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  Revolutionary War Soldiers Graves

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  More than 2,000 Revolutionary War pensions transcribed and posted by Will Graves:

  "Revolutionary War Gazetteer and Pensions," by John Robertson:

  Revolutionary War Tablet - List of RW soldiers on tablet located at the Bourbon County courthouse.  Also included are the names of soldiers who were not listed on the tablet.

  USGenWeb Revolutionary War Pensions and related sites

  History and Genealogy of Ruddles and Martins Stations

  History of Grant's Fort


  Estes Family - Revolutionary War - War of 1812

  Garner and Polly Hopkins Rev. War pension files, including family data on Dyer, Caskey and Lewis, submitted by Alan Dorschug.

  Robert and Elizabeth Hopkins Rev. War pension files, including Goodwin family data, submitted by Alan Dorschug.

  William Peck Rev. War pension files and family data, submitted by Alan Dorschug.

  Moses Robinett was a soldier in the War of 1812.  (I have one of the pistols he carried in that war.)"  History of the Lander Family of Virginia and Kentucky by David Lander, published 1926.  Pistol made at Harper's Ferry, 1807.  David Henty Lander,  3-great grandson of Moses now has possession of the pistol. 

  Fleming Co., KY Revolutionary War Soldiers - List of RW soldiers on plaque located at the Fleming County courthouse.

  Bourbon Co., KY Pension Rolls of 1835 (each rec'd $96/yr)
    Samuel Batterton, Private, VA Line, started 8/11/1818 Age, 76, Died 6/12/1833
    Elijah Barbey, Private, VA Line, started 8/14/1818, Age 76,  Died 4/24/1833
    Thomas Bates, Private, VA Line, started 5/19/1818, Age 79
    James Busby, Private, VA Line, started 5/25/1818, Age 78
    Peter Cockerel, Private, VA Line, started 8/22/1818, Age 75
    William Dawson, Private, Penn. Line, started 7/2/1818, Age 96
    John Drebuler, Private, Maryland Line, started 8/11/1818, Age 83
    Joseph Humphreys, Private, Penn. Line, started 5/23/1818, Age 56
    John Jameison, Private, VA Line, started 12/08/1819, Age 82
    Benson Kendrick, Private, VA Line, started 5/29/1818, Age 76
    Thomas Kelly, Private, Penn. Line, started 5/10/1818, Age 84, Died 12/30/1822
    John Miller, Private, S. Carolina Line, started 6/17/1818, Age 73, Died 8/23/1825
    James Pritchett, Private, VA Line, started 7/16/1818, Age 58, Suspended under Act 5/1/1820
    Robert Pater, Private, Penn. Line, started 4/1/1818, Age 76, Died 1/25/1826
    Nathaniel Raine, Private, VA Line, started 11/22/1819, Age 77
    Edward Stoker, Private, VA Line, started 6/27/1818, Age 77, Suspended under Act 5/1/1820,
        Restored 9/3/1830
    John Terrill, Private, Penn. Line, started 8/29/1818, Age 81
    Isham Talbot, Private, VA Line, started 11/13/1823, Age 75
    John Whittington, Private, Delaware Line, started 1/15/1819, Age 86, Died 9/9/1822
    Benjamin Williams, Private, Maryland Line, started 8/12/1818, Age 73


  1890 Federal Census Veterans Schedule - A work in progress
    Flat Rock                     Hutchison's                      
    Millersburg                  North Middletown  
    Ruddells Mills              Paris                        

  A Few Bourbon Confederate War Soldiers, Talbott & Taul

  Confederate Monument

  Various Civil War Soldiers born in Bourbon County

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  Civil War Rosters - Kentucky Links

  Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System

  Civil War

  Lexington National Cemetery

  The Museum of the Confederacy


  "Soldiers of the Great War" Fallen Kentucky Soldiers in WWI - Bourbon County

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