Bourbon County, KY Wills
Allentharp:  Will & Inventory of Elizabeth Allentharp

Beall:   Will of Archibald Beall

Blen:  Will of Isabella Blen

Bowles: Will of David Bowles

Bridges: Will of Martha Bridges

Clarkson:  Will of Anselm Clarkson

Clarkson:  Will of Polly Clarkson

Desha:  Will of John Desha

Dunlap:  Will of Jane Dunlap

Field:  Will of Anna Field

Forman:  Will & Inventory of Elizabeth Forman

Forrest:  Will of Sarah Forrest

Foster:  Will of Jesse Foster

Garrard:  Will & Inventory of Elizabeth Garrard

Gist: Estate Inventory of Nathaniel Gist

Gist: Will of Thomas Gist

Graffort:  Will of Mary Graffort

Hamilton:  Will & Inventory of Margaret Hamilton

Hand:  Will of Elizabeth Hand

Jackson: Will of Annie Jackson, 19 Sept 1833, Will Bk L, Page 199 - Image

James:  Will & Inventory of Elizabeth James

Kenney:  Will & Inventory of Margaret Kenney

Kinkaid: Will & Inventory of David Kinkaid

Lair:  Will & Inventory of Elizabeth Lair

Markham:  Will of Mary Markham

Mason:  Will of Fanny Mason

McClanahan: William McClanahan Estate Inventory

McClure: Will of Andrew McClure

McDowell: Will of Daniel McDowell

Miller: Will of John Miller

Moore:  Will & Inventory of Elizabeth Moore (Elizabeth McClelland Dunlap Kimbro Moore)

Nesbitt:  Will of Agnes Nesbitt (of Marion County, Indiana)

Nesbit: Will of Jeremiah Nesbit

Patterson: Will of James Patterson

Patton:  Will & Inventory of Margaret Patton

Patton:  Will of Nancy Patton (of Paris)

Porter:  Will of Lucy Porter

Pritchard:  Will & Inventory of Charlotte Pritchard or Sharlot Prichet

Reed:  Will of Margaret M. Reed

Ruddell:  Will & Inventory of Elizabeth Ruddell

Scott:  Will of Elizabeth Scott

Scott: Will of Jonathan Scott

Scott: Will of Polly Scott

Scott:  Will of Sarah D. Scott

Scott: Will of William Scott

Sharpe:  Will & Inventory of Elizabeth Sharpe

Shawhan: Inventory of Daniel Shawhan

Sims:  Will of Elizabeth L. Sims (of Paris)

Speakes:  Will of Nancy Speakes

Spears: Will of Elizabeth Spears (of Boone County, Mo.)

Stewart: Probate Record  ~ Jeremiah Stewart

Suter:  Will of Tabitha Suter

Thomas: Will of James Thomas

Thornton: Thornton Estate Records from Bourbon & Harrison Counties

Todd: Todd Family Will & Estate Records

Ward:  Will of Elizabeth Ward

Watkins:  Will of Martha Watkins

Webb:  Will & Inventory of Winney Webb

West: Will of Rachel West (of Paris, advanced in years)

White:  Will of Polly B. White

Wright: Estate Settlement Hugh Wright

Women’s Probate Records 1786-1850   (names included above)

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Wills and Estate Records
Note: Strictly By Name http:/ has extracted names from BOURBON COUNTY, KENTUCKY BOOK OF WILLS VOL. A: 1786-1795 & VOL. B: 1795-1805. They have copies of the documents for sale.  See their website for an alphabetical list of Testators and information available. This is not an endorsement, but provided for your information. Please let me know your experience with this service.

Also, a number of Wills were filed to establish land claims. The KY Land Office has a database and scanned copies of such wills.

