The transcriptions were made by Nancy O'Malley, Dept. Of Anthropology, University of Kentucky.  She can be reached for questions or corrections at 859-257-8208, Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 4:30.

Elizabeth Allentharp
Bourbon Will Book K:457

Direct that her land be sold at public auction at one and two years credit and that executor make deed when the money is paid.  Other estate consisting of 20 head cattle, and household and kitchen furniture is to be sold at one year=s credit except as is herein devised. 

To children of my nephew Samuel Allentharp, $4400; nephew Jeptha Beasley appointed their trustee to spend the money in suitable piece of land for each child and he is to pay balance to such person as may be appointed guardian of children and any expenses said nephew may be at or trouble to pay to be paid to him out of the estate;

To my niece Lucy Bashford, $2000, a doz. fancy chairs and a clock, but she is to be charged with the maintenance of my servant Molly after my decease.  Molly is to be free at my decease and if the court requires security, Lucy=s legacy is to be charged with such support. 

To the children of my nephew Samuel, I give all my silver spoons.

Balance of my estate be evenly divided between the brothers and sisters of my nephew James A. Miller or their descendents.

Nephew Thomas Miller appointed exec.

Written Sept 10, 1840
Signed with mark
Proved 5 July 1841

Will Book M:4

4 toilets; 1.50; old bureau; 1.00                                                                                                         2.50
2 breakfast tables; 1 dining table; 1 small dining table                                                                         7.00
Old sideboard; 2.00; 2 old looking glasses                                                                                         2.25
3 toys; 2 pictures; 4 set window blinds                                                                                              1.25
5 pair S. Clothes; 3.00; 8 old books; 1.00                                                                                          4.00
1 small bed, bedding and bedstead                                                                                                  10.00
2 old C. Sticks;.12 1/2; bed, bedding and bedstead; 15.00                                                                 15.12
5 old Windsor chairs; teaboard, teacups, etc.                                                                                     3.50
3 dishes, 6 wine glasses, set teaplates and H. Glass                                                                         1.25
Set knives and forks; 10 plates; 3 glass P. Dishes                                                                              2.00
Teapot; 4 old cow bottles; pitcher                                                                                                        .50
Old fire shovel and tongs                                                                                                                    .25
3 parcels old rag carpet                                                                                                                    2.00
Carpet on setting room                                                                                                                   15.00
Old side saddle; 5.00; fancy bed, bedstead etc.                                                                                21.00
1 bed, bedding and old bedstead                                                                                                       5.00
Small trunk; 1.00; 36 pins; 2.00                                                                                                        3.00
4 coverlids; 3 blankets and 1 quilt                                                                                                      9.00
2 ovens & lids; 2 pots and 2 skillets                                                                                                  2.50
1 pot tramel and boiling oven                                                                                                             1.50
1 Baker, 1 reflector, bucket and churn                                                                                               1.00
Reel and big wheel; 1.00; 2 c. Mills; 2 pot hooks                                                                                2.00
1 cow and calf; 10.00; old horse; 5.00                                                                                              15.00
1 year old heifer; 7.00; ewe and lamb; 1.50                                                                                        8.50
Total                                                                                                                             138.12 2
19 Oct 1841

Will Book M:38-39
Nov. 19, 1841

1 sett plates                              Allen Bashford                                                                                 1.00
3 bottles                                    Lucy Porter                                                                                       .50
3 glass plates                            Isham P. Miller                                                                                  .75
2 salts & 3 bottles                      same                                                                                                .81
1 sett knives/forks                      John Miller                                                                                      1.50
1 sett cups/saucers                   same                                                                                                .87
1 sugar bowl & cream cup          Isham P. Miller                                                                                  .31
1 set cup plates                         same                                                                                                .31
1 glass dish                               Washington Miller                                                                            2.00
2 dishes                                    John Miller                                                                                        .37
1 dish                                       Same                                                                                               .93
1 dish & cream mug                   Mary Miller                                                                                        .30
1 coffee mill;6 jelly glasses         same                                                                                              1.12
1 breakfast table                        James Myers                                                                                  3.25
1 tea board                                Isham P. Miller                                                                                1.87
3 rag carpets                             same                                                                                              6.25
1 bed/bedstead                          John Miller                                                                                     31.00
1 tea pot                                   Isham P. Miller                                                                                  .37
1 bible                                       James Myers                                                                                  6.87
1 lot of old books                       Lucy Porter                                                                                       .4
5 chairs                                     Isham P. Miller                                                                                2.51
1 bureau                                    Mary Miller                                                                                      5.12
1 side board                              John Lair                                                                                         8.50
1 candle stand                           Lucy Porter                                                                                     2.00
1 dining table                             Daniel Isgrig                                                                                    6.15
1 table linen                               John W. Turner                                                                                  .75
1 same                                     Tho. I. Miller                                                                                    1.37
1 table linen                               Lucy Porter                                                                                       .93
1 same                                     James Myers                                                                                   1.81
1 same                                     same                                                                                              2.06 1/4
2 setts window curtains              Mary Miller                                                                                      1.62
1 girting carpet                           Lucy Porter                                                                                   28.25
1 bed/bedstead                          same                                                                                            13.50
1 toy                                         Mary Miller                                                                                        .68
2 candlesticks                           John Miller                                                                                        .25
3 pictures                                  Washington Miller                                                                              .25
               Amt. Brought Forward                                                                                                 137.78 1/4
2 looking glasses                       Isham P. Miller                                                                                  .37
1 bed/bedstead                          James A. Miller                                                                               4.25
1 bed/bedstead                          James Myers                                                                                 25.00
1 trunk                                      Washington Miller                                                                           .87 2
1 coverlet                                  Isham P. Miller                                                                             2.12 2
1 quilt                                       Jos. Paxton                                                                                      .37
1 quilt                                       Wash Miller                                                                                     1.00
1 blanket                                   Jno. Miller                                                                                         .75
1 same                                     same                                                                                                .25
1 same                                     Isham P. Miller                                                                                1.00
1 counterpane                            Wash Miller                                                                                     1.46
1 coverlid                                   Isham P. Miller                                                                                2.56
1 sheet                                     F. Hutchison                                                                                     .37
1 counterpane                            Wash Miller                                                                                      .56
1 same                                     same                                                                                                .81
1 coverlid                                   same                                                                                              1.62
1 same                                     same                                                                                               2.06 2
1 side saddle                             Lucy Porter                                                                                   11.25
1 kettle                                     Isham P. Miller                                                                                1.06
1 grid iron                                  James A. Miller                                                                                 .25
1 pot                                         ?? Miller                                                                                           .18
1 oven                                       James Myers                                                                                    .18
1 skillet                                     Isham P. Miller                                                                                  .50
1 same                                     James A. Miller                                                                                 .50
1 pot                                         Isham P. Miller                                                                                  .93
1kettle                                      same                                                                                                .56
1 pot trammel                            James A. Miller                                                                                 .75
1 baker                                     same                                                                                                .81
1 shovel & tongs                        same                                                                                                .56
1 bucket                                    Isham P. Miller                                                                                  .31
1 wheel                                     Mary Miller                                                                                      2.25
1 reel                                        Isham P. Miller                                                                                1.06
1 horse                                    Allen Bashford                                                                                11.31
1 heifer                                      Jno. Lair                                                                                          9.08
1 cow and calf                           Parmer                                                                                          10.81
1 table                                      Ellen                                                                                               1.50
               total                                                                                                                                237.44

152 acres of land @ $32.25/acre to Thos. I. Miller                                                                                    
Items taken at the appraisement
1 oven                                       James A. Miller                                                                                 .25
1 coffee mill                               same                                                                                                .25
1 pitcher                                    Thos. I. Miller                                                                                    .25
1 ewe and lamb                         Isham P. Miller                                                                                1.50

4 April 1842

Isabella Blen

Bourbon Will Book G:373

Boy Harry to be free at 30 years; to serve her brother Ephraim Harriott until emancipation.
Ephraim to pay Harry $25/year for his services. [Harry was emancipated in 1838 according to manumission records.]

Signed with mark
Written 18 April 1826
Proved May 1826

Isabella was widow of Jacob Blen whose will follows:
Bourbon Will Book G:278

To wife Isabella: slave boy Harry, all personal and real estate for her life except silver watch which goes to Ephraim Harriott.
At wife=s death, slave woman Hillis to be freed; if Hillis to become helpless, executors are at liberty to support her out of proceeds of sale of property.  All real and personal estate to be sold at wife=s death and money equally divided among brothers and sisters: Peter, Abraham, David, Benjamin, William, Jessee, Elizabeth Woods, Hannah Harriott, and Peggy Bird.

Written 6 March 1825
Proved May 1825

Martha Bridges

Bourbon Will Book J:169

To mother Nancy Bridges: her girl Milly; after mother’s death, Milly to go to brother Matthew; personal estate willed in same way

Written 2 July 1823
Signed name
Proved 2 Sept 1833

Polly Clarkson
Bourbon Will Book G:471

To husband Peter Clarkson: slaves Edward and his son, Alfred; Eady and her two children, Ann and Daviss; Easter’s 3 children, Harriet, Julian and Joseph and their increase.
Slaves to be managed by her husband, divided among children after his death.

Written 3 April 1827
Signed name
Proved May 1827

Jane Dunlap
Bourbon Will Book F:371
25 Nov 1817

To mother Elizabeth Kimbro: my houses and 2 lots in Millersburg, 1 slave woman named Dolly
To Sally Frasure, 1 horse & saddle, a bed with furniture when she reaches 18
Remainder to mother who is to serve as administratix.

Signed with mark
Proved Nov 1820

No inventory or sales

Anna Field
Bourbon Will Book B:224

To son Larkin, with whom she now lives, Slaves, Joe, Elleck, Leanner and Rachel; all horses, cattle and household furniture.
To daughter Mary Slaughter, Slaves Jack, Willes and Charlotty (in hands of Larkin on her behalf) to go to Larkin at Mary’s death.
To daughter Anna Roberts, Slaves Clowe, Kitty and Simon and their increase to go to her living heirs at her (Anna’s) death.
To son John Field, Slaves Bridget, Sewes and Easter

signed with mark
Written 28 Aug 1799
Proved March 1804

No inventory or sales

Elizabeth Forman
Bourbon County Will Book G: 23-24
No will was found.

Pursuant to an order of the Bourbon County Court at their January Term 1822 we the undersigned three of the commissioners appointed by said Court to appraise the Estate of Elizabeth Forman dec’d (late widow of William Forman dec’d) having met at the late residence of said decedant on the eleventh day of the aforesaid month being duly sworn proceeded to appraise said Estate in the following manner to wit.

Sundries of cupboard furniture      12.00
One cupboard                                10.00
One Yankee clock and case           20.00
One sugar desk                               6.00
One breakfast table                         5.00
Six old winzor chairs                       2.00
Six common chairs                          3.50
One pair of old andirons, shovel and poker 1.50
One bedstead, bed & furniture        20.00
One do do do (probably means another bedstead, bed and furniture) 20.00
One chest                                        1.00
One desk and book case               18.00
One falling leaf table                         1.00
One arm chair                                   1.00
One hair trunk                                  2.00
Two big wheels, one little wheel and one reel 1.00
Two little wheels                          3.00
Three buckets, one old chair and 6 red tray [?]
Two skillets, one oven, a little kettle and [illegible]
One kettle, on frying pan, spice morter, griddle and back oven
No value listed
One pot and hooks                          2.50
Two pot tramells                              3.00
Large kettle and one bail               10.00
Two tubs, one pail and one basket 1.00
One conk shell                                1.50
Eighteen crocks                              1.00
A lot of pewter and tin pans           2.00
A pair of steelyards and spools       1.50
One old table                                    .75
Two smoothing irons                     1.00
Four bags and one basket              1.25
One watering pot and sifter             .25
One hackle and one pair of cards     .75
One loom and sundry tackle belonging thereto   9.00
21 head of hogs at                        27.00
Two calves                                      4.00
Five cows                                      60.00
Two steers                                    14.00
One bay horse                                 5.00
One gray horse                               65.00
One bay mare                                  25.00
One black mare                               15.00
Eighteen head of sheep                  36.00
One wagon and two pair of geers   35.00
One log chain                                   1.50
Sundry old books                             1.20
One pair of stretchers                      1.00
Six coverlets                                    40.00
Four blankets                                   16.00
Five table cloths                                 6.00
Six towels                                            .75
Three toilets and one widow [window] curtain 3.00
Six sheets                                        12.00
One bed and two pillows                 15.00
Two old plows                                   4.00
Two hoes                                          1.00
Fifteen shocks of corn                      7.50
Fifteen geese                                    3.75
One underbed, bedstead & cord       2/00
One Negro man slave name Tom      250.00
Charles Lander
William Scott
Edward Whaley
Joseph Forman
Bourbon County court March Term 1822
This Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Elizabeth Forman Deceased being returned into Court is ordered to be recorded.
Att. Thos. P. Smith
[initials below]

Sarah Forrest
Bourbon Will Book M:49

To son Albert Morris, $50 and forgiveness of all advances, also bay mare called Julia.
To dau. Polly Park, $50
Clothing, bed and bedclothes equally divided between daughters Rachel Morris, Polly Park, Rebecca Parker, and Nancy Turney.
Freed woman slave Mary
Remainder of estate to son John Morris except her claim to land now possessed by Starnes Hibler and Willis Goodman and a red cow with white face that goes to slave Mary.
If land obtained, ½ goes to son John Morris; remainder equally divided between all children.  If Julia has a spring foal, it goes to John.
Son John appointed as trustee for Mary who also was given a bureau.

Written 30 November 1839
Signed with mark
Proved 2 may 1842

Did not find a deed of manumission for Mary.

Elizabeth Garrard
Bourbon Will Book J:81

Being of perfect sense and mind
Devise and bequeath to my sons William and James as trustees for the use and benefit of my daughter Elizabeth M. Brooks, wife of James A. Brooks, during her life and then for the use and benefit ofh er children or children’s children as the case may be, the following property
towit, negro man slave named Bennet? And a negro boy slave named Walter, and and also the sum of $1000 in cash.
Devise and bequeath to said sons as trustes for daughter Ann Ellenor Hawkins, wife of Thomas W. Hawkins, during her life and then for children, etc. all following
to wit: negro woman slave name Aqila and her two sons William and Edmond, also my carrieage and harness and $800 in cash of which cash I have already advanced $300 leaving a balance of $500.
I devise to my daughter Mariah Dudley, wife of Peter Dudley, the follwing
towit negro boy named Francis and $1600 in cash
I devise to my granddaughter, Elizabeth Garrard, daughter of my son, John, 1 bed and furniture and the miniature likeness of her father now in my possession, and $200 in cash.
All of the rest and residue of my estate I devise and direct to be disposed of as follows;
After payment of my just debts and the legacies before mentioned, the balance shall be divided into three equal parts; one of which shall be held by my said sons as trustees for my said daughter Elizabeth and one other which shall be held by said son for daughter Ann Ellenor and the other to be held for dau. Mariah and her heirs forever.
Executors are to retain in their hands the money devised to my daughter Elizabeth until she comes of age or marries and then to be paid her with interest from the time of my decease.
Estate to pass to grandchildren after daughters die.  If slave devised to Ann Ellenor should have issue, they should pass with their mother. 

