Bourbon County, KY
    Miscellaneous Items of Interest
·  Naming of Stoner Creek after Frontiersman Michael Stoner.

·  1875 Cook Book, "Housekeeping in the Bluegrass" - edited by the Ladies of the Presbyterian Church, Paris, KY.  Includes list of contributors and the town in which they resided, the majority were from Paris and Bourbon County (below)

·  Dec. 25 1904, booklet on Jefferson Seminary with names of the Superintendant, teachers & Secretary as well as students. (below)

·  Research and Writings of Harry Middleton Hyatt

·  Aunt Polly's Diary

Research and Writings of Harry Middleton Hyatt

Contributed by
Ed Dolan

I discovered this material after I found a copy in the Kansas City public library of "The Millers of Millersburg" by Harry Middleton Hyatt. This book has been referred to in the KYBOURBO mailing list numerous times. The Miller family was one of the founding families in Bourbon and Nicholas counties. They also intermarried with many of the other founding families, among whom was the Baker family.

At a visit to a local LDS Family History center, I decided to look up Harry Hyatt's name to see what else he might have written, and I luckily found that he had begun a book about the Baker family, but he died before he could publish it. He collected a lot of material, mostly hand written, collected from courthouse records in Ky. and Missouri, and from other contributors. His work was microfilmed by the Kentucky Historical Society, and is also available through the LDS, on 7 microfilm reels. Below I have typed out the description from the LDS catalogue:

Genealogical collection. -- Frankfort : Kentucky Historical Society, 1987. -- 7 microfilm reels : 35 mm.
Microfilm of originals at the Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort.  See also the papers filmed by the genealogical Society of Utah.
Each roll contains a list of what is in the original boxes but does not indicate a roll number.
Includes information on the Baker, Griffith, Miller and Hyatt families.

Baker chart 1, Martin Baker of Plymouth, England; -------------- 1550349
Baker chart 3, William Baker, Sr., of Louisa
Co., Va.; Baker chart 3, William Baker, Jr., of
Louisa Co., Va.; Baker chart 3a, Mary Baker of
Hanover and Louisa Co., Va.; Baker chart 5,
Thomas Baker of Hanover and Chesterfield Co.,
Va.; and Baker chart 9, Martin Baker, Sr., of
Nicholas Co., Ky.

Baker chart 18, Sarah Baker, wife of William ------------------- 1550350
Griffith; Baker chart 27, Ann Baker of Bourbon
Co., Ky.; Baker chart 33, William Baker of
Callaway Co., Mo.; Baker chart 41, Thomas Baker
of Callaway Co., Mo.; Baker chart 54, Benjamin
Baker of Callaway Co., Mo.; Chart outlining
Baker family tree; Baker chart 67, Martin Baker
of Nicholas Co., Ky.; Baker chart 71,
Descendants of Elizabeth Walton Baker; and
Baker chart 78a, Jane Baker.

Baker chart 10, Thomas Baker, Jr., of Chesterfield ------------- 1550351
Co., Va.; Baker chart 19, Children of Samuel
Griffith; Baker chart 11, William Baker of
Chesterfield Co., Va.; Baker chart 15, Sarah
Baker of Chesterfield and Charlotte Co., Va.;
Sketch of Jane Baker of Hanover and
Chesterfield Co., Va.; and Baker chart 6, John
Baker of Hanover and Chesterfield Co., Va.

Baker chart 217, Thomas Baker, "Cumberland Co. --------------- 1550352
pioneer";" Baker chart 281, William Baker,
"Cumberland Co. pioneer;" Baker chart 336,
James Baker of Cumberland Co., Ky.; Baker chart
407, Judith Baker and William Cary of
Cumberland Co., Ky.; Original copy of Baker
family history manuscript; and Notebook of
illustrations for Baker family history.

Notebook of a revision of "The Millers of ------------------------ 1550353
Millersburg, Kentucky, pp. 1-45; Notebook of a
revision of "The Millers of Millersburg,
Kentucky, continued; Notebook of a second revision
of "The Millers of Millersburg, Kentucky;" a copy
of "Descendants of John Walton of Baltimore
Co., Maryland and Harrison Co., Ky.;" one copy of
"The Millers of Millersburg, Kentucky", with
notes; Index to Baker family records, by R.N.
Smith; Identified photos and maps, Baker family.

Copies and photos of manuscripts, Baker family; ------------------ 1550354
Photocopy of Baker chart 5; Photocopy of
Baker chart 78a; Harry Middleton Hyatt's family
history address book; Copies, nagatives and
photos of manuscripts, Baker family;
Manuscripts, Baker and Miller family;
Correspondence, 1946-48; and Tax lists, court
records, deeds, ramdom notes.

Miscellaneous clippings, maps, documents; Hyatt's ---------------- 1550355
notebooks; and Oversized material.
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"Housekeeping in the Bluegrass"

1875 Cook Book

Edited by The Ladies of the Presbyterian Church, Paris, KY.

Submitted by Darleen Hartley
Researching Walker, Wallis, Oram, Poole in KY

This cookbook, which was edited by the Ladies of the Presbyterian Church of Paris, KY, has several advertisements from local businesses and has a list of contributors with the name of the town in which they resided.  Darleen thought other researchers would find the list of contributors invaluable.  The recipes are arranged by food category and would require viewing each page individually to determine who contributed which recipe.  Due to the fragile condition of the pages, she understandably does not want to do multiple searches that may deteriate the book any further.   However, if a family member would like their relatives recipe they can send a request by email and at some point in the future, after receiving several request, will see what she can find. 

Send request to Darleen Hartley, please include your email address and family members name

To learn about early cooking see......The Wildcat Way To Wellness, Kentucky Food Heritage


Myrtle Hughes, Emmett E. Mastine, Carrie Plummer, Gustave Mattox, Clarence Bell, Luther Collins, Naomi Hughes.

Guy Dwelly, Ada Plummer, Oscar Day, Russell Humphries, Maude Wagoner, Elvie Wagoner, Pearl Wagoner.

Claudia Humphires, Anna Small, Clarence Plummer, Mr. J.H. Mastine, Mrs. Chas. Humphires, Mr. Chas. Humphires, Mr. J. Plummer, Henry Small.

Submitted by Raymond Combs
If you have any information about this school, please contact the submitter and this site coordinator.

Millersburg, Kentucky
December 25, 1904

W. S. Hughes  - Superintendent
Teachers: Mrs.  Mastine, Mrs. Plummer & Miss Mastine
Clarence E. Bell - Secretary