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Bartholomew Manlove/Avarilla Perkins Manlove

by Mariann Laughlin

Bartholomew came to Bourbon County around 1820 and bought land from the Thomas Conn family estate.  He was a neighbor of the Conns on Townsend Creek.  Avarilla Perkins was the daughter of William Perkins who lived in Bourbon County, but had resided in Pennsylvania and Maryland when he was younger.  William Perkinses' will is probated in Bourbon County, and mentions Avarilla and her husband--Manlove.
Avarilla and Bartholomew were members of the Cane Ridge Christian Church and three of their daughters, including my great great grandmother, Mary Ann were married there.  Mary Ann married Ezekial Lindsay in 1829 and I find them in the 1830 census.  But Ezekial died shortly thereafter, and I find Mary Ann listed as a widow named Mary Ann Lindsay, when she comes to Texas in 1832.  She later remarried.
My great great aunt Elizabeth Manlove married James Menifee (Menefee) (b. 1802) in Scott County, KY,  who was a son of Gerrard Menefee, Jr. and Sarah Price.
My great great aunt Sally Manlove married Washington Webb in the Cane Ridge Christian Church,  and they stayed on the Manlove land, which they purchased from Bartholomew when he, Avarilla and the younger children left for Texas.  It appears to me that Sally and Washington had one daughter, but they are gone from any documents after 1840 and it appears that Washington remarried with no mention of an older daughter in the household.
Mariann would be interested in corresponding with other Manlove researchers.

Elizabeth McCracken

by William Bonner

Surnames: McCracken, Prather, Higgins, Wilson, Gillaspie, Wynkoop, Halsted, Lawson, Heilig, Nelson, Boling

See attached file.

Joseph Pugh

By Mary Bishop:

  Joseph Pugh is my Gr. gr. gr. gr. Grandfather, Not much has been found on his family, I have not been able to document who his parents were.

According to the Tax list of Bourbon County he first showed in 1788 he showed for that year. He must have still owned land in Rowan County, North Carolina as he showed there in 1789.

  In 1793 the Tax Returns showed that he was granted a license to conduct an ordinary (Tavern or Inn Keeper) located on Townsend Creek in the same county.

  Joseph  Pugh was on the 1800 Bourbon County Tax List.

  Joseph  Pugh was on the 1810 Tax List.

  Bourbon County Court Will Book F, Page 372 gives the will of Joseph Pugh; he died November 9, 1820.

Joseph Pugh, born June 28, 1763, Bedford, Virginia, died November 9, 1820, Bourbon County, Ky. Buried in the Joseph Pugh Cemetery on the Paris-Cynthiana Pike near his home place.

Married: June 10, 1782, Strode’s Station

Elizabeth Hunt, born January 1, 1763, Jersey Settlement, North Carolina, died February 15, 1829, Bourbon County, Buried in the Joseph Pugh Cemetery, Paris-Cynthiana Pike. Elizabeth was the daughter of Col. Jonathan Hunt, a Revolutionary War hero  & Margaret Lawrence of Rowan County, North Carolina.

                                      Children of Joseph Pugh & Elizabeth Hunt

George Pugh, born June 29,1782, Fayette Co., died September 1833, Fayette Co., Ky., married Peggy Davis Thompson, December 23, 1802, Harrison Co.

John Pugh, born February 27, 1784, Fayette Co., married Katherine Whalen, Harrison Co., Ky. August 7, 1827.

Nancy Pugh, born September 1, 1786, Fayette Co., Ky., married William Chiles, November 16, 1809, Bourbon Co.

Elizabeth Pugh, born October 22, 1788, Fayette Co., Ky., died 1835 married James Miller May 17, 1809, Bourbon Co., Ky.

Joseph Pugh, Jr. born June 29, 1791, Bourbon Co., Ky.,

William S. Pugh, born October 14, 1792, Bourbon Co., Ky., died March 9, 1825,married Mary Downard, March 30, 1830, Pendleton, Ky.