Signed 23 July 1830; Mem. Whereas I hold a note on Peter Dudley for $330, I direct that no interest be charged thereon.
Proved April 12, 1832

Will Book J:106
Appraisement made 9 October 1832

1 black horse @40.00 l grey horse @40.00                                                                                      80.00
1 sorrel mare and oclt; 60.00; 1 brown horse 40.00                                                                          100.00
A bay horse; 70.00; 1 bay horse, one eye; 60.00                                                                            130.00
1 young sorrel horse; 70.00; 1 sorrel filly; 35.00                                                                              105.00
1 mule; 55.00; 1 bay horse; 30.00; 1 cart & oxen; 60.00; 1still, cap and worm; 12.00                         157.00
1 small still about 16 gal.                                                                                                                  5.00
2 cross cut saws; 2.00; 1 lot of old tools; 5.00                                                                                    7.00
2 cradles and scythes; 3.00; 2 mowing scythes; 3.00                                                                         6.00
4 old scythes; 1.00; 1 old Dearbourn; 5.00                                                                                         6.00
6 ploughs; 6.00; 1 Lupton plough; 2.00                                                                                              8.00
1 large harrow; 5.00; 2 pair stretchers and doubletree???; 3.00                                                            8.00
2 iron tooth rakes;.50; 3 axes and wedge; 2.00                                                                                 2.50k
1 spade and prooning chisel                                                                                                             1.25
Shoes; 2.00; mattock;1.00                                                                                                               3.00
Old waggon and gear                                                                                                                      25.00
Lot of hogs about 60 head                                                                                                               40.00
Lot of old gear;5.00; cutting box; 9/                                                                                                   6.50
76 head sheep; 76.00; 1 water cart and barrel; 4.00                                                                          80.00
1 small grindstone; 9/; 1 bool?; 35.00                                                                                              36.50
1 heifer; 5.00; 1 apple pairer and tobacco cutter; 1.00                                                                         6.00
1 loom and tackle; 12.00; 1 log chain; 6.00                                                                                      18.00
1 wheat fan;8.00; 1 jackscrews; 3.25                                                                                               11.25
                 Total                                                                                                                               843.00

The within is the amount of property which have come into our hands as executors except such as have been divided between the legatees themselves.

Additional inventory pp. 106-107
William Garrard’s note, principal and interest to this time                                                               1150.00
Eras. Gill note due 23 Feb 1821 for                                                                                                  15.00
Achilles Edwards note due 30 Jan. 1825                                                                                          30.00
A.W. Dudley due 18 Dec. 1829                                                                                                     350.00
P. Dudley note without interest                                                                                                      330.00
John Harvies’ note principal and interest                                                                                         630.00
Cash on hand in secretary                                                                                                            465.00
Cash of V. Bedford for wool                                                                                                             12.00
Addtional cash found in secretary                                                                                                    12.50
Cash of P. Dudley for corn                                                                                                              13.20
                 Total                                                                                                                              3007.70

Will Book K:9
Additional inventory
August 1832
corner of page is missing
Cash on hand at death                                                                                                                  465.??
Wm. Garrard’s note due decedent                                                                                                1000.??
Interest on same                                                                                                                          150.??
Note on Erasmus Gill                                                                                                                       1.??
Note on Achilles Edwards                                                                                                               30.00
Interest on same                                                                                                                            14.25
Note on Ambrose W. Dudley                                                                                                         350.00
Interest on same                                                                                                                            92.16
Note on Peter Dudley                                                                                                                   330.00
Note on John Hervey                                                                                                                     600.00
Interest on same                                                                                                                            30.00
Cash of Ab Bedford for wool                                                                                                            12.00
Cash found in secretary                                                                                                                  12.50
Cash of Peter Dudley for corn                                                                                                          13.20
Part of decedent’s dividend from the salt works as per will of James Garrard                                      564.15
Cash of Boon Ingels for wool                                                                                                         5.87 ½
balance of decedent’s dividend from salt works aforesaid including her interest in
Negro Bob and in the hire of Negro Dudley for 1832                                                                     329.72
                Total                                                                                                                              4013.85
Interest on John M. Allen’s note executed at sale                                                                               3.00
                Total                                                                                                                              4016.85
Also for hay left by decedent which was divided between the divisees, and the lot of books
sold for $24.34 to Hawkins and Dudley’s being estimated at the same amounts in the whole to    73.02
               Total                                                                                                                              4089.87

J:102 Sales bill
Stephen L. Garrard                                 plow etc.                                                                         1.37 ½
Same                                                    Broad axe etc.                                                                      .50
Peter Dudley                                         1 drawing knife etc.                                                          4.12 ½
Same                                                    2 cradles and scythes                                                      1.87 ½
Same                                                    2 mowing scythes                                                            2.12 ½
Thomas L. Garrard                                 4 old scythes/blades                                                            1.00
Benjamin Kinningham                 2 X cut saws                                                                                5.12 ½
James Koons                                        1 old still                                                                           12.25
James Garrard                           1 small herb still                                                                              5.00
P. Dudley                                              2 garden rakes                                                                    1.75
James Garrard                           1 spade and chisel                                                                            .50
Same                                                    Old axes, etc.                                                                     1.50
P. Dudley                                              5 hoes                                                                                1.50
James Garrard                           1 Lupton plow                                                                                .57 ½
P. Dudley                                              2 pairs steelyards & doubletree                                             3.00
Same                                                    1 old harrow                                                                        2.50
Same                                                    2 old shovel plows                                                                1.50
James Garrard                           3 old plows                                                                                      2.50
Thomas L. Garrard                                 1 old plow                                                                           1.00
Seipio Waller                                         1 old carriadge & 2 old tea kettles                                       15.75
P. Dudley                                              1 lot of stock hogs, about 60                                               70.00
Erasmus Gill                                         1 old waggon                                                                     17.50
Paris Howard                                         2 pair breching (?) and hip straps                                       4.12 ½
P. Dudley                                              1 lot of gears, haims, chains etc.                                       7.12 ½
Same                                                    1 pided heifer                                                                       8.25
William Parker                                       1 bull                                                                                 18.00
P. Dudley                                              1 pair oxen and oxcart                                                    45.62 ½
Amount Brought Over                                                                                                    238.37 ½

Peter Dudley                                         1 bay horse                                                                       58.50
Richard Dunn                                         1 sorrel horse                                                                    78.50
P. Dudley                                              1 black horse                                                                     68.50
Same                                                    1 black horse                                                                     37.50
Same                                                    1 grey horse                                                                      36.00
John Mitchell                                         1 bay horse & colt (?)                                                         42.50
James A. Brooks                                   1 bay horse                                                                       68.00
Isham T. Garrard                                    1 sorrel mare and colt                                                         72.00
Anne C. Hawkins                                   1 sorrel filly                                                                        38.50
P. Dudley                                              1 [can’t read]                                                                     56.25
Same                                                    1 mutton cart (?)                                                                  4.50
Same                                                    1 grindstone                                                                    2.87 ½
James Garrard                           1 tobacco cutting machine etc.                                                         1.00
David Cline                                            1 loom & apparatus                                                      12.56 1/4
P. Dudley                                              1 log chain                                                                          3.00
Same                                                    1 wheat fan                                                                         9.50
Stephen L. Garrard                                 1 jack screw                                                                        2.00
Anne E. Hawkins                                   1 pair small steelyards                                                           .75
P. Dudley                                              1 large still                                                                      2.12 ½
                   Total                                                                                                                          802.98 3/4

Isham Talbott                                         150 ac. 1 R. 16 po @20/ac                                              3007.00
Matthew Current & Brent                        61.1.2poles...25.00                                                         1500.50
Peter Dudley                                         260 ac? Purchased at sale 29 Nov 1832 @ 20.12 ½            5250.7
                   Total                                                                                                                              6789.25

Mary Graffort
Bourbon Will Book J:11
widow of Thomas Graffort.

Left $900 out of $1000 left her by her husband to be equally divided between children of her slave woman Cassandra and her slave man Hedgman; future children of Cassandra taken into account.
$100 to friend William Stamps, Sr.

Written 2 August 1824
Signed name
Proved 7 November 1831

Mary Graffort was married to Thomas Graffort who died in 1823 (Bourbon Will Book G:237)
His will included the following:
1. Mary was left all of the estate for the rest of her life and $1000 to be disposed of at her will.
2. Slaves were to be set free after his wife died; slaves included, Daniel, Hedgman, Peter & Cassandra his wife, John, Bill, Hazzard, George, Jesse and Wesley, Hannah, Mary, Tryphena, and Amy & any children born of Cassandra after this will was made or before Mary Graffort died.
3. Thomas was in the process of purchasing two sections of land in Indiana to be divided equally among this slaves; if purchase did not go through, he wanted his executors to purchase property for same purpose.
4. His home farm was to be sold after his wife’s death and $200 given to his nephew, Thomas Graffort.
5. Balance of the estate and personal property was to be divided among the slaves.
William Stamps, William Garrard and David Purviance appointed executors. Will written 21 November 1821 and proved during the July term 1823. Codicil specified that if any of the slaves died before his wife did, their shares were to divided among the surviving slaves.

Manumission records, all dated 1832, were found for Amy (12 yrs), Bill (25 yrs), Cassandra (no age), George (21 yrs), Hannah (no age), Hazzard (23 yrs), Hedgman (no age), Jane (10 yrs; born after Thomas made his will), Jesse (19 yrs), John (no age), Leonard (8 yrs; born after Thomas made his will), Mary (no age), Peter (no age), Tryphena (27 yrs), Wesley (18 yrs); Daniel was missing (may have died).

Possible census evidence was found for Cassandra (Indianapolis), Bill (Vanderburgh, Ind.), Hedgman (Howard County, Missouri), and Tryphena (married a Turner; Indianapolis) in 1850. Evidence not found for others; some may have died in the 1833 cholera epidemic although this has not been verified. Females probably married and so names changed.

Margaret Hamilton
Bourbon Will Book G:521

To son William: large bible and other books in possession at death
Negro woman Rachel to serve William for 1 year then be freed.
Rachel=s children, Mary, Hetty, Hannah, John, James and Judith Anne to son William until they reach age of 25; Whilliam to teach or have them taught to read the bible then they are to be freed at age 25
ATo fix their ages@
Mary - to be counted 10 years old next Christmas
Hetty - 8 on 4 July last
John and James - 4 on 8 Dec. Next
Judith Ann - 2 on 8 Dec. Next
If Rachel has another child before her emancipation, it is to be freed with her.
A young horse with a bald face which she owns is to be sold and proceeds devoted to missionary purposes; forwarded to American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions
Upstairs bed, bedstead and curtains to granddaughter, Margaret Young Hamilton.
Bed in room below which I use with a stand of purple curtains with bedstead and furniture to granddaughter Jane Eliza Hamilton.
Bed with its furniture to granddaughter Nancy Isabella
Table and teaspoons and tea tongs to granddaughter Margaret Young Hamilton.
Silver soup spoon to son William
AChaney@ bowl and coffee cups to Margaret Young Hamilton.
Rest of cupboard furniture to be divided between granddaughters Margaret and Jane

Signed name
Written 11 Sept 1827
Proved Nov. 1827

Margaret was widow of John Hamilton who died in 1824; his will as follows
Bourbon Will Book G:249-250
To wife Margaret:; 1/3 of plantation, 2 of orchard, the end of the house we now live in; 2 of the big room upstairs; her bads and books and cupboard furniture; and furniture now in the rooms to remain as is until her death, then to go to son William.  Her choosing of all my horses and cows enough to support her and who she wants about her of blacks while she lives and kept on the place.  Slave Rachel and her children solely to Margaret.
To son William my plantation supposed to contain 200 acres on Houstone, also wagons andhorses and implements on place.
William to pay $100 to brother Andrew, and $100 each to Andrew=s children, Patsey, Lucy, Thomas and Margaret one year after death.

Written 10 Sept 1821
Signed name
Proved Nov. 1824

Inventory valued at $676.00
Will Book G:251 Inventory of John Hamilton

1 sorrel horse                                                                                                                                50.00
1 black horse                                                                                                                                 27.50
1 sorrel mare                                                                                                                                 30.00
1 sorrel colt                                                                                                                                     8.00
1 red cow                                                                                                                                        8.00
1red cow with white face                                                                                                                   5.50
1 red/white cow                                                                                                                               6.00
1 black/white cow                                                                                                                            6.00
1 red cow                                                                                                                                        6.00
3 calves                                                                                                                                          4.00
2 steers                                                                                                                                          8.00
1 wheat fan                                                                                                                                     6.00
3 stacks hay                                                                                                                                   7.00
5 sets of gears                                                                                                                               15.00
1 log chain                                                                                                                                      1.25
1 plough                                                                                                                                          2.50
1 gridiron                                                                                                                                         1.00
1 wagon and streatchers                                                                                                                 40.00
1 bar shear plough                                                                                                                           1.50
2 sows                                                                                                                                            2.50
1 side saddle                                                                                                                                   8.00
6 Windsor chairs                                                                                                                             6.50
3 old tubs and stand                                                                                                                        5.50
1 bed, bedstead and furniture                                                                                                          50.00
1 bed, bedstead and furniture                                                                                                          30.00
2 Awidow curtains@                                                                                                                        6.50
1 bed, bedstead and furniture                                                                                                          30.00
1 trundle bed, bedstead and furniture                                                                                               15.00
1 sugar desk                                                                                                                                   3.00
1 case of drawers                                                                                                                            4.00
1 spinning wheel                                                                                                                              1.50
1 secretary                                                                                                                                    25.00
1 clock and case                                                                                                                           25.00
1 cupboard and furniture                                                                                                                 65.00
1 lot of bedcloths                                                                                                                           85.00
5 tablecloths                                                                                                                                  10.00
14 yards full cloth                                                                                                                           14.00
10 old chains                                                                                                                                   5.00
1 looking glass                                                                                                                                1.50
1 tea kettle                                                                                                                                      2.00
Tongs and shovel, fire irons, etc.                                                                                                       3.25
1 pair flat irons                                                                                                                                 1.00
1 wire sieve                                                                                                                                     1.00
2 candlesticks and 3 small waiters                                                                                                    1.50
1 lot of tin ware and 1 pewter dish                                                                                                     2.50
1 knife box, knives and forks                                                                                                             2.00
1 lot of books                                                                                                                                 20.00
2 tin boxes                                                                                                                                      1.50
2 pots, 2 ovens, 3 skillets                                                                                                                 4.00
3 large kettles, 1 spade, old axe, old mattock                                                                                    6.00
3 old buckets                                                                                                                                    .75
1 reel, wheel, and churn                                                                                                                     .75
1 scythe and cradle                                                                                                                         2.00
                Total                                                                                                                               676.00

No inventory or sales for Margaret Hamilton.  Need to check on sales for her husband.

Elizabeth Hand, widow
Will Book B:20

To Edward Fugate: “my best bed and its furniture, one trunk cullender”
To son John Hand: discharged debts owed her
To son Robert: 1 negro man named Ned, 1 mare, 1 4-gallon pot, half of meat & corn
To son Henry: 1 bed & furniture
To Ann Trussel & Milly White: 1 bed & furniture, big Dutch oven, 6 pewter plates, 1 dish, 2 flax wheels
All else equally divided between Mary Fugate & Henry Hand
Capt. Robert Johnson & Edward Fugate, executors.

Signed with mark.
Proved July, 1797

Elizabeth James
Bourbon Will Book G:107
Widow of Thomas James

to son John: 1 bed and furniture
to son Alexander: 1 bed and furniture, 1 young heifer, 1 sow shoat
to dau. Agnes Perkins: 1 bed and furniture, sorrel horse Tom; 1 young heifer; 1 sow shoat
to dau. Mildred James: $250, part of land sale due Elizabeth from Samuel Alsop of Va.; 1 bed and furniture; 1 young heifer; 1 young filly known as Penny’s or Poney’s colt; stew kettle; ½ doz. Silver tea spoons; 1 sow pig
All livestock, household and kitchen furntirue not heretofore bequeathed to be equally divided among children, including Jane Mitchel, Polly Benjamin, Thomas Williams, and Betsy Marshall.  Any other money not already bequeathed to be equally divided among all her children. 
“Faithful slave” Mary to be emancipated as “she has at a former time paid the amount of her valuation”; if children object, executors are to purchase Mary out of money in estate and deduct price equally from heirs’ portions.  Appointed sons Benjamin and Alexander as her executors.

Written 11 Feb 1823

Will Book
Inventory taken 11 July 1823; designated as estate of Thomas James left for her life to Elizabeth but then reverting to heirs after her deach.

