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Anthony Thornton Will & Inventory

Submitted by Mary Hatton, 7/6/2006

Harrison County, Kentucky Will Book B Page 398, 399, 400
Dated: February 18, 1828; Produced into Harrison County Court January term 1829
the Last Will and Testament of Anthony Thornton Deceased

Page 398
I Anthony Thornton of Harrison County State of Kentucky do constitute
make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in Terms as follows; viz
First I give and bequeath to my Daughter Lucy Dixon Thornton to her and
her heirs forever the following Negro Slaves (viz) Jupiter Kizzy Charles
Sam, Rose and Fanny all children of Jupiter & Kizzy, Kitty Daughter
of Hannah  old Lucy and Julia and their future increase except
the increase of Julia which will be hereafter disposed of I also
lend to my said Daughter Lucy Dixon my man Morris and my woman
Hannah so long as she my said Daughter remains not married
but whenever She Shall marry or die then said Morris and

Page 399
Hannah, Shall pass and go as hereafter directed I also give to my said
Daughter Lucy Dixon my cart & oxen four horses her choice of all have
six mild cows. She to choose them Twenty choice head of sheep one
half of all my hogs and one half of any farming and plantation
utensils my Dearborn and harness all the poultry or fowls of every descrip
-tion, my silver spoons of all kinds her choice of three feather beds
and furniture all my kitchen furniture of every sort or kind all the
provision of every sort which is laid in for the family use I also give
to my said Daughter all my siting chairs tables cooking glasses
drinking glasses plates and dishes bowls mugs, pitchers cups and
saucers knives and forks shovels tongs & and irons and whereas
my said Daughter has purchased many articles of house furniture
&o my will is that whatever she claims as her own property shall
not appraised as my estate but shall be held by her as her own
right. I also lend to my said Daughter Lucy Dixon all my land lying
on the west side of the branch or run leading from Humphrey Lyons
line thru my farm to the line of Benjamin Mills and to include
with it the pasture ground that is enclosed under the same fence on
the east of said as far as the division fence running from Fishers line
to the corner of my cleared land including also all my houses garden
orchard and springs the land houses &o lent above she is to
hold so long as lives unmarried but whenever she shall marry or die
the whole to pass to my Son John R. Thornton and my said Daughter
Lucy Dixon shall make no waste of timber but only to use such as
is necessary for fuel repairs of the farm, houses &o Second I give
and bequeath to my son John Roots Thornton to him & his heirs forever
the whole tract of land whereon I now live (subject nevertheless to the loan
made above of part to me Daughter Lucy Dixon) I also give to my Son
John Rootes the following Negro slaves (viz) Tom and Matilda his
wife, Jerry & Siller his wife, Moffa Daughter of Hannah, Venus & her four
sons Moor, Bob Roy, Nelson, and Harrison & their future increase I
also give to my son John Rootes my wagon and geer four choice
of my horses (after my Daughter Lucy Dixon has chosen hers) also
six cows twenty sheep and half my hogs also one half my farming
or plantation utensils. I also give him my said son my silver
coffee pot my secretary and book case one good feather bed a
furniture and I also give him my man Morris after the marriage
or death of my Daughter Lucy Dixon in consequence of the foregoing
bequest of all my whole tract of land whereupon I live I enjoin it upon
him my said son John Rootes to pay to my son Lewis the sum of
three hundred twenty two dollars and fifty cents Third I give to my
son John Rootes Thornton in trust for the use of my Daughter Judith
Presly Thornton and her children, the following Negro slaves (Viz) Hannah
after the marriage or death of my Daughter Lucy Dixon & at my death
Hannah & children Richard, James, Kizziah and all & their future
increase for the exclusive right and benefits of my said Daughter Judith
Presly for and during her natural life and after her death the said
Negro a their future increase to be equally divided between all her
children then living (Except her Daughter Mildred R. Whitney) to
them their heirs forever Fourth I give to my two grand sons Lewis
Read Thornton and Henry Walker Thornton the following Negroes
slaves (viz.) Henry & Daniel (sons of Kizzy) Grandison (son of Matilda).