Cynthia Pugh, born March 30, 1795, Bourbon Co., Ky., died September 28, 1833, Bourbon Co., Ky., married Samuel Ewalt, December 24, 1817, Bourbon Co., Ky

Jonathan Pugh, born January 15, 1797, Bourbon Co., Ky.,

Mary Pugh, born July 6, 1799, Bourbon Co., Ky, Mary married Julius Clarkson Bristow, January 5, 1829.

Gustavius Pugh, born May 12, 1801, died June 15, 1833, married Sarah “Sallie” Cantrill, March 15, 1827. Bath Co., Ky.

Keziah Pugh, married William McClelland

James Orville Pugh, born May 22, 1805, died June 12, 1852

I found no date for Keziah Pugh but she is listed in the Brides Index for Bourbon County Ky., she married 1809 to William McClelland, It lists he as the daughter of Joseph Pugh book 2, page 42.

Joseph served in the Revolutionary War; he served as a Lieutenant in the Fourteenth Virginia Regiment during the War of Independence.  He served 3 years.

Army and Navy, Land Warrants, Revolutionary War, Page 110 lists Joseph Pugh Lieutenant, Continental  was granted 2666/2/3 acres of land December 6, 1820 for 3 years.

He was listed in Bounty Land Records, Virginia District Ohio, page 617

He is also listed in State and Navy Land Warrants, Military District of Ohio, #6376-7, Joseph Pugh, Private 3 years.

                                  Military Land Warrant # 10456, Brown County, Ohio:

   Surveyed for Joseph Pugh, 1000 acres of land on part of a Military warrant No. 6377 on the waters of Straight Creek; Beginning at a large White Oak two Sugar trees and an Elm N. E. corner to John & James McAllister’s survey No. 1999 and N. W. corner to Mathew Rhea’s survey No. 1997 thence with Rhea’s line E. 110 poles to dogwood a White oak and Ash, S.W. corner to John Masher’s his line N.210 poles, crossing a branch, passing the N. W. corner of said survey at 100 poles and with the line of Charles Morgan’s survey No. 3930, crossing the branch to a White oak, Hickory and Ash S. corner to Robert Mark’s survey No. 4834; thence with his line N. 67 W.267 poles, crossing a branch to a White Oak and two red Oaks from one root S. E. corner to said survey with another line thereof N. 24, E. 110 poles to a Maple in said line thence W. 107 poles crossing a branch to two Maples and a Hickory thence N. 115 poles to two Maples, thence S. 62,30 W. 307 poles, passing the N. corner to William Anderson’s survey No. 3311 at 96 poles with his line, crossing a branch to a red oak, maple and two Black Gum’s, south corner to said survey; thence S. 55 poles to two White Oaks and a Dogwood in the line of Joseph Kerr’s entry No. 5075 thence S. 214 poles, crossing a branch to two Hickory’s and an Elm; thence S. 60 poles to a stake 8 poles North of an Ash cornered, thence E 100 poles, crossing two branches to a stake, 8 poles, North of two Dogwoods and White Oak cornered thence S. 210 poles crossing a small branch at 23 and Straight Creek  at 137 poles, to two Maples and a Hickory; thence West 100 poles to three White Oaks; thence N. 110 poles to three White Oaks and a Dogwood thence South  156 poles to a forked Black Walnut on the South bank of a branch N. W. corner to said McAllister’s survey; thence with their line, S. 88, E 537 poles, crossing several branches to the beginning.

Robert Tomb       C. C.                                  Cadwallader Wallace D. S.

Alexander Tomb   C. C.                                               January 1, 1821  

        Mathew Bonner, Mkn.                                         April 17, 1821

    In Bourbon County Deed Book B. Page 275 one may read “November 20,1791, Joseph Mosby of Mercer County to Joseph Pugh of Bourbon County, in consideration of one hundred pounds, good and current money of the State of Virginia, one hundred and twenty one acres, a part of Huskins pre-emption lying on the waters of Townsend Creek”.

  On this land the above mentioned Joseph Pugh built a two story log house to serve his family, also as a place for travelers to rest and it was also used as a stage coach stop, and it later years became a stopping place of some importance for drovers taking their cattle to Cincinnati markets.