Buyers were not included in the sales bill

Item (Inv./Sales)                                                                                                                       Inv./Sales
1 black horse                                                                                                                  25.00/25.03 1/2
1 white horse blind/1 gray horse                                                                                             1.00/.37 1/2
1 roan filly/1 roan mare                                                                                                          45.00/67.00
1 brown mare/1 black mare                                                                                                    15.00/11.50
1 sorrel horse                                                                                                                       35.00/55.00
1 bay horse colt                                                                                                              20.00/25.56 1/2
1 yearling colt                                                                                                                         10.00/8.75
             Total                                                                                                                               151.00
1 broad horn cow and calf/1 cow and calf                                                                                 8.00/7.50
1 red heifer/1 read heifer                                                                                                      4.00/3.87 1/2
1 white face cow/ 1 white faced heifer                                                                                         5.00/4.00
1 reddish brindle cow and calf/1 cow and calf                                                                         8.00/6.81 1/2
1 white face steer/1 white faced steer                                                                                   4.00/2.62 1/2
1 red steer with white back/not listed                                                                                                 5.00
1 red/white heifer/1 heifer                                                                                                           4.00/4.00
                Total                                                                                                                               189.00
22 hogs/sold in lots                                                                                                         22.00/29.12 1/2
               Total                                                                                                                               211.00
Household furniture
1 bureau                                                                                                                                  8.00/6.50
1 large dining table/1 table                                                                                                   6.00/3.03 1/2
1 bottle case                                                                                                                              1.00/.39
1 trunk/1 large trunk                                                                                                                  2.00/1.00
2 pewter bason                                                                                                                                2.00
2 dishes and 2 plates                                                                                                                       6.00
3 dishes and 4 plates                                                                                                                         .50
At sale, 1 lot of dishes and plates @ .79
1 dish and 1 bason @ 1.87 ½
1 dish and 1 bason @2.37 1/2
6 cups & saucers, sugar desk and teapot                                                                                          2.00
At sale, 1 lot of cups and saucers @.92
1 tea kettle etc. @ 1.12 1/2
2 salt cellars, 5 butter plates, 2 pepper boxes                                                                                    1.50
At sale, 1 teakettle and 1 pr. Saltcellars @2.90
1 coffee mill                                                                                                                               1.00/.75
Half doz. Knives and forks                                                                                                    2.00/3.06 1/2
2 candlesticks                                                                                                                             .25/.86
1 crock/1 pot                                                                                                                        .50/1.51 1/2
1 shovel and tongs/1 pr of shovel and tongs                                                                                1.00/1.50
2 stone jugs                                                                                                                                      .50
At sale, 1 jug @ .50;
7 common chairs/1 lot of chairs                                                                                                 1.00/1.90
1 pitcher/1 decanter                                                                                                                     .50/.27
1 small trunk                                                                                                                                   2.00
1 set of candle moulds                                                                                                                       .25
4 10-gal. Kettles/4 kettles listed separately                                                                         12.00/5.81 1/4
1 dinner pot and 1 little dinner pot                                                                                                      2.50
At sale, 1 pot and pairs of scales etc. @ .62 1/2
1 griddle/1 griddle                                                                                                                2.00/3.56 1/4
1 gridiron, 1 saddle and 1 pr. Pothooks                                                                                              2.00
At sale, 1 gridiron @.25;
1 sad iron/1 flat iron                                                                                                              1.00/.37 1/2
2 ovens with broken tops/2 ovens listed separately                                                                 3.00/1.33 1/4
1 lantern and 1 cullender                                                                                                                    .25
At sale, 1 coffee pot and lantern, etc. @.26
3 water pails and 2 tubs                                                                                                                   1.50
At sale, 6 tubs totalling .84 3/4
1 large tea board/1 water [waiter?]                                                                                        2.50/2.62 1/2
1 bed, furniture and bedstead/1 bed and furniture                                                                     30.00/17.25
1 bed, furniture and bedstead/1 bed and furniture                                                                     30.00/15.25
1 bed, furniture and bedstead/1 bed and furniture                                                                     20.00/18.00
1 loom swifts and quilting wheel/1 loom and furniture                                                              9.00/6.68 1/4
1 large wheel and 2 small ones and 1 reel                                                                                   7.00/4.75
3 lbs. Feathers supposed/1 barrel of feathers                                                                          .50/1.12 1/2
Farming Utensils
1 barshear plough and 1 cary plough                                                                                                 4.50
1 barshear plough                                                                                                                           2.50

At sale, 1 pr. Plough irons @.76; 1 plow @ 1.50 and 1 plow @ 4.06 1/4=3.32 1/4
1 lot of old iron/1 lot of old iron                                                                                               .50/1.62 1/2
At sale, tools not in inventory included 2 hoes @.50;
1 pr. Steelyards @ 1.01
1 hackle? @ .62 ½
1 hoe @.25
1 ads @ .25
1 handsaw @ 1.81 1/4
2 stone pickle jars/1 lot pickling pots etc.                                                                               .75/2.06 1/4
3 milk crocks                                                                                                                                 12 ½
2 hemp hooks, drawing knife and half bushel/1 set hemp hooks, etc.                                             1.001.25
1 trivvet, 1 pewter spoon, 3 pr. Old cards and pr. Old compasses                                                           .50
1 brace? And 2 bits; piece of old square; old bason and bell/1 brace & 2 bits                                   2.00/.75
1 jackscrew                                                                                                                             5.00/2.50
1 iron homney pesel?                                                                                                                         .75
1 pr. Stretchers and 2 singletrees                                                                                                      2.00
4 pr. Hames and traces/4 prs. Horsegear                                                                                    6.00/4.18
2 old axes and 2 old singletrees                                                                                                        2.00
At sale, 1 pr. Stretchers @ .87 1/4; 2 axes @ 1.20
1 runlet and 8 old barrels                                                                                                                  1.00
At sale, 1 keg @.58
1 side saddle/1 womans saddle   5.00/1.06 1/4
At sale, saddle bags not listed in inventory @ 1.50
1 noggin with toddy?/waggon with boddy?/1 waggon                                                                50.00/32.50
1 scyth and cradle                                                                                                                   1.00/1.00
1 pr. Pincers                                                                                                                                 .12 ½
1 bed wt. 34 lbs tick and all not shown to commissioners/1 bedstead/1 table                         12.00/1.00/.25

At sale, items not inventory: 1 blind bridle @.26
1 coverlet @.86
1 counterpin @3.12 ½
1 quilt @ 1.50
1 coverlet @ 5.31
1 quilt @ 1.00
1 tablecloth and counterpin etc. @ 2.12 ½
1 table cover @ 1.02
                  Total                                                                                                                               462.25

                                                                Total of sales, including livestock but excluding slaves = 305.65 ½

1 note on John and Henry Bettes for 150 dollars in state currency given to Polly James and dated Jan. 6 1823 to become due before the 25th of Dec. 1823
Sum of the appraisements of the slaves that was left to the widow of Thos. James during her life
1 negro man George, blacksmith, aged about 32 years                                                         800.00/740.00
1 negro woman Ester/Esther                                                                                                   300.00/315
1 negro woman Charlotte and child Beller/Charlotte & 2 children, Belissa and Bella                 450.00/656.00
1 negro woman Selina and child Greenville                                                                           500.00/653.00
1 negro boy Wallace                                                                                                          450.00/524.00
1 girl about 6 yrs. Velissa/sold with Charlotte and Bella                                                                   150.00
                   total                                                                                                                  2650.00/2888.00

Oct. 1823
Amount of all sales: 3328.93 ¾

Margaret Kenney
Bourbon Will Book H: 255
May 7, 1829

Written in low state of health but sound mind; pay just debts; balance of property (real and personal) to be given to her five daughters, except for a bed and furniture to Polen? Kenney and the 8 ??? to Victor Kenney; he also is to keep the negroes till Xmas; then have a third of the crop. I give Peggy Kinney $100, and a saddle and Cordee $100 more than the other three girls, Maria L. Robnett and Abby Houston and Heleny Johnson, they are to account for what they have received or give Peggy and Cordee as much property or money as they have received then divide equal.  Signed with mark. Proved 6 July 1829

p. 269 Inventory

1 panell door cupboard $8.00, one large waiter, $1.50                                                                         9.50
1 bowl of madder, coffee mill and set of knives and forks                                                                     2.75
1 lot dishes and plates and large bowl                                                                                               4.25
6 silver tea spoons, a lot of cuupboard furniture                                                                                   6.50
1 coffeepot and stand and candlestand                                                                                              1.25
1 lot smoothing irons, mortar nad pestle, bottles etc.                                                                       .621/2
1 square table, flax hackle and looking glass                                                                                      2.75
1 desk and bookcase $10, 1 violin and bow $1.50                                                                             11.50
1 large family bible, and 1 lot of books                                                                                               5.25
12 yards carpeting $3.50; 1 dining table $4.00                                                                                    7.50
1 candlestand .50; 1 sugar desk and sugar 5.00                                                                                 5.50
1 fancy secretary $15.00; 1 fancy clock, $20.00                                                                               35.00
1 Yankee clock and case $4.00; 15 split bottom chairs                                                                       9.00
1 bedstead, bed and furniture                                                                                                          15.00
1 old table, $1.75; 6 window lights, .25                                                                                              2.00
1 lot rags and loom harness, $3.00 and 1 clothes press, $3.00                                                            6.00
1 lot flax, wheel, reel, fringe machine and applecutter                                                                          1.50
1 lot old carpetting and leather                                                                                                          2.00
130 lb wool in the reel?                                                                                                                   20.80
1 square table and knife box, .50; 1 handmilled p??ks?, 1.00                                                               1.50
1 1 kettle and tallow, 2.00; 1 kitchen cupboard and iron hoop bucket                                                    1.75
3 large kettles and bails, 4.00; 2 water pails and meat table                                                                5.20
1 lot pot metal, tea kettle, churn, tub and keg                                                                                     4.00
2 pr. Andirons, 3 old shovels, 2.50; 2 pot trammels, 2.00                                                                     4.50
3 pr. Trace chains and hames, 7.50; 1 lot of old iron, 1.75                                                                   9.25
1 lot of old bridles, backband etc.; 2 prs of old stretchers                                                                    2.75
1 pr. Stretchers and singletrees                                                                                                        1.25

Amt. Brought forward                                                                                                                178.67 ½
1 small cairy plow, dung fork, mattock, etc.                                                                                       3.00
3 fallen axes, 1 hand axe, and wedge                                                                                                2.50
2 shovel plows and clevis, 3.50; 2 big wheels, 1.75                                                                             5.25
7 old barrels, half bushel and old saddle                                                                                             2.50
1 loom and guide? Wheel, 4.00; 1 iron tooth ?loom?, 2.00                                                                   6.00
1 old cart and body, 2.25; 1 brass bit, .75                                                                                          3.00
1 shotgun, barrel, powderhorn and brass mountings                                                                            3.00
2 weeding hoes, steelyard, 1.25; 1 cairy plow iron, 1.50                                                                      2.75
5 stands of bees, 5.00; 1 cutting box, steel etc. 2.25                                                                          7.25
1 yoke and oxens 45.00; hay in the barn 12.50                                                                                 57.50
Bushels wheat, .50/bu                                                                                                                    15.75
1 stack of rye in the barn, 5.50; unbroke flax, 1.75                                                                              7.25
1 wheat fan, reddles, pitch fork and 1 barrel                                                                                        3.50
1 wagon, 35.00; log chain and axe, 2.50; 2 stacks oat, 10.00                                                            47.50
91 shocks wheat in the field, 10.00; 1 sidesaddle, 5.00                                                                     15/00
2 black spotted steers, 10.00; 3 yearlings, 10.00                                                                              20.00
4 yearling heifers, 10.00; 1 white back cow and calf                                                                          23.50
1 red cow and calf, 7.50; 1 black cow and calf, 5.00                                                                          12.50
1 speckled cow and calf, 8.00; 1 brindle cow and calf, 9.00                                                                17.00
1 brown cow and calf, 7.50; 1 red whitebacked cow and calf, 10.00                                                    17.50
1 red lame cow and calf, 8.00; 1 red/white spotted cow and calf, 7.00                                                 15.00
1  red bell cow and calf, 11.00; 1 dark brown cow, 8.00                                                                     19.00
1 bull, 8.00; 1 black bald face mare, 40.00                                                                                       48.00
1 3yr old bay mare, 47.50; 1 3yr old brown mare, 45.00                                                                     92.50
1 brown mare and colt, 75.00; 1 bay Hasham? Mare, 40.00                                                             115.00
1 2yr old brown horse colt, 35.00; 1 2yr old sorrel horse, 32.50                                                          67.50
1 2yr old brown mare colt, 30.00; 1 yearling colt, 15.00                                                                     45.00
45 hogs                                                                                                                                         74.00
40 sheep, 20.00; 1 biger? Scythe, .75                                                                                              20.75
                  Total                                                                                                                            957.67 ½

