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There are two available microfilmed sources for Bourbon County, Kentucky's marriages that I have worked with: 

1. Four marriage "registers" for Bourbon County are on the same microfilm (#0183145) available through the Family History Centers of the LOS Church labeled 1790-1799 (marriages in the 1 st register actually begin in 1786); 1798¬1839 (this register actually includes marriages up to 1852), 1852-1898 and 1895-1930. These same registers are available on microfilm for purchase through the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives Micrographics as microfilm #183145. There is also a typed manuscript of the first marriage register of Bourbon County on the microfilm of the earliest marriage register inserted between the original register #1 and register #2. There are also 5 microfilms of handwritten "indexes" which seem to include only the marriages in the first Bourbon County marriage registers, and not the bonds listed below. 

2. Also available through both sources (LDS and the Ky Dept for Libraries ..... ) are 16 microfilms of miscellaneous early documents variously labeled as Bourbon County "marriage bonds", or sometimes "loose papers", or a drawer number is referred to (LDS microfilm for papers from 1803-1806 is also labeled "drawer 4"). The 1st such marriage bond book for Bourbon County is LDS microfilm #0008668. The last microfilm is dated 1834-1862 (LOS microfilm #0183089), but it seemingly only contains a relatively complete listing of marriage bonds through the year 1834. On this same microfilm (LOS #018089), there is one marriage bond for 1835; five for for 1836; 35 for 1837; three for 1838, 6 documents for 1839 and a scattered number of bonds for the 1840s. To date, no microfilmed marriage bonds have been found for Bourbon County other than these 16 microfilms.  I have since found out that there are "bond books" in the Bourbon Co courthouse but these are not available on microfilm from LDS or from the Ky Historical Society and I'm not sure of the time range they cover. It is not clear where these "loose papers" are that the LOS church did microfilm in 1959, but I am assuming the courthouse. Perhaps others exist but this article is about those Bourbon County marriage records that are currently availab~e to researchers. The 16 microfilms are not paged, nor are the microfilms' frames numbered, and hence these records are not indexed in any way.

This is what I plan to remedy.

Mr. Richard Eades, Bourbon County Clerk, has indicated that copies of Bourbon Count marriage bonds can be obtained by writing the courthouse and paying a fee of $5. 

Bourbon County Courthouse     
301 Main Street, Suite 106 
Paris, KY 40361.     
Phone: 859-987-2142


These 16 microfilms available from the LDS Family History Centers and the Kentucky Dept for Libraries ..... besides containing marriage bonds and consents, also include a collection of other miscellaneous original county documents such as guardianships, estate administrations, manumissions, sheriffs' bonds, tavern licenses, testimonials for ministers, stray notices, constable bonds, appointments of county officers and others. 

EXAMPLE: John Payne is appointed guardian for Thomas Bowles, infant orphan of David BOWLES, dated February 3, 1812. Sureties: Nelson Bowles, Jno. F. Wilson, Thos. Payne. (This record appears also in the BC Guardian Settlement Book A, pg 68 (from Kentucky ANCESTORS Vol. 17-4, pgs 216+) The sureties listed on the "loose paper" do not appear in the Kentucky Ancestors article and the guardian is called "Jesse" Payne rather than John Payne on the "loose paper".) 

EXAMPLE: Tavern license issued to John RULE at his house in BC (Bourbon County), dated 1 May 1815. Surety: Anthony SHERIFF. 

EXAMPLE: Constable Bond issued to Henry BRIDGES, dated October 2, 1826. Securities: Mathew BRIDGES, Elizabeth (this is crossed out to read Nancy) BRIDGES. Nancy didn't sign the bond. 

EMANCIPATION BOND: John HUGHES and H(eron)! H(erian) BLEDSOE set free a Negro man slave named Stephen, dated December 1, 1828. Securities: Tho. R. HUGHES, H.C. HUGHES. 

