; 5'1"; light complexion
Duncan, Henry T. Sarah 12/4/1837 12/4/1837 55 years; 5'1"; light complexion
Duncan, Henry T. (of Fayette Co., formerly of Bourbon Co.) Holeman, Dilse 1/6/1840 1/6/1840 light mulatto; 55 years; 5'8"
Ewalt, Samuel Abram 5/4/1846 5/4/1846 51 years
Ewing, Judith Daniel, wife Anna, youngest children, Alfred, Polina, George 4/3/1848 6/9/1847 described as "all African origin".
Ewing, Judith Emanuel, wife Caty, children Charlotte, Lucy Jane, Sarah Elizabeth 11/5/1838 7/25/1838 Emanuel: 60 years; Caty: 40 years; Charlotte: 5 years; Lucy Jane: 3 years; Sarah Elizabeth: 8 months
Ewing, Judith Thomas 9/6/1847 6/9/1847 dark complexion; middle stature; African origin; faithful servant
Flemster, Lucretia (of Paris; spelled Feemster in deed) Porter, Willis 3/14/1860 10/28/1860 my trustworthy negro man"; copper skin; 56 years; shoemaker by trade; 5'8"; no scars recollected
Garrard, Bettie Ferguson, Edward 4/7/1851 4/7/1851 59 years
Garrard, Joseph Garrard, Mary Susan 3/8/1851 3/1/1851 Mary Susan was Joseph's daughter purchased from William B. McClure Heirs after death of his wife, Mary
Garrard, Thomas Abraham 3/7/1842 1/20/1842 30 years; 5'6"; dark color
Garrard, Thomas Cynthia and children Isaiah, Richy, Washington, Mariah, Polly, Cynthia 4/4/1842 3/30/1842 Cynthia: 30 years; 5'; black color, thin visage; Isaiah: 13 y., black; Richy: 11y.; black; Washington: 9 yrs. black; Mariah: 7 y., black; Polly: 5 y.; black; Cynthia: 2 y., black
Garrard, Thomas Harrison 6/6/1842 5/30/1846 20 years; 6'; mulatto
Garrard, Thomas Joe 10/1/1842 6/14/1846 5'10"; scar on forehead; speech impediment
Garrard, Thomas Perry 4/4/1842 3/23/1842 32 years; 6'; heavy made; black color
Garrard, Thomas Reece 6/6/1842 6/6/1842 17 years; 5'; black skin; freed at Thomas' death
Garrard, Thomas Zachariah 6/6/1842 6/6/1842 30 years; 6'; black complexion; freed at Thomas' death
Garrard, William Matilda and children, George Troy, Ann Maria, Sarah Jane, Levinia, Silas, Harriett Elizabeth, James Henry 2/5/1838 2/5/1838 in consideration of services rendered and a sum of money paid by slave named Troy for his daughter, Matilda, then owned by Daniel Duncan; transferred to Garrard; 27 years; mulatto; stout form; 5'3"; cross eyed; ages in order 13, 12, 9, 6, 4, 2, 6 mos.