p. 264

Willis Meier, 2 spades and irons                                                                                                  1.18 3/4
Victor Kenney, 6 crocks                                                                                                                 .87 ½
Same, 1 churn and tub                                                                                                                       .50
John Johnson, 1 pot and oven                                                                                                             .50
Same, bucket, pot and oven                                                                                                             1.75
V. Kenney, 1 tea kettle                                                                                                                      .50
Same, 1 pot trammel                                                                                                                         .75
William Branham, 1 pot trammel                                                                                                   1.37 ½
Moses Robnett, 1 pot and hooks                                                                                                   1.87 ½
V. Kenney, 2 large kettles                                                                                                                1.50
Joseph Kenney, 1 large kettle                                                                                                           1.50
V. Kenney, 1 kettle and tallow                                                                                                          2.25
James Cogswell, 1 pair hames and traces                                                                                         1.75
Same, one lot of harness                                                                                                                  1.50
Samuel Hedge, haims and chains                                                                                                 2.00 ½
John Johnson, haims and chains                                                                                                       2.00
Same, 1 pr. Stretchers and hoe                                                                                                          .50
V. Kenney, 1 lot of old iron                                                                                                               1.00
Same, 2 axes                                                                                                                              2.12 ½
John Johnson, 1 axe and wedge                                                                                                         .50
V. Kenney, 1 hand axe                                                                                                                     2.00
Same, 1 short hoe                                                                                                                           1.00
John Alexander, 1 grubbing hoe                                                                                                   1.18 3/4
V. Kenney, 1 shovel plough and stretchers                                                                                         2.00
John Johnson, 1 shovel plough                                                                                                          2.75
V. Kinney, 1 plough                                                                                                                      2.50 ½
John Johnson, 1 large wheel                                                                                                         1.17 ½
Joseph Kenney, 1 large wheel                                                                                                           1.75
John Johnson, 1 half bushel                                                                                                          1.62 ½
V. Kenney, 1 lot of barrels                                                                                                                3.50
John Johnson, 1 loom                                                                                                                      7.00
W.W. Branham, 1 harrow                                                                                                                 3.81
Peter Sharrer, 1 cart                                                                                                                        1.00
V. Kenney, 1 plow irons cary                                                                                                        2.12 ½
Joseph Kenney, 1 sidesaddle                                                                                                           4.50
John Johnson, 1 garden hoe                                                                                                          .81 1/4
Joseph Kenney, 1 pr. Of steelyards                                                                                                     .25
V. Kenney, 6 chairs                                                                                                                         4.00
Same, 9 chairs                                                                                                                                2.75
Same, 1 dining table                                                                                                                    4.87 ½
John Johnson, knives and forks                                                                                                         2.50
V. Kenney, plates and dishes                                                                                                           1.50
John Johnson, 9 breakfast plates                                                                                                    .37 ½
V. Kenney, 6 plates                                                                                                                           .75
Same, 1 large dish                                                                                                                       1.37 ½
Smae, waiter and tea ware                                                                                                             .87 ½
Same, 1 bowl                                                                                                                                  1.00
Joseph Kenney, 1 bowl of madder                                                                                                       .25
John Johnson, 6 tumblers                                                                                                                   .68
Joseph Kenney, ???                                                                                                                          .25
V. Kenney, large waiter and small one                                                                                               3.25
John Johnson, coffee pot                                                                                                                    .37
V. Kenney, coffee mill                                                                                                                    .62 ½
Same, 6 silver spoons                                                                                                                  4.37 ½
Moses Robnett, 1 iron and brass candlestick                                                                                     1.50
H. Bridges, 1 brass bit                                                                                                                     1.75
Moses Robnett, 1 hackle                                                                                                                  1.00
Richard Brand, 1 bottles and pestle                                                                                                     .25
John Johnson, 1 cupboard                                                                                                                4.00
Moses Robnett, 1 shot gun                                                                                                               3.00
Napoleon Kenney, 1 table                                                                                                             1.06 ½
M. Robnett, 1 bible                                                                                                                          2.50
Joseph Kenney, sundry books                                                                                                          1.25
John Johnson, 1 bookcase                                                                                                               8.00
Joseph Kenney, 12 yds carpetting                                                                                                     3.25
John Johnson, 1 secretary                                                                                                          12.62 ½
Henry West, 1 sugar desk                                                                                                                3.25
V. Kenney, candlestand                                                                                                                     .50
Joseph Kenney, 1 clock                                                                                                                 15.00
John Johnson, 2 bee hives                                                                                                          6.43 3/4
James M. Cogswell, 3 bee hives                                                                                                       6.25
V. Kenney, 1 red cow and calf                                                                                                         10.00
Joseph Kenney, 1 bull                                                                                                                      6.75
Samuel Muir, 1 red whiteback cow                                                                                                    9.95
V. Kenney, 1 bell cow and calf                                                                                                        13.00
Stephen Hall, 1 black cow                                                                                                                7.50
John Johnson, 1 brown cow                                                                                                              9.25
Joseph Kenney, 1 red cow                                                                                                                8.00
Napoleon Kenney, 1 white back calf                                                                                                  8.75
W. G. Dayton?, 1 brindle cow                                                                                                      12.57 ½
Stephen Hall, 1 red spotted cow                                                                                                        7.50
Silas Hedge,1 spotted cow and calf                                                                                                   9.00
Joseph Kenney, brown cow and calf                                                                                                  8.00
Same, 2 heifers                                                                                                                               9.00
John L. Hickman, 5 young steers                                                                                                    27.00
Same, 2 heifers                                                                                                                             10.75
Stephen Hall, 10 1st choice hogs                                                                                                32.87 ½
Same, 10 2nd choice hogs                                                                                                             25.00
Same, 10 3rd choice hogs                                                                                                              20.00
Same 15 last choice hogs                                                                                                              15.00
John Harriett, 26 sheep in a lump                                                                                                    17.50
John Johnson, 1 brown mare and colt                                                                                              80.00
Thomas Brand, 1 black mare                                                                                                          37.00
V. Kenney, bay mare                                                                                                                    40.00?
Jas. Davis, 1 bay mare                                                                                                                   34.00
Levy Merdy, 1 brown filley                                                                                                               41.00
Jacob Smith, 1 sorrel colt                                                                                                           37.58 ½
Joseph Kenney, 1 brown horse colt                                                                                                 38.50
Napoleon Kenney, 1 brown filley                                                                                                      30.00
Jno. Bran?, 1 brown horse and colt                                                                                              15.12 ½
John Dykes, 45 shocks of wheat                                                                                                       8.00
John Johnson, 46 shocks                                                                                                                 6.25
Napoleon Kenney, 1 cutting box                                                                                                        4.00
John Mitchell, 1 lot of hay                                                                                                           61.27 ½
Same, 1 lot of hay                                                                                                                           5.25
V. Kenney, wheat fan                                                                                                                       1.25
Same, 1 pitch fork                                                                                                                           1.00
Joseph Mitchell, 20 bu wheat @.60/bu                                                                                             12.00
Same, 11 bu of wheat and half                                                                                                          6.90
John Johnson, 1 lot of rye                                                                                                             4.12 ½
V. Kenney, 1 lot of flax                                                                                                                 2.87 ½
M. Robnett, 1 table                                                                                                                        .62 ½
Granville Allen, 1 lot of wool                                                                                                         6.06 1/4
Same, 2 lot of wool                                                                                                                          5.56
Turner Wyatt, 1 lot of leather                                                                                                             2.56
V. Kenney, 1 press                                                                                                                          2.00
M. Robnett, harness and reddles                                                                                                       5.00
Arch?? Kenney, 1 carpet                                                                                                                .62 ½
Doctor Talliaferro, 1 apple peeler                                                                                                         .20
N. Kenney, 6 doz? Things?, reels, wheels                                                                                          1.75
John Johnson, 2 stacks of oats                                                                                                       11.43
Silas Hedge, 1 filed of corn                                                                                                             45.00
N. Kenney, 1 field of corn                                                                                                                40.00
John Clinkenbeard, 1 field of corn                                                                                                   81.00?
John Alexander, 1 waggon                                                                                                              26.00
Hubbard Taylor, 1 log chain                                                                                                              2.50
Joseph Kenney, 1 yoke of steers                                                                                                     65.00
Granville Allen, 1 hand mill                                                                                                                 .5
N. Kenney, 1 table, 2 plates and pitcher                                                                                            2.00
M. Robnett, 1 fiddle                                                                                                                      1.62 ½
N. Kenney, 1 looking glass                                                                                                                 .25
Eli Kenney, 1 clock                                                                                                                          1.50
Same, 1 kitchen cupboard                                                                                                                1.39
N. Kenney, 1 meal tub                                                                                                                   .12 ½
Moses Robnett, 1 bryce? Scythe                                                                                                        .75
V. Kenney, 4 sheep                                                                                                                         9.10

Elizabeth Lair
Bourbon County Will Book C:93
Written 1806

To son Charles Lair:       clock for £12
                                    stove for £2
                                    iron tooth harrow for £1 4s
                                    windmill for £7 10s
To son John Lair:           a last spring’s colt which is all the colt I have
                                    His choice of 1 cow & colt
                                    4 sheep
                                    1 breeding sow
To son William:  colt (2 years old this spring)
                                    Colt out of black mare (unborn)
                                    £5: provisions for more equitable share by charging rent on plantation
To daughter Sarah:         young bald mare
                                    New saddle/bridle
                                    2 cows & calves
                                    4 sheep
                                    small wash kettle
                                    boiling pot
                                    another small pot
                                    a small oven
                                    one skillet
                                    one pair flat irons
                                    my potrack
                                    two pewter dishes
                                    six pewter basons
                                    twelve pewter plates
                                    six earthen plates
                                    six spoons
                                    six tin cups
                                    six knives and forks
                                    a set of tea ware
                                    six silver teaspoons
                                    one big bowl
                                    two small bowls
                                    two glasses
                                    two canisters
                                    a small chest
                                    one large chest
                                    a new spinning wheel
                                    six towels
                                    six table cloaths
                                    six sheats
                                    two setts of curtains, the one calico and the other striped ones
                                    one calico quilt
                                    one double coverlid
                                    one other coverlid
                                    a blank  et
                                    two bedspreads
                                    a feather bed
                                    one brass candlestick
Which property is to remain in the hands of son Charles until Sarah reaches 21 years of age or gets married and “then gives sufficient security to indemnify her mother’s estate for any rents which she has received of her part of the plantation I now line on.”
To son Joseph: £50 which my executor to this my last will and testament shall pay to hom out of my estate when he arrives to the age of 21 year with the lawful interest therein and likewise to give him six months schooling as soon as may be and also three months when he arrives to the age of eighteen years which is to be paid out of my estate by my said exor.”
“My will is that my son Matthias Lair shall live with and be under the care and direction of son Charles till he arrives to the age of fourteen years and in the fifteenth and sixteenth years of his age he is to be sent to school by my son Charles which is to paid out of my estate, and after that period my will is that he be put to some good trade and my will is that my said executor pay to this my son Matthias the sum of fifty pounds out of my estate when he arrives to the age of twenty one years with the Lawful interest therein.”
Remainder of estate was to be sold with six weeks or a convenient time after her death with provisions to pay the heirs as directed in the will. If Elizabeth dies before reaching her majority, then her dividend is to be equally divided among the other children. Acknowledged son Charles debt of £88 including what was devised to him in the will; he was to have the interest on the debt after her death and could discharge the debt in any good merchantable property.

Written 30 January 1806; signed, sealed and published in presence of George Reading, Carter Anderson and Catherine C. Kees (Kees signed with a mark)
Signed with her mark
Proved April 1806

Inventory of estate
Will Book C: 141-145

Item                                       Value in £/s/d
1 brindle cow                               2/8/0
1 red heifer                                  1/4/0
1 red heifer                                  0/18/0
1 black mare                               24/0/0
Amount brought forward            28/10/0
Amount carried over                   28/10/0
1 sucking calf at                            6/0/0
1 bay two year old horse at         10/0/0
1 sorrel mare at                            24/0/0
1 yearling calf at                             7/10/0
3 heifer calves at                            1/4/0
1 brindle cow at                            2/14/0
1 brindle cow at                            2/14/0
15 sheep at                                   4/0/6
1 sow at 6/; 5 shotes at 1/2/6       1/8/6
4 pigs at 4/; 1 corner cupboard at 6/12/0   6/16/0
1 cherry chest at                             3/0/0
1 spinning wheel at                         1/1/0
1 pine box at 2/6; 1 case of bottles at 0/18/0  1/0/6
11 Delf bowls at                               0/17/6
1 German dish at                              0/2/0
3 German plates at                          0/2/0
6 German plates at 6/; 6 German plates at 6/    0/12/0
6 pewter plates at                           0/18/0
6 pewter plates at                           0/15/6
2 large pewter dishes & 4 basins at 2/5/0
4 basins & 6 plates & 12 spoons at 3/0/0
8 tin cups at 6/; 5 tin cups at 2/       0/8/0
1 set knives & forks and                 0/18/0
5 knives & 7 forks at                       0/6/6
4 cannisters at                                 0/6/0
3 tumblers at                                    0/2/6
1 teapot & sugar dish at                  0/9/0
1 set of tea ware at                           0/4/6
1 set of silver tea spoons at             1/14/4
To sundries at                                   0/4/6
1 brass candlestick at                        0/6/0
3 bottles and 1 jug at                          0/5/0
1 candlestick at                                  0/1/6
1 pair stillards                                     0/18/0
1 pair of Dog irons at                         0/15/0
1 shovel and tongs at                        0/7/6
4 flat irons at                                      0/18/0
1 conk shell at 6/; 3 hackels at 1/16/0   2/2/0
2 ladles and flesh forks                       0/10/0
2 chards or pair chards                       0/5/0
1 looking glass at                               0/12/0
4 books at 7/6                                   0/7/6
1 bedstead and furniture at                4/19/6
1 set of curtains at                             2/2/0
1 set of curtains at 1/10/0; 1 set of curtains at 3/12/0     5/2/0
1 chest at                                           2/11/0
1 bed and furniture at                         4/19/6
1 bed and furniture at 6/12/0; 1 bed and furniture at 5/12/0      12/4/0
1 bed and furniture at 4/0/0; 1 bed and furniture at 3/5/0           7/5/0
2 pieces of upper leather at                1/5/0
1 pair of saddlebags at                         1/13/0
1 looking glass at                                1/6/0
1 wash line at                                       0/2/6
1 bead [bed] spread                               1/4/0
1 table cloth                                          0/4/6
1 bed slip                                               0/10/0
1 table cloth
1 table cloth
1 table cloth
1 table cloth
4 towels at
1 sheet
1 sheet
1 sheet
1 sheet
1 coverled at 2/6/0; 1 quilt at 1/16/0
1 coverled at 1/7/0; 1 sheet at 0/7/6
1 blanket 1/4/0; 1 tablecloth 3/
1 sheet 4/6; 1 sheet 2/; 1 sheet 2/6
1 bedspread 6/6; 1 sheet at 4/6
1 bedspread 11/0; 1 bedspread at 12/0
1 bedspread at 7/6; 1 bedspread 6/
12 table line [linen?] at 3/; 13 hand towels 15/
1 sheet at 5/6; 1 sheet at 3/
4 pillow slips 18/0; 1 quilt 18/0; quilt 9/0
1 Rose blanket 1/1/0; 1 coverled 12/0
1 sheet 6/; 1 sheet at 3/; 1 sheet at 5/
1 sheet at 6/; 1 blanket at 3/
Loom geers at 6/; 1 loom gears & reed 6/9
1 loom geers at 10/; 1 loom gears & reed 15/
1 loom geers at
1 side saddle 3/0/0; 1 side saddle at 5/8/0
1 loom & tackling at
1 bucket & tub at
1 frying pan at 3/9; 1 bread trough 15/
1 potrack at 12/; 1 pot & skillet at 10/
1 potrack at 6/; 1 ditto at 9/; 1 ditto at 12/ [not clear if these are more potracks or pots & skillets]
1 skillet at 9/; 1 caster & pail 3/
1 skillet at 9/; 1 pail at 1/6
1 kettle at 1/4/0; 1 oven at 10/
1 set of spools at 3/; 1 washing tub at 6/
1 barrel at 3/; 1 tub at 6/
6 old hogsheads at
1 tub and churn 6/; 1 Negro woman £70
1 Negro boy at £40; 1 Negro boy at £30
8 chains at £1/12/0; 1 table at 6/
Balance due on J. Lair’s Senr.’s bond
1 kettle at £3; 1 tablecloth at 4/6
1 sheet at 2/; 1 table linen 4/
James Ruddell
Michael Smith
Joseph Whitesitt
Bourbon County July Court 1806

This Inventory and appraisement of the estate of Elizabeth Lair deceased was returned into Court and ordered to be recorded.
Att. Will Garrard Jr. C.B.C.

Mary Markham
Bourbon Will Book F:418

Pay funeral expenses out of estate
1 slave boy Allen to William Smith, eldest son of Thomas Porter Smith
1 slave boy James to Thomas Porter Smith, Jr., 2nd and youngest son of T.P. Smith, Sr.
Rest of estate, real and personal, to niece (Frances?) of Thomas Porter Smith for her life. And then to heirs by present husband; should she be widowed and remarried, she loses rights to property inherited by this will; mentions slaves (unnumbered and unnamed) to be hired out and proceeds to be used for benefit of Frances’ children.

Written 13 Nov 1819
Signed her name
Proved June 1821

Fanny Mason

Bourbon Will Book N:55

$1000 paid to three children out of cash and cash notes: Elizabeth Simpson, Richard E. Maosn and Mary H.H. Spencer.  Remainder of cash and cash notes to go to son William J. Mason.  Son Richard was owed money by her so she assigned a note on Davis R. Mason for $600 in c. 1837 to Richard, with security by William J. Mason; also another note of $100 about the same time assigned to Richard for “a fictitious consideration”.

$1000 willed to Richard in first part of will is intended to cover those notes and whatever amount he may receive from the notes is to be paid to him out of the $1000. If amount exceeds $1000, excess is to be subtracted fro his share of money derived from sale of her slaves.

Directed slaves to be hired out until grandson Lewis G. Stone is 21.  Gave him $300 provided he make title to William J. Mason the land that William P. Stone (husband of dau. Susan) sold to him, William J. Mason, according to contract; $300 goes to William J. Mason if land not conveyed.  If Lewis G. Stone dies, slaves are to be divided among children.

Written 17 June 1847
Signed with name
Proved 5 July 1847
No inventory or sales.

Elizabeth Moore (Elizabeth McClelland Dunlap Kimbro Moore)

Bourbon County Will Book G: 316-317

I, Elizabeth Moore of Bourbon County, being now weak in body but of sound disposing mind and memory and being authorized by deed of marriage settlement between myself and my husband John Moore of one part and Thomas P. Smith, William Mitchell and Benjamin Mills as Trustees of the other to appoint the uses, purposes and ends to which the Estate conveyed by said deed shall be applied do make the following appointments and disposition thereof and do divide it to pass as herein directed.