This information may be available in other Bourbon County record books, but I have not confirmed that. These microfilmed documents contain many original signatures of these pioneers. Like the marriage bonds, these miscellaneous early records as found on these 16 microfilms are seemingly not indexed any place. 


The marriage bonds (and other miscellaneous documents listed above) are arranged on the microfilm by year …… the 1800 documents are for the most part all listed together, followed by the 1801 documents etc. The exception, however, is the first microfilm (LOS #0008668), which begins with a few miscellaneous records filmed out of sequence and then a few miscellaneous documents dated in the 1790s, and then begins with the 1794 documents, followed by those from 1793, 1792,1791,1790,1789,1788, 1787 and 1786. The records are not in order by day/month …… only by year and occasionally a document is out of sequence. In this 1st  microfilm, most of the bonds are arranged by surname backwards, beginning with bond of Andrew WOLF and Susannah BLYTHE, bond dated 24 November 1794, bondsman Job CLINKENBEARD. There is also a consent of Constant CIMES given November 24, 1794 for the marriage of "Andrew Wolf and Susannah Blithe". No relationship is stated as is true of some consents. The witnesses are Job Clinkenbeard and Adam Hornback. To illustrate the varying information on BC marriages available in published versions (see list of published versions below), I have taken a "sample" marriage and checked it out in some of these published _ sources. This marriage bond does not appear in Mrs. Whitley's article on Bourbon County brides and does not appear in the microfilmed Bourbon County marriage registers but it does appear in the Cook publication with the bondsman incorrectly listed as "Constant Blythe". It also appears in the Giou publication and the Selby publication; the latter lists the marriage date as March 1, 1795 and the bride's name is listed as "Susannah Blythe, "d. of Constant”.

The second microfilm of Bourbon County “loose papers” (LDS microfilm #0183075) begins to list the bonds (and other miscellaneous documents) by sequential years, but the first letter of the grooms surname.  The first marriage here is that of Tho. ADAMS and Catherine WATSON, bond dated December 16, 1794, with bondsman James (x) (his mark) ANDERSON. There is a consent from Ralph ADAMS given December 15, 1794 for the marriage of Thomas ADAMS and Catherine WATSON …“I am her lawful gaurdeen”. Witness: Jas. ANDERSON.  This marriage does not appear in the courthouse BC marriage registers but does appear in the Giou publication, with a "marriage" date as 16 December 1794 which is probably the bond date. Since this record doesn't appear in the BC Marriage registers, the actual date of marriage is not known based on official courthouse records. This record does not appear in Mrs. Whitley's index to BC brides. The record does appear in Mr. Cook's publication and includes the consent of Ralph Adams, but also includes Thomas and Jas. ADAMS as "bondsmen" (source unknown at this time). In this publication, the date of December 16, 1794 is given (correctly) as the bond date.) The Selby book has this marriage and includes the consent of Ralph Adams, but doesn't note that he was the bride's guardian. The marriage date is given as December 16, 1794. 


There have been a number of publications of Bourbon County, Kentucky's marriages: 

1.    It seems that the 1st publication of Bourbon County's early marriage records, 1786¬1800 was in the REGISTER OF THE KENTUCKY STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY, January 1924, Vol 22, NO.64. It appears that the original sources were the first 2 BC Marriage Registers, noted above. This printing lists the grooms and brides, name of the minister, and the date of marriage. This same source (REGISTER OF THE KENTUCKY STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY is cited for one of several online listings of BC marriages, especially for this early period before 1800: always, this listing of BC marriages doesn't seem to be complete, when comparing them with other sources listed below. 