Page 400
Morris Joe & Tom Rootes (sons of Julie) and the future increase of
Julia to be held by my Daughter Lucy Dixon for the use of two
said grand sons Lewis Read and Henry Walker until one of them
shall marry or arrive at lawful age in either event the whole to be
then equally divided between the two but if either of them should
die before they marry or arrive at lawful age then the survivor
is to have and hold all the said negroes as his own proper
right. I also direct that five hundred dollars shall be applied
out of my general funds to educating my said two grand sons
Lewis Read and Henry Walker Thornton  fifth I give to my
Grand Daughter Mildred R. Whitney my negroe girl Winna (daugh=
ter of Hannah) to her & her heirs forever  Sixth I give to my Grand
daughter Mary Rootes Thornton my girl Laura (Daughter of Venus)
to her and her heirs forever  Seventh I give my Grand son Lewis
Read Thornton my shot gun. Lastly in order to constitute a general fund
for the payment of my just debts and legacies my will and
desire is that my administrator shall sell all my lands in the
counties of Mason Bracken and Nicholas in such lots and on such
credit as he may think best and to convey them by special warran
=tee Deed to warrant against me and my heirs. I also authorize my
said administrator to make and execute deeds for all lands that I
have sold out on the Terms and Conditions which my contracts call
for Whenever the whole of the money is paid for said land I also
authorize him to sell my negro man John Rootes and ever other negro
I have which has not been specially herein devised, and all &
every species of property not herein specially devised the proceeds
of the whole together with all notes & money which I may leave
at my death to be applied in the first place to the payment of
my just debts next to the payment of such legacy as I have
given and the balance of whatever remains to be equally divided
amongst all my children then living my grandson Anthony
Thornton (son of Mildred) to be paid three hundred dollars out of
the residue before a division amongst my children, my will and
desire is that my administrator shall only give own bond
without being called upon to give security- the words (her and his heirs
forever) between the third & fourth lines at the Top (interlined by my
own hand in testimony of the foregoing I hereunto set my hand
and affix my seal this 18th day of February 1828 being this
day four score years of age  the word sell between the seventh
& eighth lines at top of this page interlined by me.
                                    An. Thornton E.S.

Harrison County January Court 1829. Set
The Last Will and Testament of Anthony Thornton Decd. was prov=
duced in Open Court and proved to be in the hand writing of
said Testator be the Oath of John McKee and Alexander McClin=
tock and the Same was Ordered to be recorded

                                    H. C. Moore CHC

Anthony Thornton Sr. Estate Records

1. Anthony Thornton Sr.-Inventory and Appraisement of the Personal Estate-Will Book B-Pages 527-528-Dated 14th day of January 1829-Recorded Harrison County Court August Court 1832.
The Appraisement of the personal Estate of Anthony Thornton decd. as produced to the undersigned this 14th day of January 1829.
One Black Boy Jeremiah aged 18 years-$350.00
One Black Boy Benjamin & his wife Sue(?)-$175.00
One Black Boy Benjamin aged 13-$250.00
One Black woman Agnes-$150.00
One Black man John Roots-22 years-$380.00
One Black man Venus-aged 55-$75.00
One Black Boy George Blind-aged 18-$75.00
One yoke of oxen-$35.00
Eleven cows at $3.00-$33.00
Thirteen two year old cattle-$65.00
One Bull-$15.00
Eight Milk cows-$72.00
One Bay Mare-$50.00
One white horse-$60.00
One Dark __ Gray horse-$40.00
One old Bay horse-$40.00
One Gray Horse-$55.00
One Dark Sorrell horse-$45.00
Bright Sorrell Mare-$40.00
Old Sorrell Mare-$30.00
Brown Horse-$30.00
Young gray mare-$40.00
Old Bay horse-$05.00
Old Bay mare-$5.00
Old white horse-$5.00
Yellow Mare Colt-$65.00
Yellow Horse Colt-$50.00
Bay Mare Colt-$30.00
Mare Colt-$30.00
Gray Colt-$10.00
White Mare Blind-$15.00
Bay Mare Colt-$30.00
70 Sheep at 75 cts.-$52.50
3 Lbs. Whiskey about 100 Gals.-$25.00
Total Appraisement-$2472.50

