Bourbon County, KY
Wills and Estates
Lucy Thornton Will and Inventory

Submitted by Mary Hatton 7/13/2006

Harrison County Will Book G, Page 562; Dated May 7, 1853,
Produced into Harrison County Court October 16, 1858
Lucy D. Thornton

       Will    Ornesby Lodge Harrison County Kentucky May 1853
I Lucy Dixon Thornton of Harrison County State of Kentucky do make and order this my last
will and testament in terms as follows, I bequeath to Henry Walter Thornton my Adopted son
the following negro Slaves to hold his natural life and for him, to make arrangements for
them to go to Liberia at his death to wit, Kizzy, my old Servant Synie & his wife Fanny
Charles Daniel, William, Henry, Andrew, Daniel, Junien, & James, Willis, Sterling, Emma,
Maria, Hizziah, Roda, Francis, & Julia Ann daughter of Emmy & Margaret, I also bequeath
to Henry Walker my Adopted son all my Horses except one which I leave to Dr John
Thornton my nephew which ever of them Walker thinks best; & bequeath to said Henry
Walker all my Cows all my fowls all my household furniture, Kitchen furniture
all my plates Dishes Knives & Forks Silver Spoons large & small and all my Glasses
all money & notes that I have with the exception of a few legacys & indeed everything
that I possess on earth, I with Walker to attend, particularly to the Legacys that I
leave, I bequeath to Mary Lucy Mills my niece, one bed, pair of Sheets, pair of Blankets
One nice coverlid, with pillows  Bolster, & one nice Toilet, & if She wishes them Sia
Chiny Plates & two Chiney dishes, I bequeath to Molly Roots McAboye, My velvet worked
Counterpane & a Toilet worked in open work, I bequeath to Towls Thornton Johns son
$150 to help to Educate him; & Walker must attend to it, I bequeath to Elizabeth & Judith
Thornton, 50 Dollars a peace they are Daughters of my Sister Judith Presley Thornton,
& to Dixon & Conway Thorntons two children, I bequeath to each of them 50 dollars
a piece; to Sarah, Lucy & William Thornton, They are the children Conway & Dixon
Thornton; I bequeath to the Tracts Society 50 dollars, to the Colonization Society 50 dollars
to the Home Missionary Society 50 dollars, to the Bible Society 50 dollars; I wish Walker
to collect money & pay off my Legacys as soon as he can; I wish him to take his
time & no person to interfere with him; I wish my adopted son Walker, to attend
to my directions.  I do not wish him to give any Security in administer, on
this, I leave him; uncontrolled power to do as it Suits him; I also with his conduct
toward the Servants; I leave my girl Hanner to my niece Mary R McAoye; but
my son Walker must hold the right to her as I wish her not to Separated; but go
to Liberia with the other Servants but my niece Mary R. McAboye Shall have the privilege
of Keeping Said Hannah to wate on her; untill my Son Walker makes the arrangements for
the other Servants, when my Son Walker Sees fit to send them; let them be hired out &
make the money, to bear their expenses to Liberia; I wish my son Walker, to ad
just as he feels, & wishes to do, in every respect, as it regards the Servants; and not
to be responsible to any earthly being, for his conduct; This is my Last will, and
Testament, as Witness my hand this 7th day of May 1853. ~
                                       Lucy D. Thornton
As a Codicil to the will which I have heretofore made as above I hereby direct
and give power to Henry Walker Thornton my executor to emancipate said Negros
mentioned in my said will & be removed to any of the free State or out of Kentucky
if said Negros or any of them are not willing to go to Liberia whether it be during
his life or after his death, but they are bequeathed to said Walker Thornton during his natural
life according to said will, I hereby direct that if any of Said Negroes Slaves Should be So
refractory, or rebellious that in discretion of said Executor he or she cannot be managed and
will not remove, Said executor may Sell Such negro to and in removal of the others -
Page 563
Given under my hand this 4th day of September 1858
Signed and published                        Lucy D. Thornton
in presence of
Jn Rootes Thornton
Mary R. T. McAboy