George, Reuben Jarrard 4/6/1829 4/6/1829 Freed by will; 22 years old; learned trade of shoemaker; dark; 5'8"
George, Reuben Mary 10/4/1824 10/4/1824 45 years old; freed by will
George, Reuben Talbott 1/7/1822 ¬eight=0> ¬ 
Giltner, John Jeremiah 4/22/1833 4/22/1833 50 yrs.; 5'8"; pretty deep black skin; high cheek bones; tolerably lean face; large scar on right temple from a burn
Graffort, Thomas Estate Amy 10/1/1832 10/1/1832 12 years old; copper or yellow
Graffort, Thomas Estate Bill (aka William) 10/1/1832 10/1/1832 coper or yellow; 25 years old; 5' 9 1/4"
Graffort, Thomas Estate Cassandra 10/1/1832 10/1/1832 no age; copper or yellow' "tolerably fleshy" 5' 3" 1/2"
Graffort, Thomas Estate George 10/1/1832 10/1/1832 21 years old; copper or yellow
Graffort, Thomas Estate Hannah 10/1/1832 10/1/1832 copper or yellow; 5' 3 3/4"
Graffort, Thomas Estate Hazzard 10/1/1832 10/1/1832 23 years old; copper or yellow; 5' 9 1/2"
Graffort, Thomas Estate Hedyman (?) 10/1/1832 10/1/1832 tolerably black; lame in right leg or moderately knock kneed
Graffort, Thomas Estate Jane 10/1/1832 10/1/1832 child of Cassandra, born after making of will; 10 years old' copper or yellow color
Graffort, Thomas Estate Jesse 10/1/1832 10/1/1832 19 years old; copper or yellow
Graffort, Thomas Estate John 10/1/1832 10/1/1832 copper or yellow' height not given
Graffort, Thomas Estate Leonard 10/1/1832 10/1/1832 child of Cassandra born after making of will; 8 years old; copper or yellow
Graffort, Thomas Estate Mary (Mairy) 10/1/1832 10/1/1832 fleshy; copper or yellow
Graffort, Thomas Estate Peter 10/1/1832 10/1/1832 tolerably black; lean and raw boned; 5' 9"
Graffort, Thomas Estate Tryphena 10/1/1832 10/1/1832 copper or yellow; 27 years old; 5' 3/4"
Graffort, Thomas Estate Wesley 10/1/1832 10/1/1832 18 years old; copper or yellow
Griffith, Robert and Leah (Estate; by Cannon Herne) Harry 2/5/1838 2/5/1838 40 years; black skin; dull countenance; 5'8 3/4"
Grosjean, Julian Allen, Frank 3/26/1864 3/26/1824 23 years
Hawkins, Henry S. Leonard 9/7/1840 9/7/1840 Purchased freedom for $600; 43 years; black; 6'1"; robust and heavily made; small scar on nose between eyes; good open countenance
Hawkins, Leonard (free man of color) Hawkins, Lucy 1/6/1851 1/6/1851 Freed his daughter, purchased of Aaron D. Higgins on Oct. 2, 1845.
Heathman, Allen (free man of color) Heathman, Elijah 3/24/1855 3/24/1855 Elijah was Allen's son.
Henderson, Alexander (Estae; by William Henderson) Ann 11/5/1838 11/5/1838 33 years; 5'4"; dark copper color; curly mop or suit of hair; small scar near end of forefinger caused by a felon; good health; mother of 2 children
Henderson, William Reuben 1/5/1829 1/5/1829 26 years old; 5'8"; rather slender made; bright complexion, not very black; 1" scar on left arm; "something like a wart" in palm of left hand"
Henderson, William (Morgan Co., ILL.; by atty Henry Hale) Benjamin 3/6/1837 12/14/1836 26 years; very dark color; 5' 7 or 8"; now resident in ILL., but going to Ky.
Henderson, William ( heir of Alexander Henderson) Jerry 9/1/1834 9/1/1834 31 years; 5'7"; rather light complexion; slender make; large scar on outside of left about 5" above ankle
Hickman, John L. Joseph 3/3/1856 2/16/1850 60 years; in consideration of his long faithful service of my father"
Hickman, John L. Mike 5/6/1844 5/6/1844 freed for "valuable consideration"; 31 years; 5' 10"; black; scar on his left eye; large scar on left leg between the ankle and knee
Higgins, J.M. Henson 6/3/1850 6/3/1850 Higgins was in Morgan County, Illinois; no description
Honey, John Heirs Murray, William 11/2/1827 11/2/1827 46 years old; 5' 6 1/2"; black; scar about 1" below left eye
Howerton, Jos. A. Batts, Aleck 3/7/1864 3/7/1864 35 yrs.; copper skin; 5'2 1/2"; 135-140 lbs; scar on 1st knuckle of left thumb; scar over right eye
Hughes, George (Estate; by heirs) Thomas 9/6/1847 6/7/1841 intent to emancipate written 15 Sept 1837; providing Thomas served widow (Christian) of George Hughes until her death; no description
Hughes, Thomas (free man of color) Hughes, Mariah 1/4/1847 1/4/1847 wife to Thomas. 31 years; dark or copper color; 5'; formerly the property of Isaac Knight
Hughes, Thomas Estate Stephen 12/12/1828 12/12/1828 62 years old; black; 5' 7"; no upper fore teeth; belonged to estate of Thomas Hughes
Hutchison, James E. Tom 5/7/1838 5/7/1838 49 years; 5'7"; scar over right eye from kick of a horse; heavily built; tolerably dark complexion
Hutchison, Samuel Smith, Dick 1/2/1837 12/30/1836 40 years; 5' 9 5/8" with shoes on; common weight from 160 to 165 lbs.; scar on right thumb and left shins
Inshirp?, Joseph Constant 9/30/1836 9/30/1836 35 years; very black; stout made; 5'7"; scar on breast caused from burn when child
January, Hannah Lindsey, David 10/2/1843 9/30/1843 62 years; black' 5'7"; forefinger of left hand is off at the joint
Johnson, William Caroline 1/1/1827 1/1/1827 daughter of Hagar; 16 years old
Jones, John Hawkins Harriett 1/1/1838 1/1/1838 36 years; 5' 5"; mulatto color; heavily made with a fine open countenance
Jones, John Hawkins Howard, Marshall 1/1/1855 1/1/1855 48 years; black skin; 6'
Keller, Abraham Tom 11/5/1827 11/5/1855 41 years old; black; 5' 3-4"; 150 lbs.