Pursuant to an order of the worshipful County Court of Harrison County in the undersigned met at the house of A. Thornton decd. and proceeded to appraise the property Shewn to us as above given under our hands this 14th day January 1829.


George Rush
George Sharp
Alexander McClintock

The following articles were shewn afterwards viz:
about 3000 lbs hemp in Shack-$100.00
A wagon and gear-$50.00
and Cart-$15.00
9 Sacks of Hay-$45.00
Farming Utensils, Plougs, axe, shoes, wheat, __-$62.00
Amount above-$2472.50
Total Amount-$3044.50

An old black man William & old woman Sucky-no value.
We the undersigned being first duly Sworn proceeded pursuant to the written enclosed Order to appraise the property of A. Thornton decd. as above Given under our hands this 24th day of January 1829.

Alexander McClintock
George Rush
George Sharp

John Roots Thornton, Admin. Will annexed
It will be perceived by ____ at the will of Anthony Thornton decd. that four horses were given to Testators Daughter Lucy and four to myself and although appraised were not sold nor subject to Sale and the horses as selected by the Legatees and appraised came to the sum of four hundred and fifty dollars and is not to be accounted for in sales also the wagon and gear and cart and plantation utensils were given by the will to said Daughter Lucy and myself amounting to one hundred and twenty dollars and therefore not subject to Sale or to be accounted Lucy has received her part of all as specied? in the will. The woman Agness or Aggey mentioned in the appraisement grew sick and could not be sold, the old Venus is so old She would not sell and the old fellow Ben would not hire as he produces is accounted for. Also twelve Cows were given to Lucy and myself which were not sold the bill included.

John Roots Thornton, Admin. Will annexed of A. Thornton, decd.

State of Kentucky Harrison County August Court 1832

This Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Anthony Thornton, decd. was returned in open Court and ordered to be recorded.

Samuel Endicott Clerk Protem H.C. (Harrison County)
By Elijah S. Patterson D. C.


2. Anthony Thornton Sr.-An Account of the Sales of the Personal Estate-Will Book B-Pages 529-Recorded Harrison County Court August Court 1832.

An Account of the Sales of the Estate of Anthony Thornton, decd. by John Roots Thornton Administrator.
One Black Boy Jeremiah-$425.00
One Black Boy Ben the younger-$300.00
One Black man John Roots-22 years-$425.00
One Black Boy George Blind-$60.00
Eleven calves at -$27.12 1/4
Twelve two year old cattle-$54.87
One Dark Sorrell horse or brown-$41.06
One Sorrel mare-$15.00
Brown horse-$25.00
Young Gray mare-$25.00
Old Bay horse-$5.06
One white horse-$5.75
Bay Mare Colt-$27.56
White Mare Blind-$5.25
Bay Mare Colt-$26.25
Yellow Horse Colt raising one year old-$28.06
Sheep (24)-$19.18 3/4
3 Barrels of Whiskey-$21.00
Seven Stacks of Hay-$51.25
One Barrel Whiskey-$6.50
Yellow horse Colt raising two year old-$40.00
Fifty Barrels corn to Corn-$50.00
Thirteen Barrels corn to Self-$13.00
Ten Barrels corn to Samuel Stephens-$10.00
Hemp the whole on the farm after being Broke-$54.30
13 Barrels of Whiskey from John Current-$92.60
Gray Colt-$10.00
Total Amount of Sales-$1864.84

State of Kentucky
Harrison County August Court 1832

This list of Sale of the Estate of Anthony Thornton decd. was returned in open court and ordered to be recorded.