All the slaves named in said deed of trust which shall be twenty five years of age are at my decease to be emancipated and set free by said Trustees provided however that if any are hired out at my decease there [their] term of hire is to end before they are liberated and if the title of all or any of them is disputed the said Trustees shall retain them and hire them out till such dispute is settled and if any of them shall be recovered from said Trustees and Absalom the son of Nan on Nancy should be so recovered the said Trustees are directed to repurchase him out of the funds of my Estate conveyed to them if said purchase can be made on reasonable terms, and then to liberate him at the age of twenty-five years, he being first bound to learn some good trade. All the rest of my slaves which shall be under the age of twenty five years, and are conveyed by said deed or the issue of such as are conveyed born before my decease shall serve till the age of twenty five years and then be emancipated by said Trustees purview that care shall be taken to learn them to read the scriptures of the old and new Testament before their emancipation.

The issue of all the females which may be born after my decease and before their mothers arrive at the age of twenty five years may be given up to the county court by said Trustees till they arrive at the age of twenty five years to be bound out, but care is to be taken that in their Indentures till the age of twenty five, as much education was will learn them to read the scriptures is to be secured to them and at the end of their Indentures they are to be free, it being intended that none shall serve longer. As to the slave Mary who is delicate and a cripple she is not capable of enjoying her freedom. I therefore wish her provided for in some humane family who will treat her well as a servant or to be sent to her mother who I understand lives in the state of Ohio to be supported by her and I prefer the latter course to be taken. The personal Estate, that is whatever is included in said deed except Land and slaves I direct to be sold at a reasonable credit, the farm is to be rented out, and the slaves hired out which fund so raised I make the following bequests. My husband John Moore is to be decently supported out of said fund during his natural life and is to receive not less than one hundred dollars in specie per annum. I direct and appoint one hundred dollars in specie to be paid for the education of Samuel McClelland Moore infant son of James Moore which may be placed in the hands of his uncle John Moore. I direct also one hundred dollars to be paid to Elizabeth Ardery infant daughter of Alexander Ardery and to be lodged in safe hands for her benefit and not in the hands of her Father and I prefer the hands of John Moore. I direct one hundred dollars to be paid to Sally Frasier an orphan whom I have raised and that said Trustees furnish her with a bed out of the personal Estate in addition to what I have already given her which is a mare and saddle and bit. In case the Presbyterian Congregation at Stoner Mouth shall agree to erect a new church [I] direct said Trustees to subscribe and put to that purpose one hundred dollars specie. After these legacies are paid or secured and contracts about the Estate so conveyed shall be settled and all debts, expenses, and reasonable commissions are paid for the management thereof all the remaining money arising from slaves or personal Estate, and also the price of the tract of land which the Trustees may sell if they find it advantageous, or if not sold the Land itself in kind I direct and appoint to be transferred and conveyed to the Trustees of the Centre College of Kentucky at Danville, provided said institution is placed under the exclusive control of the synod of Kentucky as provided by a late act of the Legislature of Kentucky to be counted and held as a donation on the part of said synod. And the said Trustees of the marriage settlement may endow a professorship or scholarship by said fund. But if any event should happen which should prevent the synod from taking the contract thereof, then the said fund may be transferred by said Trustees to the corporation which manages the Theological School at Princeton, or if that institution should not exist at that time then the Transfer is to be made to the Trustees of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America.

And the bequests of money hereby directed I will add another omitted in its proper place. One hundred dollars is directed to be appropriated by said Trustees to the purpose of procuring tombstones for my mother, my daughter Jane and my husband and myself.

In testimony whereof I have set my hand and seal this 23rd of February 1825.
Elizabeth Moore [seal]
Acknowledged in presence of
B. Mills
Wm. Mitchell
Isaac Cook
Joshua Jones
Bourbon County Court October Term 1825

This will and testament of Elizabeth Moore decd was proved in open court by the oat of Isaac Cook and Joshua Jones witnesses thereto and is thereupon duly recorded in my office. Att.
Thos. P. Smith, C.B.C.
By A. C. Dickerson, D.C.

Will Book J: 67-71
Sale of Elizabeth Moore Estate, died Sept. 25, 1825

Item                                Buyer                                Price ($)
1 scythe                        William McIlvain                         .50
1 scythe                         Isaac Cook                         .56 ¼
2 scythes                        Joshua Barton                         .15
1 scythe                        McIlvain                         .25
Grindstone                        William Layson                         .62 ½
1 Barshare plough                Hezekiah Martin                1.68 ¾
1 Barshare plough                 Joshua Barton                         .41
1 Shovel plough                Alvin Barnett                         .53
1 Shovel plough                 Barnard Vandering                 .41
1 Barshare plough                 Joshua Barton                         .40
Pair of stretchers                 Samuel Pyke                         1.04
1 Barshare plough                 Joshua Barton                         .40
Pair double trees                 Jackey S. Hitt                         .75
1 hoe                                 Henry Parker                         .25
2 hoes                        Daniel Trundell                         .39
Chains, hames & backband        Daniel Trundell                         1.13 ½
1 hoe                                 Hezekiah Martin                 .13 ½
Hames and chains                 Benjamin W. Hume                1.06 ¼
Hames and chains                 William McIlvain                 .31 ¼
1 waggon and gear                 Joseph Wallace                 35.00
9 barrels corn                         John Culbertson                 .61
Bucket                         Daniel Trundell                 .38
Log chain                         Mason Hughes                 2.50
Bucket                         Thomas Current                 .75
Double tree and chain        Alvin Barnett                         .25
Oven and hooks                Alvin Barnett                         .62 ½
Oven and lid                        Isaac Ward                         .50
Kettle and hay bushel                 Hezekiah Martin                 1.76
Pot                                 John Ward                         .56
Kettle                                 Hezekiah Martin                 .61
Kettle                                 Jacob Jones                         3.00
Churn and piggin                 Alvin Barnett                         .55
Amount brought over                                                58.14 ¾
Big wheel                                  Gabriel of colour                      1.12 ½
3 crocks                                    Joshua Barton                          .06 ¼
Bed, bedstead and furniture      Thomas Mitchell                        12.00
Bed, bedstead and furniture      George Heages                         12.75
Clock                                         George Routt                            8.00
Folding leaf table                       Dennis Curtis                            1.31 ¼ 
10 sheep, first choice                Abram Moore                          13.25
10 sheep, 2nd choice                       Joseph Keizer
11.87 ½
11 sheep, last choice                 George Routt                         8.62 ½
Dunn steer                                 Abram Moore                         7.25
White face cow & white face calf Abram Moore                        8/56 ¼
Dark red heifer                          Thomas Champ                        6.37 ½
Black cow & white face calf       Abram Moore                          8.06 ¼
Big red cow white face & calf    William Dayton                       14.06 ¼
Red cow white face and calf     Abram Moore                          6.30
Light brindle steerm                  John Culbertson                     7.12 ½
Brindle steer                             Elijah Howard                          6.37 ½
Pide red heifer white                Gabriel of colour                     3.25
5 yearlings                                Elijah Howard                         24.50
Red cow & calf                          Dennis Curtis                          10.00
Black & white cow one horn    Michael Woollery                        8.12 ½
Hogs                                         Benjamin Mills                            63.12 ½
8 volumes Newton’s works (40 cts. per volume)Thomas P. Smith  3.20
85 bushels rye at 41 cts per bushel   Samuel Pyke                     34.85
Stack of hay next to town        Hezekiah Martin                         6.01
Stack of hay next to house        Daniel Smedley                          4.50
Half stack                                    Barnard Vandering                     2.31
Stack northeast corner of meadow Thomas Champ                     4.00
Stack next to it                           Hezekiah Martin                        2.25
Stack next to it                           Hezekiah Martin                       3.03
Stack next to burnt walnut          Thomas Champ                        6.25
Stack pen round it near
      shellbark hickory and walnut   Samuel Pyke                          2.81
Stack in east side near the woods   John Ward                           3.56 ¼

Amount brought over                                                                379.28 ¼
Hay stack in hollow near small ash   John Ward                           3.00
Hay stack fence round it next south fence   B. Vandering          2.64
Hay stack on hill side
     near an ash & a burnt stump on the north Samuel Pyke         3.69
Hay stack northwest of a walnut & west of an ash  John Ward    3.12
Hay stack near honey locust          Samuel Pyke                         3.41
Hay stack southeast of large oak   Samuel Pyke                        3.04
Hay stack next to town                  Thomas Champ                    3.25
Wind mill                                         William Layson                     11.45
Southeast field of corn, 13 acres @ 5.50/acre   Abram Spears   71.50
North field of corn, 18 acres @ 4.00/acre    R. Samuel                72.00
West field, 6 acres @ 2.77/acre       Thomas Latham                    16.62 ½
Corn in the crib                               James Coons                       16.50
Roan mare & colt                           Abram Moore                        30.06 ¼
Young bay horse                            Abram Moore                       40.56 ¼
Large bay horse
Hezekiah Martin
Mason Hughes
Joseph Ashley
Cutting knife
Stephen Owings
Mason Hughes
2 clevises
Mason Hughes
1 clevis
Joshua Jones
.31 ¼
Drawing knife & clevis
Mason Hughes
2 augers
Barnard Vandering
3 sicles [sickles] & chain
Henry Woolery
Box old irons
Isaac Ward
Coffee mill
James Ellis
.65 ½
Isaac Cook
1.37 ½
3 chairs
Gabriel of colour
Sugar desk
Stephen Ewing
Stephen Ewing
3.06 ¼
15 lbs of wool @ 37 ½ cts per lb
James Smart
5.62 ½
William Mitchell
Amount brought over
693.11 ¼
2 old books
James Martin
.31 ¼
Old books
James Coons
.31 ¼
5 lb rolls at 38
Thomas Croswhite
Books & pamphlets
Barnard Vandering
Old books
Joseph Culbertson
.12 ½
Old irons
S. Owings
.06 ¼
Stephen Owings
William Baker
Dog irons
William Miller, Jr.
B. Vandering
Elijah Current
Lot of hemp
Thomas Fisher
.06 ¼
Barrel liquor
Abram Moore
Barrel liquor
William D. Jackson
Barrel salt
Alexander M’Coun [?]
Samuel Stephens
2 Glandered horses to
Abram Moore
1 small table
Isaac Ward
181 bushels oats @ 12 ½
H. Timberlake
22/62 ½
2 bushels corn @ 25 per bushel
No buyer indicated
Sundry small articles bought by
Moore & Rutter for John Moore, Jr.
3.87 ½
13 steers $13.50 and mare $35 to
John Moore & Alexander Rutter
Ha & rails
Daniel Smedley
6.31 ¼
802.69 ½

Thomas P. Smith acting trustee
Commonwealth of Kentucky Bourbon County to wit.
I Thomas P. Smith, Clerk of the County Court for the county aforesaid do certify that this amount of the sale of the Estate of Elizabeth Moore deceased was returned into court and ordered to be recorded whereupon the same hath been duly admitted to record in my office. Given under my hand this 7th day of May 1832.
Thos. P. Smith
By Robt. E. Rankin, D.C.

Additional inventory of the Estate of John & Elizabeth Moore dec’d.
Hire of Jesse for the year 1825                         30.00
Hire of Jesse for the year 1826
Hire of Abigail for the year 1825
Hire of Abigail for the year 1826
Hire of Jerry for the year 1825
65.62 ½
Hire of Jerry for the year 1826
Interest on same
Hire of Jerry for the year 1827
Hire of Suckey for the year 1825
29.37 ½
Hire of Suckey for the year 1826
Hire of Suckey for the year 1827
Hire of Cynthia for the year 1825
Hire of Cynthia for the year 1826
Hire of Jemima for the year 1826
Interest on same
Hire of Captain for the year 1826
Hire of Monday for the year 1825
Hire of Monday for the year 1826
Hire of Tansey for the year 1826
Hire of Lucy for the year 1825
Hire of Lucy for the year 1826
Hire of Rhoda for the year 1825
Hire of Rhoda for the year 1826
Hire of Anna for the year 1825
Hire of Anna for the year 1826
Hire of Mary for the year 1825
Hire of Mary for the year 1826
Hire of Edmund for the year 1825
Hire of Edmund for the year 1826
Hire of Phoebe for the year 1826
Amount brought over
Hire of Titus for the year 1826
Hire of Jacob for the year 1826
Hire of Charles for the year 1825
Hire of Charles for the year 1826
Hire of Sam for the year 1825
Hire of Sam for the year 1826
Hire of James for the year 1825
Hire of James for the year 1826
Interest on same
3/37 ½
Hire of Juliann for the year 1825
Hire of Juliann for the year 1826
Interest on same
1.31 ½ 
Hire of Rachael for the year 1826
Hire of Littleton for the year 1826
Hire of Joe for the year 1825
Hire of Joe for the year 1826
Hire of Maria for the year 1825
Hire of Maria for the year 1826
Interest on same
.68 ¾
Hire of Suckey for the year 1826
Hire of Harriott for the year 1826
Hire of Harriott the Elder for the year 1825
Hire of Harriott the Elder for the year 1826
Interest on same
Hire of Peter for the year 1826
Interest on same
Hire of Absalom for the year 1825
Hire of Absalom for the year 1826
Interest on same
3.37 ½
Hire of Absalom for the year 1827
Interest on same
Hire of Absalom for the year 1828
Amount brought up
Hire of Absalom for 1829
Hire of Absalom for 1830
Hire of Absalom for 1831
Hire of Harvey for 1830
Hire of Harvey for 1831
John Hughes on Execution
137.56 ½
Abram Moore note & interest
Michael Buchanan note & interest
William Rannells note & interest
Newton Forsythe note & interest
31.93 ¾
William Alexander note principal & interest
93.37 ½
Jefferson Scott for old house
David Clarkson part of note
Jabez Beach on Execution Thomas Morris against him this was purchased by the Trustees for which they paid a note of said Morris for $50 & $98.68 ¾ cash for the latter of which sum they claim a credit
Cash of Joshua Jones
Isaac Ward
2.11 ½
John Redmon hire of Charles & Titus 1825
8.73 ¾
Rent of farm from 1st March 1827 to 1st March 1830 at $200 per annum
Interest on same
Part rent of farm up to first March 1831 when the same was sold
1830 July cash for debt against John Ewalt
1831 March 1st Washington Duncan first installment for farm sold him
1832 March 1st Washington Duncan second payment
April 19th 1832
5841.06 ¾
Tho. P. Smith Acting Trustee for J. & E. Moore

Bourbon Deed Book R: 299-300 Marriage contract or deed of trust between John and Elizabeth Moore
Slaves’ names and ages are given in this document, filed in 1824.
Jesse                26 yrs
Abigail              25 yrs  (children Henry, 6, and Peter, 2)
Suckey             17 yrs
Cynthia             17 yrs
Jemima             33 yrs
Jinney               22 yrs (not mentioned in inventory)
Jerry mentioned in inventory but not in marriage contract; there may be a confusion between Jerry and Jinney
Amy                 37 yrs (not mentioned in inventory)
Captain             41 yrs (possibly Captain Davis who purchased Darkey from Thomas Ardery in 1839)
Monday             39 yrs
Tansey              35 yrs
Lucy                 31 yrs
Rhoda               22 yrs
Anna                 18 yrs
Mary                 16 yrs
Edmund            13 yrs
Phoebe             29 yrs (emancipated by Jacob Lyon in 1838 with Amanda, 12, Judy, 8, and Polly 4; Lyon bought them Wm. R. Rule who got them from the Elizabeth Moore Estate)
Titus                 27 yrs
Jacob                25 yrs
Charles             23 yrs
Sam                 20 yrs
James               13 yrs
Juliann              13 yrs
Rachael            10 yrs
Littleton             7 yrs
Joe                   16 yrs
Maria                12 yrs
Suckey (2nd)      10 yrs
Harriott              9 yrs
Harriott the elder            14 yrs
Absalom           10 yrs   (possibly Absalom Kimbro who freed his wife Elizabeth in 1850; had two children, Henry and Susan, owned previously by Thomas Brand)
Harrison            5 yrs (not listed in inventory; too young to work)
John                 2 yrs (ditto)
Amy                 7 yrs (not listed in inventory)
Caroline            9 yrs (not listed in inventory)
Amanda            8 months (not listed in inventory)
Harvey not listed in marriage contract

Bourbon manumission book listed Abigail, Daphney, Jerry, and Jesse as freed by the Moore Estate. Daphney was inherited by Elizabeth from her mother’s estate.

