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Bourbon County

  Images of America: Bourbon County
   By Berkeley Scott, Jeanine Scott
   (historical photos)

  Cane Ridge Shrine
    New building which houses the original.

  Clark's Run Historical Highway Marker

  Colville Covered Bridge 1877

  Colville Covered Bridge Plaque

  Colville Covered Bridge 1877

  Shawhan Baptist Church
    Shawhan Road, Originally Shawhan Presbyterian Church

  Hopewell Presbyterian Church
    Hopewell, one of the oldest Presbyterian churches in Bourbon County, has held worship services since 1785. The first congregation included Dutch settlers. It was recognized by the Transylvania Presbytery in 1787. Original church was located near Grant's Fort, one mile from this site. After fort and church burned, the church was rebuilt here in 1823 and in 1904.

  Mt Gilead Historical Highway Marker
     Site of 1792 Church

John Fox Jr. Historical Highway Marker
     US 627 - Winchester Rd.

Martin's Station Historical Highway Marker
   Revolutionary fort built in 1779, destroyed by British and Indians commanded by Captain Henry Bird, June 18, 1780.

Ruddles Mills

  Ruddles Mills Historical Highway Marker
     Near his home Isaac Ruddell built a gristmill in 1788 on the north side of Hinkson bridge, and a sawmill in 1795 to be operated by his son, Abram. A 720-spindle cotton mill erected 500 feet west by Thomas and Hugh Brent in 1828, burned 1836. Soon rebuilt by Abram Spears, it also spun wool until about 1855. Ruddell gave land for Stoner Mouth Church and cemetery.

  Ruddles Mills United Methodist Church

  Ruddles Mills Christian Church

  Ruddles Mills Consolidated School


  Bourbon County Courthouse

  Courthouse Lawn Historical Markers
     Named for the royal French family who aided the colonies in the War of Independence. Bourbon was one of nine Virginia counties formed before Kentucky became a state in 1792. From its original area all of twenty-four counties and parts of ten other new ones were made. At this site the first courthouse in 1787 marked the county seat. Known as Hopewell, renamed Paris.

  Westwood Courthouse Plaque
     Westwood - Six miles west on Brentsville Road on Cooper's Run is the site of the home of John Edwards.

  Paris Cemetery Gatehouse

  Duncan Tavern  (1)  (2)  (3)
    Thanks to Mary Hatton for photos (2)
    and (3) taken Autumn 2007!

  Paris Bourbon County Public Library

  First Christian Church

  Railroad Depot


  Millersburg Military Institute

  Millersburg United Methodist Church

  First Christian Church

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  State T.B. Hospital

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