Kimbro, Absolum (free man of color) Kimbro, Elizabeth 6/3/1850 6/2/1850 Elizabeth was his wife whom he purchased with their children, Henry and Susan, from Thomas Brand; children to be bound to him until age 21
Kleizer, Joseph (at request of son Henry decd.) Jude and children Louisa Warren, Mary Malvina 7/4/1836 7/4/1836 Jude: 42 years; 5' 1/2"; yellowish complexion; open countenance and "altogether rather good looking"; Louisa: 14 years; 4' 10 1/2" at this time; both girls slenderly made with good countenance; Mary Malvina: 12 years; bright mulatto complexion; 4' 7";
Lamme, James (Estate; by exors.) Sanford 10/2/1843 9/4/1843 24 years; black
Layson, Jno. M. ? Cage, Thomas 1/10/1862 1/10/1862 Deed written January 26, 1856; effective at Layson's death; 45 years; yellow skin
Layton, Daniel Sophia 2/7/1831 2/7/1831 37 years old; "ordinary black complexion"; freed for good conduct and other considerations.
Leer, David, Sr. Amy and children Lydia, David Hall and infant Mary 2/7/1842 2/7/1842 Amy: 25 years; 5'2"; light than usual; open smooth countenance; not very heavily made; Lydia: 5 years on 29 May 1841; copper; 3'9"; David; born 11 Nov. 1838; 3'2"; light color; Mary: 6 months; light color
Lewis, George Maria 2/6/1837 2/6/1837 40 years; 4' 9 1/4"
Lightfoot, Carter (free man of color in Paris, Ky.) Lightfoot, Jane 4/4/1831 4/4/1831 purchased his wife from John Harvey of Franklin Co.; signed with mark; 37 years old; yellow; scar on left nostril; spare made but of good size; 5' 3 1/2"
Lindsay, David (free man of color) Amey 12/7/1852 12/7/1852 Amey was his daughter; 40 years; light copper color; 5'; 126 lbs.; natural dark spots on her face; bought from Richard Harcourt, Thomas D. Urmston? and James H.? Shropshire
Lyle, Will C. Mallory, John 12/6/1841 12/6/1841 27 years next March; 5'9"; usual mulatto color; strong made; open pleasant countenance
Lyon, Jacob (free man of color) Phoebe; girl Amanda; girl July; girl Polly (her children) 12/3/1838 5/2/1836 Phoebe; 40 years; very dark; 5'4 1/2"; slender; Amanda: 23 yrs.; dark; Judy: 8 yrs., dark; Polly: 4 yrs.; dark; same purchased by Lyon from William R. Rule who got them from Elizabeth Moore Estate
Major, Ann (by trustee for children of Ann) Clara 5/6/1850 5/6/1850 about 45 years; freed by Ann's will
Markey, Nancy Estate Minta, David, Samuel and Lucy 5/1/1850 4/8/1850 slaves belonged to Jonas Markey; freedom conditional on going to Liberia; release did not apply to legacy of $500.00 given to Minta for life.