  The original log structure still stands today in excellent condition, it has been remodeled and added on to and enclosed with brick.

                           Will of Joseph Pugh: Bourbon County Court Will Book F, Page 372

  In the name of God, Amen, I Joseph Pugh of the County of Bourbon and State of Kentucky being weak in body but sound mind and memory do make and constitute this my last will and testament in manor and form following I give unto my beloved wife all the real and personal property that I now possess during her life of widowhood to do with it as to her shall seem right. I do hereby appoint my wife Elizabeth Pugh and son John Pugh Executors of this last will and testament signed sealed and delivered in presence of us the witnesses this twentieth day October 1820

Attest Joseph Cummins

James Cummins                                       Joseph Pugh (Seal)

Bourbon County, December Court 1820

   This last will and testament of Joseph Pugh deceased being produced into Court and proved according to law by the oath of James Cummings a subscribing witness thereto and sworn to by Elizabeth Pugh & John Pugh Executors therein named and ordered to be recorded.


                                                         Thomas P. Smith, C.B.C.
SCOTT Ancestors
submitted by Matt Scott
See related Wills in the Will Index

1.    Andrew SCOTT and Ellen?  Andrew is supposed to have been killed by Indians on a boat on the way to KY from PA with George Rogers Clark in 1778.  (doesn't fit in with ages of children below).  Ellen died in 1797 in Bourbon County KY.  She is supposed to be on the Bourbon County tax lists from 1793-1796 (Elender).  They had the following children:

A.    John SCOTT (b. 1775-1780, d. 1848-1850 KY) married ? (b. 1784-1794, d. 1820-1830).  Last alive in Dec. 1848 mentioned in Polly's will. 

1820 census Jefferson, KY
Pg 22
John HARRISON 1 male 16-26, 1 male 45+, 1 female 0-10, 1 female 45+
Pg 39
John SCOTT 3 males 0-10 (Martin, Jonathan, John), 3 males 10-16 (William, Robert, ?), 1 male 16-26 (?), 1 male 26-45 (dad?), 1 male 45 or over (dad?),1 female 0-10 (Mary), 1 female 16-26 (Catherine), 1 female 26-45 (mom)
(also nearby is Jonathan OWEN (in William's will), and Charles HARRISON)

1830 Jefferson
John SCOTT 1 male 0-5 (Robert's son James?), 1 male 5-10 (martin), 3 males 15-20 (Jonathan, John, William), 1 male 30 (Robert), 1 male 40-50 (John), 2 females 0-5(Robert's daughters?), 1 female 5-10 (Mary), 1 female30-40 (Robert's wife) (near Mary A. HARRISON and Ben J. HARRISON families, and WE GRAHAM (martin's fatherinlaw))

1840 Bullitt County KY
Jno SCOTT 1 male 15-20, 3 males 20-30, 1 male 60-70, 1 female 30-40 (correct ages for Catharine 33, John 20, Jonathan 22, and a Martin 20? Or William 30?  Robert married, Mary A. married) (most likely match since kids married in Bullitt, John Harrison is nearby)

Possible wives:
John SCOTT and Elizabeth VANHOOK 5-22-1790 Bourbon (attest by Benjamin Harrison, Harrison family nearby 1830 in Jefferson County)
John SCOTT and Elizabeth PERQUINS 3-3-1791 Bourbon    
John SCOTT and Mrs. Charity PATTERSON on 20 Mar 1803 Jefferson County

John's children:
i.    Robert "Bobby: SCOTT (b.~1806- 12/30/1893). Married Lena NEWKIRK 3-24-1824 in Jefferson KY.  Moved to Moniteau MO about 1850, then onto Lane County Oregon about 1864.