EXAMPLE: The marriage of (blank) __ McCARTY to James McMAINES on March 8, 1792 is listed in this REGISTER article (1924) and is also listed in the Giou publication (see below) as James McMAINES and Jane McCARTY, married March 15, 1792. The 2 Cook publications (see below) gave this marriage as James McManns and Jane McCAVITY, married March 15, 1792 with the consent of Thos. SMITH, guardian. Mrs. Whitley's publication gives the marriage as Jas. (x) Mcmains to Jane McCARTY - ward of Thos. SMITH (bond?) or (marriage?) date of March 8, 1792, citing "book 1, pg 11" which refers to the 1 st BC marriage register which gave the groom's name as James McMAINES to (blank) McCARTY, married (no day given) March 1792. The microfilm of "loose bonds" (LOS #0008668), not paged, also gives the bond for this couple: James (X) McMAINS and Jane McCARTY, bond date 15 March 1792, with Stephen (x) SMITH as bondsman. Consent of Thomas SMITH, guardian, for the marriage of James McMAINS and Jane McCARTY, given 14 March 1792. "This is to let you know that I am her gardin." Attest: Thomas SMITH "junier" and John FULLERTON. Thus using several sources, different and/or additional information appears. 

2.    The periodical KENTUCKY PIONEER GENEALOGY AND RECORDS by Michael Cook beginning the July, 1979 issue (Volume 1, #3) and continuing to the October, 1980 issue (Volume 2, #4) contains a serialized listing of "Bourbon County marriage bonds", not dated although apparently up through 1835, with a few 1836 and 1837 items. This publication is indexed by groom's surname, but not strictly in alphabetical order. All of the "A" surnames are listed, then the "B's" but occasionally within that letter, the names are out of sequence. There are 5 columns of information: Groom, Bride, Bondsman, Parents, and "date". Not all the bondsmen's names are given ..... seemingly generally only if the bondsman's surname was the same as either the bride of groom. That isn't always true, however. In reality, of course, virtually every marriage had a bondsman, oftentimes a relative even if the bondsman's surname isn't the same as either the bride of groom. 

3.     Another publication by Michael Cook (see above) titled BOURBON CO., KENTUCK'Y MARRIAGE BONDS 1786-1835 appears to be an exact duplication of the articles in KENTUCKY PIONEER GENEALOGY & RECORDS, although this 2nd publication has an every name index at the back including names for the bride, groom, bondsman, parents. No information is given by Michael Cook in either of these 2 publications as to where he obtained his information which is unfortunate because they include some consent and bond information I have not found elsewhere including the before mentioned microfilms of "loose papers". This suggests there are other bonds/consents not available in publication or on microfilm at this time. 

4.    There is a publication by Joan Colbert Gioe (revised in 1996 by Betty J. Masley and Carley Giou ) "from the records of the Kentucky State Historical Society" entitled BOURBON COUNTY, KENTUCKY RECORDS #1 1788 - 1850, put out by "The RESEARCHERS". The vast majority of these marriages, however, are for the period 1786-1835. For all the SMITH grooms listed in this publication, for example, only one marriage dated after 1835. The grooms are listed in alphabetical order in one left column, and the bride's in alphabetical order on the right with a "date", apparently the marriage date, but not so identified. I have found some errors in this book: 

EXAMPLE: The GIOE publication lists a marriage for Hezekiah SIVCARINGIN to Agnes Holdin, dated 9 May 1819. My reading of Hezekiah's surname is SWEARINGEN and it is also spelled SWEARINGIN in the 2 Cook publications (above). My abstracts include the name of the bondsman: Jacob SODOWSKY. This bondsman is also listed in Cook's 2 publications with the parents listed as "Margaret Holdin". That consent is not found on the microfilm of Bourbon County's "loose papers" that I abstracted however, so again there must be another source of these consents that I have not located. The Selby publication gives the marriage as Hezekiah Swearingen to Agnes Holdin, "d. of Margaret", marriage date May 9, 1819. 

5.    Mrs. W.H. Whitley of Paris, Ky published "the Brides' Index to Bourbon County marriages" (not dated) in KENTUCKY ANCESTORS, beginning in 1979 (Vol 14,issue #3) through 1984 (Vol. 19, issue #3). Based on my own abstracts from the unpaged microfilms, this publication also omits some records and differs in other ways although, again, some records in this source, do not appear in the above 3 publications. 