Markham, William Estate Fanny 1/6/1851 12/26/1850 $1.00 paid
Marsh, Beal (Estate; by John B. Raine and Nicholas B. Marsh) Marsh, Nathan 12/1/1834 12/1/1834 69 years next March; 5' 4"; scars on breast, left leg crooked
Marsh, Nicholas C. Porter, Molly 11/4/1833 11/4/1833 54 yrs.; 5' 2.5"; very large and fat of a light complexion
Marshall, James K. Mariah 1/7/1850 1/7/1850 about 49
Marshall, Mrs. Jane (Estate; by buckner H. Payne) Bob 7/6/1840 10/5/1838 Bob to be freed after his hire totals $500; 5' 7 1/2"; rather spare; very black; a small round? scar on right cheek; 36 years
Martin, William W. George 11/1/1833 11/1/1833 25 yrs.; quite black; rather square set and little undersize of common men; 5' 6"; no particular marks
Massie, Jonathan George 1/5/1835 1/5/1835 21 years; 3' 11"; common negro complexion; very small form; open good countenance with small scar on right wrist
Matson, Robert Mariah 5/7/1849 12/13/1848 about 40 years
May, Will J. Patience 7/4/1828 7/4/1828 about 24 yrs.; 5' 3"; round or sound features; black
May, William J. David 3/3/1828 6/1/1843 born July 1, 1822 to Patience; mulatto
May, William J. George 3/3/1828 4/1/1845 born to Patience; mulatto
May, William J. Mary 3/3/1828 7/15/1847 born to Patience; mulatto
May, William J. Patience 3/3/1828 2/16/1849 24 years old; robust; remarkably dark; freed when youngest son James Henry is of age
McAboy, Mary R. Abel 11/4/1850 11/4/1850 about 53 years; dark complexion; 5' 2 1/2", Authorized Thomas P. Smith to sign her name on instrument making her liable for Abel to keep him from being a charge on the county.
McAboy, Mary R. Calamese, Benjamin 1/3/1856 12/31/1855 35 years; dark complexion
McAboy, Mary R. Calamese, Jenny 1/3/1856 12/31/1855 old woman of black complexion
McClanahan, William Heirs Peter 1/1/1829 1/1/1829 37 years old; large; well built; 5' 11"; inclined to corpulence; small scar near right eye; scar near left eye running across forehead; small scar lower down between eyebrows; long scar on left arm just above wrist running across arm 2"; see notes
McClure, William Baker (Estate; by Alexander I. Miller) Charlotte 4/6/1846 4/6/1846 37 years
McConnell, Ephraim H. Henry 10/5/1840 9/18/1840 purchased freedom for $400; 52 years, 5' 7"; middle size; of erect carriage; neither very black or very yellow
McConnell, Joseph Franky 10/1/1831 10/1/1831 black; bulky and fleshy form; 5' 1/2"; no particular marks
McCrory, James Monday, Daniel 9/1/1823 ¬eight=0> ¬ 
McDowell, Elizabeth Ceiley 10/16/1855 10/15/1855 mulatto; authorized court to send her to Ohio with her aunt Sally (see deed for sallys children freed by E. McDowell)
McDowell, Elizabeth Louisa, Patsy, Nelson, Hannah, Martha Jane and Horace (moving to Ohio; Moses, a free black, named to take them) 11/14/1854 11/14/1854 Named slaves were children of Sally, previously freed, except for Horace who is grandchild; Louisa: 17 years on May 4 last; Patsy: 13 years on 14 Jan.; Hannah: 8 years on Nov. 30; Martha J.: 5 years on 25 March; Horace (Louisa's child): 2 years on 6 May
McDowell, Elizabeth Moses 5/5/1845 5/5/1845 mulatto; 52 years
McDowell, Elizabeth (Betsy) Peter, Allen (alias) Judge, and Sally 1/6/1851 1/5/1851 Peter: bright yellow complexion; 31 years; 5' 11"; scar between eyes, below corner of left eye and on right thumb; Allen Judge; black skin, 45 years, 5' 9 1/2"; Sally: copper skin; 33 years; 5' 3 1/2"
McDowell, Elizabeth Estate Moore, Harriet and son Moses 3/20/1865 3/20/1865 Harriet: 30 years; 5' 6"; Moses: 13 yrs., bright mulatto skin; conditional on their leaving the state.