ii.    Catherine "Kitty" SCOTT (b.~1807 - after 1880).  Unmarried. Moves to Moniteau MO about 1860. 
1850 District 2 Jefferson County KY
234 Jno SCOTT 30 Mechanic KY
Catherine 43 KY

iii.    .John C. SCOTT (b.~1811- 4/8/1864).  Unmarried.  Moves to Moniteau MO about 1860.  Will produced lists heirs as: Mary FARMER, Catherine SCOTT (his sisters), Robert SCOTT of Oregon represented by Elizabeth FARMER, William SCOTT of Kentucky represented by Jonathan SCOTT, and Martin SCOTT.   Notes list Mary Ann FARMER, Catharine SCOTT, and Martin SCOTT of Moniteau County and two other SCOTT's of Kentucky.  Probate record Aug. 30, 1865.  Buried in Moreau Cemetery, Moniteau, MO.
1860 Township 44 Range 16 Moniteau County MO
883 Jno. C. SCOTT 40 Farmer KY
Catherine SCOTT 50 KY
Mary A. FARMER 45 KY
Elizabeth FARMER 18 KY
Davis BELL 15 KY

iv.    Mary Ann SCOTT (b.~1815 - after 1864). Married William FARMER 7/16/1840 in Bullitt KY.  Moved to Moniteau MO about 1860.

v.    Jonathan SCOTT (b. 1818 - 4/24/1879).  Married Elizabeth Jane HARRISON in 1/21/1841 in Bullitt KY.  Marriage Bond signed by George E. ROGERS.  Moved to Moniteau MO about 1870.  Buried in Moreau Cemetery, Moniteau, MO.

vi.    Martin SCOTT (b. 1822 - 7/18/1902).  Married Joanne GRAHAM 3/10/1855 in Jefferson KY.  Moved to Moniteau MO about 1850.  Buried in Moreau Cemetery, Moniteau, MO.

vii.    Joseph A. and Robert J. ?(listed as sons by Edna Whitley, supposed to have been in Texas War)
B.    Mary "Polly" SCOTT (born 1770-1780, died 1851 Bourbon KY). Unmarried.  Polly's will leaves money to her two nieces, Kitty SCOTT and Mary FARMER, and her four nephews, Jonathan, Robert, Martin, and John…all children of her brother John.  She also leaves slaves to her brother Andrew and Paulina his wife. .And mentions her friend and connection? James SCOTT son of a Robert SCOTT, deceased. Attested by James BROWN, A. Adams, P.J. Seamonds, and J. C. Matthews.
1850 Bourbon County KY Dist 1
131 Elizabeth HEDGES 60 KY
Ryal D 23 KY
Mary E. 19 KY
Sarah E. 15 KY
Mary SCOTT 75 KY (Polly SCOTT?)
Richard JONES 54

Lucinda AYRES 51 PA
615 Jonathan W. SCOTT 23 KY  (Polly's nephew, son of William Scott)
Rebecca L. 23 KY

C.    Joseph SCOTT (b. ~1790 - 1813)  "Serjeant" with Captain Mason Seamand's Company of Infantry of the Kentucky Militia, Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Wm E. Boswell.  He was killed in action on 5th May 1813.
Could also be another Joseph, as Joseph has a note due in Elisabeth's will in 1848 and a Joseph SCOTT married Mary A. HEDGES 10-21-1847 in Bourbon County KY, by Jno. A. Gano.

D.    Andrew SCOTT (b.1790 - 1857), married Paulina FOREMAN 4/13/1827 daughter of Joseph FOREMAN and Mary LANDER.  Buried Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana KY.
1850 census of District 2, Harrison county, KY: (Harrison was part of Bourbon county)
741/747 Andrew SCOTT , 60, m, farmer, $25,660, KY(listed as owning 14 slaves) Paulina, 43, f, KY
Robert, 21, m, KY
Emily, 18, f, KY
Mary E, 13, f, KY
Sarah R, 11, f, KY
Joseph F, 9, m, KY
Elizabeth, 6, f
Thomas FIRMAN, 80, m, B, KY

E.    Elisabeth "Betsy" SCOTT (born 1770-1780, died 1848 Bourbon KY)
Elizabeth's will mentions the slaves of her deceased brother, Jonathan.  Also mentions a brother John, and sister Polly.  No mention of brother Andrew.  James Scott is mentioned as a trustee.  James BROWN executor, B.F. Cloud and Daniel Talbott attest.  Estate mentions Silas Hedges, James and Andrew Scott, and Joseph Scott.