Samuel Endicott Clerk Protem H. C. C.

By Elijah S. Patterson D. C.


3. Anthony Thornton Sr.-Final Settlement-County Court Record Book F-Pages 58-60-Dated the Sept. 1836-Harrison County Court Jan. Term Court 1836 and recorded this 16th day of Sep. 1836. This book was dated 1835-1848.

**(Note pages 58-60 were very dark and obtaining a copy to transcribe was difficult. If anyone Please contact Mary Hatton ( with corrections.)**

The Estate of Anthony Thornton on account with John R. Thornton, Administrator.


To Support of old Suckey this year-$25.00

To Support of old negro Billy this year-$20.00

To paid fee bill Clerk Mason-$1.26


To paid fee bill Clerk Harrison-$8.52

To paid __ Constable of Nicholas fee bill-$3.61

To Support of two negroes named Suckey-$75.00

To Support of old negro Venus this year-$15.00

To Support of old Billy this year-$15.00


April, To paid Mufgrove(?) surveyor-$4.00

October To paid Anthony Thornton his legacy-$300.00

To paid Mufgrove(?) __ __-$20.00

To paid taxes on land 1829, 1830. 1831, & 1832-$5.88

To Clerks fee bill-$0.50

To Support of two negroes named Suckey-$75.00


October, To paid Lewis R. Thornton his legacy-$250.00

To support of Two old negroes Suckey this year-$100.00

Nov., To paid for support of Old Billy-$10.00


March, To paid Otto Hughes for coffin for Suckey-$4.00

April, To paid Nicholas for shoes of old Billy-$2.00

To paid William Thornton in right of his wife of surplus-$100.56

To allowance to administrator-$100.00

To Mason Land 1834 & 1835-$1.50

Court allowance-$3.00

Amount in all-$1456.65

The Estate is entitled to the following credits:


By balance due Estate last Settlement-$37.34


April, By cash of Doctor Doniphan land sold in Bracken-$100.00

By cash of E. Case for land in Bracken-$30.00

By cash of George Talbot Bens hire-$30.00

By cash of W/M? Heven Bens hire-$20.00

By cash of Ichabod Tharp __ John __-$75.00

By cash of Joseph Frazel land sold him-$114.00

By cash of John Crawfor land-$25.00

By cash of William Woodward land sold him-$100.00

By cash of Doniphan land sold him-$45.00

By cash of Galbreath(?) for land-$10.00

By cash of Hudson for land sold him-$120.00


By cash of Ned Case for land-$37.00

By cash of Samuel Owens for land sold him-$129.00

By cash of Jesse Allen for land-$100.00

By cash of Pulk(?) for land sold him-$61.50

By cash of Savage(?) for land sold George __-$43.00

By balance of Dillon for land-$20.00

By balance of White for land-$40.00

By cash __ Stho(?) to McClintock-$20.00


By cash of Savage(?) for land sold him-$190.00

By cash for land sold to Idell-$80.00

By cash for land sold to Ebenezer Woodward(?)-$125.00


By cash for land sold to John Case-$25.00

By cash for land sold to Jessie Allen-$110.00

Amt. all to the land of __ __-$1684.84

The written shows the Situation of Settlement with John R. Thornton, Exc. Of Anthony Thornton, decd. which was made with the undersigned as Commissioner in Sept. 1836 said Sct. __ shows a balance in the Exc. hands of two hundred and twenty-eight dollars and eighteen cents all of which is respectfully submitted.

W. B. Woodford County

Sam Williams County

__ State of Kentucky Harrison County __

I Samuel Endicott, Clerk of the County Court for the County aforesaid do certify that this report of Settlement was Returned at the above Court and ordered to be Recorded which is done this 16th day of the same month and year aforesaid.