McKee, John Peter 9/1/1834 9/1/1834 34 years; light or copper complexion; 5' 10"; no particular flesh mark on his face
McKee, John and McClintock, Alexander Peter 10/30/1825 10/30/1825 None
Miller, Joseph Truitt, James 1/7/1839 1/7/1839 36 years; 5'9"; deep scar on top of forehead caused by stroke of axe
Monday, James (free man of color) Fanny (wife) 2/4/1839 2/4/1839 5' 3"; very black skin; small scar under the chin; 45 years; purchased from Thomas Current
Monday, James (free man of color) Mary Anne 3/4/1844 3/4/1844 freed from motive of benevolence and humanity; 27 years
Moore, Aben Garrett 9/3/1864 8/22/1864 52 years
Moore, Elizabeth (Estate; Thomas P. Smith) Harvey 9/4/1843 9/4/1843 25 years on 6 July last; scar on left knee; heavy built; light skin
Moore, Elizabeth McClelland Dunlap Kimbro Abigail 6/4/1827 6/4/1827 Freed by will; 25 years old?
Moore, Elizabeth McClelland Dunlap Kimbro Daphney 2/6/1826 ¬eight=0> ¬ 
Moore, Elizabeth McClelland Dunlap Kimbro Jerry 6/2/1828 6/2/1828 22 years old in former deed; 27 years by own account; well and proportionately made; "of spritely countenance"; 5' 11"; small scar on right side of head not easily seen except by opening hair and close inspection
Moore, Elizabeth McClelland Dunlap Kimbro Jesse 6/4/1827 6/4/1827 Freed by will; 29 years old; dark; slender; 6'; had right thigh broken still with visible scar on outside of thigh
Moore, James (Estate; by John P. Moore) Bill 4/3/1837 4/3/1837 32 years, 8 months; middle size; lightly made; 5'8"; open countenance; usual negro color
Moore, James (Estate; by John P. Moore) Darkey 4/3/1837 4/3/1837 34 1/2 years; 5' 7 1/4"; stoutly made and fleshy; light color for a negro; scar on right should and instep of left foot
Moore, John (Sr.) Thompson, Jack 3/4/1822 3/4/1822 45 years old
Mountjoy, Susan Ralph 10/1/1821 10/1/1821 None
Mountjoy, William (Estate; by John J. Collier) Mountjoy, Berry 9/7/1840 9/7/1840 30 years; 5' 9"; quite black; large scar on right leg below knee
Nesbitt, John Toby 9/1/1823 9/1/1823 freed for good conduct; 45 years; black; 5'4"
Nunn, Ilai Jacob 1/5/1835 1/5/1835 born July 11, 1790; 5'7"; yellow complexion; no marks or scars
Nunn, Ilai Rachel 2/4/1822 2/4/1822 broght from Delaware by wife, Jeannine Walson Nunn, for service until age 28
Parker, Aquilla (by Henry Parker, admr.) Pheoba 4/3/1837 4/3/1837 purchased when she was 2 years for contract of 30 years; 5'5"; bright yellow color; 32 years in March or April 1837
Parvience, James (Presle Co., Ohio) Dorcas 9/1/1801 10/1/1801 wife of Sam Rogers; three sons, David, Green and Samuel, born before her date of freedom; sons freed 6/28/1823
Patton, John Obediah 12/3/1832 12/13/1832 30 yrs old on November 14, 1830; 5'8"; 160 lbs.; dark skin
Payne, William P. Helen 1/1/1839 1/1/1839 26 years; copper skin; 5'2"; wife of free man of color, Jerry Carter, mother of 4 children; youngest 2 yrs, 11 months
Phillips, Thomas (of Paris, Ky.) Haydon, William 10/2/1824 10/2/1824 35 years old; a barber; dark; 5'10"
Porter, Molly (free woman of color) Porter, Daniel 12/4/1837 12/4/1837 Daniel was her husband; purchased of Thomas P. Smith and James Hughart, 25 Dec 1835; 52 years; light complexion for a negro; 5'8"; open countenance
Raine, John B. Aggy 1/5/1829 1/5/1829 47 years old; 5'9"; tolerably well set; bright complexion, not very black; pretty large scar on left arm near elbow
Rannells, Samuel Anthony 1/1/1827 1/1/1827 freed in will
Richardson, Harry Richardson, Isaac 10/15/1860 10/15/1860 Isaac was his "son & servant"; mulatto; 39 yrs.; 6'2 1/2" with boots on; scar on his under lip caused by "bighting in a fight"; bought from Wesley Lair of Harrison County
Robbins, John Cloe 2/1/1851 2/1/1851 no description
Robbins, John Snowden, George 2/1/1851 2/1/1851 no description
Robertson, James Elizabeth and youngest child Martha 9/4/1837 9/4/1837 Elizabeth: 39 years; 4'11"; very fat; black complexion; open countenance; Martha: 2 years; tolerable black complexion
Robertson, James Sarah 2/4/1839 2/4/1839 age not legible; 5'2"; stout made
Robinett, James M. William 1/6/1851 1/6/1851 38 years; black complexion; 5'7"
Robison, James Malinda 10/21/1826 10/21/1826 half coloured woman; 38 years old
Rogers, James (Estate; from heirs) Squire 5/4/1846 5/4/1846 freed as a result of a lawsuit filed by Squire against heirs; he was protesting conditions of will.