Agnes Nesbitt
(of Marion County, Indiana)
Bourbon Will Book K:405

Freed slave Jefferson who was being held in bondage under name of John McNesbitt of Kentucky.
Bed, bedding and bureau to be divided between James McNesbitt, Maria Jane Nesbitt and Joanna Nesbitt.  Any debts to come out of Jefferson’s hire before he is freed.

Written 11 June 1836
Signed name
Proved 12 May 1837

No inventory or sales

Margaret Patton
Bourbon Will Book E:471

Decent Christian burial and payment of just debts
To infant daughter (unnamed) Aall and every species of property@ left her by her husband John Patton, if child dies without issue, husband=s property to return to his heirs; other property she owns to be returned to her father Afrom whence it came@.  Proceeds of both to be used to raised and school her child; appointed her brother William McClintock executor and guardian of child.

Written 18 October 1816.

John Patton=s will was written on July 29, 1816 and proved in Oct. 1816.  Margaret was apparently a second wife; she was pregnant at the time of wirting; child born after writing of will but perhaps just before or right after his death.  Guardians assigned for all his children
Will Book F:21

woman=s saddle, bridle                                                                                                                  14.00
Pot rack, pot hooks, spider, wooden bowl and tea kettle stand                                                            4.00
Knives, forks                                                                                                                                   3.00
Bureau                                                                                                                                          40.00
Dish, plates, cups and saucers, bowl, etc                                                                                          4.50
Looking glass                                                                                                                                  1.25
Counterpin                                                                                                                                     10.00
Umbrella                                                                                                                                         4.00
Quilt, 3 sheets                                                                                                                               10.50
Teakettle & coffeepot                                                                                                                       5.50
Bed, bedstead and furniture; another of the same                                                                              64.00
Spinning wheel                                                                                                                                2.00
Bay horse                                                                                                                                    112.00
Apparel of the deceased                                                                                                                 65.00
Quarto bible                                                                                                                                    6.00
Pocket bible                                                                                                                                    1.50
               total                                                                                                                                345.25
Negro girl named Linsey                                                                                                               200.00
Bonnet                                                                                                                                            2.50
             Total                                                                                                                               547.75

Will Book F:25

William McClintock                    2 bundles cloaths                                                                           15.00
Samuel Oliver                            skillet and lid                                                                                   2.00
David Nickison               bed, furniture                                                                                             40.50
John Becket                              bed, furniture                                                                                 40.50
Sally Patton                              counterpin                                                                                       7.50
William McClintock                    counterpin                                                                                       6.00
James Gregg                             1 sheet                                                                                           3.00
Hugh McClintock                       1 pr. Sheets                                                                                    3.00
William Selby                            1 blanket                                                                                         4.25
Joseph Dunn                             1 blanket                                                                                      4.87 2
James McDowell                        1 pot tramel                                                                                  2.37 2
William Ewin                             1 set of chairs? Chains?                                                                   5.00
Sally Patton                              knives and forks                                                                               2.25
John Hughes                             coffee pot                                                                                          .50
Sally Patton                              tea kettle                                                                                   no price
John McCoy                              looking glass                                                                                6.12 2
William McClintock                    umbrella                                                                                          4.00
Bernard Landeria                        tablecloth                                                                                        3.80
Samuel Shrader                           saddle                                                                                         10.12 2
William Patton               hooks and crevas                                                                                          .75
Lacey Patton                             bible (probably quarto or both)                                                           8.00
William McClintock                    bureau                                                                                          34.00
Laban Shipp                              horse                                                                                          140.00
John Foun?                               Spinning wheelz                                                                              2.20
               Total                                                                                                                             349.04 2

Husband John had a fairly large estate; she got a child=s portion.  She was devised the same items listed in her inventory by her husband=s estate.  Total appraised value of John=s estate=$3539.66
Sales total not given in book but calculated to be $9308.55 3/4
At this sale Margaret bought
1 table                                                                                                                                            5.20
4 crocks                                                                                                                                           .50
17 shocks corn                                                                                                                                8.50
Flax                                                                                                                                                4.25

Nancy Patton
(of Paris)
Bourbon Will Book J:283

Gave everything to sister Rachel Patton, including interest in slaves

Written 17 July 1833
Signed name
Proved 1 Oct. 1833

Lucy Porter
Bourbon Will Book M:430

To son, Henry C. Porter, house and lot where she lives, all household furniture excluding shop and bake house.
Emancipate mulatto man Jeff; freed slave to get shop lying between her house and house of Mrs. Sidney Shannon and bake house plus ground on which they stand; also stables and lots adjoining Abram Spears, Mrs. Willett and the road.  Also the two carriages, a wagon, and all the horses and gear harness and other appendages and all provender/grain.  Jeff is to pay all her funeral expenses and help support her daughter Polly Cook and her children until children are old enough to support themselves.

Written 20 Jan 1846
Signed name
Proved 7 April 1846

Jeff Porter was found in District 1, Bourbon County, in the 1850 census: 30 yrs old, mulatto, $600 in real estate, illiterate, working as a confectioner; living with Cynthia Porter, age 40. Both Kentucky born. They were not located in the 1860 census.

Charlotte Pritchard or Sharlot Prichet
Bourbon Will Book K:360

Written when sick and weak
All perishable part of estate be immediately sold after death and debts and funeral expenses paid. Balance to be invested for benefit of heirs hereafter named.
Her mother is to have use of Matilda during her natural life and also Malissa til she arrives at the age of 14 yrs if her mother shall live so long, provided however that she shall not bring any charge for the keeping of the rest of Matilda’s children which I wish my executor to hire out as soon as he shall think prudent; Malissa also to be hired out when she reaches 14; money arising therefrom to be put to interest. 
After her mother’s death, all of Charlotte’s estate to be equally divided among her brothers’ children and sisters and sisters’ children except those by bro. John’s last wife, that is to say to brother William’s three children, James A., Henry R., and Sally, 1/6 part; to sister Nancy 1/6 part; to brother John’s five children, John T,. Martha Ann, James, Edward and Henry, 1/6 part; to sister Mahala, 1/6 part; to sister Francis’ four children, Edward, James, Eliza J. And John F., 1/6 part and to sister Elizabeth, 1/6 part. 

Signed with mark, 20 July 1836
Proved 6 Feb 1837

p. 365
Sale Bill 18 Feb. 1837

Washington Webb, 1 bay mare                                                                                                       70.25
Robert Abbott, high post bedstead                                                                                                    8.00
French Abbott, ½ dox. Windsor chairs                                                                                             10.00
Robert Abbott, 1 dining table                                                                                                             4.37

Margaret M. Reed
Bourbon Will Book K:75

Freed slave woman Aimy if she consented To go to Liberia and may take any of her children under the age of 21 years.
Of Aimy’s children under 21 years, all to be freed at age 21 as long as they go to Liberia.
Aimy and children to be given $100 each.  If they do not consent to go, they remain slaves with proceeds from their hire to go to grandchildren, Nelson G., Maria R., Ellen T., Matilda R., Isabella T. and Lucretia C. Edwards. 
To grandchilrdren: whatever is due from hire of Peter.
Carriage horse called John to Matilda R.
Mare called Nell to Maria
To dau. Isabell E.J.Clay, all money due from estate of late son in law, Samuel K. Nelson, or for Negro hire (except for Peter); all her carriage and all household furniture.
Isabella to use her money on her children.

Written 13 Oct. 1834; Brutus J. Clay present.
Signed name
Proved 1 Sept 1835

Peter to have $10 of his hire.

Elizabeth Ruddell
Bourbon Will Book E:266

To her 3 children, Stephen, Abraham and Elizabeth Mulherrin:1 bed each with all appurtenances equally divided
Also equal division of all household furniture.
To son George: a horse, her bay horse, my ?all cow or price of said cow
To Black George & Esther: 1 pair shoes each, 1 sow shoat and corn for their bread for 1 year, 1 soot (?) Each a piece of the linsey in my possession
Dau. Elizabeth is to see to weaving of the flax and tow (some already spun) and give George and Esther “all to what will pay her for her trouble”
Easter Culp witnessed will; postscript gave Easter 1 pair of half soles [soals]

Recorded March 1815

Will Book E:277

1 horse, 2 pairs gear                                                                                                                      55.00
3 cows                                                                                                                                          32.50
2 ewes, 2 lambs                                                                                                                              4.00
Bureau & bookcase                                                                                                                        14.00
4 books                                                                                                                                          4.00
1 old desk                                                                                                                                       3.00
Dishes and plates                                                                                                                            5.00
Tin ware @ 3 3/4; ditto? Ware @ 5/3                                                                                             4.62 ½
scales weights                                                                                                                                4.00
Chains                                                                                                                                            1.00
Wheels and churn                                                                                                                            2.50
Pot rack, shvels, tongs                                                                                                                     6.50
Hackle                                                                                                                                            1.00
Castings                                                                                                                                       17.75
Cupboard/kegs                                                                                                                                4.25
Table                                                                                                                                              2.00
Plough, axe, etc.                                                                                                                             7.75
Hide and flax                                                                                                                                   4.25
Reel                                                                                                                                             87 1/4
             Total                                                                                                                               174.45

Will Book E:287-288

Free George                              plough, double trees                                                                         8.25
Alexander McClinton                  big kettle                                                                                     5.12 ½
John Mulherrin               small pot                                                                                                     1.50
Joshua Barton                           big pot                                                                                        4.12 ½
William Griffith               griddle   37 ½
James Harkins                           pot rack                                                                                          1.90
Stephen Ruddle             pot rack                                                                                                      2.55
John Mulherrin               2 hoes  1.25
Free George                              axe                                                                                             1.87 ½
J. M.                                         2 barrels                                                                                           .50
S.R.                                          Pewter dish and plates                                                                     2.00
S.R.                                          Big dish                                                                                      3.12 ½
J.M.                                          Tin ware                                                                                            .26
J.M.                                          Sugar box                                                                                         .25
J.M.                                          Teakettle                                                                                         1.50
John Current                              lantern                                                                                              .61
J.M.                                          Cullender                                                                                          .50
                                              Watering pot                                                                                     .52
                                                 Scales, pan, etc                                                                              2.50
                                                 Dirt ware                                                                                           .54
Jacob Mock                               flax wheel                                                                                    1.62 ½
J.M.                                          Keel (should be reel?)                                                                      1.25
Warren Bates                            big wheel                                                                                          .50
J.M.                                          Bureau and book case                                                                    18.00
S.R.                                          Dish (should be desk?)                                                                     5.25
J.M.                                          Cupboard                                                                                        3.50
                                                  Table                                                                                              2.52
                                                  Churn                                                                                               .25
James Hawkins             4 chains                                                                                                      1.80
J.M.                                          Shovel, tongs etc.                                                                            3.75
                                                   Hackle                                                                                            2.27
                                                 Cow and calf                                                                                  18.50
Charles Jones                            pide cow                                                                                       12.11
James Coons                            brindle cow                                                                                    18.00
S.R.                                          Bay horse                                                                                     42.20
Zacharia Jacobs             2 prs gears                                                                                                  8.75
William Kidwell              2 ewes, 2 lambs                                                                                          6.00
Samuel Stephens                      flax                                                                                                 3.81
J.M.                                          Hide                                                                                               2.20
J.M.                                          Small pot                                                                                        2.00

p. 470 appears to be duplicate record with addtions; included

James Hawkins                             oven                                                                                           1.00
Walter Hays bought the pide cow instead of Charles Jones                                                                       

Sarah D. Scott
Bourbon Will Book N;354

To daughter in law Nancy Scott during her widowhood, a house and lot in Harrodsburg purchased of George Talbott; at her death or remarriage, house and lot to go to Nancy=s children, John W. And Benjamin F. Scott.
To grandsons William R. And Joseph Scott, house and lot in Paris adjacent to house occupied by Peter Nunemaker on one side and by Sarah D. Scott on other, the plank fence across the yard being the division between the two lots.
To Robert T. Scott: silver spoons, family bible, 2 doz. Large silver table spoons marked J.S., 2 doz. Breakfast knives and forks.
Slave Judy to Elizabeth Paton if she will take her and provide such necessaries as her age requires for her services.
House and lot on corner where she lives, any money owed her and all other property/estate be sold and money divided among grandchildren: Sarah Jane Short, Lucy Jane Scott, Mary Ann Saunders, Elizabeth Scott, James Allen Scott, Pamilia Scott.
Asked that grave be fixed Aafter the manner of Mrs. Rebecca Davis@

Written 29 July 1849
Signed with mark
Proved 3 Sept 1849

Elizabeth Sharpe
Bourbon Will Book J:561

To son John Sharp my black boy named Reuben but if John should die before he receives this bequest, Reuben to be “returned to my children and equally divided among them”
to dau. Synthia Write my two black girls named Lucinda and Beckey; heirs to have residual bequest after her death.   The above slaves not to be subject to the debts and contracts of F. R. Wright in no shape whatever.
To son Vincent, my black girl named Lydia
To legal heirs of son, James, decd, named George, Elizabeth, James and Joseph, my black woman named Pat and her oldest daughter that I have living with me now named Kissey except $50 to be equally divided among them.
To legal heirs of son, Stephen, decd, the $50 I have reserved out of the price of Pat and her oldest dau. Kissey to be eqully divided among them as they come of age
my black girl named Henrietta is to wait on me while I am alive and at my death I will her to my son Vincent’s daughter Mary; Vincent to take care of said slave until Mary comes of age or marries at which time to return her with her increase if any to his dau. 
Peggy Sharp, my dau. In law is to have my bed and bedding. 