F.    Jonathan SCOTT (born ~1780-1790? Died 1847 Bourbon KY), unmarried.  Jonathan's will does not list any kids.  He leaves everything to his two sisters (Polly and Elizabeth), and at their death to his brother Andrew and his heirs.  Appoints brother Andrew and cousin James as administrators of will.  Attest by Jno. A. HEDGES, Allen BASHFORD, McGalla? THOMPSON.

G.    William SCOTT (born 1791 died Oct 9 1842).  Married Sarah HEDGES
(Bourbon County records, Married to Sally HEDGES by Richard Thomas 8-2-1817).  There are four William SCOTTs in 1840 Bourbon County Census.  Will lists children Joseph, William, Cynthia, Elizabeth, Sally, and Katherine (deceased), mentions land adjoining James BROWN, mentions brother Andrew SCOTT, Jonathan OWEN, and Peter HEDGES.  Attest: WS JONES, Stephen KIMES, and James W. RICE.

H.    Robert SCOTT  (born ~1796, died about 1816 Bourbon KY when estate inventoried (will book E inv 382-384).  Inventory by Tho. Clendinew, Henry Inlow.  Admin. Lucinda SCOTT, James LAMME, and Andrew SCOTT.  Married Lucinda SANFORD in 1814.  Lucinda then married Samuel HEDGES, 1816. In Will Book E, Bourbon wills, page 384, Feb. 6, 1815, James Hedges is named as one of the administrators of William Forman's estate along with Joseph and Aaron Forman, Charles Lander, and Robert Scott.


Contributed by Jim Faulconer (

The earliest Schooler immigrant to this country was Thomas Schooler, who came to Essex County, Virginia, by June 1701.  There, in the index to court orders, DW 10, page 91, dated 10 June 1701, the record indicates that John Talliaferro was granted land for the importation of thirteen persons into “this colony.”  Among these persons was Thomas Schooler.  According to the “headright” system, the person who paid for the passage of another person coming to this country would receive fifty acres per head.  Also, the person brought over would receive 50 acres too.  Some say that Thomas Schooler came from London, England, but this researcher has not found proof of that.

When Peter Bourne of Essex County died, Charles Taliaferro was executor of the estate.  He and Thomas Schooler and William Smith presented the last will and testament to the court on October 18, 1720, and made the necessary oath regarding its authenticity.  (Court Order Book 1716-1723, p. 517)  The will was proved on November 15, and Thomas Schooler was an heir.  He received “four shay and 1 two year old Hiefor.” (Will Book 2, 1717-1721, pp. 218-219)  Peter also mentioned his brothers John and Robert, and his half brother Richard Johnson. 
What was the relationship of Thomas Schooler?  Several researchers, including this writer, have assumed that Thomas Schooler married a Bourne.  However, further research does not support this conclusion.  Andrew Bourne, the father of Peter, John and Robert, died by 1700 in Richmond County, leaving his wife Christian.  She remarried, this time to Henry Johnson, who already had a family of his own.  When Christian died, she left a will naming her sons:  John, Robert and Peter.  (Essex County Deeds & Wills, 1711-1714, p. 152)  There was no mention of Thomas Schooler or a daughter who could have married him.  Henry Johnson had died in 1703, and his will named his four children:  Richard, Sarah, Katherine and Anne, “and my wife.”  (DB 11, p. 27)  Again, no mention of Thomas Schooler.  Therefore, we are left to wonder why Thomas was mentioned in the will of Peter Bourne.  Perhaps they were just good friends.