NEW!  BOURBON CO. KY WILLS AND ESTATES, 1816-1824 and 1825-1831, originally compiled by Charles M. Franklin, Copyright 1991; Revised and transcribed for online use by Adrienne Foster Potter Aug. 2014

WILLS 1815-1824 Index

Abbay, John R.
Baylor, Walter W
Beardman, Joseph
Beneer, William
Bowles, David
Bowles, Jesse
Bowles,  R.
Breckenridge, John
Burke, Robert
Call, Samuel
Cavert, George
Cannaday (Kennaday, Kennedy), James
Chamberlain (Chamblin), George
Chamblin (Chamberlain), James
Chamblin (Chamberlain), Polly
Clay, Henry
Conn, Sarah
Corbin, Nathan
Corbin, William
Cornick, Thomas
Crow, John
Darnall, Thomas
Davit, William
Duncan, Jame
Ellis, David
Ellis, John
Finch, William
Ford, Thomas R.
Forsythe, Benjamin
Francis, Thomas
Garrard, Elizabeth
Garrard, James
Gibens, Samuel
Graffort, Thomas
Grosjean, John
Groves, Richard
Hallack, Benjamin
Hamilton, John
Hardester, Benjamin
Hardin(g), Daniel S.
Henderson, Alexander
Hickman, David
Hildreth, Jeffery
Hill, Warren
How, Christopher
Humphrey, Charity,
Jackson, John Sr.
Jackson, William
James, Elizabeth
James, Thomas
Kelly, James
Kimbrough, John
Kirkpatrick, Joseph
Layson, Robert
Lindsay, Reuben
Loduskey, James
Luckie, John
McClung, Samuel
McConnell, William
McDowell, Thomas
McIntire, Nicholas
Markham, Mary
Marshal, David
Marshall, David Jr.
Mason, Joel
Massie, Thomas
Merry, Prettyman
Miller, Jane
Mills, Benjamin
Mock, Andrew
Moore, James
Musick, Jonathan
Neal, John
Neal, Thomas
Patten, John
Patterson, James
Patton, Margaret
Penn, Joseph
Pickett, Martin
Pinckard, George
Pugh, Joseph
Pugh, William
Purdy, Elizabeth
Purdy, Mary
Purviance, James
Rannells, Samuel
Readhead, David
Respass, Thomas
Rout, William Sr.
Schooler, Benjamin
Scott, James D.
Scott, William
Sharp, William P
Sheperd, George
Spurgen, William
Spurgin, William
Stark, James Sr.
Steel, James
Stone, James M.
Stone, John
Sutton, Nathaniel
Talbott, French
Thomas, Moses
Thornton, Anthony Jr.
Tolbert, Henry
Tucker, Aquila
Wallace, William
Ward, Elizabeth
Webb, Winney
West, Rachel
Wheat, Hezekiah
Workman, Jacob
Wright, Jane
Wyckoff, John


Anderson, Thomas G.
Barbee, Thomas G.
Barlow, Alvin G.
Beckett, John
Bedford, Henry P.
Berry Basil G.
Bowen, Eleanor G.
Carter, John T.
Chowning, Patsy
Cummins, Joseph G.
Custer, Joseph
Darnall, Isaac B.
Darnielle, Henza
Daugherty, Hugh
Delay, James
Dickerson, John
Duncan, James
Duncan, Joseph
Field, Larkin
Ford, Edward
Forman, Elizabeth
Gray, John B.
Grosjean, John C.
Hallock, Franklin B.
Haws, Leonard
Hughes, Bershaba
Jackson, John
Jacoby, Ralph
Keithly, Josep
Keiser, George
Lary (Leary), Dennis
Layson, Isaac
Loper, Charles
McIntire, Ezekial
McKee, James
Man, Henry
Martin, John
Masquerar, Lewis
Menary, Charles
Nesbit, Eleanor
Norton, John
Norton, Sarah
Osburn, Thomas
Owings (Owens?), Edward C.
Patton, Joseph
Pritchart, Alfred
Rannells, Margaret
Reed, John
Roby, Leonard
Smith, Lydia
Stamps, John
Standiford, George
Thomas, William
Thornton, Anthony
Tillett, John
West, Winney
Workman, Elizabeth
Wright, Sarah

The LDS has posted a collection of Wills and other probate scans. They are often indexed in the front of the books. Enjoy!