Rogers, Will Sam 10/9/1822 ¬ight=0> ¬ 
Rush, George Ann and child Nancy 1/7/1839 1/7/1839 Ann: light skin; 34 years; 5'1"; Nancy: dark 3 years
Rymel, George Aaron 6/7/1847 6/7/1847 $402 paid for freedom; dark complexion; slender make; 6'; 46 years
Sapp, James Joshua 11/1/1847 9/11/1846 Joshua paid $270.00 for his freedom; owner cited "divers other good causes" for emancipation; no description
Scott, W. Andrew and Willoughby S. Scott (by agent James Scott) Steel, Harry 2/3/1851 2/3/1851 51 years
Sharp, Samuel I. (of Nicholas County) and Aben Moore Remus 12/3/1855 12/4/1855 41 years; black skin; 5'6"; bought from Aben Moore; Remus paid a debt designated in deed of sale
Shaw, William Wesley 9/7/1865 9/7/1865 light mulatto complexion; 43 years; 5'8"; no flesh marks but one on the heal of left hand caused by cut of a sickle
Shropshire, Ben L. William 1/6/1851 1/6/1851 freed out of motives of "benevolence and humanity"; 40 years; black skin; 5'4"
Smith, Hagar (free woman of color) Smith, America 11/6/1837 10/31/1837 America was her daughter; 11 years and 4 months; 4'4"; yellow complexion; small for her age; slender delicate make; good countenance
Smith, Hagar (free woman of color) Smith, Martha Ann 11/6/1837 11/6/1837 Martha Ann was her daughter; 13 years and 8 months; 4' 10 1/2"; yellow complexion; lightly and well made; good open countenance
Smith, William Allen 1/4/1847 7/4/1847 no description; originally was going to free him in 1850
Speaks, Hezekiah Harry 3/16/1836 3/16/1836 48 years; 5'8"; black complexion; scar on left thigh; Harry paid $375 for his freedom
Spears, Elizabeth Hagar 6/6/1831 6/6/1831 45 years old; light color; light made; 5' 5-6"
Spears, Noah Williams, Sandford, Green Smith, Harriet Blackburn (alias Smith, her sons James and Daniel B. 6/21/1861 6/21/1861 Green: 37 yrs; 5' 11 1/2"; lt copper skin; high forehead; crooked right little finger; Harriet: 31 yrs.; 5' 2 1/2"; dark copper skin; small scar high on forehead; James: 6 yrs; copper skin; David B.: 7 mos.; copper; Sanford: 40 yrs: black skin; 5' 4 1/2";
Steele, Harry Jane and child Sarah Elizabeth 9/6/1847 9/6/1847 sold at sale from James R. Sterrets? property to Alexander Patton, to settle court case; transferred to Elizabther McKee then to Steele; 31 years; 5' 3 1/2"; child is 2 months; both have yellow skin
Steele, William (Estate; by William Steele) Harry 12/3/1838 5/2/1836 6'; dark; 31 years; named in deed from Steele dated 4 Feb 1811; to be free at age 21
Stone, Barton M. (Scott Co.) Aggy 4/6/1823 ¬eight=0> ¬ 
Stone, Barton M. (Scott Co.) Ailsey 4/6/1823 ¬  4 years old
Stone, Barton M. (Scott Co.) Amada 4/6/1823 ¬  8 years old
Stone, Barton M. (Scott Co.) Laviney 4/6/1823 ¬  26 years old; freed with her children
Stone, Barton M. (Scott Co.) Nancy 4/6/1823 ¬  1 year old
Stone, Edward Heirs Lewis 12/4/1826 12/4/1826 mulatto boy; had to be hired out for no less than 2 years
Stone, John Jr. Daniel 5/4/1846 5/4/1846 54 years
