Bourbon County, KY
This old building served many functions. It is best remembered by the high school graduating class of 1926 as their school. This picture is from their 60 year class reunion program.

I also have a plate which has a picture of this building on it, and the following information on the back...

Kentucky Weslyan College 185-1890
Millersburg Military Institute 1893-1920
Bourbon County High School 1920-1949
Millersburg Consolidated Elementary School 1949-1953

This plate was probably a part of the commemoration of the old building when it was torn down about 1953 to provide for the new school which was built there and which is still in this same spot I believe.  I know my mother bought the plate about that time and it was a prized possession of hers until her death, when it passed to me, and is now a prized possession of mine.

My mother and her older sister both graduated from high school in this building, in 1925 and 1926. They were boarding students, as were many at the school, their family living over by Clintonville in Bourbon County.  Within the year after my mother's graduation the family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, but my mother never forgot her Kentucky heritage and her girlhood in Bourbon County, Kentucky.  She talked frequently of it to me and luckily she was able to visit and eventually live in Kentucky again for some 15 years before her death in 1989.

My mother particularly talked about Miss Alexandar, Miss Van Meter, and Miss Hume, who was, I believe, the Dean of Women.  O.L. Mullikin was the Principal of the HS and his signature is on my mother's diploma. Below are lists of faculty and students who died prior to the reunion, and a few memories shared by my mother on her boarding school life.
This Old Building
IN MEMORIAM: TEACHERS (transcribed by county coordinator for search purposes. Please email me about corrections:): E.E. Allison, Beulah Allison, Ed Blue, Mary Smedley Boston, Mary Van Meter Brown, Mrs. Tom Brown, Nannie D. Clark, Irene Alexander Gilkey, Elizabeth Hume Harney, Edith Harper, Hugo Hesson, Russell Hunt, Russell Jones, J.W. Lancaster, Margaret Wood Lee, Jessie Crisp Letton, L.J. May, Robert V. "Red" Mayes, Katherine Tarr Montgomery, O.L. Mullikin, Jessie Myers, Elizabeth Ingels Reynolds, Martha Purdy Shanklin, W.C. Stevens, Mrs. Tom Thorn, Edith Wood, Virginia Sharpe Powell & Brutus Taylor.

STUDENTS: (Left column) Vernon Stamper, Elizabeth Boston Hahn, Natlie Shannon Haskins, Sallie Jo Bodkin Rushmeyer, Ethel Toadvine, Zed Layson, Ross Feeback Evans, Dwight Hickman, Ralph Bonar, Glen Price, Mary Asbury Booth, Downing Ross Santen, Emma Gillispie, Edith Dalzelle Kerns, Catherine Judy, Mary Wagoner french, Mary McKahan Cassidy, Ermine Mattox, Ivan "Pete" Dennis, Mabel Wagoner Gillispie, Harold Powell, Alberta Case Locks, Graham Boston, Sue Bascom Steele, Gaynelle Botkin, Russell Tallman, Ruth Collier, Julia Hubbard, Charles Crouch, Nancye Bailey Steeley, Cora Hickson Johnson, Geneva Wells McCann, Katherine McQuire, Evelyn McConnaughhay Feeback, William Earl Florance, Daisey Ritchie, Marie Feeback Pierce, Edna Wagoner Burroughs, Joe W. Dennis, Ruby Hill Ross, Catherine Gillispie Sloop, Anna L. Mullikin Mattox, Merton C Williams, Joseph Hackey Grimes, W. Dotson Wells, Fred R. Auxier, Orville W. Feeback, Clancie Donaldson, Virginia Johnson Tums, Lillian Florence Richardson.
(Right column): Eugene N. Curtis, Leoto N. Curtis, Richard J. Martin, Brooks Buckner, Paul Moore, William Hill, Bertha Grimes Kertis, Clyde Alexander, Edith Hudson Williams, John Arch Bailey, Jr., John Carrington, John Kenney, Frances Dragoo Dykes, Eugene Crouch, Mildred Garrison Garrison, Kathyn Lowe Carr, Geraldine Griffin Stratton, Lillian McCarty, Wayne Griffin, O.C. "Jake" Tapp, Jo Nell Peterson, Opal Horseman, Paul Carrington, Mary Carrington Cropper, Millard Gusber, Kenneth Kenney, Ina B. Banister Byron, James Mattox, Helen Kenney Burton, M.C. Wells, Jr., Harold Dean, Sam Griffin, Jr., Eddie Humphries, Margaret N. Shaw, J.P. Wagoner, Jr., Ruby Hill Southerland, Carl Bailey, Jacqueine Hill Berry, Sue Denniston Rogers, Billy Kookendoffer, Stella B. McKinney, Donald Clay Courtney, Billie Cameron, Ollie Berry, Clyde C. Watson, Alice Redmon Rowland, Bettye Elkin Barbour, Don R. Ritchie, May Macdonald Craycraft

Boarding School

At the time my mother graduated from the eighth grade at Clintonville School she had to take a qualifying exam to even go on to high school.  It wasn't automatic that anyone would simply go on to the 9th grade from the 8th, as it is today.  She passed her exam and my grandfather and some men in the area paid for a teacher to come to the school at Clint, as everyone called it (and may still) and teach the 9th grade.  That did not work out as well as they thought it would and so my father packed my mother up and sent her off to Millersburg to join her sister. 

When my mother and her sister attended Bourbon County High School at Millersburg it was the county high school.  Paris had it's own Paris High School.  The school at Millersburg took day students from the area, but also had boarding students, of which my mother and her sister were two.  I don't know if there male boarding students; my mother only talked of the girls who roomed in the dormitories to the side and back of the classroom building.  Boarding students paid room and board and lived on campus during the week, took classes, and were allowed to go home on weekends.  My mother's parents lived near Clintonville, in the southeastern part of Bourbon County (too far to walk and driving was not an option!) so she and her sister boarded and went home on weekends when they could.

My grandfather was not a wealthy man, but he was a successful farmer.  (The family lived on what my mother always called the Old Ballard Farm.  The house was located on the Clintonville-North Middletown Pike and sat half in Bourbon County and half in Clark County.)   However, he wanted his daughters to have a good education and as a result my mother and her sister were some of the few women of their generation to have high school educations.  My aunt went on to Eastern State College in 1925 after her graduation from BCHS and took a teaching certificate course.  She taught for a year at the Bethlehem School which was south of Hutchison Station and west of Clint, before the family moved to Cincinnati in 1927. 

My mother considered her time in school at Millersburg to be a highlight of her life.  She didn't like being away from her family, but she enjoyed learning and spoke fondly of her teachers and friends there.  The picture of the old building and the list of faculty and students come from the 1986 Reunion of the old high school, where the class of 1926 was honored.  I was able to attend that reunion in my mother's stead, since I lived right across the street on the campus of the Millersburg Military Institute where my husband and I taught during his time in seminary in Lexington.  I was proud to honor my mother and her sister that night, and to meet the people my mother had told me about when she would tell me stories of her time at Millersburg. 

My mother passed on her lifelong love of books and learning to me, and I am proud to honor her and her sister through my own teaching career.

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