On October 14, 1726, Thomas Schooler purchased 128 acres of land from Charles Taliaferro, Jr., of St. Marys Parish in Essex County for ten pounds sterling.  (DB 18, pp. 225 and 227)  More land was granted him by patent from George II in Spotsylvania County on September 28, 1728.  (DB 1, p. 9, patent #14)

Thomas Schooler later settled in Caroline County, Virginia, and died in 1748.  His will was presented in court by William and Kesiah Schooler, administrators, on February 10, 1748.  (Order Book I, 1746-1754, pp. 128-129)  John Schooler, heir-at-law of Thomas Schooler, declared he had no objection.  Richard Young, Jr., witnessed.  The will was annexed to the Court Order, but unfortunately is now lost.

It has been assumed that Thomas Schooler’s wife was Kesiah, and that William was a son.  However, we do not know for sure.

Other Schooler records are of interest.  On November 7, 1734, the estate of a William Schooler was appraised in Hanover County.  James Goodall, Peter King and James Nichols signed.  (Records 1734-1735)  Then, the will of a Thomas Schooler was proved in King George County on February 3, 1755. This will mentioned his brother, John and William, and three children: Thomas, Mary and Esly Schoolar.  (WB I, pp. 44-45)

From the above, we might surmise that Thomas Schooler, immigrant, died leaving a wife Kezia and three sons:

1.  Thomas Schooler, Jr., of St. Mary’s Parish was deeded 599 acres of land in St. George Parish in Spotsylvania County.  This land was on Maple Run in the first fork of the Rappidan River, and the date was 28 September 1728.  (DB 1, 1728-1734, p. 91)  Thomas died, as seen above, in 1755, and mentioned his children:  Thomas, Mary and Esly.

2.  John Schooler.  More below.

3.  William Schooler.  Perhaps it was his estate that was appraised in Hanover County.

                                                                   * * *

John Schooler, son of Thomas the immigrant, was in Caroline County in 1736 where John Martin took an action of debt against him.  (Order Book 1732-1740, part 2, p. 368)  He probably moved to Spotsylvania County soon after, for on September 4, 1739, he appeared in court:  “On motion of John Schooler to have James William an orphan bound to him is granted, and ordered that the church wardens of this parish bind the sd. child to the sd. Schooler till he come of lawful age, the sd. Schooler to learn him to read and write and to learn the trade of a cooper.  (COB 1738-1740, p. 58)  We assume from this that John Schooler was a cooper also.

On November 3, 1741, John Schooler was ordered to serve as an overseer of a road, to keep it clear and in good repair.  (COB 1740-1742, p. 147)

John purchased land in Culpeper County in 1749.  (Northern Neck Grants G)  He acquired more land in Spotsylvania County in 1754.  (DB E)

John, we believe, married Martha Wharton, daughter of Samuel and Anne Wharton of King George County.  John and Martha named a son Wharton Schooler, and some of Samuel Wharton’s estate went to Wharton Schooler.  (See below)   John Schooler did not leave a will, and the time and place of his death is unknown.

These are believed to be the children of John and Martha Wharton Schooler:

1.  Wharton Schooler.  “September 1, 1766, John Schooler of Spts. Co., and Martha, his wife, to their son, Wharton Schooler.  100 a. in Spts. Co.  Edwd. Herndon, John Tuitt, James Lewis.”  (Crozier’s abstracts, Book G, 1766-1771)  On January 13, 1770, Joseph Wharton of Orange County, son of Samuel Wharton deceased of King George County, gave to Wharton Schooler of Spotsylvania County 10 pounds currency, title, interest and right in the estate of his deceased father, Samuel Wharton.  Witnesses were Reuben Young, John Schooler, and Samuel Schooler.  This was recorded in Deed Book G, 1766-1771, on May 7, 1770. 

