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Affidavit's of Slaves Imported

Submitted by Jerry Taylor

John Porter

Bourbon County, KY, Slave Book A, Page 221

I John Porter do solemnly swear that my removal to the state of Kentucky was with intention of becoming a citizen thereof and that I have brought with me no slave or slaves with intention of selling them so help me God.

                                                                                                                        John Porter

Subscribed and sworn
To before the subscriber
A  Justice of said county this 23rd day of January 1847. Brutus J. Clay JP

William A. Grimes

Bourbon Co., KY Court Order Book Q, Page 227

Oct. Term, Oct. 19, 1857
William A. Grimes, formerly a resident of this county and state removed to the state of Missouri last spring taking his slaves 16 in no with him & has since emigrated or returned to this state & county bringing said slaves with him came into open court and made oath that his removal to the state of Kentucky is with the intentions of becoming a citizen thereof, that he has brought with him the following slaves to wit:

Mina            33 years of age                                           Amanda          14 years of age

Maria           10 years of age                                           Betsey            9 years of age

Milla             6 years of age                                            Martha            28 years of age

Josephine     8 years of age                                            Richard            3 years of age

Brent            2 years of age                                            Alsey              22 years of age

Hastings       3 years of age                                            Lena                2 years of age

Jno              16 years of age                                           Henry              21 years of age

Daniel          22 years of age                                          Talbott             1 year of age

With no intention of selling them, or either of them.

Mary Eldridge

Bourbon Co., KY. Slave Book A, Pages 215-216

     I Mary Eldridge do solemnly swear that about the 13th day of October 1865 I came from the state of Virginia to the County of Bourbon & State of Kentucky; that my removal from Virginia to the State of Kentucky was with intention of becoming a citizen thereof and that I have brought with me no slave or slaves with intention of selling them so help me God. That I am married but have for some twelve or thirteen years been living separate and apart from my husband who has been during that time residing in Bourbon County, KY. That I have a daughter living in said County and when I came to KY, as stated my intention was to become a citizen thereof if I found that I could live there without being interrupted or disturbed by my said husband. That I brought a negro boy about ten years with me from Virginia to wait upon me and this was the only servant brought with me. He is held by John Grims of Virginia as my Trustee for my support the title I have not being in me. That I have been in Ky now long enough to be_______ KY satisfied that I will not be disturbed in the manner alluded to and that it is my intention now to live in Ky. As my home and as a citizen thereof.  I further state that when I came to Ky. I did not know nor was informed of the contense of the Negro law of 1833 but having resolved to make Ky. my permanent home I have been informed of the law that it was and is necessary for me to make the foregoing statement. Given under my hand this 9th day of Febuary1866.

                                                                                Mary  x  Eldridge

Sworn to before me a Justice of the Peace for Bourbon County Ky. this 9th day of February 1866 Mrs. Mary Eldridge.



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