Talliaffero, Robert Jerry 6/1/1865 6/1/1865 28 years; black complexion; rather heavily built; open countenance; large full mouth with holes in his ears for Bobs; 5' 3 1/2"
Terebaugh, Jacob (Estate; by Jonathan and S. W. Terebaugh Morgan, Chance 4/5/1842 3/4/1861 58 years; copper skin; 5' 6 1/2"; most of his teeth out
Thatcher, Daniel Burris, Simon 3/4/1861 3/4/1861 58 years; copper skin; 5' 6 1/2" heavy set; scar over left eye; lame in right leg caused by kick of a horse on his knee
Thomas, George Hannah 4/2/1827 4/2/1827 none
Thomas, George James 4/4/1831 4/4/1831 signed with mark; 70 years old; black; 5' 5"
Thomas, George Lucy 4/2/1827 4/2/1827 none
Thomas, George Sam 2/2/1833 2/4/1833 about 30 yrs; yellow skin; 6'1"
Thomas, George (through John King, exor.) Jack 6/2/1834 6/2/1834 5'10"; 26 years old; dark copper complexion; scar over left brow 1" long; left thumb joint put out; "slender make"
Thomas, George (through John King, exor.) Joseph 6/2/1834 6/2/1834 5'5"; 35 years old; tolerably dark complexion; lost several teeth from upper jaw and 2 from lower jaw; "a little chunky in his person"; no remarkable scars
Thomas, George (through John King, exor.) Tamar 6/2/1834 6/2/1834 5' 3"; copper complexion; no scars; tolerably slender
Thomas, George (through John King, exor.) Perry 1/5/1846 1/5/1846 one of the children of Tamar mentioned in the will; 21 years; black; 5' 8 3/4"
Thornton, Jno. Roots Blackburn, Celia 11/12/1862 11/12/1862 26 yrs.; yellow skin; 5' 4 3/4"; mole on back neck; 125 lbs.
Timberlake, Charles Arnold, Jacob 6/12/1833 6/12/1833 Jacob paid $600 for his freedom; light black; 26 yrs.; 5' 6.5"; lame in right knee so as to occasion the foot to stand out more than natural; scar over each eye; one on right breast
Townsend, Willliam Jacob 9/8/1829 12/25/1830 52 years old; not very black; "square sallow bound man; 5'4" with no particular marks.
Trabue, James Cummins, Irene 10/3/1859 10/1/1859 Irene was wife of William Cummins who was free; he worked for Trabue for 6 months to earn his wife's freedom
Trabue, James Dudley 9/6/1847 9/1/1847 agreed to emancipate in 1838 for $500?; acknowledged payment
Tucker, Absalom (Estate; by Joseph Tucker) Charles 1/2/1837 1/2/1837 mulatto; 32 years; 6' 1 1/2"; gray stripe in his hair; large, well built and able bodied
Tucker, Absalom (Estate; by Joseph Tucker) Robin 1/2/1837 1/2/1837 39 years; 5' 6 1/2"; very black; roman nose
Tull, John M. (Sr.) Tull, John M. Jr. 12/10/1828 12/10/1828 owner was also father; signed deed with mark; son now 9 years old; 31/2'; light yellow; to be freed at age 21
Turner, Charles (of Paris) Daniel 5/2/1836 5/2/1836 light complexion; slender form; 5'6"; 36 years; scar over right eye
Turner, Charles (of Paris) Joe 5/2/1846 5/2/1836 45 years; 5' 4 1/2"
Turner, Charles (of Paris) Lyons, Amanda 5/2/1846 5/2/1846 12 years
Turner, Charles (of Paris) Lyons, Judith 5/2/1846 5/2/1846 8 years
Turner, Charles (of Paris) West, Eliza Ann 5/2/1846 5/2/1846 dark complexion; 3 years old the 26th of April 1836
Turner, Joseph Nelly 11/4/1833 11/4/1833 36 yrs.