Sam Endicott C. H. C. C.

By W. Endicott D. C


4. Anthony Thornton Sr.-Final Settlement-Records G-Dated the 13th day of Nov. 1850-Page 162-Harrison County Court Nov. Term Court 1850 and recorded this 26th day of May 1851.

The Final Settlement was made on the 13th day of Sept. 1850 with Jno. R. Thornton Admin. with the will annexed of Anthony Thornton, decd.

We find said Admin. Indebted, as far ___? on former settlement recorded as made in Dec 1836 now on record in Harrison County Court in the sum of $228.18.

To sale out lands in Nicholas and Harrison County-$1025.00


No. 1.-By Legacy pd. H. W. Thornton-$250.00

No. 2.-Free Bills Harrison County Clerk-$1.25

No. 3-Tax on lands from 36 to 47 inclusive-$9.54

No. 4-Abbotts Recpt Keeping slave Venius-$225.00

No. 5- Do Do Clothing Do to 9 years-$50.00

No. 6-Michals S. Alexander Rec (slave Billy)-$92.00

No. 7-Surveuor Rec-$7.25

No. 8- Metcalf Raymond & Owens Recpts

No. 9-Pd. Ballingale for land inter___-$75.00

No. 10-Mrs Mary R. Mills an heir-$100.00

No. 11-Do L. D. Thornton Do Do-$100.00

No. 12-Do Judith P. Thornton Do Do-$100.00

Retained for own share-$100.00

No. 13-Do Abbotts Rec clothing slave Venius-$45.00

Allowance to Admin-4.00

Leaving a balance in favor of Admin.-$13.09

Allow which is submitted to Court

Jno. O. Hodges

Th. B. Woodyant

State of Kentucky

Harrison County ___ Nov. Term 1850.

I, Thomas B. Woody, Clerk of said County certify that this settlement of the Estate of Anthony Thornton, decd. was produced to court at the above term and ordered to be recorded which is recording done this 26th day of May 1851.

Tho. B. Woodyant C. R.


5. Anthony Thornton Sr.-Harrison County Record Book E (1828-1835)-Dated Jan Court 1829-Page 33.

The Last Will and Testament of Anthony Thornton, Decd. was produced in open Court and proven to be in the hand writing of said Testor by the Oath of McKee and Alexander McClintock & was ordered to be recorded. And on the Motion of John R. Thornton who was made oath thereto. A Certificate is granted him for Obtaining Letters, of Administration of the Estate of said decedent with the Will annexed in due form bond & security being dispensed with.


6. Anthony Thornton Sr.-County Court Minute Book-Harrison County-L (1850-1852)-Dated 14th day of October 1850-Page 88.

The following Settlements by commissioners were this day presented to Court and ordered recorded to lie over till next term for exceptions:

A settlement of the Estate of Henry Fry.

A settlement of the Estate of Anthony Thornton

A settlement with B. Roberts Gdn. Mary Cummins


7. Anthony Thornton Sr.-County Court Minute Book-Harrison County-L (1850-1852)-Dated 11th day of November 1850-Page 104.

The following Settlements were this day again presented to Court to wit

A settlement of the Estate of Henry Fry, decd.

A settlement of the Estate of Anthony Thornton, decd.

A settlement with B. Roberts Gdn. Mary Cummins

And no exceptions having been taken were now ordered to record.


Thornton: Col. Anthony Thornton and his wife Mary Rootes; Parents of Hon. J. Rootes Thornton of Paris. A Colonel of A Regiment of Minute Men Throughout the Revolutionary War


Biography Anthony Thornton Jr.

"In the year 1807, Judge Thornton's father and grandfather removed from Virginia to Kentucky. 
The colony, including the members of the family and the negro servants, numbered in all
ninety-nine persons.  On their arrival in Kentucky, they settled in Bourbon county,"

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