State of Kentucky        October 16th 1858
Harrison County Court
       I Perry Whermitt Clerk of Said County Court Certify that this writing pur=
porting to be the last will and testament of Lucy D. Thornton deceased was presented
into open court at the above Term and proven by the Oath of John R. Thornton who
testified on Oath that the writing was in the own proper hand writing of Said
Testatria and was Signed with her own Signature,  A codicil was thereunto
attached which was attested and proven by the oath of J R Thornton one of the
attesting witnesses thereto & who also proved the attestation of Mary R T McAboy
the other witness thereto & who Signed the Same as a witness in his presence
and at the request of Said Testatrix, Whereupon Said Writings were established
and ordered to be recorded as and for the Last Will and Testament of Said
Testatria, Which is done this 22nd day of December 1838
                                       P. Whermitt CLK

Lucy D. Thornton
       Inventory of

An Inventory of the property of Mrs. Lucy D. Thornton made this 20th day of
October 1858, agreeable to an order of the Harrison County Court,
Monies and accounts in the hands of H W Thornton admitted to be due the
Estate -          -          -          -          -          -       $5000.00
1 Note on I N Lair & Martin L Lair due 1st Jan 1842                        160.00
1 Note on Martin L Lair due 1st Jan 1842                                175.00
1 Note on I N Lair due 1st Jan 1842                                        163.00
1 Do   Do    Do    due 20th Dec 1840                                         80.00
1 Do   Do    Do    due 1st Jan 1842                                         80.00
1 Note on Martin L Lair due 1st March 1841                                 29.00
1 note on Mathias Lair due 25th Dec 1841                                100.00
1 note on Mathias Lair Jr due 25 Dec 1841                                 60.00
1 Do   Do    Do           due 25th Dec 1841                                235.00
1 Do   Do    Do           due 1st Jan 1842                                200.00
1 Note on Robert Stewart due 25th Dec 1839                                 10.00
1 Note on William Alexander due 25th Dec 1842                                 45.00
1 Note on John S. Boyd & Geo Boyd due 25th Dec 1843                         25.00
1 Note on Alfred Bowan due 25th Dec 1841                                 15.00
1 Do   Do    Do        due 25th Dec 1842                                 15.00
1 Note on James H. Hamble due 25th Dec 1837                                  5.00
The above Notes supposed to be Valueless
1 Negro woman named Kizzie old woman
and also above named James Willis Sterling                                400.00
Page 564
1 Negro man Cynis aged about 45 years old                                400.00
1 Negro woman Fanny aged 42 years old                                        350.00
1 Negro man Daniel Senr aged 39 years old                                800.00
1 Negro Boy Andrew aged 14 years old                                        400.00
1 Negro Boy Daniel aged 12 years old                                        600.00
1 Negro Girl Rosie Francis aged 10 years old                                500.00
1 Negro Girl Maria aged 20 years old                                        750.00
1 Negro Girl Kizzy aged 18 years old                                        800.00
1 Negro Girl Margaret aged 28 years old                                        700.00
1 Negro Girl Emma aged 35 years old                                        750.00
1 Negro Girl Hannah aged 13 years old                                        600.00
1 Negro Girl Julian aged 6 years old                                        350.00
1 Negro Man Charles Ruptured aged 51 years                                300.00
1 Negro Man William aged 28 years old                                       1200.00
10 Head of Horses & Mares                                                725.00
1 Mule Sucking                                                                 40.00
15 head of Stock Cattle                                                        332.00
1 Double seat Buggy & Harness                                                300.00
1 Cooking Stove & furniture                                                 15.00
Kitchen Furniture                                                         10.00
1 Side Saddle                                                                 12.00
1 Glass Door Book Case                                                          5.00
3 Tables Breakfast & Dining Tables                                          8.00
24 Chairs half flag Bottom                                                 12.00
2 fire Fenders                                                                 12.00
4 Pairs of And Irons                                                          8.00
2 Bantle Brass Clocks                                                          8.00
1 Fancy Bedstead                                                          3.50
4 Corner Bedsteads                                                          4.00
1 Book Case                                                                  8.00
2 Presses                                                                 10.00
2 Small Stoves for family Rooms                                                  7.00
7 Feather Beds Pillows & Bolsters                                        175.00
1 Refrigerator                                                                 28.00
1 Set of China                                                                 15.00
1 Lot of Selician Ware                                                         12.00
1 Doz Plates                                                                  2.00