2.  Benjamin Schooler.  More later.

3.  John Schooler, Jr., was born on September 17, 1742, according to a family Bible.  He witnessed a deed in Spotsylvania County in 1773.  (Crozier, pp. 294-295)  He is named on the 1783 and 1787 tax list for the same county. He married Nancy Hawkins, daughter of Nathan and Catherine Ann Haydon Hawkins.  (Madison County, Kentucky, Will Book A, pp. 68-70)  The marriage probably took place in Spotsylvania County.  Then, along with her parents, they moved to Madison County, Kentucky, where they are listed on the 1800 tax list, and in the 1810 and 1820 census records.  Nancy apparently died in the meantime, and John Schooler moved to Garrard County to live with his son, Benjamin Schooler.  There he died on May 24, 1832.  His estate papers in File Drawer 518 mention his children:  Joseph Hawkins Schooler, John Schooler, Mary Schooler, Nathan Schooler, Benjamin Schooler, Martha Schooler, Samuel Schooler, Nicholas H. Schooler, Nancy Schooler and Catherine Schooler.  (Catherine not proved)

4.  Martha “Patsy Schooler married William Lampton in the Page area of Shenandoah in 1763.”  (History of Shenandoah County, Virginia, by J.W. Wayland, p. 614)  While there is little proof that she was a daughter of John and Martha, she is a likely candidate.  She died on January 26, 1811, in Bourbon County, Kentucky.  They are ancestors of Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain.

5.  Samuel Schooler may have been another son of John.  On May 21, 1778, Alexander Spotswood, Esqr. leased 112 in St. George Parish, Spotsylvania County to “Jno. Wharton, Jno. Schooler, and Samuel Schooler.”  (DB J, 1774-1782)

6.  Peter Schooler?  Records in the National Archives show that a Peter Schooler was killed in the Revolutionary War in 1777.  It is quite possible that he was of this line of the family.

                                                                 * * *

Benjamin Schooler, son of John and Martha, was born in 1725, in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, according to a family Bible, printed in London 1791.  He allegedly married a Miss Divine of Spotsylvania County.  We know nothing more of her.  In 1789 they settled in Bourbon County, Kentucky, on 150 acres of land.  Both died in 1795, and are buried in the James Jones Cemetery, near Clintonville.  Here are their children:

1.  Benjamin Schooler II was born in May 1759 in Spotsylvania County.  He was listed as a delinquent taxpayer in 1787, and it was noted in the record that he had “removed to Kentucky.”  He was listed in the Fayette County Census of 1790 and 1800.  Benjamin later settled near Clintonville in Bourbon County, and married Patsy Foster.  He died on October 22, 1822, and is buried near his father in the Jones family cemetery.  Their children were John S., Benjamin III, John, Elizabeth, Patty, Nancy, Henry and Samuel.

2.  William Schooler was born in 1760.  He married Juriah ? .  In 1797 William and his wife, Juriah, sold land in Caroline County.  He was on the 1800 tax list there, but they apparently left about 1808, according to the tax list removals.  They emigrated to Clark County, Kentucky, and on August 27, 1818, William and Juriah sold 60 acres on Hancock Creek, “where Schooler now resides.”  The next year he sold 8 more acres.  On October 22, 1830, in Fayette County, he applied for his Revolutionary War Pension, claim #47344.  It states that he was a Sergeant in the 3rd Virginia Line in 1779 or 1780.  He served in Capt. Minor’s Company, and Col. John Taylor’s Regiment.  He was presently living in Clark County, aged 70.  The pension was granted, $120 per annum.  The last payment was made on March 25, 1833, the year he died.  William wrote his will in 1829, and Juriah was still his wife.  The will was proved in 1833.

We should note that there was another William Schooler, relationship unknown.  “The Kentucky Gazatte” of September 8, 1787, noted that “Mr. Schooler of Harrison’s Station on Licking Creek was fired on by Indians on the 5th of September.  George Mason and Mr. Glascock were fired on by the Indians while cutting wood on Licking Creek on 7 September. Mason was fatally wounded.”  This William Schooler lived on the Licking River, in what was to become Harrison County, Kentucky.  He was listed in the 1800 census there, and was married to Elizabeth Harrison.

3.  Salathial Schooler was born on November 28, 1760, in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.  She married James Jones in St. George’s Church in Fredricksburg on August 17, 1782.  They settled in Bourbon County, Kentucky, and W.H. Perrin mentioned them in his History of Scott, Harrison, Bourbon and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, page 474.  “James Jones, who was born about the year 1758, in Spottsylania County, Va., son of Thomas Jones a Virginian... was a Revolutionary soldier...he emigrated to Kentucky, locating in Fayette county, in 1789; his wife was Sallie Schooler, also a native of the Old Dominion; she had three brothers, who served in the Continental Army, viz; Horton, Benjamin and William.”  She died on April 8, 1850.