Tutt, John (free man of color) Tutt, Noah 12/3/1832 12/3/1832 freed his son; 8 years old; yellow; 3'3"
Vanderen, Barnet and Ardery, thomas Captain 1/4/1830 1/4/1830 48 years old; black; 5' 7"; scar between eyes extending upwards across the nose from right side to left
Vanderin, Bernard Carey/Cairy 7/7/1834 7/7/1834 5' 10"; tolerably dark complexion; small scar on left side of forehead; tolerably well set with no other flesh marks
Vimont, John S. Glorvina 11/3/1842 5/22/1842 Glorvina indentured at age one to Vimont as a gift from Mark Antony and Alexis Giraud; to be freed at age 21 after being taught how to be useful to society
Vimont, Lewis Zenoby 10/3/1842 8/12/1842 Zenoby transferred to Vimont by Felix Giron; to be freed at 21; no description
Vince/Vena, Cyrus Vince/Vena, Cyrus 11/5/1849 11/5/1849 emancipated his son
Wallace, William Heirs Wallace, Sarah 9/7/1829 ¬eight=0> ¬ 
Waller, Edward Scipio 11/14/1829 11/14/1829 40 years old; dark; 6'
Ward, John Fanny and children Lucinda, Reuben, Jno. Williams and Isaac 1/1/1855 1/1/1855 Isaac: 20 years; 6+'; Lucinda: yellow, 16 years.; 5'8"; Reuben: yellow; 14 yrs.; 5'6"; Jno.: yellow; 10/11 yrs.; 5'; Fanny: 45 yrs.; 5'5"; yellow (mother of others named)
Webb, Washington Hurley, Patty, Elizabeth, her daughter Polly Ann Smith, and her infant child Sarah Ellen, and Patty's son, Austin 1/16/1860 1/16/1860 Patty: 57 yrs. on April 27, 1859; 5'5 1/2"; copper skin with small scar on forehead over left eye; Polly Ann: 23 yrs on Dec. 23, 1859; light copper skin; 4' 9 3/4"; Sarah: mulatto; 4 mos.; Austin: 16 yrs on July 18, 1859; copper skin; 5' 4 1/2"
Webb, Winney Lucy 12/15/1826 12/15/1826 Isaac Webb Jr. charged with her support if needed
Webb, Winney (Estate; by Walker Buckner) Dan 2/3/1840 2/3/1840 mulatto; yellow complexion; 20 years
Wells, James Estate (by heirs) George 9/1/1852 3/25/1851 40 years
Williams, Daniel Isabel 9/2/1850 9/2/1850 about 34 years; mulatto; purchased from James Fomian (possibly meant Froman)
Williams, Daniel Polly 9/2/1850 9/2/1850 50 years; dark brown; purchased at public sale from estate of James W. Rice
Wiliams, John R. Adkins 9/6/1847 10/2/1847 deed praised his fidelity as a servant
Williams, Moses Leah and children, Maris, Moses, Charles 6/2/1834 6/2/1834 Leah: 45 yrs, 5'2"; Maria: 9 yrs; Moses: 5 or 6 yrs.; Charles: 1 yr.; dark complexion
Williams, Peter (New Castle Co., Del.) Sam 10/3/1803 9/25/1826 Williams filed intent to free Sam, then 11 years, 7 months, when he turned 28 years old; bound him to Robert Allen until that time who brought Sam to Bourbon County; very black; 5' 6 1/4"
Woodford, Mary A. Jerry, John, Betty and Hiffy?/Hetty? 1/3/1853 1/3/1853 freed by will of Thos. C. Woodford; Jerry: 50 years; John: 22 years; Betty: 50 years; Hiffy: 18 years; on condition that they emigrate to Indiana or some other free state
Woodford, Thomas C. Charles 6/3/1850 6/3/1850 56 years
Woodford, Thomas C. Harriett 6/3/1850 6/3/`850 10 years
Woodford, Thomas C. Estate Thomas, Stewart, George and Sam 2/6/1854 2/6/1854 Thomas: 45 years; Steward: 21 years; George: 18 years; Sam: 19 years.
Wright, James R. Hannah 5/1/1837 5/1/1837 mother's (Martha Wright) will gave service of Hannah to son for 10 years at which time he was to free her; 43 years; 5' 6 1/2"; dark skin
Wright, Jas. H. Jackson, Daniel 1/25/1864 1/25/1864 32 yrs; dark skin; 5' 5 1/2"; 150 lbs