EXAMPLE: Mrs. Whitley's article includes the bond of John Robinson and Bridget Custard, bondsman was Sam Hinch. (Bond?) dated July 28,1787. The Cook publications list a marriage bond for James Robinson and Elpa Nisbit, bondsman: John Robinson, dated 28 Ju11787, the same date as the WHITLEY listing. The Giou publications lists the marriage as John ROBINSON and Custer BRIDGET (with BRIDGET being the surname), marriage also dated 28 Ju11787. My own abstracts found John ROBERTSON (but spelled ROBISON on the bond) and Bridget CUSTER, bond dated 22 Ju11787, married 28 Jul 1787. The marriage register (BOOK 1, pg 5) listed the bride's name as Bridget CARTER. Also I found the bond for James Wilson and Biddy CUSTER (microfilm Bourbon County loose papers 1797-1800, not paged) bond dated 20 April 1797, bondsman Jos. SINGLETON. This Wilson-Custer marriage is confirmed (although with the wrong date) in a Morgan Co., Ills biographical sketch of John Wilson, son of James and Bridget. 

6.     "Bourbon Co., Kentucky Marriages 1786-1851" published about 1982, consists of 93 pages of marriages alphabetical by groom, with a bride's index by surname only in the back by Robert Selby. Consents are given, but again I have found some consents on the 16 microfilms of "loose papers" that are not included in this publication. A copy is available at the LDS library in Salt Lake• City. This source gives the Robinson marriage listed above as James ROBINSON to Elpa Nisbet married on July 28,1787. There is no marriage for Bridget CUSTER either under CUSTER or under BRIDGET as surnames in this publication. 

7.     "Marriage Records for Bourbon County" from 1786-1800 by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, consists of 45 pages. Ms. Ellsberry published a number of such records compilations a number of years ago. This appears to be a transcription of the 1st  Bourbon County marriage register. She lists the above marriage (under "Example") as John ROBERTSON to Bridget CARTER, married July 20, 1787. 

8.     "Record of Marriages, Bourbon County" 1785-1851 published in 1931 by Annie Walker Burns, consists of 56 pages. Alphabetically organized by groom, this does not appear to be a complete transcription of all the marriages registers, especially in the later years of 1840+. Her booklet also includes the bondsman for each marriage in most cases, but not in all, especially those from the 1840s onward. Using again the same example as above, Ms. Burns lists the marriage of John ROBINSON to Custer BRIDGET (with BRIDGET being the surname) married July 28,1787 with John ROBINSON as the bondsman. Unfortunately, she doesn't list her source of information. She also had a "supplement" page of marriages, numbered "Page A", not in strictly alphabetical order by groom, but with no bondsmen listed. The parent is given for some of the brides, and a few of the grooms. Many of these are from 1827-1828, but others are earlier. There is no explanation given as to why these were not included in her regular listings. 

9.     Yet another publication is "MARRIAGE RECORDS OF BOURBON COUNTY, 1786-1800" by Mrs. Charlton Alexander of Paris, Kentucky as copied from the County Clerk's Office". These are indexed by both groom and bride ... one assumes that these are marriage records, and not bond records since they aren't called "Bond Records". In this publication, using the same marriage example as above, John ROBERTSON married Bridget CARTER on July 20, 1787. No bondsman or parental consents are given. Marriages I've found in the microfilms of Bourbon County's "loose papers", are oftentimes not found in this publication. 

10.     Last of all, the Jemima Johnson Chapter of N.S.D.A.R. also published Bourbon County's marriages 1786 - 1808. The front of this booklet says: "The following record of Marrages of Bourbon County, Kentucky is an alphabetical arrangement of the combined copies made from the original by Mrs. Charlton Alexander, Mrs. William B. Ardery and Mrs. Charles McMillan, all members of the Jemima Johnson Chapter. The Bonds, copied by Mrs. Ardery, are marked, (B)". This was compiled in 1930-1931. These are arranged in alphabetical order by groom. This compilation still does not seem to be a complete listing of available Bourbon County marriages and marriage bonds even for those dates listed 1786-1808. Very few consents were included and it may have been that they were not readily available in 1930-1931. It isn't immediately clear whether the "copies" of Mrs. William B. ARDERY and Mrs. Charles McMILLAN were ever published. Very few of the marriages have the (B) bond reference noted above. 