4 Glazed Jars & Waiters Plates                                                  4.00
1 Castor 3 Preserve Stands                                                  2.00
1 Doz Glasses 4 Pickle Stands                                                  1.50
10 Dishes 12 Plates of China                                                  6.00
1 Doz china Plates                                                          1.50
2 China Dishes 2 Baskets                                                  2.00
1 Doz Wine Glasses, Glass Pitcher                                          1.50
4 Salt Stands                                                                   .40
2 Glass Salvin & Cups                                                          2.00
Page 565
2 China Bowls & Sitting Glass                                                  2.00
1 Set of Table Spoons of Silver                                                 15.00
1 Set Desert Spoons of Silver                                                  9.00
2 Sets Silver Teaspoons                                                          9.00
2 Jelly Spoons 4 Salt Shovels                                                  2.00
1 Soup Ladle Silver                                                          7.00
1 Sugar Tongs & Cream Ladle                                                  3.00
1 Butter Knife                                                                  1.50
1 Tea Caddy & Spoon                                                          1.00
7 Pair Cotton Sheets                                                         10.50
2 Pair Chair Covers                                                          2.00
2 Cloth Quilts                                                                  8.00
2 China Covers                                                                  2.00
3 Pair fine Blankets                                                         15.00
1 Marsails Quilt                                                          5.00
1 Snow Ball White Counterpane                                                  5.00
1 Lot of Kitting                                                          8.00
2 Pair home made Blankets                                                  2.50
24 Towels & Knapkins                                                          2.50
8 Bureau Toilets                                                          4.00
1 Star Quilt                                                                 10.00
1 Calico Quilt                                                                  1.50
2 Demask Table Cloths                                                          6.00
4 Bird Eye Table Cloths                                                          2.00
10 Bird Eye Towels                                                          2.00
4 Pair Irish Linen Sheets                                                 10.00
4 Pair Linen Pillow Cases                                                  1.00
2 Damask Table Cloths                                                          5.00
2 Goose Skin Table Cloths                                                  3.00
1 White Velvet Counterpane                                                  5.00
3 Calico Quilts Boxed                                                          6.00
1 White Counterpane                                                          4.00
1 Coverlet                                                                  1.50
2 Blankets                                                                  1.00
4 Comforts                                                                  4.00
1 Bureau                                                                  3.50
This is to Certify the foregoing Schedule is Correct so far as what was Shown us
as the Property of Lucy D.Thorton Decd Given under our hands & seals this 19th day
of October 1858.
                                               Geo W Wyatt
                                               G R. Sharpe
State of Kentucky
Harrison County Cort    November Term 1858
       I Perry Whermitt Clerk of Said County court Certify that the inventory
of the personal Estae of Lucy D. Thornton Decd was produced ito open Court
at the above Term and Ordered to be recorded which is doen this 23rd day of
December 1858
                                               P. Whermitt clk

Harrison County Court Minute Book N

Page 65
A Writing purporting to be the last Will and testament of Lucy
D. Thornton Deceased was this day produced into open court and
proven by the oath of John R. Thornton, who certified on oath that this
writing was in the own proper hand writing of said Testatrix and
was signed with her own signature A Codicil was thereunto attached
which was attested and proven by the oath of J R Thornton
???? attesting witness thereto & who also proved the attester
Mary R. T. McAboy the other witness thereto & who signed the said
as a witness in the presence and at the request of said Testator Whereupon
said writings were established and ordered to be recorded
as and for the last will and testament of said testator
Page 66
On Motion of H. W. Thornton the Executor named in the last will
and Testament of Lucy A. Thornton Deceased this day came forward
and agreed to undertake the burden of the Executor thereto Whereupon
said H W Thornton made oath thereto and together with according
to law, It is further ordered that in this case no bond shall be
taken from the Executor for the ??? performances of his
duties the Testator to deserving in her will
On Motion of H W Thornton Executor of Lucy D Thornton Decd
Ordered that Geo R Sharp Alex McKee and Geo Wyatt or any two of
whom may act being first duly sworn be and they are appointed to
appraisers to appraise the personal Estate and Slaves if any of said
Decedent and report

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