4.  Wharton Schooler also served in the Revolutionary War.  He married Margaret Gatewood, daughter of Henry and Ann Gatewood of Spotsylvania County.  When Henry died, his heirs were listed in Deed Book P on December 3, 1799, and Wharton and Margaret Schooler were mentioned.  On October 2, 1787, Wharton and Margaret, his wife, sold 365 1/4 acres in Berkeley Parish of Spotsylvania to Thomas Ball of Amelia County.  (DB L 1785-1788)  That same year, 1787, Wharton was listed as a delinquent taxpayer, and the reason given was that he had “removed to Kentucky.”  Wharton and his family settled in Fayette County, where he was listed in the census of that year.  His will was proved in the May Court of 1824 in Fayette County.  The Clark County Death Record notes that Beulah Ellis, daughter of Wharton and Peggy Schooler, died on February 10, 1854, aged 73.

                                                                   * * *

Note:  This is one of the more difficult families I have researched.  The records are scanty, and it is easy to draw faulty inferences.  I wish is to acknowledge that some of the above material is drawn from “The Schooler Family” by Genalee Schooler, and found in the Kentucky Historical Society.  Thanks also to Marilyn Craig and the late L.V. Hagan, Jr. 

Compiled by James G. Faulconer, 5200 Oakbrooke Drive, Kettering, OH 45440.  March 14, 2001.  (
Rogers Family

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Above:  Funeral Card of Mrs Bettie Ravenscroft Stevens.
Right: the newspaper of John Stevens burning to death.
From the Lexington Leader, Friday afternoon, Jan. 10, 1919

The death certificate of John Stevens #1122. Birth date: October 14, 1851 born in Kentucky, date of death-Janurary 9, 1919 in Lexington, Fayette Co., Ky. Cause of death Accidently Burned to Death, and Burial Ruddles Mills on Janurary 11, 1919. Someone put Shawhan, Ky. as burial first then put Ruddles Mills, Bourbon Co., Ky. as the burial.


Hector Reid / Reed
Submitted by Susan

Married 1st Eliza Jane Palmer  married Mar 6, 1844 Bourbon Co KY d Aug 1862
             2nd Joanna Bowles  born Oct 9, 1845  - from letters written in 1930’s by Mrs. Tommie Collins Miller (Bowles Descendant)

Bourbon Co., KY Deed 40-24
April 2, 1844  1/9 of 89 Acres Stoner
Hector Reid and wife Eliza Jane of Bourbon co KY to Bartley Reid for $115, an equal and undivided 9th to a tract of 89  Acres on Stoner in Bourbon Co of which William Reid died seized and posses , which went to his 9 heirs at law of whom the said Hector Reid was one. The calls of the above deed were taken from original deed dated Feb. 13, 1818.

Bourbon Co KY Deed 38-215
August 6, 1840
John Ross to William Reed heirs, release property and all claims which was advanced to me in right of my wife Amanda by her father the said William Reed, dec'd. Now in consideration and for the purpose of compromising and quelling a matter of controversy release to Willis Reed, Bartley Reed, Greenberry Reed, Hector Reed, Will S Reed, Sarah Reed, Zerilda Reed, Letitia Reed and Emerine Reed all my right and interest in land on Stoner, about 91 A and my right to personal estate of Will Reed.

This went to court but our Bourbon Co KY courthouse does not have the records anymore, they are the State Archives, and there was a plat settlement for each.

Western Citizen, Aug 26, 1862 Friday morning
(located at Paris Bourbon Co Public Library microfilm)
Died on the 20th inst. Mrs. Jane Reid, wife of
    Hector Reid of this county.

Hector Reid in Clay Co Missouri by 1880

Joanna Bowles Reid
"Reed children Missouri" written on back