These publications (including my own for Grant/Harrison/Pendleton Counties, Ky) must be considered "secondary" sources …. and information should be confirmed by double-checking the original microfilmed records …. Registers, bond books, loose papers etc. Note the number of errors I cited above in the various publications of Bourbon Co marriages.

Online Sources for Bourbon County Marriages

    I didn't make a complete search of Bourbon County's marriage records online other than typing in "Bourbon Count Kentucky marriages" through Google. Most of the sites that came up were related to and although some minimal information can be obtained from these sites "free", must be subscribed to. The majority of these sites only list the BC marriages for 1786-1800 and sometimes. the sources of information are not cited, bot I rather suspect that the 1st two BC marriage registers were used, and/or one or more of the publications in print noted above, may have been used. If other printed publications have been used (repeated onto the Internet) then the same mistakes that appeared in the booklets, will appear online as well. My typed volumes of "BC Loose Papers" (abstracts of the 16 microfilms are available online at

Thus all internet sites need to be considered "secondary sources" .... and may not be completely accurate.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

A.     Even the "official" Bourbon County marriage registers and "loose papers" microfilms do not appear to be a complete listing of Bourbon County's marriages. For example, there are a number of marriages found in the Bourbon Co marriage registers (up to 1850), that do not have corresponding bonds. In fact, there are no bonds available at all for 1812 on the "loose papers" microfilm of Bourbon Co. 

EXAMPLE: Bourbon County's 2nd marriage register 1798-1839, pg 45 lists the marriage of George TALBOTT and Enety SMITH, married 17 Feb 1812, but no bond has been found for this marriage in the "loose papers" microfilm. There are some miscellaneous 1812 documents (guardianships, tavern licenses, etc) listed on the "loose papers" microfilm, however. 
I have double-checked each marriage bond found on the "loose papers" microfilms with marriage records found in the various marriage registers. Thus, since there are marriages in BC's registers that have no bonds for 1812, I am assuming that there must also be other missing bonds, not found on the requisite microfilms. These missing marriage bonds for whatever reason, obviously were not available when the LDS church representatives came to Bourbon Co to microfilm available records (the "loose papers" microfilms) in 1959. 

B.     I have found a number of marriage bonds on the "loose papers" microfilms that do not (so far) appear in any other publication of BC listed above, or only appear in one or more of the above publications. 

EXAMPLE: The "loose papers" microfilm (dated 1811-1813) (Ky Department for Libraries ... #183080) has the bond papers for James POINDEXTER and Patsy HEDINGTON of BC, bond dated 30 January 1811, bondsman: Robt McCLELLAND. This record is not found in any of the first 4 publications listed above covering the appropriate dates that I have access to, and also wouldn't be covered in the Ellsberry or Bell publications, which didn't cover years past 1800. Thus this POINDEXTER-HEDINGTON has probably not been available to genealogists, unless they have gone through the "loose papers" microfilms, document by document. 

C.    In a number of cases, especially in the 1st BC Marriage Register, marriage dates are not given ..... just the name of the groom, bride and minister. One can take a "guess" based on marriages with dates before and after but some sources have mistakenly taken the specific marriage date "near" to the undated records, and assigned that same marriage to all of the undated ones nearby. In other cases in the actual marriage registers, only a month and year are given (no day). 

EXAMPLE: Levi Scott married Nancy Carter in 1793 (no month or day given in 1 st marriage register, pg 15) The Giou publication gives the marriage date as 11 May 1793. No bond has been found in the "loose papers" microfilms to provide an approximate date and this record doesn't appear in Mrs. Whitley's manuscript. Mr. Cook's publications has the 11 May 1793 bond date, plus with a bondsman John CAMPBELL. To date, I haven't found Mr. Cook's source of information for the bond date and bondsman for this couple. 