Signed with marked, 14 May 1834
Proved 7 July 1834

Will Book J:571-572

1 negro boy named Reuben willed to John Sharp                                                                             475.00
1 negro girl named Lucinda willed to Cynthia Right                                                                          250.00
1 negro girl named Rebecca willed to Cynthia Right                                                                         150.00
1 negro girl named Lydia willed to Vincent Sharp                                                                             275.00
1 negro girl named Pat willed to the heirs of James Sharp decd.                                                       200.00
1 negro girl named Kissey willed to James Sharp’s heirs                                                                 350.00
1 negro girl named Henrietta willed to Mary Sharp, dau. Of Vincent Sharp                                         175.00
1 bed and bedding willed to Margaret Sharp, widow of James Sharp                                                   20.00
The above property, specific legacies total                                                                        1895.00

Property not willed
1 horse                                                                                                                                         10.00
1 milch cow                                                                                                                                   10.00
2 yearling steers                                                                                                                            10.00
8 shoats                                                                                                                                         7.00
3 barrels corn                                                                                                                                  6.00
127 3/4 lbs bacon                                                                                                                       5.71 1/4
16 geese                                                                                                                                         2.00
1 note on hand on Jame See due 25 Dec. 1864                                                                                20.00
Cash on hand                                                                                                                                  7.05
Cupboard ware                                                                                                                                3.00
Amount brought forward                                                                                                80.76 1/4

2 chests                                                                                                                                         2.00
1 small cupboard                                                                                                                             2.00
2 basons and bowl                                                                                                                             .75
Sifter & tray                                                                                                                                      .50
Lot copper ware                                                                                                                               1.00
Lot pot metal                                                                                                                                   2.00
Axe and singletree                                                                                                                             .75
Can soap?                                                                                                                                        .50
Amount Brought Forward                                                                                               90.26 1/4

Will Book J:572-573

Duncan Okichart?                      1 pail                                                                                                .25
Henry Bramblet                          1 bucket                                                                                           .37 ½
Alexander Gillispie                     1 churn                                                                                       .43 3/4
John Pu??                                 1 tray and sifter                                                                                 .25
George Frazier                           1 coffee mill                                                                                      .31 1/4
Vincent Sharp                            2 basons and bowl                                                                             .50
William Hedges                          1 skillet .68 3/4
George Sharp                            1 smoothing iron and hooks                                                            .62 ½
Same                                        1 dinner pot                                                                                       .50
Vincent Sharp                            1 large pot                                                                                       1.00
Alexander Gillispie                     1 kettle                                                                                             .25
Vincent Sharp                            1 chopping aze                                                                                  .25
Same                                        1 swingletree                                                                               .18 3/4
Same                                        1 ½ lb. Leather                                                                              .37 ½
James Jones                             1 chest                                                                                           1.50
Vincent Sharp                            1 chest                                                                                             .50
Dennan Highland                        1 cupboard                                                                                      2.00
Vincent Sharp                            1 lot of cupboard ware                                                                      1.50
Henry Bramblett                         1 lot of cupboard ware                                                                        .25
Richard Hanee                           1 cream jug                                                                                       .37 ½
Same                                        1 glass plate and tumblers                                                                 .25
George Sharp                            1 bowl etc.                                                                                        .25
Same                                        1 coffeepot, knives, forks                                                                    .25
James Jones                             1 stone pitcher                                                                                  .25
William Crouch                          3 bottles                                                                                            /25
Vincent Sharp                            1 stone jug                                                                                  .37 1/2
James Jones                             2 sides bacon                                                                                  2.86
Amount Brought Over                                                                                                         16.63

Alexander Gillaspie                    2 sides bacon                                                                                  2.16
Vincent Sharp                            1 side of bacon                                                                                1.54
George Sharp                            2 ½ bu corn                                                                                     1.00
James Jones                             2 ½ bu corn                                                                                     1.00
Alex. Gillispie                            2 ½ bu corn                                                                                     1.00
James Jones                             2 ½ bu corn                                                                                     1.00
Vincent Sharp                            5 bu corn                                                                                        2.00
Nathan Bramblett                       16 geese                                                                                         1.76
Henry Bramblett                         8 head shoats                                                                                 7.12 ½
Same                                        1 milch cow                                                                               8.93 3/4
George Sharp                            2 steers                                                                                      8.87 ½
??? Wright                                1 horse                                                                                           1.00
Vincent Sharp                            1 can soap                                                                                        .50
              Total                                                                                                                            54.52 3/4

Elizabeth L. Sims
(of Paris)
Bourbon Will Book N:279

Appointed brother in law Edwin F. Goddard, her executor, and directed him to sell her two slaves at end of present year.  But they could have liberty of choosing their homes and were not to be sold out of the county.  Rest of estate left to her sister Ellenor M. Goddard with residue to her children; Acknowledged their help to her in her difficulties. 

Signed name
8 Feb 1847

No inventory or sales

Nancy Speakes
Bourbon Will Book O:64

To nieces Mary Eliza Cline and Caroline Cline, daughters of David Cline, her woman slave and three children; woman Matilda and child Elizah to Mary Eliza; Maria and Jane to Caroline; if either niece dies, survivors get slaves.
Mary Eliza given bureau
Caroline given quilt
To niece Nancy Thomas Ashford, daughter of Michael Ashford, bed, bedstead  and bedding, green quilt;
old quilts she wants Matilda to keep

Written 2 Oct 1850
Signed with mark
Produced 7 Oct 1850

Elizabeth Spears
(of Boone County, Mo.)
Bourbon Will Book M:213

To heirs of son Solomon Spears, decd., 1/6 of money now due and what will come due from son Abram.
To son Noah 1/6 part of money due from Abram
To Abram 1/6 part of money he owed her on two obligations executed 8 Dec 1834.
1/6 part to heirs of dau. Rebekah Watson, decd.
1/3 part of this bequest to be paid to Elizabeth Grimes.
1/6 part to dau. Sarah Jones; also girl slave Sarah and 2 of what property shall remain.
1/6 part to dau. Rachael Johnston; also 3-yr-old girl slave Martha, until slave reaches 25 yrs. If Rachael lives that long; granddaughter Elvina Thomas to keep slave if Rachael dies; Sarah to be freed at age 25.  I also give her [who is not specified] 2 of property not otherwise appropriated.
To William Johnston a boy slave named Edward until he is 27; reverts to grandson Jacob S. Johnston if William dies; Edward, now about 7, to be freed at age 27.
To grandson Noah S. Johnston, 7-yr-old boy named James Ray; to be freed at age 27; John T.M. Johnston is alternate trustee.
After expiration of period for which servant Isaac is hired to Abram, he is to be freed.
Emancipated servant Malinda at date of decease.
Emancipated servant girl Ellen 2 yrs after death; Ellen to serve.Rachael Johnston during 2 yr. Term.

No date of writing; signed with mark.
Produced 23 Jan 1837
Recorded in Missouri, 15 April 1844
Recorded in Bourbon County, 6 May 1844

No inventory or sales

Tabitha Suter
Bourbon Will Book H:501

Written while weak in body but strong in mind.  Soul to God and body to be decently buried.
To youngest daughter, Joann Richards, all my lands to have and to hold as her own so long as she remains unmarried at which the lands are to be sold and the house in which my son Burton Richards now lives is to be valued and the valuation thereof is to be paid to him out of the sales of the land.  The ballance of the money is to be equally divided among the heirs of my estate.
Also to Joann Richards go my two negro slaves, Terry and Rebecca to have and to hold forever as her own. 
Ballance of estate is to be sold and proceeds divided equally among my children.

Signed 5 May 1828
Proved 5 Sept 1831

Will Book J:25

Will Book K:49 Additional Inventory
Interest collected of Burton Richardson sale note                                                                              27.37
Interest received on other sale notes                                                                                                  1.46
                    Total                                                                                                                                 28.83

Elizabeth Ward
Bourbon Will Book G:142

To Dau. Malinda Morris: riding mare, bridle/saddle and her colt.
To granddau. Amanda Bacon: Alikewise my big trunk to the said Malinda Morris and all that is in it with the exception of eight yards of cotton cloth and a small tin trunk to my granddaughter Malinda Bacon, likewise my two blue coverleds@; unfinished one to Malinda, other to Amanda.
To Malinda: one white cotton Acounterpin@ with M and O on it
To Amanda: the other middle work twist counterpin and a white cotton counterpin
To Malinda: 5 shirts; a pair of Astourr@? And one toe (tow?) one; the other 2 a Ahame made cotton the other a six hundred flax@ to Amanda.
Likewise 2 check counterpins the one a Acopperous blue@ and white to Malinda; Athe other and blue and white@ to Amanda.
Saddle bags and all that is in them to Amanda except for blue figured Abumbasset@ dress which is to go to Malinda.
10 dox of 700 flax thread to be divided equally between son James (crossed out) Ward and dau. Malinda
Bill of sale of man Jim now in possession of Stanly Gour living in Frankfort; allow him to be sold and proceeds divided equally between sons Thompson Ward, James Ward, Joseph Ward, 2 dau. Patsy Thornton and Malinda Morris and Amanda Bacon.
Expenses to be paid out of Jim=s sale also.

Signed with mark
Written 7 Sept 1823

Codicil: long posted bedstead, bed bolster, pillows, and two quilts the one bound? the? bed and the other round the bed to Malinda.
1 cedar bucket, 2 glass bottles, about 2 doz. Vials to Malinda.
My bandbox and bonnet at Henry Wilson=s in Paris to Malinda.
Proved Nov. 1823

No inventory or sales.

Martha Watkins
Bourbon Will Book M:350

To grandson Erasmus D. Isbell: slaves Henry, Ephraim, Peter, Hetty and all her increase.
To grandson Wittes T. Isbell her house and lot in Cottontown.
Servant Winey (Winney?) To be freed.

Written 7 Mar 1845

Codicil: gave slave child Ben to Erasmus; Erasmus also got balance of estate.

Signed with marked.
Proved 1 Sept. 1845.

Winney Webb
Bourbon Will Book G:110-112

Buy a tombstone at value of $200 with other funeral expenses Asuch as may be suited to my condition in life@
Executor shall proceed to sell all personal property, Negroes and wearing apparel Aexcept as dictated by law in case of Intestates@
To brother Isaac Webb: Negro man Rawley the blacksmith, negro man David the cooper and Negro men Jerry and Turner
To nephew James Webb: all land I possess in the neighborhood of Lexington together with Negro George, Lucy=s son; my negro woman Cynthia, my negro woman Clarissa, my negro boy Alexander, my negro David, Clarissa=s son; and my negro woman Aggy together with my negroes Phylis, John and Sam; I also bequeath him a lot of land in the town of Lexington.
To my nephew Isaac Webb: the tract of land on which I now reside called Springfield containing about 150 acres; also my negro man Adam and my negro woman Hannah with her two children George and Sam.
To my nephew Cuthbert Webb: my negro woman Lucy, Lucky=s daughter with her child Henry and my negros Noble and Augustus
To my nephew John Webb, my brother Isaac=s son: my negro woman Nancy, her son Alfred, her son Milton, her son Sam.
To my niece Winny Scott: my negro man Sam, Cynthia=s son; my woman Joanna; my negro girl Adela.  I likewise give to her daughter Winney, my negro Julian; I also give to her son Isaac, my negro boy John, Cynthia=s son?
To niece Lucy Scott: my negro girl Rachel
To niece Mary Nicholson: my negro girl Amanda and my negro Boy Hampton
To niece Elizabeth Webb : my negro woman Mill with her children Mariah and Tammy
To nephew Charles Webb: all the land I purchased of Leonard Troutman, the house with ten acres around it excepted, with negro woman Lucy, Lucy=s daughter, my negro woman Winny, my negro man George (eldest of the name)
To nephew John Webb, my brother Charles= son: my negro man Reuben
to nieced Winny Webb: my negro girl Lucy, Hannah=s daughter and my negro boy Adam, Hannah=s son.
To nephew George Harrison: my negro man Harrison, and my negro woman Minerva, and to his daughter Winny I give my negro girl Mary, Minerva=s daughter.
To nephew John Bull, my negro woman Phebe
To niece Frances Fauntleroy $1000 in specie and my executors are requested to hold the estate together until she shall receive the money.  I also leave her daughter Winney my negro girl Sydney and my negro boy Churchill.   I likewise give to her daughter Elizabeth my negro girl Eliza.
To niece Frances Jones during her life or widowhood the house in which she now resides together with ten acres around it from Charles Webb=s land and four from Isaac=s; it is my request that James Webb shall pay her $30 per year, Matty F. Scott $30, and Isaac Webb $30 and Charles Webb $10 making in all $100 a year during her life or widowhood
I bequeath to Louisa and Amanda James, daughters of my niece Frances James: my negro girl Nancy, daughter of Hannah.  I give also to Elizabeth Jones, daughter of my niece Frances Jones, my negro woman Molly.
To Thomas Conn, son of my niece Kitty Conn, my negro girl Anarchy.
All future increase of slaves bequeathed in will are to belong to the persons mentioned in the will.
To Mrs. Lucy Webb, my brother=s wife: my new Latin cardinal and all my caps.
To my nieces Frances Jones and Winny Scott: all the rest of my wearing apparel.
It is my wish that my negro Rawley who is now learning the shoemaker=s trade be free at 25 years of age. Also Mortimer and Sam be free at the same age and James Webb and Matthew F. Scott should have the management of them and [train] them to some trade at a suitable time and receive half the profits of their labour between the ages of 21 and 25.  I also leave old Lucy free to be supported by Isaac Webb should she not be able to support herself.
To Williamson Jones, my niece Fanny Jones= son, a $20 horse.  I give my sorrel mare at Mr. Scott=s to him.
Accounts which Matthew T. Scott shall produce against my estate shall be admitted.

George Ware, Matthew T. Scott and [blank] Duen?/Dunn?  appointed executors

Written May 10, 1823
Signed with her name

Supplement added: 2 negroes Sidney and Churchill left in the foregoing will to Winny Fountleroy who has lately died; Churchill to James Webb and Sidney to Mrs. Winney Scott is the disposition I now make of those negroes.  Dated August 29, 1823

Produced in court September term 1823

Will Book G: 123
Inventory (groupings indicate persons enumerated on the same line)

Rawley, a blacksmith aged about 46 years                                                                                     150.00
Davy, a cooper, 41 years                                                                                                              400.00
Turner, 18 years                                                                                                                           400.00
Jerry, 34 yrs.                                                                                                                               400.00
George, Lucy=s son                                                                                                                     400.00
Cynthia, Lucy=s daughter                                                                                                             250.00
Clarissa, Lucy=s daughter                                                                                                            300.00
Phylis, Lucy=s daughter                                                                                                               350.00
John, Lucy=s son                                                                                                                         400.00
Sam, Phil=s (Phylis?) son                                                                                                            100.00
Churchill, Phylis=s son?                                                                                                               200.00
Alexander, Phylis=s son?                                                                                                             250.00
Davy, Clarissa=s son                                                                                                                    120.00
Adam, Clarissa=s son                                                                                                                  400.00
Hannah, 28 yrs, Clarissa=s son                                                                                                     300.00
George, Hannah=s son, 2 yrs.                                                                                                       100.00
Sam, Hannah=s son, 9 months                                                                                                       80.00
Lucy, Sucky=s daughter, 26 yrs.                                                                                                   250.00
Henry, 6 months (probably Lucy=s son)                                                                                           40.00
Noble, 9 yrs.                                                                                                                                250.00
Augustus, 5 years                                                                                                                        150.00
Nancy, 30 yrs (may be mother of Noble and Augustus)                                                                    300.00
Alfred, 6 yrs.                                                                                                                                200.00
Miller, 7 yrs                                                                                                                                 200.00
Sam, 3 yrs.                                                                                                                                 150.00
William, 21 yrs                                                                                                                             400.00
Sam, Cynthia=s son, 17 yrs                                                                                                          400.00
Joanna, 18 yrs                                                                                                                             350.00
Adela, 8 yrs.                                                                                                                                250.00
Sydney, 12 years                                                                                                                         300.00
Julian, 3 years                                                                                                                             150.00
John, 3 yrs                                                                                                                                  125.00
Rachel, 14 yrs.                                                                                                                            300.00
Amanda, 14 yrs                                                                                                                           300.00
Hampton, 8 yrs                                                                                                                            250.00
Milley, 50 yrs?                                                                                                                             100.00
Mariah, 13 years                                                                                                                          250.00
Sammy, 12 yrs                                                                                                                            150.00
Lucy, Lucy=s daughter , 19 yrs                                                                                                     300.00
Winney, 24 yrs.                                                                                                                           300.00
Old George, 50 yrs.                                                                                                                      150.00
Reuben, 38 yrs.                                                                                                                           350.0
Lucy, Hannah=s daughter, 10 yrs                                                                                                  200.00
Adam, Hannah=s son?, 8 yrs                                                                                                        250.00
Harrison, 28 yrs                                                                                                                           250.00
Minerva, 27 yrs                                                                                                                            300.00
Mary, Minerva=s daughter, 7 years                                                                                                200.00
Phebe, 33 yrs                                                                                                                              300.00
Eliza, 5 yrs.                                                                                                                                 200.00
Nancy, Hannah=s daughter, 5 yrs.                                                                                                 150.00
Molley and child, 24 yrs                                                                                                                350.00
Rawley, 21 yrs.                                                                                                                            400.00
Mortimer, 13 yrs.                                                                                                                          300.00
Samson                                                                                                                                      200.00
Old Lucy, 55 yrs                                                                                                                          100.00
Total value of slaves                                                                                                     13,765.00

