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Thornton Family of Bourbon and Harrison County

Estate Records

Anthony Thornton Senior: Will, dated 18 February 1828, & Inventory

Anthony Thornton Junior: Will, dated 14 November 1819

Charles Taliaferro Thornton: Will, dated 11 April 1811, Inventory & Sale

John Rootes Thornton: Will, dated 5th January 1874

Lucy Dixon Thornton: Will, dated 4th December 1858 & Inventory

Sarah Thornton: Inventory, dated 5th March 1849

Thomas Towles Thornton: Inventory, dated 10th December 1839

Walker Thornton: Inventory, dated 1819-1828

Mary R. Thornton McAboy: Will, dated 29 January 1892

Thornton Marriage Records

Bourbon, Fayette and Harrison Counties

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Anthony Thornton, born 1748

T. T. (Thomas Towels) Thornton, born 12/11/1846, s/o John Thornton & Ellen Fisher

Judge Anthony Thornton, born November 9, 1814 Paris, Bourbon Co., KY, died September 10, 1904 Shelbyville, Shelby Co., IL, burial Glenwood Cemetery; s/o Anthony Thornton & Mary Towels, g/s of Anthony Thornton & Mary Rootes

State Representative from Illinois, United States Congress

Supreme Court Justice, State of Illinois

Church Records

Presbyterianism in Paris and Bourbon County, Kentucky, 1786-1961

December 8, 1873. Memorial to John Rootes Thornton, an elder, who died December 4, 1873, in the eighty-seventh year of his age.

Benjamin Mills, son of Judge Ben Mills and his wife Mary Read, daughter of General Anthony Thornton,

Thornton Family Research Notes

Lucy Thornton Will
Henry Walker Thornton (s/o Anthony & Mary Towels Thornton)
Dr. John Thornton, nephew
Towles Thornton, John Thornton's son
Mary Lucy Mills, niece (possible d/o Mary R. Thornton & Benjamin Mills)
Molly Rootes Thornton McAboye (married Benjamin Mills)
Elizabeth & Judith Thornton, daughters of sister Judith Presley Thornton
Dixon & Conway Thornton children Sarah Lucy & William
Anthony Thornton Sr Will
Lucy Dixon Thornton, daughter
John Rootes Thornton, son
Lewis Thornton, son
Judith Presley Thornton, daughter
Mildred R. Whitney, daughter of Judith Presley Thornton (married Dewey Whitney 1827 Harrison Co.)
Lewis Read Thornton, grandson
Henry Walker Thornton, grandson
Mary Rootes Thornton, granddaughter
Anthony Thornton, grandson, son of Mildred
Charles Taliaferro Thornton
Ann Walker, wife
Anthony Thornton, brother
Walker Buckner, brother in-law
John Rootes Thornton Will
Anthony R. Thornton, son
Mary R. Thornton McAboy Will

Anthony R. Thornton, cousin

Thornton Census: Bourbon & Harrison

1850 Kentucky > Bourbon > District 1, HH# 114/119
Jno R. Thornton, 62, Male, Lawyer, VA
Eliza M. Thornton, 54, Female, KY
Anthony R. Thornton, 19, Student, KY
Mary R. McAboy, 34, Female, KY
Tho W Owings, 34, Male, Physician, KY
Mary A. Owings, 22, Female, KY
(Thornton, John B. married Owings, Eliza M., Bk. 2-Pg 88, 5 Oct 1825, by Moreland)
(Thornton, Mary R. married McAboy, Paradise L., Bk 2-Pg 185, 24 Apr 1839, by E. C. Young)

1860 Kentucky > Bourbon > Paris, HH# 87/93
Jno B. Thornton, 73, Male, Lawyer, 6000, 15000, VA
Anthony R. Thornton, 28, Male, 1000, 2000, KY
Mary R. McAboy, 40, Female, -----, 2000, KY

1850 Kentucky > Bourbon > District 2, HH# 393/395
Thornton, John R. 32, Male, Physician, KY
Thornotn, Ellen, 23, Female, KY
Thornton, Thomas, 3, Male, KY
(Thornton, John R. married Fisher, Ellen, Bk. 2-Pg 241, 24 Feb 1846, by E. P. Pratt)

1860 Kentucky > Bourbon > District 1, PO Ruddles Mills, HH# 270/287
Jno R. Thornton, 41, Male, Physician, KY
Ellen Thornton, 34, Female, KY
Towles Thornton, 13, Male, KY

1850 Kentucky > Harrison > District 2, HH# 116/118
Mary Richeson, 90, Female, VA
Lucy Thornton, 95, Female, Black, Virginia

1850 Kentucky > Harrison > District 2, HH# 179/179
Lucy Thornton, 66, Female, VA
Henry Thornton, 30, Male, KY

1860 Kentucky > Harrison, HH# 1163/1163
H. W. Thornton, 39, Male, Farmer, 17850, 20000, KY

1870 United States Federal Census > Kentucky > Harrison > Cynthiana, HH#50/50
Thornton, Walker, 49, Male, White, Farmer, 18000, 3000, KY
Stephens, Edward, 24, Male, White, Farm Hand, KY
Talbot, Chas, 27, Male, Black, Farm Hand, KY
Talbot, Stephen, 16, Male, Mulatto, Farm Hand, KY
Fisher, Eads T. 14, Male, Black, Farm Hand, KY
Tolbert, Fanny, 30, Female, Black, Domestic, KY
Tolbert, Mary, 22, Female, Black, Domestic, KY
Fisher, John, 26, Male, Black, Farm Hand, KY
Slough, Sunis, 12, Male, Mulatto, Farm Hand, KY
Sparks, Eliza, 12, Female, Mulatto, Domestic, KY
Dydes,Sarah, 14, Female, Mulatto, Domestic, KY
Thornton, Jno R., 51, Male, White, Physician, KY

1870 Kentucky > Harrison > Cynthiana, HH# 52/58
Cynthiana House (hotel)
Andrew J. Thornton, 33, Male, White, IN

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