D.     In other publications, a bond date is given as a marriage date, or vice versa.

EXAMPLE: (from the "loose papers" microfilm LOS #0008668) Machet (x) SANDERS TO Elizabeth SHELL, bond dated 29 Sept 1790, bondsman: John SMITH (Also a consent by Thomas SHELL for the marriage of "my daughter Elizabeth SHELL" to Matchet Sanders", given 28 Sept 1790. Witnesses: John SMITH, J. GRANT.) This couple is not listed in the BC marriage registers, so their exact marriage date is unknown, but can be estimated, based on the bond date. 

The Giou publication gives the marriage as Mathew SANDERS to Elizabeth SHELL, married 28 Sept 1790. The Cook publications list the bond as Mathew SANDERS to Elizabeth SHELL, bond dated 29 Sept 1790. No bondsman is given in this Cook publication record, but the consent of Thomas Shell is noted, no witnesses named. Mrs. Whitley's compilation shows the bond as being dated 29 Sept 1790. Bond by John SMITH, witness J. GRANT. The Selby book lists Mathew Sanders marrying Elizabeth SHELL on September 28, 1790 but no consent is noted. 

E.    In a number of instances (the Sanders-Shell example above proves this), different spellings of given names or surnames, or bondsmen are given in different records/sources. 

EXAMPLE: Bond record (from "loose papers" microfilm) - James McKITIRICK and Margaret WRIGHT both of BC, bond dated 26 January 1790. Bondsman: Robert McKITIRICK. Consent of Samuel WRIGHT given 25 January 1790 for the marriage of James McKittrick to "my daughter Margaret." Witnesses: Robt McKITIRICK, David Edmunstone. The marriage register gives the surname McKITILE for the groom and McKITTLE is given as the surname in the Giou publications. The Selby book lists this marriage as James McKITILE to Margaret WRIGHT "d. of Samuel" on June 6, 1790. (note the confusion between "Jan" (January) and "Jun" (June) as read by various researchers. 

F.     Consent forms found on the "loose papers" microfilms, while usually microfilmed with the appropriate bond, are not always filmed in the right place and may show up later on, on the same microfilm or occasionally on a completely different microfilm. My own proposed publication will "reunite" these out-of¬order documents with each other but they will also be included in the original spot found on the microfilm so they can be readily "found" by a researcher or descendent for copying. 

EXAMPLE: ("LOOSE PAPERS" microfilm 1797-1802) (LOS microfilm #0183145),not paged: 

Micajah BROWNING and Sarah BROWN of BC, bond dated 12 Sept 1801. Bondsman: James BROWN. On the same microfilm, but a number of documents away was the consent of Jas. BROWN given 12 Sept 1801 for the marriage of "my daughter Salley" to Micajah BROWNING. This marriage is also found in the BC Marriage Register #2, 1798-1839, page 9. This marriage is found in the Giou publication, not found in Mrs. Whitley's article, not in Mr. Cook's publications nor in the Selby book. 

EXAMPLE: Several 1826 bonds appear on microfilm LOS #0183086 labeled "1827-1829". Thomas (x) EPPERSON to Rebecka, daughter of Jacob Tevebaugh of Bourbon County, bond dated 7 June 1826, bondsman John CUNNINGHAM appears as the 15th document on the 1827-1829 microfilm, but not on the previous microfilm which "covered" 1826 marriages. This bond also has a consent by Jacob TEVEBOUGH dated June 7, 1826 for the marriage of "Thos. EPPERSON and Rebeca TEVEBOUGH." No relationship is specifically stated in the bond. Attest: John CUNNINGHAM, John TEVEBOUGH. This record is found in the BC Marriage Register #2, page 88 with variant spellings for the couple: Thomas EPHERSON and Rebeca TEVEBAUGH. This marriage is not found in the Giou publication. This bond does appear in Mrs. Whitely's index to brides but the bondsman is not given, nor is the consent listed. Her source is "Bk 2, pg 88" which is the marriage register. This record does not appear in Mr. Cook's BOURBON COUNTY MARRIAGE BONDS or in the Selby book. 