Horses viz.
2 carriages, horses @65.00; black mare and twin colts @ 65.00                                                      130.00
Bay mare and mule @ 50.00; gray horse @20.00; bay mare 6 yrs old @35.00                                  105.00
Sorrel mare and colt @60.00; stud colt, 2 yrs. old @50.00                                                               110.00
Bay mare Verago @30.00; bay horse Buck @10.00                                                                          40.00
Blind mare and whip colt @18.00; bay yearling colt @15.00                                                              33.00
Sorrel mare                                                                                                                                   15.00
Cattle viz.
30 head of cattle                                                                                                                          100.00
28 sheep @ 1.00 ea.                                                                                                                      28.00
12 head of hogs 1 yr old and upwards                                                                                                6.00
24 head of pigs                                                                                                                                4.00
1 old bedstead and furniture                                                                                                            40.00
Bureau                                                                                                                                            8.00
Small table                                                                                                                                      1.00
Wash stand and bowl                                                                                                                       2.00
Looking glass                                                                                                                                  3.00
cast andirons                                                                                                                                    .50
1 8 day clock                                                                                                                                 70.00
1 large looking glass                                                                                                                      15.00
12 fancy chairs                                                                                                                              16.00
1 breakfast table                                                                                                                              3.00
1 tea board, red ground                                                                                                                    1.00
1 tea board, black ground                                                                                                                   .25
1 doz. China cups and sucers                                                                                                           2.50
2 doz. Liverpool plates                                                                                                                      5.50
1 large china bowl                                                                                                                            1.00
1 large china bowl                                                                                                                           .12 2
1 tureen                                                                                                                                          1.25
2 black tin teapots                                                                                                                           1.50
1 tin coffeepot                                                                                                                                   .25
2 decanters                                                                                                                                     1.00
2 green bottles                                                                                                                                  .60
15 phials of medicine                                                                                                                         .75
1 stone jug and molasses                                                                                                                  .50
1 earthen jar and sugar; 1 large crock                                                                                                1.00
4 patti pans                                                                                                                                       .25
1 cannister and pepper                                                                                                                       .50
1 keg containing bounce 3? 2 pieces linsey yds @ .33                                                                       3.00
1 doz. Ivory handled knives and forks & carving fork                                                                            3.00
6 knives and forks, black handles                                                                                                      1.00
1 dressing table                                                                                                                               1.50
1 doz? Glass bottles                                                                                                                          .50
1 bed, bedstead, bolsters and pillows                                                                                              12.00
1 bed, bedstead and bolster                                                                                                            10.00
5? Blankets                                                                                                                                     7.50
5 willow baskets                                                                                                                             .12 2
3 pr. Wool cards                                                                                                                                .75
1 doz spools                                                                                                                                     .25
3 trunks                                                                                                                                          4.00
1 new bedstead                                                                                                                               5.50
3 white counterpanes                                                                                                                     15.00
17 cotton sheets; 1 old linen sheet                                                                                                  20.00
2 quilts                                                                                                                                           8.00
1 large table cloth                                                                                                                            4.00
1 shot gun                                                                                                                                       3.00
Scales and tin/ten weights                                                                                                                 .75
Sideboard                                                                                                                                      35.00
2 end dining tables                                                                                                                           6.00
5 green windsor chairs; 1 green armchair                                                                                           3.00
8 white chairs                                                                                                                                  5.00
1 pair brass andirons, brass shovel and tongs                                                                                    4.00
2 tablecloths                                                                                                                                   3.50
2 glass pitchers                                                                                                                               1.00
2 decanters                                                                                                                                     1.00
Set casters and plated stand                                                                                                            3.00
8 glass mugs and 8 wine glasses                                                                                                      2.00
12 tumblers; 2 wine glasses?                                                                                                            3.50
2 salts                                                                                                                                              .50
2 brass candlesticks and 1 pr. Snuffers                                                                                             1.25
4 small plates                                                                                                                                   .25
Old caster stand, 2 bottles and 1 phial                                                                                                .25
Spun cotton                                                                                                                                      .25
2 2 gal. Bottles filled with shrub                                                                                                         1.50
2 tea cannisters                                                                                                                              .12 2
1 small waiter, red ground                                                                                                                  .50
1 small earthen jar full of coffee                                                                                                           .50
2 earthen jars                                                                                                                                    .25
Sugar loaf                                                                                                                                       1.50
9 queensware dishes                                                                                                                       3.00
3 vegetable dishes                                                                                                                          .37 2
4 deep plates                                                                                                                                 .37 2
8 queensware plates                                                                                                                          .75
11 cups, 6 saucers and 1 cream jug, 1 tea board                                                                                1.50
Sauce tureen                                                                                                                                  .37 2
2 tin coffee pots                                                                                                                              .37 2
pickle tub and pickles                                                                                                                        .50
Candle moulds                                                                                                                               .37 2
2 pitchers                                                                                                                                         .50
Coffee mill                                                                                                                                         .75
2 chambers                                                                                                                                    .12 2
1 large earthen pitcher                                                                                                                  .06 1/4
knife box, 3 knives and 2 forks                                                                                                            .50
Small keg                                                                                                                                    .06 1/4
4 iron pots                                                                                                                                       3.00
1 skillet, 1 griddle and dutch oven                                                                                                      1.00
1 tea kettle                                                                                                                                       .75
1 bell mettle skillet                                                                                                                           3.00
3 pr. Pot hooks, trammels and shovel                                                                                                3.00
1 10-gal. Kettle                                                                                                                                1.00
1 tripod churn, 4 milk noggins                                                                                                           1.00
2 buckets, 1 pail                                                                                                                              1.00
1 mashing tub                                                                                                                                 1.00
1 reel, 2 small and 2 large wheels                                                                                                     3.00
2 meat tubs and 1 large tray                                                                                                             1.50
Waggon and set of gears                                                                                                                40.00
Wheat fan                                                                                                                                       8.00
Flax???                                                                                                                                         31.00
4 ploughs, 1 pr. Stretchers                                                                                                              14.00
Log chain                                                                                                                                        1.25
4 axes                                                                                                                                            4.00
5 weeding hoes                                                                                                                               2.00
2 singletrees and lotts old iron, mattock and scythes                                                                          1.00
1 2 barrel salt                                                                                                                                  4.50
4 barrels cider not full                                                                                                                       2.00
4 kegs, empty barrels, and candle box                                                                                              1.00
4 casks tallow, 16 lbs                                                                                                                      1.00
7 silver table spoons                                                                                                                       12.00
6 silver tea spoons                                                                                                                           3.00
2 nutmeg grater, 1 small tin box, 6 penknives                                                                                    .37 2
1 small table cloth and towel                                                                                                              .25
2 tea cadies and sugar full of tea                                                                                                       2.00
2 pillow cases                                                                                                                                   .75
6 towels                                                                                                                                          1.00
5 table cloths                                                                                                                                  3.75
1 large damask table cloth                                                                                                                4.00
10 volumes books                                                                                                                            2.00
Carriage and harness                                                                                                                    150.00
Sleigh                                                                                                                                             5.00
42 lbs feathers & bag and sheet                                                                                                        7.00
26 lbs wool & bag                                                                                                                            5.75
12 yards bed ticking                                                                                                                         6.00
1 small trunk and ??ant                                                                                                                    1.00
Steelyards                                                                                                                                      2.50
Hemp tow woolen thread                                                                                                                  4.50
1 barrel and keg containing wine and 1 pickle tub                                                                               3.00
6 stacks hay on farm near Lexington                                                                                               35.00
9 acres corn in the field at farm near Lexington                                                                                 45.00
2 old saddle and some small pieces leather & saddle bags                                                                 2.00
Soap                                                                                                                                                .50
Corn in the field supposed 30 acres                                                                                                 45.00
Small quantity unbroke hemp                                                                                                        4.00kk
               Total                                                                                                                           1401.87 2

Taken Sept. 15, 1823

Bourbon County Will Book ??, pp. 164-165
Schedule of debts due to the Estate of Winney Webb Deceased and of the cash on hand at the death of the said Decedent as well as the aggregate of sales comprising the whole personal Estate (except slaves) which have come to the knowledge of the Executor, viz.

Notes on the bank of the commonwealth of Kentucky in deposit in the Lex. Br. Bank                            611.22
Cash received from F. Lewis Cashr Lexr. Br. Bank which had been left with him for safe keeping            640.00
Do. On hand in notes of Bk. Un. States                                                                                                     110.00
Do. Do. In specie                                                                                                                                        54.35
Do. Do. In notes of the bank of the Comth. Of Ky.                                                                                     15.15 ¾
Do. recd. Of B.H. Chinn being amount collected by him from Metcalf
Balance due by M.S. Scott in account
Amount of sales of the personal Estate made on the 19th Sept. and 25 October 1823 sd. Acct. filed herewith marked A
1568.71 ¾
A judgment of the Clark’s Circuit Court against Larkin and Nathaniel Dawson Debt $200 cnts 6 071/100 with Interest from 25 December 1821
  206.07 ½ 
Do. against Larkin Nathaniel and Stephen Dawson Debt $200 costs 6 67 ½ /100 with interest from 25 Decr. 1822
Do. against the same debt $141 25/100 costs $6 95/100 with interest from 25 Decr. 1820
Executions issued in the above cases were returned in the two first “no property found” the last not returned
Do. of the Fayette Circuit Court against David Presham and Ea.d How debt $150 costs 9 75/100 int. from 25 Decr. 1819. This debt is entitled to credit for about $20 leaving due
A judgment of the Fayette Circuit Court against Steven Chipley for $125 with interest from 18 February 1820 a payment on acct. of this judgment has been made the amt. not known
Do. against Thomas Roberts Sr.
Do. against Thomas Roberts Senr. & Jr.
Do. against Thomas Roberts Sr.

Payments had been made on these judgments leaving a balance now due of a about
Do. against Daniel Halstead debt $191 70/100, costs $8 65 ½ /100. Execution issued and returned “no property Defendant considered as insolvent”

Do. against James Conover and S.S. Hoagland debt $54 25/100 costs 9 27/100 replend

Do. against Ben Stone, adminr of James Owings Deceased debt $66 costs 9 90 ½ /100 execution issued and returned “no property found”

Do. of the Harrison Circuit Court against Geo. W. Timberlake &c for $135 34/100 with interest from the 11 Novr. 1822 repleved

Amount due from Geo. Webb for money collected by him from Dawson (see Webb Letters)

Josiah Brady and Jacob Erwin notes for $35
Accounts against Josiah Brady $15.56 ¼ . These debts were due in 1808,1809 and 1810 and debtors believed to be insolvent

15.56 ¼
Lewis Hoagins note due in 1818 for $24 (insolvent)
William Theobalds note for a balance of $52.06 in the hand of R.H. Chinn for collection; considered insolvent

James Neill’s note due 15 July 1816 for $100. This debt is entitled to credit for its amount nearly
Henry Chandler’s note due 25 Dec 1822
George Myres and Peter Shields note Do.
Isaac Sprakes note Do.
Cha. Crow and Samuel Pethington’s note Do.
Richard Pindell’s note Do.
Richard H. Chinn Do. Do.
Thomas Grant Do. Do.
Joseph Singer Do. Do.
Downing, Grant and Dewees Do. Do.
Joe? Wallingsford and E. Yeisers Do.Do.
Edward Stone and B. Kenningham note amt. April 1824 for specie
John Current and Jacob Smith note due 25 Decr. 1823 for Ky. cury.
Henry Liters note Do. Do.
Henry Bryers note Do.
George Trotters note Do.
William? McIlvain & Co. note Do.
Purnell Bishop’s note for $50 Do. (credit of $10)
Crosthwait Brand & [illegible] note for $150 Credit of $50
Henry Babcock Do.
William Montgomery Do. Do.
Thomas McOwat & Co. Do. Do.
George Coons Do. Do.
Thomas Megowan and Jos. Fowlers note Do.
Downing and Grants note Do.
Joseph Singer Do. Do.
Thomas Grant Do. Do.
Thomas McOwat & Co. Do.
Robert Grinsteads note due 25 Decr. 1823
An account against R. Grinstead payl. In Ky. Cury. for
McCracons and Gi??? Note due 25 Decr. 1823
James Schooley &c. note
Thomas Preathers note due 25 Decr. 1823
Samuel Pyke Do. Do. (pays in Ky cury.)
Thomas P. Smith and H. F. Wilsons note Do. (pays in Ky. cury.)
George Trotters note Do. (pays in Ky. cury.)
John B. Harbins Do. Do. (pays in Ky. cury.)
Samuel Trotters Do. Do. (pays in Ky. cury.)
Samuel Beck’s note due 25 Decr. 1812 for $15 credited by $6
Walker Buckner’s note 25 Decr. 1821
Do. Do. Do. 25 Decr. 1822
Do. Do. Do. 25 Decr. 1823
William Thomas note due 25 June 1823
Joseph Conner and Matthew Parrish due 25 Decr. 1814
A judgment against William Cohill for about $14 75/100 obtained before M. Elder J.P. Fayette County

A judgment against Patten for about $6
M.F. Scott         Executor
Of the Estate of Winney Webb
Deceased October 30th 1823

Bourbon County Court    January Term 1824
This additional inventory of the Estate of Winney Webb Deceased being returned into Court is ordered to be recorded.
Thos. P. Smith C.B.C.
By Arch. C. Dickerson D.C.

Bourbon County Will Book G, pp. 138-141
Account sales of the personal estate of the late Winney Webb Deceased 18th September 1823

Two buckets, one pale and washing tub
Isaac Webb, Jr.
Four knoggins
M. T. Scott
.37 ½
Ten gallon iron kettle
Isaac Webb, Jr.
Ten gallon iron pot
George Harrison
Small pot and skillet of iron and griddle
Mrs. Frances Jones
Coffee mill
Isaac Webb, Jr.
.37 ½
Scales and weights
Isaac Webb, Jr.
Old shovel and pot hooks and trivet
Henry Bedford
1.37 ½
Pickle tub and churn
Jonas Markee
.37 ½
Eight wine glasses
Isaac Webb, Jr.
Set of casters
Isaac Webb, Jr.
Two glass pitchers
Dr. H. Innis
1.62 ½
Eight glass mugs
Isaac Webb Senr.
Fourteen glass Tumblers
Isaac Webb, Senr.
4.12 ½
Pair Decanters
Dr. H. Innis
Salt sellers
Isaac Webb, Jr.
Two sets tea china
Isaac Webb, Jr.
1.37 ½
Frances Jones
.62 ½
One dozen liverpool dinner plates
Isaac Webb, Senr.
One dozen liverpool dinner plates
George Harrison
Two bowls china
Richard Biddle
Four butter plates
Jacob Troutman
A turner
John Barton
Coffee pot block tin                                                                 Richard Biddle                          .25
Pair tea pots                                                                             Frances Jones                         1.50
Two pichers                                                                                 John F. Nickols                        .25
                         Amount 1st page                                                                                         38.25 ½
Old canters two old canisters two coffee pots and bowl          William Bridges                         .50
Red ground tea board 1 doz. cups and 1 doz. saucers             Frances Jones                         4.75
Eight delft plates green edge                                                     Adam McGun?                          .37 ½
Lot of dishes delft 3 in number                                                  Isaac Webb                             2.00

Rachel West
(of Paris, advanced in years)
Bourbon Will Book F:264

To son Roger P. West, Slave girl Vina; all the arrearages of a legacy of $50/yr. Left her by her brother James Perry of Maryland. Plus all that may be coming to her by his will.
Also all that she may receive by Richard Woolton of Maryland
And all the rest of her estate.

Signed her name
Written 3 June 1817
Proved May 1819

Polly B. White
Bourbon Will Book M:325

To dau. Eliabeth A. Scott all property and estate except:
To son John P. White her undivided interest in her dower right to certain slaves; her riding horse and secretary.
To dau Louise I. Dickerson, 1 dimity counterpane, 1 Bell metal kettle, 1 hearth rug, 1 tea cannister, 1 set assorted knives and forks, and 1 hymn book.
Confirmed previous release of mortgage on slave Mariah to son Will J. White

Written 20 April 1844
Signed Name
Proved 4 May 1845

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