G.     In some cases, when bonds/marriages do appear in several publications, the information differs, or is not complete. 

EXAMPLE: "Loose paper" bond: John COOK and Winefred ROUTT, bond dated 18 Dec 1796, bondsman: John WALLER Consent of W. ROUTT given 14 December 1796 for the marriage of John COOK and "my sister Winnford of whom I am guardian." Witness: John WALLER Mrs. Whitley's information: ROUTT, Winifred, sister of Wm ROUTT, to John COOK, bond dated 18 Dec 1786. "Bond only by John WALLER" Mr. Cook's publications gives the bride's name as Winifred Worth married to John COOK, bond dated 18 Dec 1786, bondsman John Waller, gdn. (no consent is listed). This record is not found in the BC Marriage Registers, nor is it found in the Giou publication. It is listed in the Selby book as John Cook marrying Winifred WORTH on December 18,1786 but no consent is given. 

H.    There are also instances where the bond and the consent for the same couple do not appear together although both are on the same microfilm ..... thus to find a possible consent, one would have to search through all 16 microfilms document by document, hoping that the elusive consent might have been filmed someplace else. 

EXAMPLE: LOS microfilm #382839 ,unpaged: Jesse FERGURSON and Salley SCOTT ("of Nicholas County" ..... that's crossed out to read of Bourbon Co), bond date December 6,1803, bondsman Samuel (x) LAMPTON. The groom signed the bond as Jesse FARGUSON. (Found on pg 23 in 1st Bourbon Co Marriage Register as Jesse FERGUSON and Sally SCOTT, married 6 December 1803. The consent is on the same microfilm, but a . number of documents later: Consent of William SCOTT given December 6, 1803 for the marriage of Jessey FERGUSON and "my daughter Salley Scott." Attest: Rich'd CARTRIGHT, Sam'l LAMPTAN. This couple is found in Mrs. Whitley's brides' index, but doesn't have the bondsman, nor does her article have the consent. Her source again is BK 2, pg 23, which is the BC 2nd Marriage Register. This marriage is also in the Giou publication but is not in the Cook pUblication of BC Marriage Bonds nor in the Selby book. 

J.     For whatever reason, 20 marriages performed by Benjamin Coleman all in the 1790s, appear in the 1824-1826 BC bonds microfilm (LOS #0183085). This same microfilm has two 1828 marriages as well. All 20 of these late 18th century marriages are recorded in the Giou publication (sometime,s with varying spellings) except the last one …. I  read this record as David ALLEN and Nelly UNDERWOOD. "Allen" is smudged (but confirmed by its bond among the "loose papers" on LOS microfilm #0183007, being the very 1st bond on that microfilm.) Ten of these 20 marriages had bonds microfilmed with the unindexed "loose papers" and all of these 20 marriages appear in BC Marriage Register #1. 16 of these 20 marriages are found in Mr. Cook's publications. 

EXAMPLE: The marriage of Abraham KELLER and Margaret HENDERSON, married by Benjamin Coleman in March (no day given), 1799 is found in Mr. Cook's publications, in the Giou publication, has a bond on the "loose papers" microfilms, but is not found in the BC marriage registers. It doesn't appear in Mrs. Whitley's article. It does appear in the Selby book with a marriage date of March 24, 1799. 

EXAMPLE: The marriage of Absolum HUNT and Esther FOSTER in March, 1793 is found in all of the available secondary publications and primary sources cited above: has a bond among the "loose papers", appears in the BC marriage register, in Mrs. Whitley's article, in Cook's 2 publications and in the Giou publication with only slight spelling variations of "Absolum". It is also in the Selby book with the notation that the bride is the "d. of Seth", being married March 9, 1793. 

I'd appreciate any comments, corrections, additions, deletions of inaccurate material. 

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